Syria’s Forces Cut Off Al Nusra Supply Line in Marj Al-Sultan


Syria's Forces Cut Off Al Nusra Supply Line in Marj Al-Sultan

Syria’s forces continue military operations in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. Recently, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies cut off Al Nusra’s main supply line in Marj al-Sultan.

The government forces’ actions in the area of Marj al-Sultan allowed the allies to cut the militants’ supply road to the villages of Zibdeen and Deir al-Assafir. Pro-government sources report, if the militants aren’t able to seize Bala al-Qadhima in the nearest future, they will be completely cut off and encircled in this area.

We remember, Syria’s forces captured the town of al-Qadhima on Wednesday and almost divided the militant-ctonrolled area of the Eastern Ghouta into two separated parts.

Thus, the loyalists are in full control of the Harasta al-Qantara-Bezineh road that had been the main communication line between the Northern and Southern parts of the militants’ enclaves.



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