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Syria’s UN Envoy: Endangering Lives Of 8 Million Civilians In Damascus To Protect Terrorists In Eastern Ghouta Is Unacceptable

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Syria's UN Envoy: Endangering Lives Of 8 Million Civilians In Damascus To Protect Terrorists In Eastern Ghouta Is Unacceptable

The Syrian representative in the United Nations has claryfied Damascus’ attitude towards the situation in the Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, and ideas of the US-led block to establish a “ceasefire” there.

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that endangering the lives of 8 million civilians in Damascus in order to protect terrorists in Eastern Ghouta is unacceptable act.

Al-Jaafari made his remarks during a UN Security Council meeting held on Thursday to discuss the situation in Syria.

He added that the draft resolution submitted by Kuwait and Sweden to the UN Security Council was not coordinated with Syria – the very country impacted by that text – in any way, which is a big shame.

The Syrian diplomat noted that terrorist groups situated in the Eastern Ghouta and designated as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council have been targeting Damascus with hundreds of rocket and mortar shells on a daily basis, causing the death and injury of dozens of civilians.

Such incidents are not surprising because whenever there is a UNSC meeting to discuss the Syrian affair, a massacre or a suicidal bombing takes place, said al-Jaafari, adding countless massacres had taken place all over Syria during the past seven years, and were well documented in the hundreds of letters sent to the United Nations.

He added that neither stories nor the Syrian viewpoint reached the ears of the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, the way letters sent by the so-called humanitarian aid workers in the Eastern Ghouta area did.

Al-Jaafari said that those who used the word “regime” in this session when talking about Syria have dropped all pretense of objectivity and neutrality, furthermore they reveal the involvement of their countries in what is taking place in the Syria.

He expressed gratitude to Russia for its call upon the UNSC to hold an open-door session and give him the opportunity to highlight the suffering of Syrian civilians and citizens due to the practices of the armed terrorist groups which continued to spread destruction and death over the past seven years, used civilians as human shields and turned schools and hospitals under their control into military positions and bases for firing rocket and mortar shells on safe residential areas, rejecting the description by France’s delegate of such actions as a form of resistance.

The US-led coalition has moved from the stage of proxy aggression on Syria to a one of actual aggression in order to achieve what the terrorists failed to achieve, al-Jaafari added.

He said it is clear that the US, France and Britain sought to deprive the Syrian government of its sovereign right to defend its territory and people as laid out in the United Nations Charter.

“Let’s imagine for one second that if such a situation, where terrorists continuously targeted civilians, were occurring in Paris, New York or London, would any one refer to them as moderate or non-State armed opposition groups, as they did with those committing crimes in Syria,” added al-Jaafari.

He noted that the United Nations continues to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the Israeli occupation’s repeated attacks on the Syrian territory within the framework of its support to the terrorist groups, not to mention overlooking the US-led international coalition’s crimes including the complete destruction of Raqqa city under pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organization and ignoring the Turkish aggression on Afrin area.

Al-Jaafari said the aforementioned facts stress that this international organization suffers a professional and ethical crisis through adopting the stances of states which support terrorism in Syria through direct involvement in distorting facts, manipulating numbers and relying on dubious sources in its reports, not to mention denying the right of the Syrian government to defend its citizens.

“We are certain that these practices will continue and some UN bodies will overlook the urgent serious information we submitted about the armed terrorist groups’ preparations for a new “big spectacle” which suggests that the Syrian government has used toxic chemicals against civilians in the Eastern Ghouta where these groups fabricate evidence, train its members to act as if they are exposed to these toxic materials in order to be photographed by known media networks and Lowcock’s reporters and accuse the Syrian Arab army of this crime, said al-Jaafari.

He noted that the Syrian government has consistently sent letters to the UN Secretary General and President of the UN Security Council for like 2 months documenting the number of victims and material damage as well as the shells which rained down on Damascus over the past few weeks and reached 1200 shells.

Allegations made by international and UN sources about “suffocating siege” of the Eastern Ghouta are denied by facts on the ground since the talks is mainly about a key area which constitutes the essential resource for food, said al-Jaafari, adding that the Syrian government facilitates the delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of medical cases whenever possible.

It is no secret that the armed terrorist organizations control humanitarian aid convoys which enter the Eastern Ghouta, distribute them on their members and arrest anyone who protests their practices.

