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Syrians Afraid To Fight Against ‘Mighty Armenians’, But Pashinyan Announces Retreat From Some Positions

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Syrians Afraid To Fight Against 'Mighty Armenians', But Pashinyan Announces Retreat From Some Positions

Azerbaijani casualties. Click to see full-size image

On October 14th, the Armenian Ministry of Defense released an updated claim of casualties suffered by the Azerbaijani side.

Syrians Afraid To Fight Against 'Mighty Armenians', But Pashinyan Announces Retreat From Some Positions

Click to see full-size image

Since the last update, which happened two days earlier, the new losses of Azerbaijan army are: 3 UAVs, 20 armored vehicles, 1 plane, 350 casualties.

The Azerbaijani armed forces strike at peaceful settlements. In particular, today the enemy, in addition to shelling the city of Martakert, used military aircraft in this direction. Units of the Artsakh defense army are taking appropriate measures, the Ministry of defense of Artsakh said in a statement.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia issued a statement informing that on October 14, the Azerbaijani armed forces targeted military installations and equipment on duty within the territory of the Republic of Armenia, in the Vardenis region, based only on groundless assumptions that the equipment was “ready to strike at peaceful settlements in Azerbaijan.”

“It is obvious that Azerbaijan is not only refusing to implement the ceasefire which should have been established on the basis of joint statement of the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, agreed on October 10 at the initiative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, but also with blatant instigation of Turkey, seeks to expand the geography of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, by attacking and resorting to open aggression against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.

All the actions undertaken by the Azerbaijani side will receive an adequate response with the means at the disposal of the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia.

We strongly condemn Azerbaijan’s attempts of armed aggression against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia and warn that Azerbaijan’s provocative actions will lead to irreversible military-political consequences, for which the leadership of Azerbaijan bears full responsibility.“

The Armenian side released a video showing Azerbaijani casualties.

The Armenian military destroyed 60-62 fighters of the Azerbaijani armed forces, including Turks and mercenaries, in 3-5 minutes of fighting. They also took 2 war prisoners, who told about the participation of Turks and mercenaries in the war against the Armenians.

In this battle, the Armenian side allegedly has only 1 loss.

The destruction of the opponent became possible due to the tactical retreat of the Armenian forces.

An alleged Azerbaijani sabotage group was also eliminated by Armenian shelling

Another propaganda video claimed that none of the Azerbaijani soldiers who attacked have “left Hadrut alive.”

In an unconfirmed report, about 1000 Syrian militants fighting against Armenians in Artsakh have laid down their arms and refuse to fight against Armenians, explaining that it is impossible to defeat the Armenians, this is not Libya or the Syrian war, everything is different here. The Embassy of Armenia in Iraq reports this.

“We’re all just going to die. The customer also refuses to pay,” the mercenaries complain.

Now, obviously this is very bold-faced propaganda.

Syrians Afraid To Fight Against 'Mighty Armenians', But Pashinyan Announces Retreat From Some Positions

Click to see full-size image

The screenshot below is being shared by Armenian media and it supposedly proves that Armenians are too scary for Syrian militants is from a page that’s supposed to be of the Embassy of Armenia in Iraq. The Facebook post has since been not available, and this is the image that Armenian media are sharing:

Syrians Afraid To Fight Against 'Mighty Armenians', But Pashinyan Announces Retreat From Some Positions

Click to see full-size image. Source: https://t.me/reartsakheng

Despite the supposed victories of Azerbaijan, the Armenian army is allegedly being impossible to defeat. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the retreat of the Armenian army during a video address to the people. The appeal was published on the website of the head of government.

“For 18 days of the war, our heroic troops retreated to the south and north,” Pashinyan said. According to him, this is due to the fact that the Azerbaijani troops changed their tactics, “trying to create confusion in the rear with sabotage groups.”

However, Pashinyan noted that the defense army of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh, despite heavy fighting and losses in manpower and equipment, “keeps the situation under control” and inflicts damage on the Azerbaijani army.

During his speech, Pashinyan also stated that the “Turkish-Azerbaijani blitzkrieg” had failed.

He compared the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh with the Munich Agreement of 1938.

