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Syria’s Foreign Ministry Condemns “Illegitimate” Brussels 5 Conference

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Syria's Foreign Ministry Condemns "Illegitimate" Brussels 5 Conference

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On April 2nd, the Syrian Foreign Minister issued a statement condemning the so-called “Brussels 5” conference.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry expressed its disapproval of what it described as a “show” and that the conference results would be illegitimate.

The statement added that the “UN” heading of the conference in the absence of the Syrian government concerned with the Syrians’ affairs, is a clear violation of the UN Charter and the Security Council resolutions, which all call to respect the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

The ministry continued that the imposition of more unilateral coercive measures by the European Union and the United States and their automatic renewal despite their negative impact and coinciding with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their organization of this conference at the same time, reflects hypocrisy in the way they deal with the humanitarian situation in Syria.

In its statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry renewed Syria’s position that improving the living situation requires serious cooperation with the Syrian government and supporting its efforts with its humanitarian partners in meeting humanitarian needs and providing support to Syrians wherever they are on the Syrian territories, and the Foreign Ministry renewed rejecting the results of the conference that was held without inviting the Syrian government.

The Foreign Ministry added that the involvement of the European Union and the United States in policies aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the Syrian Arab Republic, covering up acts of aggression and occupation, ignoring the practices of terrorist organizations and separatist militias and sponsoring them.

The statement also denied any claims by those countries of humanitarian concern and the first of some of those governments that boast of providing aid to the Syrians at the conference is to stop the theft of the Syrians’ wealth, cultural property and agricultural crops and not depriving the Syrians of them.

The ministry clarified that the Syrian Arab Republic stresses that the constant repeating by representatives of the European Union of the conditions for contributing to the development work in Syria would impede efforts aimed at reconstruction and rehabilitation of civilian facilities and the necessary infrastructure in order to provide the appropriate environment for the return of refugees and displaced persons to their original areas in dignity and safety.

The Foreign Ministry said that Syria affirms that improving the living conditions of the Syrian people requires engaging in serious and constructive cooperation with the Syrian government and supporting its efforts with its humanitarian partners in meeting humanitarian needs and providing support to Syrians wherever they are on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. It also stresses that the center of humanitarian work in Syria is Damascus. And no other city is in the neighboring countries or beyond, and this is the simplest meaning of the principle of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity.

Turkish state outlet Anadolu Agency made a infographic for the pledge assistance, totaling $6.4 billion.

Syria's Foreign Ministry Condemns "Illegitimate" Brussels 5 Conference

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“At the fifth Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the Region’ co-chaired on 29-30 March 2021 by the European Union and the United Nations, the international community pledged €5.3 billion for 2021 and beyond for Syria and the neighboring countries hosting the largest Syrian refugee population. Of this amount, €3.7 billion were announced by the EU, with €1.12 billion coming from the European Commission and €2.6 billion from EU Member States. The EU as a whole remains the largest donor with €24.9 billion of humanitarian, stabilization and resilience assistance collectively mobilized since the onset of the crisis in 2011 to address its consequences.”

According to the EU statement, as with the four previous editions, Brussels V will also address the most critical humanitarian and resilience issues affecting Syrians and communities hosting refugees from Syria, both inside the country and in the region and will renew the international community’s political and financial support for Syria’s neighbors, particularly Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, as well as Egypt and Iraq. Brussels V will be the main pledging event for Syria and the region in 2021.


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johnny rotten

The problem with colonial imperialists is that they say self-certification is sufficient, but only with regard to themselves, they decided that the Syrian government, together with many others, is illegally and therefore cannot be taken into consideration, they call it international order based on rules, their rules, so they can steal, lie and cheat without ever falling into error.


At least going as far back to the brutal attack on the FRY by the Reich,the rules have been,there ARE no bloody rules,its time Russia started playing by their own rules.


The only thing truly guaranteed on a regular basis by the 5 eyes (British Empire) and the EU is their support for terrorism on whichever country they desire to pillage.


Frankly, a conference of deadbeat eunuchs.


“Frankly, a conference of deadbeat eunuchs.”

All of whom that consider their perverse lives to be Exceptional :)


With this money Erdogania can continue paying their terrorist mercenaries in Syria. At the moment they are behind a few salaries…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“At the fifth Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the Region’ co-chaired on 29-30 March 2021 by the European Union and the United Nations, the international community pledged €5.3 billion for 2021 and beyond for Syria and the neighboring countries hosting the largest Syrian refugee population.”