Al-Jaafari asked the Secretariat to provide justifications for overlooking information and reports submitted by the Syrian government regarding thousands of hostages and abductees in al-Tawbah Prison controlled by the armed terrorist groups in Ghouta.
Responding to those who voiced concern that Eastern Ghouta could be turned into a “second Aleppo”, al-Jaafari invited them to visit Aleppo today, where millions of civilians had safely returned home and get back to their normal lives following the city’s liberation from terrorism.

We will never succumb to the blackmail of those who support terrorism in Syria and we will no longer tolerate the plans set up by the five countries that had met in Washington in January with the aim to divide up Syria, undermine the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi and foil the entire political process,” stressed al-Jaafari, pledging that the world would soon understand how hard Syria and its allies had fought against terrorism.

The UN Security Council has postponed voting on the draft resolution submitted by Kuwait and Sweden on the situation in Syria.

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Suyanto Ng

UN is plagued by Western hypocrisy. Shame UN!

Don Machiavelli

UN is the byproduct of Western hypocrisy.

John Mason

UN was established to serve the West.

Don Machiavelli

And they failed to even save European land from blood ( Remember Sarajevo siege, destruction of Vukovar and Dubrovnik, mass murders and rapes in Bosnia… ).
It took them over 4 years to do something and when they finally got involved they made situation in which no one is satisfied, not Croats not Serbs and not Bosniaks everyone got fucked up at the end and nowadays they suck us dry via IMF.

John Mason

UN was and still is in collusion with the US and does what it is told. As far as the UN is concerned in regards to Yugoslavia, the same was done to North Korea in the 1950s; UN gave the OK for both conflicts.

Don Machiavelli

Yeah, and nationalists from within just made it easier to them.


8 Millions in damascus? This guy is probably drunk. Damascus has max 1.5 to 2 mio

Ariel Cohen

Go back to bed Shlomo . . it’s Passover tomorrow . .


…and where did all the refugees settle – Idlib?…don’t think so! there are 6 million internally displaced persons in Syria, most of whom live in and around Damascus…


Idlib and Turkey has way more then Damascus and it’s surroundings.

Damascus has at best 1.7 mio being moderate in my estimation.. This guy should get fired for making huge stats error and being clueless.

Jordan, Daraa, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and others who fleed to EU and west. Hack these who entered The EU from syria number around 1.mio since the war.

Damascus has 1.7M at best adding these who fleed during the war and these who entered during the war


Turkey?? LOL …So you obviously don’t understand what INTERNALLY displaced means…fuckin’ google before posting stupid shit… Even UNHCR admits that almost all of the 6 million internally displaced reside in government control area, so you can stuff your estimation where the sun don’t shine…And as for fitting 4 million people into Idlib province that supported 1,4 million people in peace time – yeah that one holds water…


Why did you give him a like when he posted his shit video about Jafaari?
He is a fucking western brainwashed idiot.


Because he edited his comment later. Originally it was “this guy got owned” and by “this” I understood the “journalist”. And in the end of the clip the MSM propagandist does get owned when Jaffari asks him “what would your government do if a bunch of terrorist started shelling NY from Central Park”…Anyways that’s corrected now…


So what is your point. Are not 1.7 million people too that can be neglected while the few thousand in Ghouta is more important especially when these are mostly terrorists’ families if they chose to stay.

Yes, with displaced people there can be many more millions.

Just cannot understand even guys like you who actually believe in Western bs even here !!!!

It is time the terrorists in East Ghouta be wiped out so there would be peace which you detest I suppose.

Suddenly guys like you so cared for the poor civilians especially when it is terrorists areas but NOT EVEN ONCE spoke out when it is about in government held areas. Pathetic ….


Greedy troll bastard that don’t donates. Particularities: his always upside down in his comments and posts (information given by the pellory of the trolls).


This world there are people like that .

Imagine they preferred the terrorists continue killing other so that they can sleep in peace . …and randomly attack soldiers who died for us killing terrorists.

They are terrorist supporters.. world largest supporters (real ) of terrorists.


Joe, the real truth is that I have no money to support South Front and I’m trying to put the trolls paying for me.

Promitheas Apollonious

and the broken condom, has spoken again. Is it true who ever make the mistake not to jerk you off suicide after wards?

Academic question.


Just fucking lol at losing time with these hypocrites. Attack and kill all the kike terrorists. Now. 2.5 years of russian intervention and the capital still isn’t secure

Lazy Gamer

there is value in jaafari’s work. lies repeated by others might morph into the truth, and these might be the reason for intervention. and if the worse happens, history will judge them harshly.
Soldiers should not hide behind civilians. iirc thats supposed to be war crimes. on the other side, thats a necessary guerilla tactic for weaker armies. lol

Don Machiavelli

Indeed, Mr. Jaafari is consistent and, obviously, has just cause and lies from international do add to fight against new age colonialism.


