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Syrian Warplanes Pound Terrorists In Lebanon As Hezbollah Prepare For Operation In Jorod Arsal

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Syrian Warplanes Pound Terrorists In Lebanon As Hezbollah Prepare For Operation In Jorod Arsal

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According to pro-government sources, Hezbollah is making its final attempt to find a peaceful solution with ISIS and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) commanders in Jorod Arsal, Lebanon.  The goal is to evacuate the fighters and their families to Idlib or the areas controlled by the Euphrates Shield or ISIS.

Opposition sources accused Abu Malik al-Tali, the HTS leader in Arsal and Jorod Arsal, of obstructing an agreement with Hezbollah. According to the sources, Abu Malik al-Tali demanded to allow him to take out his personal funds, which is estimated at more than 30 million dollars.

In the meantime, Lebanese President Michel Aoun visited Lebanese Army positions in the vicinity of Jorod Arsal. Aoun confirmed that the Lebanese Army will take all necessary measures to secure the Lebanese towns and villages on the Syrian-Lebanese border and to protect the residents of these areas from any terrorist attacks. He also stressed that the Lebanese Army was able to protect Lebanon during the most difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, Syrian Air Force warplanes continued to target ISIS and HTS positions in the vicinity of Jorod Arsal and carried out several sorties over Jorod Arsal inside Lebanon. According to Lebanese sources, the battle of Arsal is very close, and the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah are ready to it. The Syrian Air Force may provide close air support to Lebanese forces fighting against the terrorist groups.

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Whe did ISIS and HTS take up residence in Lebanon? And where? The Syrian refugee camps?


ISIS and HTS are working for the Israeli’s , Syria and Lebanon are just clearing out some gun runners , “30 million dollars” , personal funds of Al Tali .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Time to seize those assets as illegal gains from gunrunning this Al Tali deserves to be executed the Islamist piece of shit.


‘Let the Israelis do it.’
Are you trying to give us a good laugh? Israel wants Lebanon in complete chaos and Sunni militants (from range of countries) occupying the attentions of the Shia Hezbollah militia.
Israel has long standing strategic ambitions to snatch areas of south Lebanese territory and water supplies are key targets – so further sectarian conflict inside Lebanon is exactly the conditions that Israel wants.

Balázs Jávorszky

“Whe did ISIS and HTS take up residence in Lebanon? And where? The Syrian refugee camps?”

Up to 2013/14, Lebanon was the most important route to Syria for foreign fighters and arms. So no, these are mostly not Syrians. Hezbollah and the SAA kinda closed this route. The last remnants are these territorries and the Beit Jinn pocket in the south. The other guys have pointed out already that the main sponsors for ISIS or whatever it’s called today are the Israelis and the West in general.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is part of the region where a lot of smuggling and kidnapping goes on and both Lebanon and Syria want these Jabhat al Nusra Front , the fact his personal funds come from Kidnapping and gunrunning is just gravy for assets forfeiture. The Israelis have been pushing them to start carrying out terrorist activities and blame the Syrians for it , which this has already happened.

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