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Syrian War: US And Israel Prepare For Coordinated Campaign Against Iranian Forces

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Syrian War: US And Israel Prepare For Coordinated Campaign Against Iranian Forces

The situation in Syria is remaining relatively stable amid the continued limited ISIS attacks on the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and ceasefire violations in the Idlib de-militarized zone.

Over the past few days, pro-militant sources have repeatedly claimed that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and even the Russian Aerospace Forces have delivered strikes on so-called “opposition targets” in northern Hama and southern Idlib. While these reports are mostly propaganda exaggerations, the situation there is in fact complicated with both sides attacking each other on more or less constant basis.

At the same time, the SAA and Russian forces achieved an important success and finally started evacuation of civilians from the al-Rukban refugee camp via opened humanitarian corridors. Pro-government sources claim that when all civilians are evacuated, the US would lose the formal pretext to keep forces on the Baghdad-Damascus highway in the area of al-Tanf. However, even if this development happens, this does not mean that US will voluntarily withdraw from this key area anytime soon.

The SDF repelled a series of ISIS attacks on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. The most notable incident happened near al-Hissan when the group eliminated an ISIS suicide bomber.

Meanwhile, media activists are speculating that Teheran has delivered a new batch of weapons and equipment for pro-Iranian groups to the T4 airbase. This development came amid the worsening relations between Iran and the administration of US President Donald Trump.

Iran and Iraq have agreed to cooperate in the area of air defense to fend off the challenges facing their air spaces, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri told reporters on April 7 after meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Lt. Gen. Othman al-Ghanimi. Maj. Gen. Baqeri said that this coordination is aimed at facing any aerial threats that may come from Iran’s western borders obviously referring to possible US or Israeli actions from this direction.

On April 8, the Trump administration announced that it is designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a “terrorist organization,” accusing the force of financing and promoting terrorism in the region. Earlier, Advisor to the Secretary of State Brian Hook claimed that Iran is responsible for the deaths of at least 608 US service members in Iraq in the period from 2003 to 2011.

In response, the Iranian Supreme National Security Council designated the United States Central Command a “terrorist organization”. These developments show that Washington has taken course on a new round of the escalation with Iran. In the coming months, the US will likely undertake more measures both diplomatic, economic and maybe even military to increase pressure on the Iranian government and to limit its influence across the Middle East. An expanded US-Israeli campaign against supposed Iranian targets in Syria is named as one of the options that are currently considered by the US.

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The US Army is the World No1 terrorist Organisation since it exist,
if not convince, read Noam Chomsky books.
It explain it very well, based on US declassified Archives !

The Theocratic Racist/Fascist Israel is at the best a UK/US/NATO
shameful and disgusting proxy !

Nothing to envy Al Qaida, ISIS, DAESH and al terrorists proxy groups !

Hisham Saber

Noam Chomsky is a Jewish ‘ gatekeeper’. Don’t trust them. Or him. He’s there to keep your eyes away from the ball.


Read his books first, talk later !

Hisham Saber

comment image

Vince Dhimos

This US effort will be an uphill battle. Iraq is 64% Shia and only 18% Sunni, while Iran is Shia-ruled and majority Shia by far, so there is a natural bond between the 2 nations. If the State Dept. took a little time out to investigate and study the complicated Middle East, and if Donald Trump could put down his Tweeter for a second, there would be a lot less waste of time and money on projects that are doomed to failure.


Doesn’t help that the US government seems joined at the hip with Saudi Arabia, whose foreign policy is mainly aimed at hosing Shia. Iraq might want to keep being a US client state, but how much help could they expect from the US against Saudi machinations? With that hostility breathing down their necks, they have to get close to any natural allies around.

Hasbara Hunter

The Jewish House of Saud…? Natural Allies….? First Dissolve Mohammed Ben Shlomo and the rest of his Family in Acid….Wahhabistan is a Dangerous Devilworshipping Entity

David Parker

So is Judaism a “… Dangerous Devilworshipping Entity”.
Reference Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered or Gary North, The Judeo-Christian Tradition in which North points out this term was invented in the ’60s and there are actually three opposing forces in the world: Islam and Judaism against Christianity. Islam, Judaism, and atheist can coexist, but cannot tolerate Christianity.
Christianity alone is the civilizing influence on mankind.
Michael Hoffmand: https://www.revisionisthistory.org/
Gary North: http://www.garynorth.com/freebooks/sidefrm2.htm (click author on the left side to list these free books by author).

