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Tactical Success Of US-led Coalition: Russian Forces Withdraw From Temporary Post In Northeast Syria

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On June 17, the Russian Military Police withdrew from a temporary post in the town of Deir Ghusun in the northeastern al-Hasakah countryside.

Russian forces established the post a day earlier to distribute aid to locals and enable them to harvest their farmlands on the border with Turkey.

“The presence of Russian forces in the town of Deir Ghusun is to protect combine harvesters from being targeted by Turkish gendarmerie,” Vedeng’s reporter said.

Units of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), however, sabotaged the delivery of the humanitarian aid blocking locals from receiving it.

According to pro-SDF sources, Russian officers attempted to convince the locals that the post is needed to protect them. Nevertheless, the locals allegedly insisted that Russian forces should withdrew.

This was not the first such incident. Earlier this month, the Russian Military Police faced a similar situation in the town of Qasr Deep in northeast al-Hasakah.

These incidents appear to be politically-motivated. The SDF aim is likely to restrict the movement of the Russian Military Police in northeast al-Hasakah, where U.S. forces are present.


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Tactical victory for Russia imo – US imposes their will, Russia respects people’s decisions. In the long game, that is the winning strategy.

Ray " Uncle Sam"

If you wanna controll a country you have to respekt the peoples choises! Russia is doing the right thing!

itibi ra

The question is: who did the Russians talk with? Who exactly was it that asked them to leave? No mention is made except for “locals”. Were they bought and paid for by the americans?


Wont matter, when the turk terrorists burn down their fields like they did at other places the locals will call to fat saleh to help stop the rape.

thomas malthaus

Continue supplying us with food but don’t help us.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Economic Terrorism via Caesar Law in force:
Not only does it target the Syrian Government’s banks/foreign banks and officials,
but it mainly targets Syria’s agricultural sector, Energy sector, medical sector. 3 essential services for a population to maintain itself.
Syria will need to be extra reliant economically on Russia, Iran and China from now on.

Lone Ranger

Have you seen the U.S. lately.
Much of the bigger cities are worse off than Syria.
No joke.

Fog of War

You must be kidding and have never visited a real war zone. No comparison.

Lone Ranger

You are correct.
Syria is Disneyland compared to Comtpon, Detroit, Baltimore or St.Louis

Fog of War

I’m going to assume you’re trying to be funny because no sane person would make that claim.


How much time have you spent in US urban blight high crime areas?

Fog of War

Lots, I’ve even lived in one of them for awhile. Although violent, there is no comparison to a war zone.Seriously dude.


A lot more die in Chicago than Syrian cities under government control.

Assad must stay

Don’t know why russia is not kicking US out of syria they do nothing but cause trouble


The gloves should have come off a long time ago,seems they only have military police there,they need some combat troops with the hardware to back them up

AM Hants

Timing and priorities, no doubt.


Timing in all things is vital to success.
‘Only fools rush in’.

Assad must stay

Can you elaborate further please :))

AM Hants

Russia always times everything perfectly. Never impatient and when the timing is right she throws the winning punch. Crimea, Ukraine 2014 gas bill and response to 2014 sanctions, so comes to mind. Never strikes out, based on emotion, but, calculations.

Concrete Mike

Dont give the amerinazis the war they want and need.

Assad must stay

I think that war will eventually come sooner or later and if its later then things become more uncertain

Lone Ranger

It’s a moral success to Russia.

Stinky Man

The US is in the process of getting the boot from Iraq and aren’t really welcome in Afghanistan. The US is an invading force in Syria and working as the IFL (Israeli Forgiven Legion). I suspect the US may carve out part of northeast Syria for the Kurd’s and will use the area to set up Permanent US bases to counter the Russian’s permanent presence in Syria. My hope is that Trump gives the hawkish deep state the finger and get the F out of Syria like he said he would do. Nothing will happen until his second term(?). I think he wanted to but the deep state has kept him from getting out.

Fog of War

” I suspect the US may carve out part of northeast Syria for the Kurd’s and will use the area to set up Permanent US bases to counter the Russian’s permanent presence in Syria. ”

Late to the game arent you ?

Stinky Man

No I was here early….

Brother Ma

I like the IFL moniker. Lol


Wow the SDF aims to restricts the Russians’ movement in the NE. The ones who saved the SDF from getting completely destroyed.

Brother Ma

Nothing new. Moslem kurds have always been jackals.

