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Syria’s Aleppo Residents to Get Drinking Water Supply Soon

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According to the Syrian state television, the water supply in Aleppo city is expected to be restored in the very near future.

Syria's Aleppo Residents to Get Drinking Water Supply Soon

Syrian children collect buckets of stagnant murky water from the side of a road in a rebel-held area in the northern city of Aleppo on July 5, 2014 (Photo: AFP / Zein al-Rifai)

The water supply in the city of Aleppo has already been partially restored; however, local residents will get access to potable water only after it is tested, the Syrian state television reported on Tuesday. The water’s tests are expected to be conducted in the very near future.

A technical failure at a pumping station, located in Aleppo countryside, in the area, controlled by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, forced the authorities to cut off the central water supply in Aleppo on January 14. Since this time the city has been staying without steady water provision.

During the past month, IS terrorists did not allow maintenance crews to reach the area and restore the work of the water station. Aleppo inhabitants were being provided with clean water by the UN and city’s utility services through tankers and wells.

The city of Aleppo, which was the so-called economic capital of Syria before the civil war, which started in 2011, had been under control of terrorists and militants during several years. The city was liberated by the government forces in December 2016.

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The main water supply from the river was cut by ISIS , and I presumed had been restored by the SAA , well ! better late than never . So the war on water, by the jihadists was not limited to Damascus . It will be a lot easier to clean up Aleppo with running water . Big Cheers .

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