So that means the 6.4 billion US dollars isn’t just going to Syria, it has to be divided up between Jordan, Lebanon, northern Iraq, Turkey and Syria.
Most of the money will go to the countries that have the biggest populations of displaced people, so mainly Syria, but it won’t only be spent in Government held areas, the rebels will also get some of it too, but Turkey will also get a fair chunk of it as well, so even though the number sounds big it’s not really, at least not as far as Syrian Government’s concerned. So I suspect only half the pledged money will be spent in Syria itself, and even then the rebels/Syrian Interim Government and the SDC/SDF will get a fair chunk of it.
And it’s terrible news that the EU hasn’t softened it’s stance against the Assad Government, there were high expectations that the EU would finally listen to reason and use humanitarian concerns to lift some of the more damaging sanctions, but obviously the Assad administrations expectations weren’t met, the EU commission must have stone cold hearts.
Assad may have accepted the new amended UN resolution 2254 but he’s not doing anything to help speed up it’s implementation, and sadly this is the excuse the EU is using to ignore Assad’s pleas to be more reasonable, and I suspect the EU’s changing stance on the Iranian situation isn’t helping Assad’s cause either.
What the EU should really be doing is pledging reconstruction money to help rebuild Syria, that would do a lot more to help remedy the worsening situation, not just stick band aides on the scabs with unproductive and short term humanitarian aid.

Jens Holm

Even biased som, You got the whole picture right. Its humanitarian help for UN refugees and civiles inside the Johadist and SDF areas. Its also an adding to, what we already pay to those milions by UN only.

You seemes to forget we already are the biggest contributors for the UN as well as there are may small NGOs helping too.

And Yes, You are right. There are no plans for rebuilding anything there unless Assads has no influence at all.

As a private person having my own oppinion writing right here, I would help the SDF area very much, if those local things was rebuilded in local structures for local matters with no never Assads or Turks in it.

By that my wishes was, that this area could take most of the refugees back from Turkey and make a descent life again. That might be 1 or up to 2 millions and a good start.

They should have big help by UN and devellopments according the PYD/SDF wishes and not even a finger from others. Its seemes Turks are against it for Osman reasons.

I take it again in BIG LETTERS: None in those mentioned countries and for that matter UN will support anything named the Bathist. NONE. We mainly are against supporting what USA/France and GB do there – BUT we ceratinly wont support Assads but almost anything else apart from the internationals there named ISIS(and maybee Nusra whatever).

As indicated this meeting is not about Assads but the mainpart of the population suffering partly made by themself too. We dont care half a tourist camel about Assads unless they resign or let locals decide a æeast half of everything important in their areas. Assads has needed that structure for decades but has done the opposit. They have not educated a single person for any devellopments apart from their no learning military programs, where they not even vcan follow, what the germans knew before and under WW2.

Should we pay to one the most unproductive and corrupt socalled countries?? No more. Iraq is a good example for it too.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You hate Assad and the Baath Party but the alternatives are far worse, Assad and the Baath party represent,
Equality and human rights,
non sectarian,
and anti imperialism,
On a negative note they also aspire to a one party system, so I know they’re not perfect.

But what do more than 90% of the Turkish backed opposition forces represent,
Sharia Law,
minority oppression,
Jihad for Islam,
and oppression of both women’s and basic human rights,
That’s what you’re really advocating for when you support the Turkish backed Syrian opposition.

Jens Holm

You lie like hell in all things.

The whole world is not Assad, Jihadisme or “Kurds no way”.

The Bathist has made those many many Jihadists themself because not even limited Parlamentarisme is allowed and so many millions systematicly are excluded in stead of included.

That no country. Obvious You dont know what socialisme is. The Baathist for decades has been new made feudalisme instead of the old(byt the King and before that). swept in nepotisme and corruption of the worst kind.

I dont support “the Turkish backed up opposition”. You do. Very limited acces to, why those Jihadists are there at all. As 100% sekular skandinavian its worse then far out I should support extreme muslim.

Denmark by Nato actually are trying to help the Bagadad Goverment to have a much better military force to fight ISIS. Last year we spended 50 million dollars having teachers as well as logistic experts there for them(and Nato).

You dont know anything about womens rights at all. I have seen and heard it many times. Apart form the very moderate muslims and the marxists in SDF no men in the whole Syria support any of that loosing the only power they have.

Do I have to refer from the Damskus parlament about it. I have many examples and just take one. If a Syrian women marries a foreigner even muslim and make children, the man and the children cant get Syrian citicenship. BUT if a Syrian man marries as foreign wife outside Syria and they return to Syria, they all can get citicenship.

