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T-15: Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle Based on the Armata Combat Platform (Infographics)


T-15: Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle Based on the Armata Combat Platform (Infographics)

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The “Armata” Universal Combat Platform is a Russian advanced next generation heavy military tracked vehicle platform. It’s the basis of the T-14, the T-15 and several other types of engineering, artillery vehicles. The platform is designed to replace the older Russian battle tanks and military vehicles that are currently used by the Russian military.

The T-15 IFV commenced trials in 2014 and was first publicly revealed in 2015. A first batch of pre-production vehicles was delivered in 2015.



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  • ruca

    Very informative video.

  • Jesus

    It is not only the capabilities of the tank and its firepower, it is the effect of combined arms and tactical strategy that will produce a lasting effect on the battlefield.

  • Igor Ochocinszk

    heavy IFVs are the workhorses of 21st century, since light AFVs like BMD and BMP lines can be easily knocked out by some cheap wire-guided infantry missiles and tanks aint have the mobility necessary to operate in swiftly changing battlefield, especially when it comes to urban warfare

    I’m pretty sure it will be a while till T-15 will be tested in the battlefield, but it seems to have many surprises up its sleeve and can be very competitive

  • Asil

    Complexity and high tech increases the cost, resulting decreased production capacity. I am still skeptical that Russia will completely replace its older models. Older AFVs are significantly cheaper and perform still very well.