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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – September 8, 2017: US-led Coalition Rescues ISIS Commanders From Deir Ezzor?

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US aircraft have evacuated 22 ISIS field commanders from Deir Ezzor to “safer regions” as government forces are advancing against the terrorist group in this strategic city, Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported on Thursday citing a military and diplomatic source.

On August 26, a “US Air Force helicopter” reportedly evacuated 2 ISIS field commanders of “European origin” with members of their families from an area northwest of Deir Ezzor city. On August 28, US aircraft evacuated 20 ISIS field commanders and militants close to them from an area southeast of Deir Ezzor city to northern Syria.

This was the recent in a series of reports about US airlift operations in Deir Ezzor province, which repeatedly appeared in 2016 and 2017.

The US-led coalition has been accused in providing safe passage and indirect supplies (through so — called moderate rebels training programs) to the terrorist group. Some sources even accused the coalition of providing a direct support to ISIS in some cases.

One of the biggest incidents took place on September 17, 2016 when the US-led coalition “accidentally” carried our airstrikes on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near Deir Ezzor Airport killing about 90-100 SAA soldiers and wounding 110 more. An ISIS advance started just minutes after the airstrikes. The terrorists seized the Tharda mountain that had strategic implications and put the defenders of Deir Ezzor in a very difficult situation. It improved only in September 2017 when the SAA and its allies broke the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor.

In August 2017, the coalition forgot that it and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had allowed large numbers of ISIS terrorists to withdraw freely from the Syrian cities of Manbij, Tabqah and Raqqah, and started a major media campaign blaming Hezbollah for an evacuation deal with ISIS at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

On September 7, the SAA, Liwa al-Quds and other pro-government factions captured a 10km-wide area around the corridor to Deir Ezzor city and Tal al Sannouf north of the 137th Brigade Base. On September 8, government troops developed momentum in the direction of the ISIS-held village of Ayyash. According to pro-government sources, the goal of this push is to take control over Ayyash and to prepare for a wider effort to secure the entire northwestern flank of Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, photos appeared showing a convoy of pontoon bridges and boats arriving Dier Ezzor. The SAA will likely use them to cross the Euphrates River after the situation is stabilized on the southern flank of the city.

Clashes also continued in the area of Sholah at the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor highway.

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Joe Doe

Actually the US evacuated American advisor for the ISIS. Their maybe includes some ISIS units. The question is, where those advisors and ISIS units will be deploy next

Cyriak Papasissis

In Afghanistan , where similar black painted helicopters did transport ISIS troops from the South to the North. The highly trained , high-echelon US agents were airlifted to safety , whilst the riff-raff misfits were left on the ground to bite the dust in the desert.

MD Ranix

daylight terrorism silenced/ignored by zio lapdogs/puppet govts worldwide


After witnessing Obama refusing to stop Isis Oil tankers moving freely across the desert enroute to sell their stolen oil to Turkey –> Israel, I finally realized whose side Obama supported. This is the 3rd report of Americans rescuing ISIS commanders, Is that ‘fuked’ or what ?

Virgil Cane

It’s funny though, when you read the actual statements this site is using to support these claims, they are laughable. Of course the headline is hard hitting yet the article contains only allegations. So…Maybe it happened maybe it didnt. Make no mistake, this is no different from US claims of Syria conducting the chemical attacks. Heavy on allegations, but vapid of a shred of evidence. This time it’s just the reverse.


I wonder if the US denied it?

Virgil Cane

Don’t think so. This claim will have to be made in more official channels for an actual US response (albeit meaningless for truth).

Bill Wilson

Could be true since the US had numerous spies inside ISIS with many being local commanders in important locations and were rescued before the shit hit the fans in those areas.