David Parker

Yes indeed.
The Roman Catholic doctrine it anti-Christian, explicitly denying the very the very foundation of Christianity – that salvation is by the grace of God alone through the faith that God alone produces in man and not through any meritorious works. Salvation from the wrath of God is a free gift of God.
The RCs, being very worldly, figured that if people knew salvation is free they would be as hedonistic as possible rather than believing in repentance and serving God out of gratitude for salvation rather than fear of hell. That ground is well plowed, history bears out the satanic nature of the people attracted to the RC hierarchy, and I won’t repeat John MacArthur who cites Spurgeon, et al., and the deadly RC threat that the Reformation and Cromwell faced.

Hasbara Hunter

Man’s relationship with the Great Spirit….The Great Creator of all things… is a very Personal one in my opinion…My Church are the Mountains & The Forests…Each Man has to chose his own road on this Planet Earth…I told the little Red Man with his pitchfork to piss off….Perhaps he won upon Earth…but he is Nothing….Greed…Envy…Death….

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…

David Parker

God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is the only “Great Spirit”.
The American Indians, native Americans, or whatever you want to call yourself, are pagan and animist. Christianity is the only correct doctrine, faith in our sovereign God the only true faith.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah them Jesuits & all the Other God Loving Christians taught us well right..Raping Little Injun Kids…to show them the Love of Christ..I prefer to call them sick motherfuckers…Beheading or Killing anyone that did not want to be converted….the Lord Jesus Christ is a True man of Love & Peace….

Then I prefer to be a Pagan bro…

David Parker

As I said, the Roman Catholic organization is NOT Christian. Jesuits persecuted the Reformers right about the same time the Conquistadores were conquering their part of the New World.
Christians did not start the thirty years war, Christians did not run the Inquisition, Christians did not rob and pillage the New World. The Puritans and Pilgrims properly regarded the Natives as their fellow men, of equal worth in the sight of God. Jamestown was a colony of gold-seekers. The Pilgrims and Puritans wanted freedom to worship God aright and meant to evangelize the New World as best they could. They built, they farmed, them brought stability and the rule of law and Christianity – civilization – to the New World.

Hasbara Hunter

The Puritans and Pilgrims properly regarded the Natives as their fellow men….

This is the Pure basics…Men should Respect eachother’s Religion…Believes & Opinions…. Once they’ll do that they will be able to move a step forward….At the moment I consider Humanity as Destroyers of All Living Things….Greed & Envy Rule the Earth….

David Parker

The Puritans and Pilgrims did not “respect” the animism and paganism of the people among whom they settled. They evangelized those lost souls just as they would any lost souls including the gold diggers of Jamestown. Live the life, speak the truth, and welcome all to hear how Jesus was born die that the elect can live in the presence of God for eternity.
God created the earth specifically for mankind. Mankind was to be a good steward of the earth which meets all our needs.

Stinky Man

There are some bad Jews and some bad Christians but they both worship the same God. There is a difference of opinion on who they think the messiah is.

David Parker

Define what you mean by “Jew” and “Christian” and “God”.
I cannot answer until you tell me what you mean by those words. I can look in the dictionary, I want to know what you mean by those words.

Stinky Man

You used the terms in your 1st post above.
I didn’t think you had a good grip on the meaning of what you wrote.
You confirmed in your reply that you do not understand the terms and seek the meaning of them.
If you want to gain a greater understanding you would need to understand the New and Old Testament. More important is that you gain an understanding of the difference between the two. That knowledge will clearly answers the question in your 2nd post.
Good Luck Chief.