US backed terrorists are hiding behind civilians in East Ghouta and US and EU guys are hiding Behind terrorists.


EoF, what five countries? U.S., France, UK, sure…but the other two, do you know?


It’s now or never … finish of the terrorists once and for all . Hang the UN aside ..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Only Douma is protected under the ceasefire everything else there is fair game.


Lmao this guy got owned badly in a recent theft interview..


AM Hants

I assume you mean the journalist or propaganda agent?

John Whitehot

i can’t see anybody else getting owned in this vid, although it’s always possible that someone thinks otherwise.


Good morning my dear Mountains, do you donate?

Don Machiavelli

Do you support terrorism you piece of shit!


Do you real are talking with me?

Don Machiavelli

How did he got owned? Anyone can approach people on the streets and ask all kinds of questions. As this happened in the West questions and allegations are logical, this journalist is on Zionists payroll or is just braindead.


Jaafari in New York is constantly targeted for all sorts of media stunts, including very hostile interviewing techniques. It is part of the massive anti-Syria campaign of the anglo-zionist media and governments.

Rüdiger Preiss

I am sure your ignorant reporter troll doesn’t know a word of Arabic, yet Dr Al-Jafaari answers questions and gives whole interviews in English or French. You have no respect because you are a little brainwashed worm and you realise that when you look at great people who are more intelligent than you. So, at the end – you are the one who is owned badly, Mountains, by all of us who know the truth ;)


Are you living in America?! Do you EVER asked yourself: What would have happened if my Country did not, made me this Mentally Challenged?!
If not, try to ask YOURSELF: How is this happening, im THIS guy everybody makes fun of, because im to Stupid to count 2+2.
In your case its always 22, but NO actually its 4!
Well i guess you do not even understand what im trying to say. JUSt read it again UNTIL you understand.

AM Hants

Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari – wise words and so true, why does the UN keep ignoring what the Sovereign nation states and believes the propaganda, from the same crowd that gave us the Iraq War. Now what was that all about?

comment image

Valery Grigoryev

Yes, we do:)


We all realise that even the US leaders do not believe what they say about Syria ( or anywhere else the US has ambitions for that matter ) has any credibility and that they rely on the gullibility of their audience to promote the propaganda.

Wars have always been a web of lies BUT in the 21’st century ,those with eyes and ears are able to find other opinions that often show the facts in real time.

For instance, the ballistic missile attacks fired by the ‘rebels’ ( murderous terrorists) from Ghouta at CIVILIAN targets in Damascus.

The Western Media is silent about this . I have seen to reports in the MSM anyway.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just the region of Douma is protected , so we will still see ongoing operations and hopefully no more old photos from Aleppo and Yemen.


Or even a video of a young child covered in blood amongst the rubble of a house , errrrr , ummmmm, in Egypt, that was being filmed for the fake portrayal of Syria.

The Egyptian police were driving past the film crew and the truth became known.


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They keep getting so fake they had Norwegian film crews shooting the videos of the Young boy saving his sister and these stories were so bad as all footage was released saying it was a movie scene, they were told again like in the video in Egypt. They had Jimmy Cantlie in the background of the White helmets video when he was supposed to be kidnapped which he never was.

The fakery that is put into creating this false war on the Middle East is getting exposed on a daily basis , Robert Inlakesh has 7 questions that should always be asked. One should just click on the photo to see if it can be found before they make assumptions.


I find it rather disturbing that the perpetrators of these scams are arrogant enough to think that these fake images will not be exposed.

John Mason

If the Syrians and Russians would stop their method of appeasement, niceties and flamboyant language but started actually accusing the state sponsors of terrorism by naming them then there is a high degree of getting the message across and then demand the protection of the UN Charter and insist on defending it. Unfortunately trying to use logic with human rights as an argument does not work. Russia, Syria and Iran have to toughen up and put the UN into a position where they have to act to their mandate or close shop.


John, Lavrov, that is a diplomat of the old Moscow International Relations Institute, had already said that they only have two ways of leaving East Ghouta (that is under siege), dead or alive, all them, including dutch servents of mortar.

