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Taiwan Acknowledges Existence Of Yun Feng Missile, As It Warns China “Not To Play With Fire”

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Taiwan Acknowledges Existence Of Yun Feng Missile, As It Warns China "Not To Play With Fire"

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Taiwan’s military has publicly confirmed for the first time the existence of the “Yun Feng” (Cloud Peak) medium-range surface-to-surface missile.

It has been in development since the 1990s.

Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng mentioned the missile during a joint hearing of the Legislative Yuan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee and Finance Committee on a proposed special budget of NT$240 billion to boost Taiwan’s missile arsenal.

Asked about the development and capabilities of the Yun Feng missile, Chiu was unwilling to reveal any details, saying only that the military is still “working on it.”

The Yun Feng missile has reportedly been under development since the 1990s and is designed to strike land-based targets inside China, according to local and foreign media reports.

Capable of hitting strategic targets such as airports, harbors and command centers in inland China, the Yun Feng missile is a key part of Taiwan’s asymmetric warfare plan to erode China’s combat capabilities, said Su Tzu-Yun a senior researcher at the Institute for National Defense and Security Research, cited by Focus Taiwan.

Local media speculated last year that the Yun Feng missile was tested in April 2020, but the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taiwan’s state-owned weapon systems development institution, refused to comment on the reports.

How effective a missile that’s been in development for nearly 30 years will be against China’s increasing military might is questionable.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is not holding back any warnings towards Beijing.

President Tsai Ing-wen warned Beijing against further actions that could accidentally spark conflict across the Taiwan Strait. She also said that the record number of “incursions” into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) has undermined peace in the region.

“Chinese aggression has severely undermined regional peace and stability,” Tsai said at the weekly meeting of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Central Standing Committee. “Beijing must refrain from going too far and accidentally sparking conflict across the Strait.”

A total of 149 Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s ADIZ over four days — 38 on October 1st,, 39 on October 2nd, 16 on October 3rd and 56 on October 4th — prompting expressions of concern from countries such as the US, Australia and Japan.

German Foreign Office deputy spokesman Christofer Burger expressing Berlin’s “great concern” over the rising tensions between the two sides of the Strait.


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Not very scary.
China has superior firepower both with conventional and nuclear weapons.
Aside from that S-300 and S-400 SAMd are protecting the coast.
Taiwan will fall one way or the other its only a matter of time.

Last edited 11 days ago by Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan
Putin the poodle

shoosh stupid little poodle

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Truth hurts try to handle it Trollstoy 🤗


Are the goverment in Taiwan of limited intelligence? They are being played, like Ukraine, like Australia in the psychopathic bully’s mind games. America will never commit to fight on anyone else’s behalf….. ffs they are unable to fight for themselves. America is no longer a top superpower it, perhaps, holds third place at the moment ( if it’s lucky ). Iran taught them a lesson after they murdered Soleimani, The Taliban taught them another lesson, they’ve been humiliated all around the world, a spent force of deadbeats, a generation, at least, intellectually and militarily behind Russia and China…..they coulld strike out in anger but they know that would be their death knell.


By Iran teaching a lesson, do you mean the missiles they sent to the base to show them they’re capable of hitting if they want?


Taiwan can be flattened by China in 1 day. When eaxctly do they plan on launching this Joke of a missile? It is best for Taiwan to start negotiating a peaceful surrender rather than provoke the sleeping monster

Alexandre Moumbaris

China is not in a hurry. She must take into consideration that the Taiwaneese are also Chinese and also their subjects. In time the fruit will be ripe.

Putin the poodle

taiwan belongs to japan you fool

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukraine belongs to Russia.


“Amerika belongs to Soviet Union.”


communism doesn’t ripe in people this days..

Freedom is equal to all of us

Wow you idiots around here.
If taiwan will ever be close to colapse they have nuclear weapons and they will use them against China.
It is not know that Taiwan have nuclear weapons but they do have it.

Last edited 11 days ago by Freedom is equal to all of us
Michel LeBlanc

If that is the case, the chinese are aware of it, and they can be neutralized.


The missile exchange would be the worst way for such a war to start for Taiwan, since they would lose. Their only real hope is to defend their coast and employ restraint. This sabre rattling is exactly what would lead to bombardment followed by invasion.


This is not a (new) News,


Nothing goin happen. China is not going to go to war over taiwan. They just want the trump era tariffs and sanctions removed and the trade slump bumped back up to the juicy $800 billion per year from the current $500 billion per year.


Taiwan is China… or so the government claims. Not necessarily the original Taiwanese. Just leave them alone everybody.


If this was star trek, china would be the Borg


China doesn’t want a war with Taiwan since it would hurt the Chinese economy.
If a war was to occur then Taiwan would stand alone against china, well i think Japan has said it would help Taiwan but i wouldn’t trust it in i case of war.
Since Chinese constitution and the “Anti-Secession Law” would force china into a war against any enemy if Taiwan was to declare independence the west would have to make the choice of going to war against china or let Taiwan go.
West would let Taiwan go and put economic sanctions against china since they wouldn’t risk a new great war over Taiwan.

Last edited 11 days ago by Anyone

The people of Taiwan have never been under CCP rule. Taiwan has been an independent nation for over 70 years now. The people of Taiwan do not want to be under the CCP, which has successively conquered and murdered Tibetans and Uighurs. They have also murdered millions of their own people, most recently the Falun Gong folks and their own college kids at Tienanmen Square.

Don’t mistake the enemy of your enemy to really be your friend or a decent chap. CCP China is lusting after Vladivostok as much as pretty little Taiwan.

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