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Syrians Blocked Another US Military Convoy In Hasakah Province (Video)

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Syrians Blocked Another US Military Convoy In Hasakah Province (Video)

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On June 2, pro-government locals and the Syrian Army intercepted and blocked another US military convoy near the town of Abu Rasin in the province of al-Hasakah. According to Syria’s SANA, the convoy which consisted of 8 vehicles, was moving from Dardara to Abu Rasin. It was stopped and forced to return to the permanent US positions in northeastern Syria.


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You can call me Al

This is good but small stuff now. Russia have permanent bases now, so they are the protector of Syria, let us (me anyway) see movement.


Still this is very important. The US are still occupying the north, as the Turks are.
And seeing that the US are there for Israel, they wont leave anytime soon.
There has been a low level cold war between Russia and the US in the north of some kind; Diplomatic (talking and dealings with Kurds, Arab tribes), and now increasingly of this kind.
Only with those efforts is a chance to force the US to leave, even though it will still only happen if the US are forced out because of popular demand and revolt in the US, if the Kurds and Tribes move totally over to Assad, or by military means.


The mistake and i said at the time was even allowing the Turks and the US with their Nato puppets to even enter Syria without paying a heavy price,now they are entrenched,although the s have just a few soldiers in isolated bases,only way they will leave is when they are ejected.


And you surely have been right with this at that time.
Hoping to be able to make a sensible settlement with the Turks and the US by giving them concessions was a futile idea by Russia, just like the a huge part of Russian elites and oligarchs still hope and dream to finally go back to business as usual with the US and end the sanctions that hit their offshore accounts in the west. In this mindset, Syria and even Novorossiya are now liabilities.
There is no option to end the new cold war against Russia but through showing the US and others an at least equal response. As far as i see, the majority of the military, security services, patriotic politicians and the public understand this; But the economic powers and oligarchs are not, and badly want things to go back the way they were at any price.
Since the start of this year, the Russian position was strengthened, but it remains to be seen if that is enough in Lybia. For Syria i dont believe Russia will be able to support the SAA in any direct attack on Turkish positions, and even less on US positions. A direct war with NATO is not something Russia is willing to risk now.
I fear they Turkish presence in Idlib will be permanent for a longer time at least. Maybe some Jihadi groups will be taken out, if they dont accept Turkish rule.
But the Idlib agreements made sure Turkey is staying and the Jihadi’s too, with them now being labeled as “moderate”.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Russia released their new nuclear use doctrine today. Russia has stated it may use nuclear weapons if Russia or one of its allies are attacked with nuclear weapons, or other WMD.

Official Russian government announcement today.


This needs to be accompanied by more Russian weapons for local anti-US and anti-Kurd Syrians and councils to further educate the population on the US Zioterrorists’ tactics of balkanization of nations.


After what we have seen as far as the Kurds go its over or them once Syria is liberated,once again they have picked the wrong side.


Wrong… The SAA should of lit up all 8 vehicles and capture any surviving rats.

Chinese Dog

If i was incharge of that unit, i would punish those desert assholes by demolishing their village


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John Wallace

Just like a dog turd. Once it is dropped it is hard to get rid of the smell.. Every time it opens its mouth the stench of dog shit gets worse. Trouble is there are some really nice Chinese dogs so there is no chance you will ever get better than a bitsa dog shit.

John Wallace

If you were in charge of … Your Mum won’t even let you be in charge of your playpen yet …


Like the SS Nazi you are.


A better version of the confrontation shows a Syrian soldier telling the US to leave Syria.


John Wallace

Taking turns to bock each other and the game goes on. If any of it was for real someone would open up.. SteLe says it best.


Why do they let that Syrian officer talk to them like that? break his fucking head!


A armed Foreigner break a Syrian officers head IN Syria,how does that work in your deseased mind?


US soldiers think they can roam around like they own the place – they dont


Time to start arresting some of those terrorists.

Mistr Jan

US internationally military bases and fields will be leaved by US troops and CIA agents soon. A year is a maximum. Your prophet

Islamic Power

American scum

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