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JUNE 2021

Syria’s Warplanes, Artillery Hit Terrorists in Damascus Area

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is continuing military operaiotns in Damascus and surrounding areas, killing militants and destroying their positions.

Syria's Warplanes, Artillery Hit Terrorists in Damascus Area

Sputnik/ Sputnik

Syrian warplanes hit the terrorists’ positions in the town of Douma, located 10 kilometers the north-east of Damascus. The SAA artillery has also said shelled terrorists in Jibar, a suburb of the capital.

The SAA killed a senior militant leader, Abdul Rahman al-Yaski, in a special operation in al-Fosul al-Arba’a area in Darayya, located 8 kilometers south-west of Damascus.

The Syrian forces have reportedly destroyed the terrorists’ fortifications in the area between al-Marj and al-Nashabia in the suburb of Ghouta in Damascus.

According to the pro-government sources, the SAA already killed dozens of militants in today’s operations.

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