I actually do not know exactly where these allegations were announced but the fact is that your argument applies also to whether it is valuable to announce the relatively insignificant relocation of a small group of ISIS members on an official Russian channel. For example, the US may have moved wealthy ISIS members from a friendly state for a huge amount of money. We can discuss it forever, but if the US has not directly denied any of these allegations against itself then they differ from typical US accusations of chemical massacres which the Syrian government always has denied. Given that from the WWII onward, historically, it has been found that the US government has actually been involved in many terrorist and anti-government organizations over all of the globe, it is actually safer to assume it true that not true … But yes all of it is based on some kind of assumption …

Michael Fraser Bolen

Do you know what ISIS really is even? Israeli Intelligence Service. Israel wants Syria in rubble so they send in Americans to do their dirty work and have the media say were “helping” Syria when in actuality were supporting ISIS.


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Why would they? Nothing new here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunduz_airlift


Of course, USA deny everything always.


I would beleive it but i would not repeat it, since there is no evidence, so even if it is likely or believable it could still be a false story.



Michael Fraser Bolen

When you have them claiming a US “accidental” attack and you have 100 dead bodies, I’m pretty sure you can call a spade a spade. The US whole goal is destabilization in Syria so they can overthrow Assad and collect another country to control. You bet your sweet ass were supporting ISIS.


The evidences where there for more than four years ago. Sometimes people do not want to see what is in front of your eyes because it is outside your actual understanding and breaks your believes.


It’s not Fock…it’s American. As American as acts of terror.

Rodney Loder

That narrative is not really viable since Raqqah is still contested my Salafist Brothers who never rolled over to accommodate the Kurdish lovers of infidels, many IS are fighting to the last round of ammunition as ordered to by Allah Himself, it was Deir Ezzor that was surrendered to the SAA without a fight, Allah ordered that too, the message I’m getting from my Angeles in Heaven is that the focus is going to be spotlighted on Yemen with Allah’s servants joining the fight against the hypocrites led by Salman, Salafists are the ones making the real sacrifice same as in Afghanistan.

Michael Wiesinger

They are simple men. They expect 72 women, they kill. What a sacrifice.

Rodney Loder

I don’t know, I’ve never met one, never likely to either, we knew a couple of young blokes when we were boxing, we thought they were normal athletes they went to fight when with FSA and would talk about having female slaves associated with their feelings of lust, of course they were killed almost immediately, I don’t think they had a clear conception of the afterlife, I don’t think you can without a deep understanding of philosophical concepts, I don’t know why they did what they did.


The Bush “God with us” and the Hitler “Gott mit uns”

is the most vomiting I have heard since the famous Simon de Montfort, a Middle-Age butcher in 1209 in Béziers, saying “novit enim dominus qui sunt eius” (kill all of them god will know his own)

The actual Zionists aren’t better Animal’s !

Rodney Loder

Civil Society was always symbiotic, good is decided individually by Allah probably based on personal qualities not political allegiance, my Informants in the afterlife tell me that Allah sent me to Earth after the jews re-established israel without a Prophet being sent to lead them back I was born 1950 and the Jews became pseudo jews in 1948, so Allah then had given Jews their final opportunity to redeem themselves for murdering the Jewish Priests replacing them with Rabbis and destroying the genealogy of the Levites after Herod’s Template was concluded by Allah, so I agree with you but add my story, after 1950 it got worse when the Christians who were at the time the Medium between man and God were tested by Allah and they failed by adopting a Sister Religion relationship with the Rabbinical Talmudic heresy for political reasons. So I brought down the Holy Ghost and when I was a baby my evil homosexual father Sid Loder with his Masonic Lodge cohorts began using it, they tortured me for 67 years demanding legitimacy from me which I never have given, now the Christian jews are being forced to reduce the torture as the US fails to dominate the World and the Christians are trying to trick me into being responsible for their crimes, but they can’t use me to destroy Salafism like they used the Holy Ghost to destroy Communism, so we’ll see what they do next.


