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Syrians Are In Desperate Race To Outrun Brutal Regime Offensive

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Syrians Are In Desperate Race To Outrun Brutal Regime Offensive

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda.

On February 18, the brutality of the regime reached a new peak with the reopening of Aleppo International Airport after the nine years of closure. According to reports, upcoming destinations for Aleppo will include Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Moscow, and Erevan. The airlines that will be doing business with Aleppo Airport will be Syrian Arab Airways, Cham Wings, Iran Air, and the Russian national carrier, Aeroflot. Syria blatantly violated all fair-trade acts by excluding Turkish airlines from the project. In contrast to Aleppo operators, the Turkish companies had already proven themselves as safe and comfortable carriers of Idlib rebels that move to make money in Libya by fighting on behalf of Turkish-backed factions.

In northeastern Syria, regime forces once again blocked a US military patrol forcing it to turn back and thus undermining Mr. Trump’s democratic efforts to ‘secure’ Syrian oil for US companies and military contractors.

However, the wildest crimes are taken place in Greater Idlib, where the Syrians reject Turkish demands to withdraw from areas cowardly captured from al-Qaeda groups. The second round of the Turkish-Russian talks on the situation in Idlib ended on February 18 without any final statement. On the same day, the Syrian Air Force continued striking positions of Turkish protegees. Fortunately, a spokesman for the Turkish ruling party declared that Ankara had informed Moscow that it would attack Assad forces if it does not leave in peace al-Qaeda and withdraw from the captured areas. During the past weeks, Turkey concentrated thousands of troops and military equipment pieces in the area. So, there is at least one strong pillar of democracy in the Idlib question.

The US President already announced that he and Mr. Erdogan were “working together” on the Idlib plan to prevent a tragedy. “He doesn’t want people to be killed by the thousands, and hundreds of thousands,” Mr. Trump told media. Earlier, Mark Lowcock, the UN’s humanitarian affairs chief, said on Monday that “indiscriminate” violence in the region reached “a horrifying new level”. Idlib rebels can feel secure about the interests of their foreign backers. They are planning to sell Idlib groups at some useful price.

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Vince Dhimos

There is almost no report in the Western msm about the “moderate opposition” in Idlib and Aleppo, but I am reading a breakdown of these groups in Russian at https://riafan.ru/1251597-v-poiskakh-umerennoi-oppozicii-sily-boevikov-v-siriiskom-idlibe-infografika-fan. I am currently translating it and will post it at newsilkstrategies soon. The conclusion of the article was that all opposition groups in northern Syria are terrorists.


Yes there is. Yesterday I was searching for the pics of celebrations in Aleppo. In Google, the first 3 pages had almost zero relevance to the keywords, but introduced me to some interesting material. I didn’t bother with [Yahoo news] article after reading the headline: “Assad regime consolidates it’s grip on Aleppo“. :))
There was another articles [Euronews?] about the war crimes of the Tigers and another one about how the next elections in Iran (this Friday) will be awful, undemocratic and nobody will vote.

These guys are so creative on turning reality on it’s head.

Vince Dhimos

Yes, they can make up the news faster than we can read it and MUCH faster than we can debunk it. As for my remark about no reports in msm about the opposition, I meant that no one was describing the individual groups. After all, they are all terrorists and describing them would reveal that.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Fascinating watching evil work its “magic” over the past 20+ years, and still today. Mind blowing how it so so blatant, obvious, transparent nowadays. Sad this is all we get in the West, in the USA. It’s all so boring, tired and petty. 3rd rate criminals. Not very brilliant.


. The ‘Crimes of Regime’ article is utterly disgusting and nothing but the CIA propaganda

Concrete Mike

Its satire dude.


are you sure?

Tim Williams


lene johansen

YES – it’s satire

You can call me Al

Yes we are all sure apart from you Americans (US) that cannot handle nor understand satire (and sarcasm).

Imagine the truth backwards or similar = satire.

Satire = “the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”


Spare a thought for all the Libtards in the US and UK, Al.

If they understood satire they would take a lethal dose of LSD and cry themselves to death.


Vince Dhimos

Definitely satire. Anyone who has read Mad Magazine would know that immediately.

Concrete Mike

100% brother

Arch Bungle

Did you read it?


What kind of BS is this Southfront? Have you gone mad? Don´t bother me anymore!

Tim Williams

it’s sarcasm

lene johansen


You can call me Al

It is called satire, like the backwards truth you dumb fuck.


Its ‘satire’ my friend. I do not know what your native language is and the meaning of the satire could be lost in translation.

If you are an English speaker, may I suggest that you ‘Get a Life’ ?

northerntruthseeker .

Seriously??? You cannot see the humour here?

