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JUNE 2023

Syrians Give Warm Welcome To Erdogan Troops Attacking Saraqib

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Syrians Give Warm Welcome To Erdogan Troops Attacking Saraqib

During the last few days, Turkey deployed approximately 1,000 units of military equipment, including self-propelled howitzers, M06T and Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to local sources, the number of Turkish troops and special forces personnel in the province is now between 2,500 and 3,000.

The Turkish leadership assures the international community that this is a solely defensive move. Ankara says this was needed to combat the terrorism and protect its troops from the aggression of the Assad regime that blatantly violated the Idlib de-escalation by attacking peaceful al-Qaeda militants.

Additionally, the Turkish Army set up several positions east and southeast of Idlib city. It seems like brave Erdogan forces ready to protect the stronghold of their comrades from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham at the expense of their life. However, a few Turkish troops apparently lost in the woods and missed the Syrian Army advance in western Idlib and southwestern Aleppo. Pro-government forces captured over a dozen of villages along the M5 highway, including the key rebel base of Al-Eis, and encircled another Turkish observation point accidentally located just at positions of al-Qaeda-linked militants. In western Aleppo, the Syrians took control of Tal Kalariyah and Kalariyah, and advanced on Rashideen 4. If the Damascus government wants to fully reopen the M5 highway, which runs from the border with Jordan to Aleppo, it needs to secure Rashideen 4, Khan Asal and several less important points in the same area.

Such news are horrible to the ears of the Turkish leadership. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other top officials act like they see every inch of territory lost by terrorists to the Syrian Army as grievous loss of their imaginary Neo-Ottoman Empire.

On February 8, Ankara hosted a Russian-Turkish meeting on the situation in Idlib. From the Turkish side, the meeting was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal and representatives of the Defense Ministry, General Staff and National Intelligence Organization. Russian delegation was chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev as well as representatives from military and intelligence. The sides reached a breakthrough agreement that more negotiations are needed. The new round of talks will take place this week.

The Syrian Air Force celebrated the Ankara negotiations with over 120 airstrikes on various positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other ‘moderate Al-Qaeda’ groups in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. Russian airstrikes were also reported.

While Turkey aggressively increasing its military presence near Idlib city and working to convince leaders of local groups to not hurry up with fleeing the area, Syria and its allies are using the window of opportunities to clear from terrorists as much area as it’s possible.

On February 10, ‘al-Qaeda freedom fighters’ launched a powerful attack on positions of pro-government forces near Saraqib. Militants publicly employed Turkish-supplied military equipment and weapons. The attack itself was also supported by Turkish artillery strikes. Turkish troops were filmed close with near the frontline. They directed the attack of their brothers in arms on the Syrian Army. At least 5 Turkish personnel were reportedly killed in the retaliatory strikes by the Syrian Army.

The battle for Idlib is ongoing.

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Warm welcome from whom, HTS & their paid friends.


uhuh syria and russia freezing the arrogance turk!!

Ralph Conner

Fighting the MSM Propaganda with humor- brilliant and effective!


Erdogan is a sick man


Sick with ”Napoleon Complex” – inferiority complex.


aint no man, more doggie than ape..

Albert Pike

…is a sick Dönmeh man.


Time to drop some on Erdogan himself

AM Hants

Kept waiting to find the source to be the SOHR, before giving up reading the article.


According to Sputnik Turks say they’ve destroyed 101 SAA targets including 3 tanks and a helikopter, ‘retaliation’ ongoing


Turkish can enjoy these news because next ones will be related with death and destruction of turkey (NATO member) army.

Karen Bartlett

Turkey: taking over from HTS. The new “moderate terrorists”.

Per Jensen

In fact, Turkey has attacked Syria. A war between Syria and Turkey is going on.


Turkey supporting terrorism worldwide… What else is new !


So true and always they point the finger at the Islamic Republic of Iran…




During the last few days, Turkey deployed approximately 1,000 units of military equipment, including self-propelled howitzers, M06T and Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to local sources, the number of Turkish troops and special forces personnel in the province is now between 2,500 and 3,000.

One number is wrong. In case of 1000 equipments much more troops are needed.


Perhaps the deficit is compensated with Green Goblins already in place!

Seamus O'Dwyer

they gave the vehicles to AL Nusra


Syria could use that equipment just like the US equipped a lot of the SAA..

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is infected with murder virus.


xolixoli virus

Xoli Xoli

Super black smelly kananda.

Xoli Xoli

Terrorists Erdogan. Putin must delete this crazy fuck Erdogan cell number.


The biggest turkey of them all. [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/Y4nUhe3.jpg)


Charming dragon ride!


Gosh South Front! ! we get it! Al-Qaida are terrorists! Turkey is bad! Can you now please reduce the excessive sarcasm in your news and focus on clean news delivery without your tantrums and overtones? Thanks in advance!

good american

A little humor is ok.

Win Kiddle

I think it’s great! That is how the MSM would report it.