Rüdiger Preiss

They ignore it because they want to. Anyone – ANYONE can easily find out what is really happening and especially diplomats & UN observers know EXACTLY what is being played. They think people are stupid & with their financial might they will keep pushing the false narrative. But too many people are not stupid, therefore their plan will fail. Unfortunately at the cost of many lives, due to the amount of money pushed into the lie. However, the world is changing and the liars are digging their own graves.


The UNSC has been controlled to a very large extent by the US and its allies with respect to Syria who’s agenda is to remove Assad and calve up the best parts for itself and let the people of Syria suffer the terrible consequences of this war brought about directly by the US who use the terrorists, be whatever the US calls them-they are their proxies.
The greatest terrorist empire ever has stomped over nations for the last 60 years and believes it can continue this way ad nauseum.
Well! People and nations are sick of its thuggery and greed and time is up Uncle Sam -your end is near.
Probably they know this which is why we see this dying dog fighting back so desperartely.

john smith

In an interview on San Diego radio station KFMB-AM last Tuesday, Belafonte compared Powell to a plantation slave who moves into the slave owner’s house and says only things that will please his master.

“There’s an old saying,” Belafonte said in that interview. “In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master … exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.”


Because the UN are owned by the Empire – “the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock”. Mr Lowcock (what a stupid name btw) and all other UN bureaucrats don’t care about the truth, they just serve their masters. And their masters don’t want peace in Syria. Or Syria at all.

Floyd Hazzard

The UN is so shamelessly bias, It’s not funny. They never see Yemen, they never saw Raqqa, but they see East Ghouta. Lady Liberty needs corrective lenses.


Well follow the trails of money. And lady Liberty kills approximately 2 million peoples to free them from ruthless dictatorial Saddam Hussein accused of killing it’s own people.


Exactly … they can be soooooo obviously biased and dare to go to world stage talking as though they are saints.

This is a really silly world thinking we are all kids.

Nationalist Globalist Oligarch

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the West sure knows how to squeak.


What do you expect from “the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock”? Mark Lowcock and all other lowcocks from the UN are there to justify and support anglozionist aggressions worldwide, not to fight against them


sudenly they became so restless on east ghuta
but never see whats happen in afrin

kurds please take note


East Ghouta have been very safe place to be during the deescalation phase . It’s where most of the western operatives or agents are situated.

If SAA goes the distance to defeat them… be surprised number of western operatives are there pretending to fight terrorist but live among them like brothers.

Rakean Jaya

Agree, Judging from their lousy ‘human right’ concerns, I’m suspecting there was alot of western operatives in East Ghouta.


“It’s where most of the western operatives or agents are situated.”
Must be why the Western media is squealing like hurt banshees these days.

svenne svensk

Quite easy. Just ask the European countries if they would like to have the terrorist in eastern gouta in their country’s. If they would like them to all live in one city close to their own European capital cities. That political person that would reply yes, he would be mad or his political party would be voted out.


In fact at least one country i know which is Sweden that imprisoned a Syrian refuge for being an affiliate of FSA which is by the way they along with western puppet support as moderate opposition.


The sadly hilarious facts are though that ALL of the EU + the UK , will in time have large areas of cities where criminals ant terrorists creating mayhem. Indeed this mayhem has already begun.

The cowardly use of proxy thugs by the US Coalition of terror for their own selfish hegemonic goals will surely come home to devastate the ‘civilised’ West. The thugs are very adept now in the manufacture of military grade munitions and weapons in ‘back street’ workshops :)

Karma indeed.

Potato Potato

Who knows? Maybe in 20 years we’ll see another 9/11 scale attack in the US but this time by a Syrian “armed opposition group”…


Lol. Thats if the US has not imploded after a Nuclear war or due to the vast national debt first.

Any of the three spells disaster but the last two are preferable :)

leon mc pilibin

The sick,evil satanic zionist coalition of murder and chaos will never listen to logic and reason,,they are totally committed to destroying any country that does not surrender to its slavery agenda.Syria may yet prove to be their waterloo.,hopefully.


Those regimes that support Israel and have invaded Syria and Yemen for regime change and have occupied their lands by force will be great losers.

Don Machiavelli

History teach us that but sometimes it’s a long way towards freedom. Eventually tho, Zionists will be on black pages of history. Especially those scumbags.

They try to extort WW2 reparations money from Bosnia, imagine :D Germany said ” NO MORE! ” now they search for new financiers.


The 72 years old guy Trump gives his corruption idea to Netanyahu that don’t leave Palestine but bring hell to Palestinians and collect as much land as much you can, you are free for as long as I am US president. Indeed Trump and Netanyahu both are corrupt and losers.