So much for Your crap about that. You not even know about whats going on in the Damaskus parlament.

It makes decissions by its non elected PMs, which here in Denmark would give years of jail right away.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So who exactly do you support in Syria, which political entity or entities do you actually put your faith in, is it the,

Elected Syrian Government, NO.
The US backed Syrian Democratic Council [SDC],
The Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government [SIG],
Or the HTS affiliated Salvation Government,
They’re the only choices you get, so which of these do you prefer.
And I want you to name some of the opposition factions you actually support, not just pick one of the 4 main political divisions, name some of the political factions that actually belong to the opposition Government that you advocate for.
Put your money where your mouth is for once.
There are quite a few moderate factions in the SDC but only a handful in the SIG, so good luck naming them if you pick the SIG as your preferred government.

Jens Holm

Thats wrong and incompetent questions.

You are not even able to read between my lines as well as the things I write about and try to descriebe.

FX I have written Your choises between Jihadisme, Bathisme and SDF in the hard strict way always written by it enemies.

I wrote the rest of the world has many other possible solutions and indicate, people in Syria could choose one of those or implement parts of it – IF THEY KNEW AND WASNT FILLED UP WITH DEVASTATING PROPAGANDA.

You keep them from thjat choise. Ypu systematicly has jkept them from being more productive, more modern, jobs for all or most of it, rewarding for education, skills and hard work. ETC.

And You even keep Your girls and vomen more stupid the Yourself. That must be a hard job !!!

A´nd You also dont get, that thhe ones making the wars – winners as well as loosers – ARE NOT THE ONES, WHICH SHOuLD RUN THE COUNTRY. Thats how Assads are and now others too.

The people there should know about other solutions and they probatly would choose local parlaments all over decing 50% of the whole thing, which cover their dayli life, where they can select the bad ones and their employed away and try someone else in a peacefull way.

Not only SDFs need that.

The whole Denmark and many other countries are structured like that. IT WORKS, but people in Syria only learn, what dont work here. They not even believe, what I say here even many here say they understand and write perfect english – MOST OF THEM DONT.

You understand based on, what Yours are. But we are not Yours. The lsit is long. You have not even language for, what we do and are and not even try to see that. We cant debate equal right among genders, even it works very well here. We are mixted all over and never used “mixted” but normal.

80% work for others in companies and not in family búsines. We take the best for the job, which often is no family even we have nepotisme here too. We pay for, what people actually do and not because we are sons being nice to grandfahter and his beard.

We are sekulars in most things, so children are not depended of their grandparents and the grandparents are not depended of their children and grandchildren.

etc etc.

So when You try to force me to choose between pest and Cholera, I say none of them are good and chjhoose none of them.

I do support the proposal for local governees as Kurds by PYD says. It doesnt matter if its more or less marxistic. What matters is, that Syria dont have that vital string at all for local devellopments.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s hard to understand anything you write let alone read between your lines, use a translator app for Gods sake.

“FX I have written Your choises between Jihadisme, Bathisme and SDF in the hard strict way always written by it enemies.”

It’s not my way Jens, it’s the choices we have, those are only the options available, you either choose the US backed Syrian Democratic Council and all their affiliated political parties, the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government and all it’s many political parties and factions, the Salvation Government and HTS with their well deserved terrorist designations, or you choose the Syrian Government.
The multi party system the SDC employs seems to be the most cohesive of all the opposition governments, HTS and the Salvation Government are a little less cohesive but that’s only because they’re less democratic, and the Turkish backed Syrian Interim government is the least cohesive of all, even though they do employ a democratic process, but I think the Syrian Government is the most cohesive of all of them, at least they are in the areas Iran’s not annoying the local Sunni and Druze populations, in those areas Darra, Quneitra, As Suwayda it’s not so cohesive.
The Syrian Government doesn’t fake elections or tamper with them in any way, they don’t need to. You just think you support the majority but you don’t, you actually support the one third minority, but they’re a very vocal minority and they have loud friends helping them to shout over the Syrian Government, don’t be fooled Jens.

Jens Holm

Thats the choise YOU HAVE DECIDED TO.

And who are “You” ? ? ? ?

Do the 30% really has decided its an arabic state. I dont think so. Their names for theself and places – I dont think so.

You know nothing about Syrian electians or lie lie hell. Most Syrians and the rest of the wortld know. If those 3-4 refugees outside Syria really supported Assads, the would join the military forces and the Baathists would win tomorrow or actually years ago.

I take it again. As long as Parlaqmentarisme not even says all can parle, there is no parlamentarisme and certainly not democrasy. Your best defence is, You know nothing about it at all.