Lauren Johnson

Watch the video. Definitely satire.


SF you forgot that most of your commenters have 0 in common with humor

You can call me Al

They are the Americans (US) and yids.

northerntruthseeker .

You mean the Hasbara/JIDF ass clowns that infiltrate this site on a regular basis?

Yes, those ass clowns have no sense of humour, especially when they have become the laughing stocks of this site!


Infiltrate… what a sad attempt

Karen Bartlett

Wonderful satire! Thanks, SF. God bless Syria and her allies!

Liberal guy

Ya right


The unfortunate reality is that many Americans would think this is just regular news, might even motivate them to run their kids down to the recruiting office.

It seems likely that in a contest Bashar would win the biggest sweetie pie world leader ever. Do any remember the Desert Rose video that has been scrubbed so neatly from the internet. Syria’s Lady Di?

In any war setting, truly patriotic, righteous fighters have a big advantage over mercenaries mostly focused on getting home in one piece.

The message of the US armored vehicles says it all. “Yes we know you hate us, but we are not leaving, by the way can you spare a few gallons of fuel? Oh never mind we are used to self serve.”


A lovely satirical piece of writing.
(I will watch the video later, data download speed on my phone is not so good.)



for one moment the south front satiric mdr!!

Joe Doe

Would be good strategically, if SAA could secure Darat Izza, Tirmanin and Al Atarib. Than go alone the M4-West. But I guess, this may trigger Turkey aggression and the front line still to long for SAA. Insuc case maybeis better for SAA libirate all area South of M4. This will shorten SAA frontline substantial. SAA should be better prepare and more stronger to face Turkey. SAA should make already plane fighting Turkey. This will happen sooner or later


I hope Turkey pulverizes Syria’s fist with their face.

You can call me Al

Hahaha, I had to think about that for a mo.

AM Hants

Glasgow style kiss?

lene johansen

Wonderful satire south Front

You can call me Al

“Sir Mark Andrew Lowcock KCB is a British economist and accountant who has been serving as the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator and the Head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs since 2017.”….. you pathetic, sell-out, Yid loving, arse fucking shyte – NOT FOR ME.


Sir Mark just being an accountant is enough evidence of him being rather a shifty person, I think, Al. :)

You can call me Al

Well stated.

AM Hants

Yid loving, arse f*cking shyte – is that the polite version of saying you are not impressed by him?

Wonder how you would phrase it if you detested him, haha?

You can call me Al

Cheeky !!.

AM Hants

Mois? Never. Just a shy, retiring, female who would never say ‘boo to a goose’, haha.

jim crowland

You can add that a cloud of gas courtesy of GAssas always help

Tudor Miron

Good job, SouthFront. Satire IS a weapon.


And a powerful weapon as well, Tudor.

I am impressed that you ‘got’ the satire immediately.
A Russian foreign ministry appointment beckons perhaps?

Tudor Miron

Florian, have you seen this one? https://youtu.be/cBcUpTNUmh0


Yes, a day or two ago. The air campaign extremely professional.

Some of the SAA infantry are still lacking good leadership on a tactical level though. Far too much standing around in groups etc.

Easy to criticise I know and I am not under fire as these brave men are.
I would likely be quaking in my boots if I were there.


Love the sarcasm Southfront is running lately!



Arch Bungle

Satire. I thought it was a lost art …


We desperately need a good laugh, thank you SF.

Keith Cooper

Satire is a good & effective tool – But it is to rich & spicy to use as a steady diet.

northerntruthseeker .

Fabulous piece of satire indeed!

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan,Trump,Borris,satanyahu,Macaroni and Mama shaker earth quack Merkel are liars full of hate and propaganda. Global community of liars devide and rulers.


Yes, this kind of satire is indeed excellent. I love it.
The warmongers from the EU, Deepstaters, the landgrabber from Turkey, Globalists and Soros-funded NGOs won’t like it, they want chaos and help the terrorists and Jihadists to stay and bomb civilians and bring about their brutal Sunnism about Syria the whole world for ever, supported by the beheading culture of Saudi-Arabia and the Zionist state of I.
Best wishes for the SAA and the Russians on their advance to liberate the whole country.


Yes,but who are the bad guys,why do they not do flights with turkish airline,see they warn about assad!

Islamic Power

Don’t forgot the peaceful torture of captives, and destruction of property, even the dead aren’t safe, saa thugs are destroying and pillage graves and bones of the dead

Gary Sellars

Takifiri Fuktard…

Islamic Power



SouthFront’s new tone is unprofessional and ruins its credibility. Please go back to the old SouthFront where the tone of the reporting was matter of fact and free of juvenile commentary and sarcasm.

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