David Parker

I have a good grip on the meaning of what I write. So, the Jew is actually a Talmudist and does NOT “worship the same God as the Christian”. Grasp the difference: Jesus repeatedly said
“You have heard it said (Talmud) … but I say unto you (Torah)… .”
Jesus is God incarnate, wholly man and wholly God, i.e. he speaks with the authority of God. Jesus denounced the Pharisees because they did not worship “the same God as the Christians” – namely Him, The Messiah, standing right in their midst.
I have read the Holy Bible -KJV, NKJV, NASB, and 1599 Geneva through every year for the last twenty years, apart from other Bible study. “One canon reduced to writing by God himself, two testaments, three creeds, four general councils, five centuries, and the series of Fathers in that period – the centuries that is, before Constantine, and two after, determine the boundary of our faith.
Lancelot Andrewes”
“If you want to gain a greater understanding you would need to understand the New and Old Testament. More important is that you gain an understanding of the difference between the two. That knowledge will clearly answers the questions in your 2nd post.
Good Luck Chief.” Except I know there is not such thing as “luck”.

Vince Dhimos
Vince Dhimos
Hisham Saber

The U.S / Israel will learn the hard way that springing a regional war in that particular region will open Pandora’s box.

Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian Arab Army and all its auxiliaries, NDF, just about all Syrian and Iraqi tribes, thousands upon thousands of Afghan , Chechen volunteers would literally overwhelm the region.

Iran alone has the Basij volunteer force that by some estimated reaches 17 million volunteers sworn to see the destruction of Israel.

U.S./ Israeli air power will not change the situation on the ground. Palestine will go back to being Palestine, and the U.S., British and French will have been effectively evicted/expelled from the region as a whole. With China more than happy to fill the void, along with a resurgent Russia.

Cheap, lethal weapons supplied by the Chinese, and the axis of Resistance will supply ample manpower.

If Israel decides to use non-conventional means, than 6-7 million Israeli’s will not be safe from annihilation. Iran has every square meter/foot of occupied Palestine for redundant ballistic missile bombardment using high yield, very accurate now (thanks to Chinese technology) warheads.

Iran wont even give Netanyahoo and the others time to escape.


So isn’t that a declaration of war on Iran? We are supposedly in a war against terrorism, right?
Well then let’s get the ball rolling.

Concrete Mike

This is what i equate it to as well.

A cowardly way to declare war. Because the public does not want war, this was here everything stays classified, and the public wont know the difference.

This is greasy, greasy like using civilian airliners in another country as cover for airstrikes at christmas.

GIDF , greasy incompetent defense force.

Hasbara Hunter

The only War on Terrorism should be Fought in America, ISISraHell & Europe…



The geopolitics of oil in the Trump era

by Thierry Meyssan

The United States have become the leading world producer of hydrocarbons. As from now, they are using their dominant position exclusively to maximise their profits, and do not hesitate to eliminate their major rivals in oil production, plunging their citizens into misery. Although in the past, access to Middle East oil was a vital necessity for their economy (Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr.), then a market over which they presided (Clinton), and then again a failing ressouce whose supply they wanted to control (Bush Jr., Obama), hydrocarbons have now become black gold (Trump). Thierry Meyssan retraces the evolution of this bloody market.



Economy depends primarily on the source of energy to which it has access. This need has always been one of the main causes of war. At one time, it was necessary to put slaves to work in the fields then, in the 19th century, to seize coal with which to feed machinery, and today we rely on hydrocarbons (oil and gas).

To avoid looking at this logic too closely, men have always invented good reasons to justify what they are doing.

Thus, today we believe

– that Iran is being sanctioned because of its military nuclear programme (which it closed down in 1988);

– that the installations and assets of the PDVSA (Venezuelan Oil) have been seized in order to transfer them from the dictator Maduro to Juan Guaido’s team (although it is the former and not the latter who was constitutionally elected President of Venezuela);

– or again that the United States maintains its military presence in Syria in order to support their Kurdish allies against the dictator el-Assad (while in fact the Kurds are mercenaries who do not represent their people, and el-Assad was democratically elected).

These narratives have no real basis in truth and are contradicted by the facts. We believe them because we think we can make a profit from them.