You not even has structures for it.

You even take Druses as the usual ones as a kind of hostages. This is about all and very much all arabs as well. You still keep Yourself in the ilusion, that arabs are united and even support Assads.

Facts in numbers dont say so at all.

I also never has told I support the majority. You say and even conclude for me as well. I have written, that a majority certainly dont support the Baathist as it is now and cant assume they would, even if Assads were winners of the killing each other.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I know a lot about the Syrian elections because the experts have explained it all to me, and they’ll explain it to you too if you just ask/google.
250 seats in the Syrian Parliament, 10 different political parties with the Baathist holding 167 seats, and the allied parties holding another 16 = 183, and the independents got 67 seats.
The Syrians have been using a multi party system since 2012, so don’t say the Syrians don’t have a choice who they can vote for Jens, you’re the one telling lies if you say they can’t.
I’ve seen many interviews with Syrian refugees living outside Syria and I think at least one third of all of them actually support the Syrian Government, and when they’re asked why they don’t return to Syria the answer is usually the same, poor economy and poor security in Syria means they don’t want to, it’s not because they hate the Syrian Government, they stay where they are because they have better economic opportunities in the EU or west, as for the ones living in Jordan/Lebanon/northern Iraq/Turkey, it’s for better security in some cases.
Some Government supporters don’t want to return to their homes because they live in opposition heartlands or their homes are located in rebel/US/Turkish/Iranian held territory.

I think you just blindly hate Assad and the Baathist and just blindly follow anyone that opposes him/them.

Jens Holm

I have many years of knowledge about socalled Syrian elections.

As I and the rest of the world has descriebed Your fiction for elections are not even close to “true”.

Your version for Syrian leaving Syria for good is true. Not only Turkmen has left being towners in Turkey but also others and often Christian ones has left for being less poor. Those are not refugees but normal immigrants. We have smal flocks of the Christian kind here in Denmar mainly from Syria and the Westbank. They join Our more condervative churches and are doing pretty well.

But You forget the numbers of Syrians has grown and even more then compensating for that subtraction.

You also descriebe indernal refugees. Sure You are right.

But facts are more then 7 milion od socalled normal refugees acrtually has left the country and hardly any have wishes for returning EVER. They prefare random housing and tents and the best from UN/UNICEFF added with any kind of low paid job, where they are.

They all desperat ask to go anywhere else in the whole world.

So thats Your voters for real aded the ones named as Joihadists and SDFs.

You cant make fair elections in Syria for decades, because other choises are nopt allowed. or even strictly forbidden by active opposition. Thats very well descriebed even thats censured away in Syria as well. Parle is debating choises.

You descriebe it Yourself: Jihadisme, Marxist Kurdisme or Assads and all of course should prefare Assads.

But I try to descriebe tha main åproblems for millon of Syrians living in Syria kept poor, so they not even reward the the corrupt ones. The corrupt oners not even understand, that if You feed a cow less, it gives less milk – to tax and steal.

And the com is a very good symbol for what went wrong for USSR in its collapse too.

If You want to increase production, You have to ahve systems, which reward school, education, skills and hard work before You tax them. You also has to give tax back fx by building things in the infrastructure, so they see its pays off in all levels down to free Syrian free asphalt all over in Syria.

Thats the essense. People rewarded produce. People forced to work make limited jobs only. Doing nothing because there is nothing else makes most people passive BUT many are opponent to thet, because human nature is n ot like that.

Yes, the main åproblem for any changes is the nepotistic Baath Party and Assad in their new feudalisme after the old Otttoman one partly removed by France and Partly replaced by 1946 independensy.

And I have written the reasons for it several times now. The alternatives are not Jihadisme as well as the PYD SDF programme even in Marxistic roots has the tols for having permanent tools for devellopment even from the lowest levels.

LOWEST LEVEL: You dont help the poor in the country and those which in desperation has left and urbanized. Some cotton factory in Raqqa is no help.

Finally Assads and others even make more faked and lying assumption again and again and fx Kurds will take over like Jews. How ??? The characteristica for Israel is they mainly are highly educated and in most matters are high affiliated in most things to the higher end of the western economics.

Kurds and the other part of the opposition just want any kindf of new jobs in the bootom of the system and agriculture more effective then now. Its very visible for people inside and outside Syria, that both are possible.

They just want to double or tripple their livingstandards from nothing, which also is very visible in GDP and not only in unimplyment.

Here I allow me to add – which cant even be debated here being Haram, that we danes and many others educate women well or almost as well as men, so most of them work being paid well for it too.