Russia, Pakistan, Syria and Iran are against US and Israeli terrorism in Middle East. No more protection for hideouts of US and Israeli terrorists.


Go further. The west uses the word “regime” for the syrian goiv, use the word “terrorist regime” for USA, UK, France, …. Say that the west is helping the terrorists and created ISIS to invade Syria.

You don’t know how evil the westeners are. They are the most evil people on earth ever.

Анрэс Суарэс

Agree completely on that. Half westerners think they must keep killing everybody else, the other half does not think at all and just watches CNN.

If human species will survive, this primitivism must get eliminated.


Angloatlantic Empire – the most evil empire in human history, they surpassed the Romans… although they actually imitate them:

“To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace.”


Never underestimate the evil of the west (tell me something awful the west didn’t do) and never underestimate the stupidity of sunnis.


Jews as Netaniu are even more stupids, and sunnis, well, there are many. And I wonder how many sunnites are with al-Hassan on the Tiger forces.

Joe Doe

I hope Russia and China will use their’s veto

Nationalist Globalist Oligarch

And then the West does what ever it wants anyways, just like it has been doing for four years.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Thanks to Mr.Jaafari UN is overlooking sovereign Syrian government concerns but take it to account what terrorist supporters USA,NATO,Israel Britain ,France and other puppets are saying.
If Paris or Washington or London was attack This puppets could justify their action and attack any town were the threat could have come from.
Russia and Syrian government should implement state of emergency in Gouda.

Any one irrespective of civilian or terrorist find in street should surrender or risk ilimenation whether its terrorist or civilian.Suppressed human movements and infiltrate terrorist areas is the only point to rescue the civilians.Leaflets must be drop in areas to leave or die.


Very true so biased stupid UN . Shame on it . An international body seems to side with terrorists .. really shameful. Suddenly every western nations became sooooooo “concerned” and Syrian civilians prevented from leaving by the terrorists themselves.

Ceasefire is nothing but allowing those western operatives trapped in there to escape …. who does not know. Exposing their nationalities will shame those countries mostly like now making lots of noise


State of the art: January/2018 five countries made the classic division of the bear’s skin before kill it, U.S., France, U.K., Jordan and Saudi Arabia. At the same time more two skin hunters before kill the beast made their claims, Turkey and Israel. Turkey wants the north till the Euphrates and the west, Idlib and Aleppo, Israel wants (I confess that they are modests) the Golans (all) and the southwest till west Ghouta (not east Ghouta, okay?). Meanwhile, the mean russkyes and syrians, that are the mean and horrible bear beast, are skinning the hunters


Misuse and corruption of the UN is an integral part of the criminal regime change and state sponsored terrorism that Jewmerica and it’s partners in crime routinely use in their failing Jew world order hegemony drive.

Getting this problem corrected and is an important part of stabilizing the planet’s security situation. Winning the Syrian war to take away the Jew’s and their collaborators regime change option is part of the solution. Getting the Jew problem in the US, Israel, France and the UK where over 90% of the planet’s evil Jew pedophile rape cultists live. Is also necessary. Judaism should be outlawed to create a Jew free planet that will be much better for humanity.


Well, nazis first, zionists after.


Can you elaborate on who the Nazis are and how they’re a problem?


a Jew free planet!?!?, And you want elaborations?!?! Please…


I’ve elaborated in great depth the Jew problem and how to correct it. I’ve never seen simular work done on the fringe Nazi conspiracy theory.


Okay, Richard, I have nothing to do with conspiracies theories, nor nazis nor of Mars, okay? But, as historian, I would like to see your work. There is a link?


You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. First the problem is Nazis, then it’s not.


In a hypothetical case, first nazis then zionists, as, for example, first east Ghouta then Daara and Quneitra. The case or question it’s more what side you bite with the two sides of your mouth. Don’t forgett the link to your work.


You’ve evaded explaining your Nazi issue twice now. I’m not going to waste anymore of my time with your nonsense and stupidity.


The working class muslims of that terrorist region have chosen to throw their lot in with the Saudi-sponsored imams and their wahhabi death cult. Of course it was Assad’s fault in the first place for being such a enthusiastic participant in America’s ‘war on terror’ after the 911 false-flag, allowing the Deep State to move so many Saudi backed terror leaders into Syria. While in the early days these imams were careful to NOT ferment direct violence against the state, they year-by-year, built up an infrastructure in preparation for the coming ‘wahhabi’ revolution.