The world market

Hydrocarbons represent the major world market, more important than foodstuffs, weapons, medicine and drugs. At first, they were managed by private companies, before becoming, in the 1960’s, the private hunting ground of states. As the economy developed, new actors stepped in, and the market became increasingly unpredictable. Besides this, from the end of the USSR until the return of Russia, the market became highly speculative, undergoing variations of sales prices between 1 and 4.

Apart from this, the world noticed that many oil fields, after having been heavily exploited, were now drying up. At the end of the 1960’s, the Rockfeller family and the Club of Rome popularised the idea that hydrocarbons were fossil energies, and therefore limited. However, contrary to this belief, we do not actually know the origin of hydrocarbons. The hypothesis suggests that they are probably fossils, but perhaps not. Nonetheless, even if hydrocarbons are renewable, that would not prevent them from disappearing if they were over-exploited (the Hubbert peak theory). Above all, the Club of Rome studied the question with a Malthusian a priori – its mission was to demonstrate that it was necessary to reduce the world’s population because the Earth’s resources are limited. Its belief in the end of oil is no more than an argument to justify the desire of the Rockfellers to limit the demographic growth of the poor populations. Within the space of half a century, we believed on five separate occasions that oil was going to become scarce within the next few years. Yet there still exist reserves which have been proven sufficient to supply the needs of Humanity for at least another century.

The highly variable costs of exploitation (from 1 in Saudi Arabia to 15 in the USA), the improvement of technology, the considerable variations of prices and the ideological debate have several times demonstrated the improbability of a return on investments. However, taking into account the operational delays, any interruption of the investment in research, exploitation and transport provokes a rarefaction of the produce available in the next five years. As a result, the market is particularly chaotic.

The world energy policy

The creation of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) by Venezuelan Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo, in 1960, progressively displaced the power to fix prices from the oil companies to the exporting states. This transfer was made apparent during the Egypto-Syrian war against Israël, in October 1973 (known in the West as the « Yom Kippur War »), and world oil crisis it provoked.

The United States, which were at that time the major world power, led different policies in the hydrocarbon sector.

– President Jimmy Carter considered that his country needed this source of energy, and that access to Middle East oil was a question of « national security ». The Arabs and the Persians could not refuse to sell them its black gold or to exaggerate its cost.

– President Ronald Reagan created CentCom, the US Command for this region (defined according to the knowledge of the oil fields available at that time). In order to apply the policies of his predecessor, he negotiated for permanent military bases and began installing troops.

– President George Bush Sr. took the head of a quasi-universal coalition and crushed Iraq, which had imagined that it could find its own outlets, and had dared to try to recuperate the Kuwaiti wells of which the British had deprived it.

– President Bill Clinton and his Vice-President Al Gore inherited a unipolar world, without the USSR. They drew up a map of the corridors that had to be opened across the world (pipelines, highways, railways and Internet zones) and the military operations it would be necessary to conduct in order to build them and ensure their security – for example the war against Yugoslavia in order to build the 8th corridor).

– President George Bush Jr. and his Vice-President Dick Cheney, convinced that hydrocarbons were soon to become rare, launched a series of wars, no longer for the purpose of grabbing the black gold, but to control its production and market. Returning to the Malthusian theory of the imminent end of these energy sources, they decided to control who would have the right to buy it and therefore be able to keep their population alive.

– President Barack Obama seized the opportunity of shale gas and oil in his own country and decided to favour its extraction. He was hoping that in this way he could save his country from the Malthusian curse.

– President Donald Trump took power when his country had become the world’s leading producer. He decided to overturn US strategy.



Donald Trump’s policies

When President Trump nominated the representative from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, as Director of the CIA, we interpreted this unexpected nomination in terms of the President’s difficulty to find allies in the Republican Party which he had just over-run. We had forgotten that from 2006 to 2010, Pompeo had been the CEO of the hydrocarbon equipment supplier Sentry International. He knew how the oil market worked, and knew personally the world’s main actors. At the same time, President Trump nominated Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Tillerson had been the CEO of one of the major hydrocarbon companies, Exxon-Mobil. We should therefore have considered the possibility that energy policy would be at the centre of the actions of his administration.