Al Qaeda “freedom” fighters LMAO.

Stinky Man

Sultan Erdogan needs to be neutralized. I think Russia and the USA knows this and neither wants an all out war for Syria. I hope Putin and Trump realize offing the Sultan will be easier to do sooner rather than later.


There seems to be a lot of conflicting reports about the extent of Turkish operations in Idlib. At this stage I’m not sure what’s fact or fiction.


It is a disinformation campaign for sure, so can’t trust any report implicitly. In addition here’s a list of groups/countries that would benefit directly from Turkish involvement: Israel, Kurds, Gulf monarchies, US, all the jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. So propaganda is going to be relentless.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well this new development is going to make things even more complicated than they are now, what is Iran about to say and do to de escalate the situation,

“Iran reiterates its readiness to facilitate dialogue among brother neighbors Turkey and Syria,” he wrote. “Escalation of tensions only serves interests of terrorists and their sponsors,” he added. “Avoidance of bloodshed and respect for sovereignty & territorial integrity is imperative,” he wrote. Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that Iran is ready to help Turkey and Syria resolve their differences over the nearly nine-year-old war in Syria, adding that Tehran backs the sovereignty of its key regional ally Damascus. Zarif, in a meeting with Pedersen in Tehran, said Iran was prepared to help in the de-escalation of the crisis in Syria with respect to Syria’s independence and sovereignty. Zarif emphasized Iran’s full readiness for any kind of cooperation for sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria, calling the political way the only solution to the Syrian crisis.”


So what does this mean now? Because of US of sanctions, Iran only has 2 current buyers for their [illegal according to US sanctions] oil, Turkey and China, so if they upset Turkey too much they could possibly lose half of their export revenue stream in one hit instantly, that’s if Turkey chose to just buy oil elsewhere. So Iran will be mindful of that during any negotiations, which might mean that not everything that’s discussed will be in Syria’s best interests, lets see what this new proposal entails, probably not what Assad’s really hoping for. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the 4th division have done anything much in Aleppo except defend their positions, no ground assaults or operations at all, only airstrikes, does that mean the Iranians have already come to an agreement concerning their own interests.


It was IRGC who helped erdoggie get out alive during the coup..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And it was Iran that connived with Turkey to try and force Assad into accepting the original version of UN resolution 2254, which Assad refused to do for nearly 5 years, and yet as soon as the UN offered him a better deal he accepted it the very same day. Iran, Turkey and Russia were going to throw Assad to the wolves with that deal, the Turkish opposition would’ve been running the country just 6 month if Assad had agreed to that [stab in the back] resolution, and yet the UN, who I normally hate with a vengeance, was the organization that actually saved his arse by offering him a way out, I would never have believed that possible in a million years. Assad realizes the Iranians are prioritising their own interests over Syria’s, he just sacked his own brother a while ago for being too beholden to the Iranians, so he’s letting the Iranians know he’s going to be putting Syria first from now on.


My enemies are increasingly killing each other. Pass the popcorn…



This is a good sign that Russia will be giving Turkey the “big Russian boot”. Turkey better stop its trespassing into Syria. Turkey has a lot of financial contracts with Russia; Turkey should not disrupt its own financial prosperity by interfering in Syria’s affairs; whereas Russia will be in Syria forever given that Russia also has lots of financial contracts with Syria too.

We must bring home all of our U.S. troops from Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan NOW !!! I am going to throw “bad voodoo” at everyone that impedes our troops from coming home; …and we must bring home all of our military equipment too. Do not leave so much as one bullet behind. Once our U.S. troops and the coalition troops leave the Middle East; these countries can independently take care of their own affairs without western meddling and killing. Give it time, peace will prevail in the region. Israel will be forced to comply with all Middle East countries demands; they’ll have no alternative. Israelis must integrate into the Arab population.

Iraq – (TASS news agency Feb. 10, 2020) – Forces of the international counter-terrorist coalition spearheaded by the United States have ceased its operations in Iraq and are getting ready to evacuate its troops from the country, Al-Arabiya TV reports on Monday, citing the Iraqi parliament’s defense and security committee. Emerging news suggests, “Coalition forces have stopped their actions preparing to withdraw alliance troops from Iraq.” The parliamentary committee also noted that the future Iraqi government “will determine the specific timeline for foreign troops’ pullout from the Iraqi territory.” https://tass.com/world/1118373


Russia will soon dance with happiness that they created PEACE in the Middle East.

“Soldier’s dance” !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0fTVnhg7S0


Hahaha, it looks like you took my advice to not incessantly talk about ‘terrorists’ (as everybody does) but rather take a more humorous approach “al-Qaida linked freedom fighters”… I like that. That’s a much better approach. Congrats.

cechas vodobenikov

turkey increasingly alienates itself from everyone, except for the US created and funded “peaceful ” al Qaeda humanitarians…of course Russia Syrian relation r historic—it was the USSR that thwarted the USA/Turkey created attempted coup in 1957…apparently some people do know history

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