Vomen in Denmark contribute about 22.000 dollar each in GDP and men 35.000 dollar in GDP.

I dont say Syrians a´nd others should copy that and the livingstandard by that. I just say that women here contribute about 40%.

80% of Our companies are not private owned but do their production and service by the best employed and hardly with any nepotisme. Family owned business dont make the best productions, because it has to give jobs to any family before anybody else.

And its very visible that men are paid by cars when women are rewarded by flowers in their behinds even blamed for taking mens job.

Do You get it. Vomen dont take mens jobs. There is no creation of jobs in the Assad system even so many brains and hands are needed , when the possibilities are there and even with low paid emplyed not even able to make plastic bottles for Syria itself even there is oil for it as well as used factories are doing well in low pay areas.

The Objective

I’m loving the developments against Assad. If Syria finally implements resolution 2254, most of us will breathe a sigh of relief at the war’s end. The prolonging of the Syrian crisis is Assad’s insistence to continue ruling. I wonder what Russia would do if the war in Syria continues for another decade.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re on and off like a like switch lately, one day you’re posting on SF and the next day you’ve deleted all your comments, so I sense you’re currently suffering from turmoil and anguish over something, maybe an aspect of your own long held belief and ideology.
Before the war broke out Erdogan and his wife were good friends with the Assad family, Bashir and his wife Asma even enjoyed a holiday at Erdogan’s family home, so they once enjoyed a social friendship, not just a political relationship.
Assad is freely and fairly elected to Government every time he wins office, he doesn’t rule as a dictator.
Even one of Assad’s most vocal critics the US admits that Assad would most likely win a free and fair election, but they still constantly accuse the Syrian Government of rigging the election process itself, but they don’t accuse them of voter fraud. The US does say they believe there’s an extra million voters that don’t really exist but they don’t know for sure, they don’t have access to accurate information so it’s just unsubstantiated accusations on their part, and from my perspective just “thrown mud”.
You’re suffering the misconception that most Syrians want a sectarian system of Government, they don’t, that’s why the Assad Government keeps getting re-elected every time, he represents the least sectarian form of Government Syria could possibly have, and that’s what most Syrians want, only the religious zealots want a sectarian style Government running Syria, most liberal Syrians actually fear that type of Government.

The Objective

I used to delete my account because of the time I waste on Disqus.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll back Assad if the Syrians truly vote for him. But the election and the election process should be fair, preferably monitored by the UN. I just want an end to war and dictatorship for Syrians. Who they vote isn’t mine to choose.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s exactly what I want for Syria too, free and fair elections and and a complete end to all hostilities, but sadly some of the things you’ve said just recently haven’t been in sync with what you’re saying now.
Assad offered to allow UN inspectors to monitor the last Parliamentary election and the UN refused to deploy them citing security concerns, but ironically the UN have humanitarian workers operating in the middle of the Idlib warzone with no problems at all.
So what a joke the UN is, they just didn’t want to admit the Syrian political process was free and fair, that’s why they didn’t send in the observers, they would’ve had to tell us all the truth if they did.

The Objective

There is nothing different in my position. You are the guy who doesn’t understand me. If you recall very well, I’ve always opposed dictatorship in all my comments. And Assad is a dictator. there’s is no way you can convince any reasonable person otherwise. How can you hold an election with nearly half of the population displaced or living as refugees in foreign lands? That’s absurd and the UN will always refuse to monitor such elections. I see those Syrian elections as Russia’s desperation to whitewash Assad.
There can only be an interim government where Assad himself steps down and a neutral party should lead Syria over the transitional period – say of 1 year. Refugees and displaced persons will return to their homes, some reconstruction and stabilization done, and then elections – just like what we have in Libya. Assad can run as the president or support someone else to do so. Whoever wins becomes president.
What can be a more honest approach than this?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

A more honest approach is for Erdogan and Turkey to live up to their commitments.
The Astana agreements are designed to help implement resolution 2254, but so far Erdogan hasn’t fulfilled any of the obligations he’s supposed to.
All the early Astana agreements called for,
A cessation of hostilities,
Removal of heavy weapons from the front lines,
A separation of moderate opposition from terrorist forces,
A 30 km buffer zone on either side of the front lines,
Humanitarian corridors that allowed the free movement of displaced peoples,
And the last Astana agreement in march last year called for the reopening of the M4 highway, which is something Erdogan actually wants to do but is unable to.
So Erdogan hasn’t fulfilled any of his obligations he was supposed to, and all those obligations were a part of the process designed to help implement resolution 2254.
So your side keeps saying Assad’s not complying to his obligation to allow the rewriting of the constitution, but Assad keeps saying you can’t put the cart before the horse, Erdogan has to fulfill his side of the bargain before Assad can continue the process.
And now we have Assad forced to fulfill his side of the Astana agreement before Erdogan fulfils his side of the bargain, but according to the Astana agreements all of Erdogan’s obligations are supposed to be met before the constitutional process can even begin.
So talk about a slippery deal, poor old Assad is the only one expected to comply to the Astana agreements, even though he wasn’t even invited to participate in the Astana process, or have a say in it’s outcomes.

