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Taiwan Asks For Help In Preparing For War With China

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Taiwan Asks For Help In Preparing For War With China

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On October 3rd, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price issued a statement “urging” China to stop its “destabilizing behaviour” over the Taiwan Strait.

This followed the flight of over 100 fighter jets and bombers over three consecutive days into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The US state department called the actions “destabilizing” and reiterated its “rock solid” commitment to Taiwan. Taiwan has reported at least five incursions since Friday. China sees democratic Taiwan as a breakaway province, but Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state. It has been complaining for more than a year about repeated missions by China’s air force near the island.

“The United States is very concerned by the People’s Republic of China’s provocative military activity near Taiwan, which is destabilizing, risks miscalculations, and undermines regional peace and stability,” US state department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan.”

Beijing marked its National Day on October 1st with its biggest aerial show of force against Taiwan to date, buzzing the self-ruled democratic island with 38 warplanes, including nuclear-capable H-6 bombers.

That was followed by a new record incursion on Saturday by 39 planes, and at least 16 more on October 3rd, said Taiwan, which accused Bejing of “bullying” and “damaging regional peace”.

“It’s evident that the world, the international community, rejects such behaviors by China more and more,” Taiwan’s premier, Su Tseng-chang said.

Meanwhile, a delegation from the French Senate, led by former Minister of Defence Alain Richard, is to leave for Taiwan on October 4th.

China has repeatedly objected to the trip and the Chinese ambassador to France said that it would “needlessly disrupt” relations between their countries.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said during a regular press conference on 30 September that Beijing was “firmly opposed” to any official exchanges or contact between individual French senators and the authorities in Taiwan, a democratically-ruled island that Beijing claims as its own.

Separately, Taiwan asked Australia to assist in preparing for war with China.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warns his nation is preparing for war with China and urges Australia to increase intelligence sharing and security cooperation as Beijing intensifies a campaign of military intimidation.

“The defence of Taiwan is in our own hands, and we are absolutely committed to that,” Wu said.

“If China is going to launch a war against Taiwan we will fight to the end, and that is our commitment. I’m sure that if China is going to launch an attack against Taiwan, I think they are going to suffer tremendously as well.”

The minister from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party believes other like-minded countries such as Australia should now come to the aid of his besieged nation by developing closer ties.

“We would like to engage in security or intelligence exchanges with other like-minded partners, Australia included, so Taiwan is better prepared to deal with the war situation.

“And so far, our relations with Australia [are] very good and that is what we appreciate”, Wu said.

Taiwan has also welcomed the recent establishment of the AUKUS strategic partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as the growing activity between the Quad allies, the US, India, Australia and Japan.

“We are pleased to see that the like-minded partners of Taiwan — the United States and the UK and Australia — are working closer with each other to acquire more advanced defence articles so that we can defend Indo-Pacific.

“Australia is a great country, and I’m very glad to see that Australia is going to shoulder more responsibility to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific,” Wu said.

The Taiwanese Foreign Minister said that unlike Australia, his nation would not be trying to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, because it has a “different war strategy”.

“We need to go asymmetric, and we need to have a different type of philosophy in defeating China if there’s going to be a war — so nuclear-powered submarines is not something that we are seeking”.


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L du Plessis

Another Saigon coming from Taiwan soon.


Are the Australian people OK to be killed by thousends for the sake of the collapsed dollar ??? The problem is the yankee and the UK losing influence, they become useless in that world section.


The Taiwanese leadership are beginning to show desperation. tsai ing wen (“the president”) is a western educated fool and puppet of american/british interests.

Last edited 11 months ago by block

Don’t worry… She will show the defense she learnt in western universities… Lieing on her back with legs up and wide open.


Those stupid Taiwanese lumps should feel really assured of the zio US ROCK SOLID support…. the same ROCK SOLID support Afghanistan had.

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