“A number of countries with the possibility of strategic deterrence did not properly assess the danger, continuing to consider the issue in the context of the Karabakh conflict and believing that territories in exchange for peace is a solution that can save the situation,” Pashinyan said.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that in 2018, Azerbaijan demanded in negotiations to give up seven regions of Nagorno-Karabakh in exchange for peace. According to him, Baku refused to consider the issue of the status of Nagorno-Karabakh outside Azerbaijan.

“In the negotiation process, Azerbaijan has reached the point when it has put a demand for the Armenian people to give up their rights, return five of the seven regions, present specific deadlines for the surrender of the remaining two regions, any status of Nagorno-Karabakh must be determined within Azerbaijan. In addition, the clarification of the status should not have been linked to the process of handing over the territories. The territories were to be surrendered in exchange for peace,” said Pashinyan during his address to the nation.

He specified that the Armenian government refused to consider the issue in this context, as it was unacceptable.

Separately, on October 14th, a telephone conversation between Putin and Erdogan was initiated by the Turkish side.

The main topic of discussion was the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. “It was hoped that Turkey, as a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, would make a constructive contribution to de-escalation of the conflict,” a statement on the Kremlin’s website says.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the telephone conversation with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, expressed “serious concern” about the participation of militants from the Middle East.

The Russian President warned Erdogan that he is “seriously concerned about the participation of militants from the Middle East in the hostilities.”

Other topics of conversation included the situation in Libya, Syria and the fight against coronavirus. “Mutual interest has been recorded in cooperation in the fight against coronavirus infection, including cooperation in the development and production of vaccines,” the Kremlin press service said.


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Totally agree South Front on this issue has lost the plot.


thanks,,,i just want this site to be more objective as it used to be…these kind of biased articles dont fit southfront…

Concrete Mike

A thought, maybe the authors dont like lying ,war mongering jabhat al nusrah supporting turks?

Are you blind, did you forget the crimes aided and abetted by turkey in Syria?

I sure didnt.

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Reading is very difficult I know, but if you read again you may be able to notice a touch of sarcasm and acknowledgement that the info is coming from Armenian propaganda. …

Random Dude

Love the Armenian statistics. Just make up a number and write:))
comment image

Black Waters

Both sides are making up a bunch of bullshit, it will be pretty difficult to know real casualties based of numbers provided by both of them, the best way to really know what’s happening is to keep an eye in military decisions (why and what kind of) are been dispatch, but it can’t be a 100% precise method either, stupidity or human mistake always could add to that disrupting and/or corrupting that procedure.

In short, once the conflict contract in a couple of years ahead, then maybe we will know with more detail, for now we can only observe political decisions and some military decisions, and wait for negotiations for either side.

Karamanids Khan

It is a fact that since these old asses were sent to war, the Armenian side is very bad.

Rhodium 10

The only truth is that AZ have lost many soldiers, Civilians and military assets..just only to retake some village in the south…

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Vox Populi

Armenia is being worn down by the bigger adversary with deep pockets and Armenian population is being demoralized as acknowledged by their inept PM. The winter season in the mountain region of NK is approaching and is very harsh and the Armenians are not equipped or prepared for winter warfare against the Azerbaijani military equipped with modern weapons. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has admitted that his forces have suffered significant casualties in the battle with Azerbaijan for the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and are on the verge of a breakdown if fighting continues.

Ishyrion Av

Don’t be a fool. Armenians are living in that harsh weather since 2000 years. It is the invading army who will be dismantle. Perhaps, you should study more the Germany invasion of the USSR.


Well-said. Besides Armenians are fighting for their own very lives and wont allow another genocide by Tukroaches!

Random Dude

This existential talk is just populism. Nothing “live or die” about this conflict, Armenians lose in NK? move to Armenia. Simple

John Brown

Armenia won’t be able to resupply or move troops in the winter with little to no ground cover under Azer air power. Armenia will have lost these regions by the end of November or earlier

Random Dude

Turkish police (their typical minivan) chasing Kurdish protestors? What makes you think it is Karabagh? :))))) oh, these delusions. tell me more about the Death Star armenian SAMs downed:)))

Great Khan

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Karamanids Khan

Azerbaijan does not broadcast videos of deceased Armenian soldiers lying on the ground with dignity. The moral difference between the two countries is obvious. There is already a lost war by armenia.