East Ghouta is now a nest of FANATICS- and history shows once you allow the seeds of fanaticism to be sown, only extreme violence can undo the harm in the short term.

But again this is all Assad’s (and Russia’s) fault for backing the ‘war on terror’ so wrongly in the early part of this century. And why no more 911 scale false-flags yet? Not because of spineless Putin- who still sez 911 was “REAL”. But because of US, the awaken, who spread the truth about 911 across our planet. They are fearful to do another 911, even to trigger the Iran War, because they fear us and our instantaneous analysis and exposure of the truth. People like Putin don’t tell the real truth to the people of Earth- we do. And the Deep State fears the ability of ordinary people to expose their lies more than anything else.


Guy, they can all leave east Ghouta alive, including dutch mortar servents and I don’t what israelis, in green buses… and we can call it the extreme violence of the civilized mean russkyes and syrians, and you’ll be happy about extreme violence.


Citizens being held hostage for use as human shields are victims, not collaborators.

Hide Behind

The U.N. has always been no more than a false Political body that has been under the control since its founding by the Victors of WWII.
Grantors to them of minor powers to act have never been “Independent” and it is odd but the very same nations that were participants and instigators, all European, Russia, and Japan, of the most vicious and uncivilized war ever, WWII, are the very nations today that are instigating the deaths and displacements of 10’s of millions of people’s world wide.
MILLIONS of deaths incurred and supported by one factor, greed by members of U.N. body, as those Northerarn Hemisphere nations war for resources owned by those of southern hemisphere peoples.
Contrary to the publicly stated humanitarian reasons of those same upper nations they all benefit from both economic and actual force of war making by primarily three Nations, US, Britain and its old Commonwealth, and
While no nation in the world except for a few with military and economic power, can have a government that it’s members are not totally at the beck and call of those northern powers, what more can one expect than that all of it
Members they have in U.N. are no more than bought and paid dogs, begging for scraps and like bird dogs good for no more than picking up the dead for their masters.
It is time to wake up and end this ignorant worship of supporting a useless organization


Another big problem for Russia to solve over the coming years is the UN. The Yanks and their acolytes had a 20 year free run to put the finishing touches to hollowing out what was left of its ‘democratic institutions’. When we see countries like Sweden, which once was a torch bearer for non-alignment and independent political will now dressed up as a Yankee-hoor we know beyond doubt that the UN really is a Bordello, not just any old Brothel, it is the very best Hoor-house on the planet, and located in the Big Apple. Well fuck my old boots is there nothing left that is sacred? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it.

Back to the more mundane, where lives matter and where hoors like Sweden are trying to save the Ghouta head choppers from their exit to paradise, on behalf of their Yankee and Izzy sponsors. There can be no ceasefire line, because the head chopping cannibals that it seeks to protect, will not stop chopping heads off people who refuse to adhere to their criminal authority. Every single one of them have to be hunted down, then put down like rabid rats in order that paradise might flourish for those who remain.

Even more mundane, when the Syrian Government and its allies overcome these Yankee proxy terrorists a bigger picture unfolds. The Yankee hegemon is gone and good riddance while their local enforcers the Izzies got a good smack in the sky from upgraded S-200s. The Israeli dream of the Balkanisation of Syria is shattered, however, it has been replaced with a nightmare that is racing onto the horizon. Iranian
influence, military power and technical expertise has significantly increased
and poses an ever increasing threat to the existence of Israel. Furthermore, a significant section of its armed forces are literally only a few minutes from the Israeli border, and, are not going home very soon.
As mentioned above the destruction of the Israeli F-16 was a serious wake up call along with the targeting of the F-35 which the Izzies claimed suffered a bird strike; yeah right. The increasing possibility of hostilities between Israel, Syria and Iran grows daily. And here is the important twist, Russia will not need to partner-up in the event of an outright war. Syria and Iran have combat experience aplenty and enough military power to put Israeli armed
forces in a very unpleasant situation. The dawning nightmare that is now clearly visible to the Zionists is the fact Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have battle hardened and tempered troops, well armed and totally up to speed regarding the necessary tactics needed to conduct a modern war. And appear ready if necessary to take the next step if required. Netanyahu has been jumping up and down recently, stating that Israel “will never give back the Golan Heights to Syria”. Never might not be as long as he thinks. Especially if Syria can prise the S-400s systems from Russia, that at a stroke would neuter the IAF. What for the Zionists then?

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