It is obviously impossible today to estimate the extent of Pompeo’s actions as head of the secret service. However, we may entertain the thought that his older objectives may not be too far removed from those he defends today. And in fact, it so happens that he has just revealed them.

Every year, an advisory board created by the uncontested specialist of the hydrocarbon market, Daniel Yergin, organises an international meeting concerning the evolution of the situation. The 2019 Congress (CERAweek, 9 to 13 March, in Houston, Texas) was the largest international meeting in History on this subject. The CEOs of the main companies of 78 countries were present. Top of the bill was the speech by Mike Pompeo. The whole profession had been notified of the importance of his intervention, and this was the only moment at which the huge room was chock-full.

After having saluted his ex-colleagues, Mike Pompeo expressed his pride for the incredible performances of his country’s oil industry, which, in six years, had become the world’s major oil producer, thanks to new techniques for the extraction of shale. He announced that he had created a special bureau in the State Department tasked with managing energy resources. From now on, the directors of specialised US companies would have to talk to him. His mission was to help them to win markets overseas. In exchange, they must agree to help their own country to apply his energy policy.

This consisted both of producing as much as possible in the United States, and also drying up a part of the world offer in order to balance the market. This is the only way that the country would be able to sell shale oil and gas, since their extraction is particularly expensive.

According to the Pompeo doctrine, it is not a question of reducing world production to the level of demand per quotas of production, such as the OPEP+ has instituted for the last two years, but by closing the door on certain large-scale exporters – Iran, Venezuela and Syria (whose gigantic reserves were discovered only recently, and are not yet being exploited). The NOPEC project (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act) should therefore soon emerge from the archives. This proposed law, of which numerous variants were introduced to Congress two decades ago, is aimed at eliminating the sovereign immunity that the OPEP countries invoke in order to form a cartel, despite US anti-trust laws. It would enable the pursuance before US tribunals of all the state-members of OPEP+, despite their having been nationalised, for having profited from their dominant position, and would therefore influence the rise in prices.

It so happens that, since the end of 2016, Russia has associated itself with OPEP in order to raise prices. It has thus agreed to diminish its production. This is all the more indispensable for Russia since its economy suffers from Western sanctions, and that the export of hydrocarbons – and also weapons – is one of its main sources of income. Consequently, in the current situation, the interests of Moscow and Washington do not hamper one another, but coincide to avoid flooding the market. This is why Russia does nothing to help Iran to export its oil, and still does not exploit the areas of Syria of which its nationalised companies have acquired the monopoly. It is also probable that it will not help Venezuela in this sector either. As a result, the transfer of the European headquarters of the PDVSA to Moscow has been postponed.

Russia, which saved Syria from NATO’s mercenary jihadists, has never agreed to go any further. Without reaction, it watches the slow collapse of this once prosperous nation. The situation has not yet degraded into famine, like in Yemen, but is inexorably approaching that condition.

However, the United States intend not only to stabilise the world offer, but also to determine its flow, which is the source of the pressure by Washington both on the European Union and its member-states to avoid terminating their pipeline North Stream 2. The point is to free the EU from is dependence on Russian hydrocarbons. In the event that these interventions should be crowned with success, Russia would turn this flow towards China, which would be unable to pay the same price.

Already, in order to respond to the needs of the European Union, the United States are building,as fast as possible, methane ports capable of handling shale gas. Meanwhile, Russia is accelerating the construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline, which would create another route to reach the Union.

Besides this,the US Treasury Department is blocking all means of transport for Iranian and Venezuelan oil, and also deliveries to destinations in Syria. The data to which it has access attest that the CIA had begun to observe this commerce in detail since the election of Donald Trump, including during the period of transition, which confirms the idea of the central position of energy in its policies. The attitude of the White House towards Syria is different, insofar as this country is currently unable to exploit its reserves, and Russia is allowing time to pass. The aim is to prevent reconstruction and therefore make life impossible for its people. The CIA is implementing an intense strategy of sabotage against any form of energy supply. The majority of the population, for example, has no more gas for heating their homes, nor for cooking purposes. Worse, a Turkish petrol tanker which was transporting Iranian product to Syria was sabotaged off the port of Latakia. The ship exploded, causing the deaths of its entire crew and a vast oil slick which the Western Press did not even mention.