Rhodium 10

SDF diffrent ideology but is another terrorist group like HTS!..both are supported by NATO and occupying Syria

Rhodium 10

Now Turkish army should launch a barrage of artillery vs locals and SDF..and wait if a NATO member( USA) will attack another NATO member…

Peter Jennings

The locals have no input as they do what they are told by terrorists who for now control the area. The last to be seen of the combine harvesters will be when they are driven over the Turkish border. Come next winter they will be begging for Russian assistance.

Brother Ma

And Russia should say to the “locals”. Well starve or eat cake given to you by your saviours the Kurds!

cechas vodobenikov

if the locals do not want foreign troops, then leaving is proper

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia clearly doesn’t feel the need to get caught in the cross-fire of shooting between the Turks and U.S. backed Kurds.

Me&Myself None

Turkey is not in Syria to fight the Kurds, they are there on behalf of Israel and the US to prevent Russia and the legitimate government of Assad from getting rid of terrorists. Their goal is to keep Syria destabilized, and for Russia and the Syrian government to keep fighting until they can replace Assad with a puppet.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yes, because Turkey just can’t wait for a U.S/Israel run Kurdish Kosova style state upon their borders can they? (sarcasm if you had not noticed)

Me&Myself None

If Turkey was in Syria to fight the kurds, then what are they doing in idlib?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

They are in Syria to expand Turkish control.

Tommy Jensen

We won again!

Albert Pike

America is morally economically and spiritually disintegrating, and Norway is since the Breivik fake a fake nation. I can’t see what you guys are winning, whats worth keeping…

Lone Ranger

In a Disney movie…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, this is as far from the truth as you can get, the locals were chanting “we don’t trust Russia because they’ll let the Turks in” and we’re supposed to believe it’s the US and SDF’s fault the Russian’s got booted out, the Kurds don’t trust Putin, that’s why they got booted out.
Iran and Turkey have now combined forces to wipe out the Kurdish opposition in Iraq, and the Russians and Turks are conspiring to give Erdogan and his Interim Government more control of the occupied territories in Syria, Libya’s also been sold into slavery as well, and now Erdogan’s the happiest man on the planet thanks to Russia and Iran.
Everyone thinks opening the M4 Highway is a good thing but the M4 runs all the way to Al Hasakah, great idea isn’t it, link both autonomous zones together.


you have huge problem, you look on syria map only. Those two zones are linked from begining via turkey.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re right, but when the M4 is reopened there’ll be a tangible link that facilitates trade and cooperation between the 2 autonomous zones.
And even though we’re not being made aware of it yet, the Kurdish Syrian National Council [SNC], which is a member of the Turkish backed Syrian Interim government, is currently in the process of arranging a political settlement with the US backed Kurdish Rojava government, ‘which could’ result in one consolidated autonomous government for all the occupied territories in Syria, trade links are just the start of that process.

In Syria there are 4 governments all vying for control,
1, Legitimate Syrian government led by Assad,
2, Autonomous Rojava government which is backed by the US,
3, The Syrian Interim government backed by Turkey, the National Front for Liberation [NFL], The Syrian National Army [SNA], The Syrian Liberation Front [SLF], and the Free Syrian Army [FSA],
4, And lastly the Salvation Government supported by HTS and their allies.

Erdogan wants the Syrian Interim government and the Rojava autonomous zone to unite into one big government, and he wants to do that because he’s losing ground to HTS and the Salvation government in the occupied territory of Idlib, and the only way for him to hold onto political power in Idlib and consolidate his power in Syria, is to increase his political cooperation with Rojava.
I can understand why Erdogan wants the M4 reopened in Idlib but why does he also want it reopened in Ar Raqqa and Al Hasakah, it’s so he can cooperate with the US and increase his political power.

I don’t just look at a map, I read lots of news every day, I read 2 Syrian sources, 2 Turkish sources, 2 Russian sources, 1 Kurdish source, 1 Iranian source, and 1 US source, and I have about a dozen others I check infrequently, and that’s only because I’ve cut down on what I was reading, it takes too long otherwise.
I try to stay well informed but it’s getting harder to sift through the piles of propaganda they all seem to push on us, and they’re all pushing a lot more of it lately.


Russia tried to attack the villagers with humanitarian aid. US-SDF kicked villagers arses, until they were forced to say:
– Russia “we don’t want you here anymore”.

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