Random Dude

Its against the Geneva Convention.


The Armenians showed the Azeri soldiers who were killed, but they themselves did not know that they would receive the same death as that too.

Karamanids Khan
Concrete Mike

says the agressor nation.

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Arman Melkonyan

Lest we forget.

Nagorno Karabagh/Artsakh doesn’t belong to Azerbaijan.

Artsakh was Armenian land from since 4000 years ago and had an overwhelmingly Armenian population before and after Azerbaijan was created only a century ago. Artsakh’s population was 85 percent Armenian when Armenians seceded from nominal Azeri rule in 1988.

The Armenians chose independence from the Azeris bent on exterminating them. The principle of self-determination is universally recognized as is the right to life. Azeri civilians backed and led by their government officials raped and tortured to death hundreds of Armenians in the Azeri cities of Baku and Sumgait between 1988-1990 whence thousands of Armenians living in Azerbaijan were ethnically cleansed.

Artsakh’s nominal administration only, was “gifted” to the Azeris by the perfidious dictator Stalin as a bribe to the Turks.

Azerbaijan, in the position of an independent sovereign state, never wholly owned Artsakh which was an autonomous oblast in the USSR of which Azerbaijan itself was only part of, to begin with.

In addition, and as mentioned by Gary Kasparov himself, Soviet law in 1990 granted autonomous oblasts/regions the right to vote for independence upon dissolution of the USSR:

“The law of the Soviet Union, which was adopted in 1990, provided for a fairly clear rule for the secession of the union republic, and it was clearly stated that the autonomous republics and national groups of compact residence should vote separately. And in the event of this disintegration, they have the right to their own self-determination. This is a very important point that many people ignore now. Therefore, the question of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty is dubious,” Kasparov observed.

Lastly there is the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960:

Convinced that all peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory,

…to this end Declares that:…

2. All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development…

4. All armed action or repressive measures of all kinds directed against dependent peoples shall cease in order to enable them to exercise peacefully and freely their right to complete independence, and the integrity of their national territory shall be respected.

5. Immediate steps shall be taken, in Trust and Non-Self-Governing Territories or all other territories which have not yet attained independence, to transfer all powers to the peoples of those territories, without any conditions or reservations, in accordance with their freely expressed will and desire, without any distinction as to race, creed or colour, in order to enable them to enjoy complete independence and freedom.

*The UN is contradicting itself by demanding that Armenians vacate their own lands or accept to be genocided again by the Turks.*


Nagorno Karabakh is officially a part of Azerbaijan by the United Nations and international law.

Concrete Mike

Just like kosovo is part of serbia!

If kosovo has a right to self determination, so does NK.

Yall set the precedent 21 years ago…whats the difference?

Also a turk troll quoting international law is ridiculous.

Thats like if you would break into my house, and i would break your legs, and i would get charged for attemped murder.

If yall follow international law, wich you clearly DONT!, GET THE FUCK OUT OF SYRIA!!


uhhhh fucking amazing english lessons hereee

Fog of War

” Artsakh was Armenian land from since 4000 years ago and ”
And how much land did Ancient Greece control ? Should Greeks claim ownership of it also ?

Ishyrion Av

Yes, they should!

Fog of War

Fair enough, Greece used to have colonies in the Crimea. Why dont you tough Greeks go and take it back from Russia. Let us know what happens.

Ishyrion Av

Which colonies?

Fog of War

The internet is your friend.

Servet Köseoğlu

Lmao.. What did ı just read?Am ı the only one around here who thinks that editors of Sf takes crazy pills?:)))
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Tommy Jensen

The most important issues today are the Corona thing and the Green Clima thing.

johnny rotten

So what’s the point here? that the decisions made by Stalin 100 years ago are still valid, well about this would open disputes in a lot of places and it would not be painless disputes, it is clear that there are a lot of crazy people out there who would stick to any bullshit to steal the land to its neighbors, the ISISrael method is gaining ground, what could possibly go wrong?


Those are like circus shows. So entertaining…..

Assad must stay

Inshallah armenia wins and beats back the turkroaches

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