I beg your pardon, but I am from developed Europe and there the majority is Atheist and don’t care any gods, but humans, environment and research to have a better understanding of History and sciences. Colonialism is hated, we understand peoples could have different Culture and respect them. Strangely most of my friends are Muslims, never got any problems with Muslim, in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Philippines, China or what ever Country, just respect Peoples and they respect me. What Israel. the US, British, French, and NATO are doing in the Middle-East is unacceptable for me, Everywhere I am going, always have solidarity with locals and the weakest. If Communist or not, colored, homosexual, or what ever, most Europeans doesn’t cares, as long as everybody respect each others… I will never imposed anything, alway avoid to hurt peoples and be discret… I have homosexual friends males and females, they do what they want, it isn’t my business, as long as they didn’t impose anything to anybody without common agreements…

Rodney Loder

I too would have only ever paid lip service to Religion but Christianity and Communism was a marriage made in Heaven, one was never any good without the other Universalist Economics, Social housing public transport, the simple life opposed to consumerism, all that and a lot more, but why Communism was culminated instead of Capitalism by Allah was because there is no way for Patriarchal Society to survive outside of Religion. That’s where we differ but I work with Libertarians they are very influential, but have no capacity to govern, when climate change sets in resources will become much more valuable and the Financial Sector will fight back, the future is one of two paradigms Fascism or Plutocracy, so I opt out and finish my life in Religion. The narrative of Religion is man’s design that Allah impounds Himself into because He becomes to a certain extent what we develop into, this is Idealism with the addition of Telepathic Reality where thought is not restricted to biology capacities. I write a lot of answers on Quora about Idealism and psychology. Quora is the best because people ask you questions, I’m Terry Loder on Quora, there are other Terry Loders but Milly my bird is unmistakable.


Just go to live a while in Amsterdam, or Geneva where 62% of the residents are foreigners from 195 Countries are living peacefully in harmony in a beautiful clean place. Nobody is abandoned on the sidewalks, free good schools, free excellent Universities, health cares, social help and housing for who need, never observed any racism, it isn’t the US or GB. Or tray Hong-Kong, maybe the World best City where everybody is doing his best as fast as possible, trustful peoples, a safe place with delicious Food, religions look absent in these cities I mentioned. Religions is private maters !

Rodney Loder

62% you say, I’d like to see that,, I could too, myold age pension would be payable in Switzerland and Holland, Switzerland gets its revenue from wheeling and dealing, I don’t know how Oh , ! I get it, you mean most of Holland’s foreigners are residents of, Amsterdam, it would still be great to see that, but I’ve been fighting all my life and have brought it to a head I can prove God is real or in unreal but I need to be invited to put it to the test by living in Damascus where my pension would not be payable, so I’m stuck living on the Blessed Mount Scanzi of Kangaroo Valley.


Just get a Schengen visa in any European Embassy, book a small hotel down town and go around walking or on the lake with hundred years old steamer, enjoy small quality museum, concert in the thousand years old Cathedral, etc. its safe and clean. Amsterdam is also a walking city, old houses down town by canal’s are very nice and charming, there is also exceptional painting museum, restaurants and coffee shop terraces. Every seasons are good, mostly Spring, Sommer, Autumn, Winter could be cold and windy. In the Alps there is snow with great landscape, During December and January Days are shorter and cooler. Start to travel on google and enjoy I For God questions, the best is to visite old Cathedrals amazing piece of Art and Architecture. Google science documentary about the Earth History and life developments. In Geneva you have the CERN research laboratory can be visited. In such research centers, there is none room for God, but knowledge. More developed is a place, more Atheist, none room for what isn’t proven. I spend my life traveling, its good, at least better than to be stock in an office

Rodney Loder

Sounds good, thanks for the trip I mean tip, I remember a story about this Dutchman went out to get some milk for his family’s breakfast and when he tried to cross the bridge to go home the German Paratroopers had landed to take control so it couldn’t get blown up, he asked them how he was going to get back home but they didn’t trust him not to blow the whistle and they said, tell your family that war has come, next time you see them when we let you go. Same thing happened to me I’m in psychiatric incarceration, very unjust.