The Objective

Your reply shows that you’re being unfair deliberately. You claim that Erdogan must do this and that before Assad implements resolution 2254. I want to ask you a question. Which of the two is easier to achieve: 1) Implementing a ceasfire and separating fighters between terrorists and moderates and reopening closed roads besieged by armed groups. 2) Rewriting the constitution of Syria and forming an interim government.

Listen up. Assad can end this war or at least whitewash himself by doing the following:
He should allow for the rewriting of the constitution together with the Syrians he’s agreed to negotiate with. No need to talk to terrorists. And the new constitution needn’t be perfect. Constitutions can always be rewritten in the future if the political parties agree to – like what we’re seeing in Turkey right now. All parties including the Kurds, Sunnis, and Alawis have representatives they can send. The process should be monitored by Russia, Iran, Turkey, America, Europe, and the UN so that everyone gets a fair deal.

After a constitution is written, Assad should announce that he’ll step down as soon as an interim government is formed. Just like the Libyan prime minister did. As soon as he made this announcement, there was a significant drop in hostilities.
The interim government will be formed with the participation of all Assad’s allies, including Russia, Iran and China. What can be more straightforward than this? It’s a very simple thing for Assad if he really wants to allow democracy in Syria. The Americans, Turks, EU, and UN will be happy to end this war with such a solution. Forget the terrorists. Once an Interim government and a constitution are realized, America, Turkey and the EU will unite against the terrorists and eliminate them to pave way for the return of refugees, reconstruction, and elections. This is something America alone can do.
But here you are trying to convince the world that a “handful” of terrorists in Idlib is the “main” reason Assad is dragging his feet on resolution 2254. This is wrong, a deception, and a lie. The few terrorists in Syria CANNOT stop the rewriting of the constitution or the forming of an interim government.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You have a bad habit of misquoting what I said.
What I actually claimed is this, the Astana agreements which Turkey, Russia, and Iran all agreed upon and all signed, actually say that all those stipulations that I listed, had to be fulfilled 12 months [revised to 6 months] before any elections could take place, and during that 6 month period they were supposed to sit down and rewrite the constitution.
And NO is the answer to your question, it’s not easier to rewrite a constitution than it is to put down a violent uprising [by the one third minority].
Here in Australia if you want to change just parts of the constitution you have to get a enough people to sign a petition to warrant it, get the Parliament to vote for it, then you have to hold a plebiscite which everyone gets to participate in, and you can only win the plebiscite if you get the overall majority vote as well as the majority vote in 4 out of the 6 states and 1 territory.
In other words we take changes to the constitution very seriously here in Australia and we only change it if the majority of the population want to change it, and we don’t let other people dictate what we’re allowed to or have to change in our constitution, Syria should have the same right.

“And the new constitution needn’t be perfect.”

You don’t know how wrong you are, it’s the imperfections that cause all the problems in the first place, so why start with imperfection. I don’t think the Syrian constitution is perfect btw, and I’m not opposed to the Syrian people deciding to change it.
What they should do is this, after the next election they should agree to hold a number of plebiscites, and then put the proposals to the Syrian people to decide on, that’s what should happen, that way every Syrian gets to decide how their constitution is rewritten, not just a one third Government representation, a one third opposition representation, and a supposed one third independent representation.
And again you misquote what I said.

” But here you are trying to convince the world that a “handful” of terrorists in Idlib is the “main” reason Assad is dragging his feet on resolution 2254. This is wrong, a deception, and a lie.”