Considering that Hezbollah participates in the Lebanese government while serving Iranian interests, the US administration extended its ban on the export of oil to Beirut Mike Pompeo is attempting to impose a new distribution of territorial waters which would re-route Lebanese oil tankers under Israëli sovereignty.

In identical fashion, Venezuela gives oil to Cuba in exchange for its military experts and its doctors. The State Department is trying to sanction any exchange between the two countries, particularly since Cuban military experts are considered to be responsible for the support given to President Maduro by the Venezuelan army.

Coming evolutions

For the moment, Donald Trump’s policies can only succeed by diminishing US demand. Until now, hydrocarbons were mainly used to fill automobile petrol tanks, which explains the development of projects for electric cars. Consuming petrol in order to supply electricity is much less expensive in the United States than using it directly in car motors. Above all, electricity can be supplied from various sources on US territory, inexpensively and at stable prices.

It is important to note that the development of electric vehicles has hardly any connection with the ideology according to which we must decrease the production of CO2 to bring down the temperature of the Earth. On one hand because the making of batteries can itself produce large quantities of CO2, but on the other, because electricity can be much more responsible for the production of CO2 than oil, when it is produced by coal, as is the case in Germany and China.

Moreover, the consumption of oil is evolving. On the world scale, it is no longer in priority destined for transport, but for the fabrication of plastics.

The United States will not allow the export of hydrocarbons from Iran, Venezuela and Syria until 2023 or 2024, the date at which their shale production will begin to decrease rapidly, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Once again, the entire geopolitical structure will be overturned.

Thierry Meyssan


There’s some truth and a bit of nonsense to this. It’s true that there’s been fundamental changes in the supply of oil and the perception of its availability over time, and that right now the US is swimming in it and so don’t have to worry as much about disrupting supply. So back a few years when Chavez was alive, for instance, Venezuela was tricky for the US to deal with because an interruption in Venezuelan oil supply to the US would have serious economic consequences, and this is no longer true, unfortunately for Venezuela. So the US regaining of ability to supply its oil needs from local supply has huge foreign policy implications (although it may be quite temporary).

And it’s certainly true that for a while it was thought the supply of oil was much more limited than it turns out to be, although there’s an often ignored corollary–the supply of oil cheap to extract is still limited. All the new stuff is expensive–mostly fracking, deep sea, or tar, all of which cost a bunch to extract. Fracking is also probably rather limited; it’s an odd case of a supply which can be exploited very rapidly but seems not to last long, so right now the US is swimming in the stuff but I wouldn’t be too sure about 15 years from now. However, there’s plenty of tar for the long haul.

All of this is gonna end up moot in a while because the cost of renewable energy and batteries keep dropping. The economics is shifting fast; we’re going to reach the point where control of oil or natural gas won’t be a weapon any more because countries worried about it will just change over. Indeed, countries will change over whether they’re worried about foreign control of oil or not, whether they’re worried about climate change or not, just because it’s cheaper. Then there’ll be fights over control of lithium and such.

But the stuff about population is nonsense. I had a huge paragraph, but you know what? Never mind.


The thing about American oil, is about 30% costs more than $60 a barrel to mine.
They are attacking countries that produce cheap oil to force up the price.
Most of the shale oil companies are running at a loss, but the American banks are giving them a free ride.
They can’t defy gravity forever.


The bottom line is, US uses about 20 million barrels of oil a day and produces about 12 million barrels, a lot of their shale oil is light and needs to be processed with heavy crude. With Venezuelan sanctions there is 0 heavy crude being imported from a favorite Western Hemisphere source.
They hardly have the oil market cornered or under control, it usually is a smoke and mirror strategy, the placement of Venezuela into the Russian axis of cooperation allows Russia to strategize a hydrocarbon policy that will offset and overpower any western scheme.
Considering the reserves of Iraq, Iran, Russia and Venezuela, and to a lesser extent Algeria and Lybia, this geopolitical axis will control and define the hydrocarbon future of the world.
US is already not competitive in selling LNG to Europe or Asia, Russian LNG is 60-65% cheaper, without considering piped gas that undercuts US prices even more significantly

Hasbara Hunter



What defeated Hitler?
Opening a second front.
What will destroy America, opening the 100th front.
Already they are stretched, their carriers remain in port, Libya is fighting back, and the US retreats, because they are fighting too many wars, and they have no money except that which they pillage from their victims.

