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Reports Claim Taiwan Allegedly Shot Down Chinese Fighter Jet (Videos)

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Reports Claim Taiwan Allegedly Shot Down Chinese Fighter Jet (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

On September 4, Taiwanese social media exploded with reports that a Chinese fighter jet crashed in Guangxi (an autonomous coastal region in southern China, bordering Vietnam) after it was shot down by Taiwan’s air defense forces.

According to the this version, the fighter jet (a J-20 or Su-35 depending on reports) violated Taiwanese airspace over the Taiwan Strait and was shot down.

Videos in social media claim that they show a crash site and even a potential pilot that ejected from the jet.

The Chinese military provided no information on how the crash occurred and it is still not clear if the plane fell due to a technical malfunction or if it is really a result of an attack by the Taiwanese military.

Reports Claim Taiwan Allegedly Shot Down Chinese Fighter Jet (Videos)

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As I told in the previous post ;)

Concrete Mike

What would that be?
That your a fascist little prick?

We all know that already!

Zionism = EVIL

This arsehole is perhaps the worst liar ever.Makes the Zionist teenage cunt Iron Zion sound credible.

Traiano Welcome

Mirror mirror on the wall says tzatz is the new worst liar of them all. I’m afraid Paul has lost his crown.

Vox Populi

You also now an OFFICIAL LIAR!

Zionism = EVIL

You are dumber than cow shit you stupid street shitting cunt. Stop with these pathetic lies.


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Daily Beatings

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Lone Ranger

So now it crashed in China instead of Taiwan?
Changing story…

Vox Populi

The original source in India and the Indian internet trolls first claimed that the US had shot down the PLA aircraft, then short of proof they have switched to a unverified home fire in southern China. In the interest of truth, it must be noted that Indians also claimed a Pakistani F-16 a few months ago and that ridiculous claim was even refuted by US DOD and the Pakistanis who lined up all their F-16 for a photoshoot. Indians in general are not very credible.


So no confirmation of what model was shot down.
The Taiwan shot down version follows the pattern of claims that it’s always the latest jets like J-20 and SU-35.
Often the jets being shot down are older jets that don’t cause the opponent a loss of face that could ignite an escalation.
What i find strange is that a jet that was shot down over Taiwan airspace would be able to travel to china before crashing.
I hope there will be more information soon about what type of jet it was and what caused it to crash.

Vox Populi

I see no tangible proof in the grainy video. The original claim was posted on a discredited India online crass propaganda outlet.

Vox Populi

Taiwan officially denies shooting down Chinese Su-35 jet and blames Indian Twitter users for creating fake news.

Taipei – Twitter was abuzz on Friday when a grainy video
footage showing a crashed Chinese military aircraft first surfaced on
an Indian social media platform.

Rumors began to quickly spread that the Chinese aircraft was an Su-35
jet that was shot down over the Strait of Taiwan by the Taiwanese air

However, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense responded a few hours
later, stating that all claims about their air defenses shooting down a
Chinese aircraft are untrue.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense issued the following announcement on its official website:

“In response to the Internet spread of ‘Taiwan shot down a CCP
SU-35 aircraft?’ The Air Force Command solemnly refuted this (4) day
that this is false information and completely untrue.

The Air Force Command pointed out that it strongly condemns such
malicious acts by deliberately creating and disseminating false
information on the Internet in an attempt to confuse the audience and create bad blood among Chinese people.

Vox Populi

You are welcome. It is best to check the real news as you suggested and this was very irresponsible crass propaganda that could have had very lethal consequences for Taiwan and it was good for them to discredit the Indians so rapidly. No sane person would advocate a conflict that can escalate into a major war.

Vox Populi

It looks like veracity has been shot down too. The video does not resemble any SU-35 crash signature. More doctored news.

Tommy Jensen

These news are the truth. Because they have reason, logic logo and also facts in the article. Therefore its not fake news!

Vox Populi

lol. good one.

Damien C

Shot down over Taiwan yet turned around and flew 1260 km whilst “shot down”

Sometimes hit planes can get 50-200 miles before being forced down but if this Su35 was hit why would the pilot fly 1260 km when there were military airfields in China at 420km away nearly a dozen landing zones within 700 km radius nearly 40 within 900km but instead it flies for 1260km instead (had it super senitive equipment hidden in the ashtray)

Vox Populi

It has been discredited. It was an amazing collection of the most bizarre fabrication. Only Indians could have made up this crazy “news”.

Zionism = EVIL

Yep, we knew that Russian weapons are top notch but this was beyond the Hollywood tripe even. A SU-35S, perhaps the greatest 4.5 generation fighter in the world, can somehow be downed by a Taiwanese F-16 and F-5 crap and then resurrect itself as a Phoenix and fly 1300 kms to southern China on fumes and crash there. Give me a break fuckwit dotheads.


Apparently the source of news is an Indian twitter account.


Taiwan denies. The crash reached mainland China. I do not want to be a bad luck charm but l hope the americans didn’t lose their minds. If so an official apology is required asap.

Vox Populi

No incident of any kind took place. The US was the first to deny this fantasy that originated out of India.

Zionism = EVIL

SERIOUSLY kids, only the dumbass Hindu stinking street shitting dothead illiterate morons would make up such sheer nonsense and I have been laughing in sticthes. It has embarrassed both China and Taiwan, the stupid Hindu cow piss drinking cunts don’t realize that in this day and age when every arsehole is walking around with a smartphone tucked up his buttcrack that the downing of a SU-35 no less, can remain hidden for long. This was pure disgraceful BULLSHIT!

Rhodium 10

Ministry of national defense of Taiwan told that reports of Taiwan shooting down a Su 35 jet is fake!


Some interesting geopolitical discussion on ramping up the tensions if one was wondering who benefits from releasing such a story.


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