I’ve never said that even though it’s basically correct in the overall sense, I’ve only ever said what Assad said about rewriting the constitution [I’m adlibbing] ‘why do we need to rewrite the constitution, there’s nothing wrong with the old one’, that’s what I quote Assad as saying when I’m asked why Assad doesn’t want to rewrite the constitution.
He also used to say he didn’t like the old version of resolution 2254 because it gave the Turkish backed Muslim brotherhood way too much say in rewriting the constitution, the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version gave them a 50% voice on the 150 member small table committee, but Assad refused to accept that old version for nearly 5 years, but when the UN offered to amend the resolution to better suit Assad, he accepted their offer the very same day that they made it, so four and a half years of saying no to his Russian and Iranian allies and his mortal enemy Erdogan, but just one day to say yes to his old enemies the UN [and by default the US].
Now instead of the Muslim Brotherhood and Assad’s Government getting 75 seats each on the small table committee, they only get 50 each and the independent civil society groups get 50, much fairer than the old committee, it at least gives civil society a voice in rewriting the constitution [but also allows unwanted foreign NGO’s to influence the proceedings].
Assad’s dragging his feet because,

A – He doesn’t want to rewrite it in the first place but he has a gun to his head so he has to,
B – Because as I already said the Astana agreement stated the listed stipulations have to be met before the constitution could be rewritten.

Assad didn’t like the first lot of rules they gave him and he certainly doesn’t like the second lot that they’re changing mid agreement, they basically moved the goal posts mid kick.
Fix the ongoing hostilities and terrorist problems first and then rewrite the constitution, it’s not rewrite the constitution first and then fix the ongoing hostilities and terrorist problems next, that doesn’t make sense at all.

If we have to have an Interim Government I hope it’s not as dysfunctional as the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government is, even the HTS Salvation Government isn’t as bad as the SIG are when it comes to infighting and outbreaks of violence.
We won’t have an Interim Government, I’ll bet on that. :]

The Objective

So you expect Syria to follow a similar process as Australia to rewrite its constitution. How can you compare the Syrian community to Australia’s? Australia is a more educated, developed, and civilized country than Syria. Australia makes those changes in a time of peace. It is impossible to insist on a perfect constitution and a quick end to hostilities at the same time. A half-perfect constitution that ends the war (even temporarily) is way better than pursuing a perfect one that may not materialize in a decade.
The Syrian government is living by a ceasefire with the rebels. Those who Assad consider terrorists can be excluded from the process and later dealt with. I’m sure Turkey will agree to Assad’s demand for the 50 Muslim Brotherhood representatives to move to Damascus for rewriting the constitution with their counterparts – or any country they choose to do it.
You just repeated yourself here and then you’ll later say I’m misquoting you. I don’t have to quote you when I understand what you are driving at already. THE AGREEMENT SAYS that Turkey must first separate terrorists from moderates before any attempt at rewriting the constitution. What an absurd reason to refuse negotiations. TELL ME HOW TERRORISTS CAN PREVENT THE REWRITING OF A CONSTITUTION SHOULD ASSAD, TURKEY, RUSSIA AND IRAN agree to go ahead with the project. All Assad should do is just screen the negotiating committee from the opposition. If he deems anyone having links to terrorists, that person can be expelled from the team. Simple. After the constitution is re-written, Assad can announce that he’ll step down as soon as an interim government is formed. Besides, the U.S is also involved in the negotiation for a new constitution. America can be invited to observe the process. Once an interim government is formed that is working towards general elections, terrorists will be defeated by the joint actions of Turkey, Russia, and America. This is a simple case for them.

Australian is approving of a defense cooperation between Turkish and Australian companies. This Turkish defense firm is actually helping Australia: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkish-australian-firms-ink-deal-on-defense-sector-163666

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The great thing about doing something someone else has already done is you get to learn from all the mistakes they’ve already made, so I’m sure the Syrian’s wouldn’t have any problem either copying our plebiscite system or someone else’s system.

“It is impossible to insist on a perfect constitution and a quick end to hostilities at the same time”.

Assad’s not insisting on anything but an end to foreign intervention.
A new constitution won’t stop ongoing hostilities.

“What an absurd reason to refuse negotiations”.

Not quite as absurd as Erdogan’s refusal to negotiate with the SDF.
And no one but you is proposing an interim Government.
Assad will probably be re-elected anyway so why bother with an interim Government, especially if they just have to hand back power to Assad after the next election.
You’re assumption Assad or his government would lose the next election is incorrect, most analysts say he would win ‘free and fair’ elections.

Australian soldiers immorally/wrongly invaded Turkey during WW1 but came away with nothing but admiration for the Turkish soldiers and people, and since the end of WW2 we’ve had substantial immigration from Turkey, and Turkey is also a major tourist destination for Australians, so our two countries get along very well, but Erdogan’s secular leanings are starting to worry us Australians, who aren’t secular at all.
And that is interesting news about this new weapons manufacturing deal. Turkey supplies the specs for the artillery rocket barrels and Australia makes them using their new speedy/efficient/accurate manufacturing process, resulting in even better performing weapons that presumably both parties will be able to sell on the market.
I’m not sure if it’s good news or bad news, it depends on who the weapons are used against.

