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Syrian Warplanes Strike Again Turkish Military in Northern Syria – Report

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Syrian Warplanes Strike Again Turkish Military in Northern Syria - Report


Syrian warplanes have struck again the Turkish military in northern Aleppo, according to pro-militant sources.

The Turkish military camp in the village of Azraq in the Syrian province of Aleppo allegedly targeted by the Syrian Air Force on November 25. At least 1 battle tank was damaged. Casualties among Turkish military personnel were also reported.

Kenan Rahmani, a policy advisor for the so-called “Syrian Campaign” was one of pro-militant sources reported the incident.

The Syrian Campaign is an anti-Assad “non-profit organisation” registered as a company in the United Kingdom aimed on providing media support to militants in Syria and their foreign supporters.

If reports are confirmed, it will be the second air strike on the Turksih Armed Forces in northern Syria in two days.

We recall on November 24, the Turkish military said that three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded as result of alleged air strike by the Syrian Air Force.

Most likely, the Syrian air strike was a response to Turkish artillery shelling against government forces advancing on Turkish-backed militant groups in northern Latakia on November 23.

At the same day the joint forces of Syrian army and Kurdish YPG launched an advance in eastern Aleppo, moving closer to Ankara-led forces aiming to storm the key ISIS-controlled town of al-Bab. The move came amid intense fighting between pro-Turkey militants and Kurdish YPG forces in the western part of Aleppo province.

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give them hell!!!!

Divesh Kumar

US and NATO’s plan D in action. They just want to deviate attention of Syrian army from Aleppo so as to save Mc cain’s head chopper friends.

888mladen .

No plan D. Trump’s eldest son went to Moscow to discuss Syrian situation with Kremlin and now all this is happening.The priority is to stop propagation of Turkey backed terrorist formations towards Aleppo. Egyptian Air Force has arrived and its stationed at T4 military airport ready to strike. There is a writing on the wall for Turkey.

PJ London

Yes. but Turkeys problem is if the Kurds in the west get to join up with the YPG – US Kurds, then they have a territory from Iran all the way to the Med. An autonomous Kurdish state across the whole of Turkey’s border, with 20 million Kurds inside Turkey waiting to create a new “Kurdistan”. The Turkmen of Syria get shafted and maybe Syria takes back the Hatay province that Turkey has been occupying for the last 50 years. Yeeehaa, the Golan to follow and who knows, Lebanon could do with some cleaning up again.


Maybe I am wrong but, that artillary strike by Turkey in Latakia has changed something. These air strikes by Syria could become very normal.

Tom Tom

might be Russian nuke missile strikes soon.


anything is possible.

888mladen .

Soon very soon Turkey will become failed state thanks to MB and its ruling elite.

Tom Tom

and Russian nuke strikes. Goodbye Ankara. Damascus gone in retaliation.

C2-Q41 The great star will burn for seven days, The cloud will cause two suns to appear: The big mastiff will howl all night When the great pontiff will change country.


PJ London

Last month on refuting the strikes against the Humanitarian Aid convoy, Russia said ” We were not in the air and Syrian air force cannot operate at night. They do not have the capability.” On the Nov 24, the Turks claim that Syrian Air force killed 3 (4) Turkish soldiers and injured 10, at 3.30 am. What has happened that in a matter of 4 – 5 weeks the Syrians can now carry out night raids and hit targets without daylight?


Perhaps the recent Russian upgrades to Syria’s own Su-24s have allowed them to conduct night-operations. Or maybe it was actually carried out by a Russian air force pilot flying an Su-24 marked as Syrian.

Either way Syria must now feel confident enough to defend itself against Turkish aggression, given Russia’s considerable air defenses in the country. The fact that the attacks have happened right after the Russian carrier fleet arrived, and the election of Russian-friendly Donald Trump would support this conclusion.

I have no doubt this must be enraging Mr Tyrant in Ankara, but his balls (if he has any after that Horse crushed them) are now in a bind – he can’t strike back without forgoing US/NATO support and pissing-off Russia (which he recently worked so hard to restore relations with).

PJ London

I would think that Night attacks with pin-point bombing would take more than a few weeks to master. US carpet bombing from a B-52 at 20,000 ft maybe, but taking out a single unit? Could have been a Russian plane, must have had a changed IFF which I believe is fairly difficult. My thought would be an armed drone strike. Don’t have to worry about who the pilot is or even where they are. Assad (and Russia China support on Sovereignty) “We will not give up one inch of Syrian soil.” It is not going to end for quite a while. Daesh, Nusra then Turkmen and then Kurds, Syria will be whole.


Well apparently the aircraft was undetected, so I would guess it was an Su-24 performing a very low-level bombing raid, which is perfectly doable for Syrian air force pilots.

PJ London

Well in my mind, low-level night flying in very mountainous terrain is probably the hardest most skillful flying that there is. Finding the targets and dropping may be simpler in this day of GPS but even so, getting there and back is not a trivial matter. It is my understanding that the Syrian planes have not been upgraded to the latest radar (terrain mapping) and targeting hardware but I may be wrong. I still think could be drone or false flag by Turkey to justify attacking Syrian ground force and or get flying rights in Syrian airspace. Here we go with a ‘No-fly’ zone again, and a ‘Safe space’ for the ‘Refugees’. Whatever, the US has downgraded from Defcon 3 to Defcon 5, we can all breathe easier. The big boys are going to respect each others interests. Obama has his teeth pulled as I do not believe that the Generals would listen to him no matter what he says.


They may have installed TomTom..

