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Syrian Warplanes Strike Militants’ Positions In Northwestern Idlib

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Syrian Warplanes Strike Militants’ Positions In Northwestern Idlib

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On July 11, warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) carried out a series of airstrikes on several positions in the towns of al-Rami, Mozra, al-Najeya and Kinda in the northwestern Idlib countryside. According to Syrian pro-government activists, the artistrikes targeted positions of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other radical armed groups.

A day earlier, SyAAF conducted a similar wave of airstrikes on HTS’ positions in the towns of Urum al-Jawz, Frikeh, Muhambal and Bsanqul, which are also in the northwestern Idlib countryside.

These airstrikes are likely a response to the recent attack on the SAA’s positions in northern Lattakia. More than 25 soldiers and officers of the SAA were killed as a result of the attack, which was launched by HTS and al-Qaeda-affailated groups two days earlier.

The de-escalation agreement in northern Syria allows the SAA to respond to any violation with military action. In the upcoming days, the Russian Aerospace Forces may join the SyAAF conducting own airstrikes on HTS and its allies in order to deter them.

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Oscar Silva Martinez

Great!!!, the offensive in Idlib has just started!!!


These are fighter jets of Syria and Russia where they want they can take to treat the Trump and NATO buddies.


Trump, May and Macron cannot tolerate the rapid advance of Syria and of their allies and definitely they will do another chemical attack in Syria and this will be a real one. Therefore, SAA and their allies must keep gas masks ready.


Why do we keep using the word “deescalation” instead of “cease fire?” Is it because neither side wants to admit making peace, or is it that both sides understand that neither side is able or willing to abide by the letter of any agreement? I think both.


You can only get a cease fire agreement with an entity that have independent leader. With proxies there’s nothing that’ll hold true.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The reasoning with “Deescalation” was a cessation of violence in regions and separate Terrorists groups from so called rebel ones which didn’t seem to happen in the 6 month allotted time only breaches of the zone. Just difficult when guarantors of the agreements never lived up to their parts of the bargain like calling in the SAA when talks failed in a broken agreement especially when they attacked civilians in Government areas.

Concrete Mike

Like the other guys said…you cant really make an agreement when one of the parties, anti gov forces, is fractured and consists of many different proxies with different interests.

By calling it a de escalation zone, its a scheme to seperate al nusra and friends from less vile groups.

But you should know all this, your just stirring the pot again…dutch!

You can change your name but you write well, so its easy to spot you:))


Pound and fuck off that Al Qaeda bitches… Pour them with bombs…


the pocket djihadiste of quuneitra will be destructed now!!

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