The Objective

Okay let’s end this conversation here. We’ll talk about different things in the future.

Jens Holm

I agree. Its impossible to establish any kind of fair election as it is now.


“there’s is no way you can convince any reasonable person otherwise”…sure there is…tell them the truth, not the truth as the western ‘press’ purports it to be.

Jens Holm

We all know everything visitors see is strictluy selected by the Governess.

It malfunction from You, that it is UN, which made the refuse.

You version for what the Idlib warzoine is highly incorrect too. Much as You try to descriebe another part of the world:(


“monitored by the UN” Are you serious? Like in Venezuela and Bolivia among others? How about monitoring the shams in the west? You do know that most western elections fail the very metric used to verify the legitimacy of a vote, right? Venezuela was noted for the most open and freest elections, until the western govs, who support an unelected nobody, said they weren’t.

Jens Holm

You might need a memorycard and a calender next time You write about Venezuela.

“West” isnt as You descriebe as well. And yes, there are different versions folr how we do.

You forgot the purpose, that we actually in a peacefull way can debate and change Governess and do. Many in the rest of the world trying that are met by bajonets, propganda and worse.

Jens Holm

That period was based on Russians didnt support PKK in Turkey to make Nato unhappy and Turks didnt support Turkmen in Syria.

That might be why. Its was just after 1991. Thats what I recall.

Many there permanent should change and be like that.


The real question is what would become of Russia if the west got their way. Another is where would they be now, if they had not intervened? One needs only to look at Nagoro Karabakh.

Jens Holm

I can tell You. Their GDP soon would be more then 50.000 dollars. There would be a very well educated middle class, which handled the advanced productions as well as the logistics for it.

People would work more when they were at work but be compensated by less Ours and paid vacation.

There would be no more Armata prestige products none can pay for. Instead their sales for weapons and many other things would be as in the west – thats bestr to the price.

A good idea would be to start electric car produtions. If they are not sold, they have parkingspaces for them in Sibiria:) – joke sorry.

This is not about Nagorne Karabak but how the Russians are related to the rest of the world. They still think and act in kombinates, sovcoses and kolkoses. The corruption is the same just concentrated on fewer hands.

So if if if as written above, they would have tools for making sober changes and into the better.

Its very strange for me – as west – being involved as if USSR has not collpased with all its still remaining bad habits. If Russia should have chances for being dominant instead of slowly declining, the need tool not only paionting beards on their dolls.

Jens Holm

He dont represent Syria at all but the private company regime named the Bad Artists.

Maybee it would make more sense UN and the rest use “parts of the artificial state Syria made by mistake by wrong reasons” as selfdestructive.

That would include all, those will try to help. We and UN even help a lot today. Turks are doing a local great job too. So this is a try for improvement.

And I take it again. Even having defined Syria as ARABIC state was wrong. That excluded 30% of the population. So many has left of those non arabs. And now 1/3 of the socalled Syrians are not even in the Country but as written above live in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Europe and well as so many inside the socalled Syria not even live, where this socalled minister has any control.

Assads has been famous for theft of the minimized help to the civiles in the Johadisme areas. They still are. Maybee thats arabic :( to live well as robbers blaming oters for not producing for free to them.


Just look at that ‘UN’ propaganda map – the ‘pledgees’ are the very states, and their leaderships, that created the whole problem – an international, NATO-Gulf State, sponsored and financed war against the Syrian state. These ‘pledgee’ states have no interest in resolving the Syrian conflict under the current strategic arrangements – of the pre-conflict Syrian state and leadership remaining intact. It’s just another NATO-Gulf State tactic to try and gain control of the narrative.

Tommy Jensen

As I have said and what is confirmed here, is that Assad can only get peace if we take over the usury management of the Central Bank of Syria, and US lead the management of the reconstruction of same country…………………………..LOL.

Only an American has the Intelligence to lead a mismanaged country like Syria up to a civilised and free country again……………………………….LOL.


and how much are the friggin’ scum in palestine paying, i.e. the jews. my guess is that the jews, like always stay far away from payments that shall be made and they, like always, turn up the purse to show how empty it is, typical jewishness. thus, the non jewish world – a lot, the jewry – nada


Just more political BS to blacken Syria’s/Assad’s name. What it does show is Turkey’s real alliances…and it’s not with Syria.

Jens Holm

I agree. Assads already are as black as any can be.

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