PJ London

Nah, Tom Tom insists that you have to go online to update and pay over the internet. Only an idiot ‘buys’ anything online. Oh hang on. Yes they might have installed TomTom.

Jens Holm

Sorry for my comment, but I laughed. The first in my head was TOM TOMS from WW2. Eisenhower liked them very much. It was 150 mm canons.

First when americans went into Germany itself the town had prepared heavy homeguard defense and americans lost a lot for nothing and a broken bridge.

They got a short habit not to ask one or two towns and just shot them to rubble.

After that almost all german flags had white flags right away exept Heilbrun and and a few more.

Well, Syrians and other dont fly with that kind of artillery, but it could be fun.

Tom Tom

Damascus, a ruinous heap.

PJ London

I do not really understand what you are trying to say. It is my understanding that the majority of Damascus (60 – 70%?) is still fine, no damage and most services running normally. The Pali refugee suburbs are where the fighting has – is taking place. Same in Aleppo. Seen the same street view 100 times on CNN but 5 blocks away, only occasional mortar, minimum damage. When the rebels (moderate or otherwise) are driven from an area, then they destroy as much as possible on the way out. “Bomb you back to the Stone Age”, it is the American (CIA) way. (Sites like Tripadvisor, https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/LocationPhotos-g294011-w22-Damascus.html , provide lots of amateur photos of Damascus 2016)

Boris Kazlov

Don’t wrorry about him, he is just a paid zio-murican troll

Jens Holm

Well, You should make a list of possible reasons for demolising buildings, bridges and others.

If You want to defend the next houseblock if You can see You will loose the one You are in now its not good the enemy can hide and shoot at close range and rapidsly can overrund You by infantery.

Therefore they flat all out to the ground- unless they think they can take it back soon and use it again. You have that in many versions might be for 1000 years.

Our capital had high walls with canons on and not many bridges. It was too small. It therefore were allowed to make houses of only wood and have gardens with trees outside. The rapidly could burn down the houses and take the wood in for firewood.

Wars are killing people and their weapons, not destroying buildings. Much are concentrated in the warzones by heavy mortars, haubizers and penetraders for armory or buildings. No need to bombarde the areas, You mention if You dont have military targets in them.

But You can. All in not in the frontzone. In Aleppo You might make different kinds of bombs, ammunition, You have fuel depots, repairs for vehicles as well as guns, food depots if many soldiers and soldiers often eat doble of a civilian.

Then You have the tactic ones, which gain inddirectly. Watersupply, electricity, hospitals, internet & TV. It could also be taking al transportation away by hitting every car You see.

So those rebels are nor vandalists. It normal procedure.

there is a normal one more and it is deliberatly to hide things in normal houses, where the neigbors always are home. Hoses like that can also be fortifications, which only can be removed by bombs. Here smart bombs are much more limited and accurate by americans, but You still loose many civilians at that account. If You dont – You loose or are too much delayed.

So thats why You see so many intact houses in Aleppo and Damaskus. They have no military value and are not wurth wasting ammo on. But of course they are hit ny accident.

If a neiborhood suddenly becomes a target the dirty version is to bombarde it hard. many civilians will try to escape in the street and delay enemy troops.

Thats what I know about it.

Well – its bedtime here. Have a nice day.

Jens Holm

Much more possible then john mason spekulation act of a day ago.

But I could come with a version more. According to me Putin & KGB gave Syrians newer airplanes. Could it be so, that this included learning night bombing before the Migs arrived.

Make sense på me ileterate one.

PJ London

First report was from locals saying that it was not from airplane but from suicide ISIS attack. Which brings me back to False Flag justify to war on Syria – Assad. Associated Press : “Syria’s deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad’s comments were the first by a Syrian official since Thursday when three Turkish soldiers were killed in northern Syria in what the Turkish military said was a pre-dawn Syrian airstrike. The account was disputed by Syrian activists who said the soldiers were killed by a suicide attack by the Islamic State group the day before. Since then two more soldiers have been killed over the past two days in fighting near the town of al-Bab, an IS stronghold.” In other reports, Syria denied that their planes were responsible.

Jens Holm

Thanks. Its very difficult to follow. I use a lot of time for the moment – because I have – for the moment.

Thank You very much. heavy fightings today as well.

john mason

Good theory SnowCatzor but to implement night flying capabilities you also have to train the pilots and this takes a lot longer than 4-5 weeks. Logistics involved are enormous. Another possibility could be that Turkey with Israel are working with the US/NATO to escalate the conflict to provide an excuse to invade Syria. Trouble is that Egypt, China and Iran are now involved comprehensively.

Jens Holm

OHHHHH YESSS- Dont forget the JeeEwWees. So why not hindus and something about Kashmir as well. Indians can fligh in the night by Yoga and they probatly have some secret Yogacenter in Damaskus.

john mason

Stupid and immature comment, must congratulate you though, you are consistent.


Could be a false flag. Over a year ago several MIG-21 planes went missing in Croatia. I think they were sent for “maintenance” and some never came back. It would be easy to paint a stolen MIG-21 in Syrian AF colours and stage a false flag attack. Photos would convince many. If it was actually shot down the false narrative would become almost impossible to counter.

Tom Tom

maybe but who would gain from that? Satan? Oh, yeah, the U.S.


It could be that the the strike was by the coalition (Woops again) The Turk forces and ISUS are close to each other at AL-BAB. I,m sure they would say it was SY/RU if a mistake was made. The area around Al-Bab may become a real mess with TU, rebels, ISUS, YGG, SAA, and airstrikes involved.

Tom Tom

Uh oh.


The Syrian military has denied this was them. Al masdar and activist post has articles explaining this.

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