Black Spot

I was thinking sudden destruction for south america, but it might be for everyone read description under video. its biblical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGNZ_AG2cM

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Nope, it is not on with Iran. Just gonna be a quick spike in oil prices so buy now short later

Zaphod Braden

Put John Bolton & the Trumps/Kuschner in the Front Lines for the duration.
I did not think it possible for there to be a worse government than Obama or W-rong Bush, but I do believe Trump is going to surpass them ……………… God Save America.
Donald Trump and his christian.zionist CULT members are actually making Kim Jun Ill look honest, rational and reasonable.
Can you grasp this? “No low IQ muslim would love the tormentors of their prophet.” But these C-Z idiots GROVEL to them.
Bolton, Pence, Haley, Pompeo, the Huckabees, Ivanka & Donald Trump, Betrayers of CHRIST, Traitors of America. Get them out of Our government. Not only are they mental cases, they are STUPID.
These C-Z cowards are all about preaching for war — but ALL of them REFUSED TO SERVE. “Chrystyans” that want war but none of them or their children will fight or sacrifice.
They think precipitating a war that kills Billions of humans will bring about the return of the PRINCE of PEACE ! “christian.zionism” is really just islamic.jihadism in different clothes. To claim they are going to “Build the THIRD Temple” is proof they know nothing of Christianity. To claim the Third Temple is yet to be built is to Deny Jesus Christ. Jesus “The LAMB of GOD” —IS— the Third Temple. The THIRD Temple (Jesus) was “raised up in three days” on Easter Morning.


“John Bolton & the Trumps/Kuschner in the Front Lines for the duration.”
What a waste of time, just hang them from the nearest lamppost.
America is full of Trumps and Bolton’s, hang the lot of them.

Zaphod Braden

Trump is putting Israel FIRST.
America is going to Hell. The economy is NOT great. The border is overwhelmed by INVADERS
and that P.O.S. tRUMP has his tie between Netanyahu’s knees.


Israel is America, and America is Israel, the only people too stupid to see that simple truth are Americans.

Zaphod Braden

America is NOT israel … israel is a FAT LAZY Welfare MAMMY that lives off CHARITY


¿ Didn’t I mention that after Syria destruction it will follow Iran destruction ?, and after Iran destruction it will follow Russia destruction. Israel-USA-NATO long terms plan.

Promitheas Apollonious

wet dreams and reality does not walk hand in hand. As for the plans they been talking about them the last 30+ years so it does not take a rocket scientist, to understand their plans, it takes a miracle though to see them been realized.


America and its NATO minions are cactus, their reign of terror is coming to an end.


Syria destruction did not work out at all, so there will be no Iran destruction. A US attack on Iran will result in the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa in 1 week and the destruction of all Persian gulf US bases along with the choking of strait of Hormuz.carry on dreaming. Designating irgc as terrorists will simply allow irgc and proxies to attack US forces and slaughter the balance of them in Iraq and Syria. THE US shot itself in the foot by overthrowing Saddam allowing Iran to create a Shia super state from Tehran to Beirut threatening Israel’s existence like never before. The us forgets the painful lesson of Beirut where shias slaughtered 200 marines and at the height of Iraq Sunni revolt how they begged soleimani to stop attack on us troops in Iraq. Go fly a kite stupid. the US days in the middle east are almost over and the fake Jew khazars days are numbered notbin years but literally in days.


if they want war,send trump and netanyahu in first. along with their families.


this will allow US to attack pro-Iranian groups in Syria?


No, it will allow pro Iranian groups across the region to attack US forces


Discovering the black thread ?

Stinky Man

The 2nd Russian Med Naval base will be established in Libya while the US is camping out in Syria.
The US (Obama Admin) destroyed what was Libya. Russians are now allied with the LNA.

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