I commiserate with you. The only thing Administration’s can be trusted is absurdity, and Psychiatric incarceration is known to be the worst of it, if you aren’t a danger for yourself and others. Tray to escape with painting, https://www .artbrut.ch/en_GB/authors/the-collection-de-l-art-brutor or classical books alike Kafka, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, are master piece for absurdity. Herman Hesse(Siddhartha), St. Exupery(The Little Prince), Erasmus(The Praise of Folly), Spinoza, Cicero, Confucius, Victor Hugo, James Joyce, Orwell, Swift, etc.

Be patient, travel in your mind, be rich with clever books… It’s the only thing I can do for you, I am at your antipodes, Singapore is only at the half way

Good luck to you

Rodney Loder

Hitler got started painting, and I’ve already I tried that, my paintings all turned out to be guillotines, I worry about my bird , not Milly that’s her on my shoulder, she passed away in my arms a few years back, but my Peach Face, remembers her and talks about her all the time, even though Milly would never even let me give her a name. However Robespierre had a bird friend when he left his native town where he was “painfully impressed by the benighted ecclesiasticism” (JM Thompson) he left his birds in the care of his Sister but I have no one to look after my Peach Face and even if I did they would never understand what she’s talking about, so I’m stuck living on the Blessed Mount Scanzi in Kangaroo Valley, but it’s not all bad news just last month when I went into town for supplies I found that the Council had upgraded my Fire Trail and given it a real road name, Duffy’s Lane, my property is much more valuable now. Thank you for your concern, the jews and the Australian State really did have me diagnosed as a registered paranoid schizophrenic, I agreed so I could visit my young children under armed supervision, but that was better than nothing at all, I can be arrested for not taking medication, just one episode of my lifetime of struggling against Christian traitors and jews.


This is the link for a great painter lock in a Psychiatric asylum http://www .adolfwoelfli. ch/index.php?c=e&level=2&sublevel=0

Rodney Loder

My Samsung Galaxy is not compatible to those addresses, good luck with eternity.


After www . I put a space, before . ch too this Adolf Woelfli had probably similar problems than you have he became a unique Painter Genius !

All religions are disgusting, weird and twisted maybe not Buddha, it’s more a philosophy than a Religion. this Hermann Hesse “Siddhartah” is Buddha life, a really great book. He got a Littérature Nobel prize for it. Very few books are such an enjoyment ! https://en .wikipedia. org/wiki/Hermann_Hesse

NB: All medicines are a toxic asservissement, but psychology is something complex. I just see today a documentary on ARTE Tv channel about stress heredity recent discoveries, it’s genetically transmitted and last 3 Generations… But ARTE Tv is a German/French language, a governments cultural channel, I do believe it’s among the World best

Rodney Loder

Philosophy was derived from Religion, if you wanted to communicate any type of abstract logic to give it reason as content it had to be with a Religious precedent, the Greeks broke from that because their Mythology which was originally Hindu was so far out it was a joke same as Buddha but I think Allah was Socrate’s Damian and the devil was the Buddas Oracle, science came from the Greeks and Suu Kai committing genocide in Myanmar came from Buddha. Buddha and Zionism are the same development of Theology where by God is determined to be what they are. Seriously you scare me talking about Buddah like that, God has only one capacity to influence His Creation that’s temptation, He has to be impartial because God must be subordinate to environment as the nothing was the beginning of everything, to say everything came from a capacity of human Philosophy before humans even knew that the Universe was temporal is a certain exclusion from everything living, these people won’t debate Philosophy is debating, God for example must have impounded Himself into Hinduism and Judiasm because they represent Historical Theology driven by extraterrestrial Prophets Buddah replaced that context with his puny crawling to wealthy patrons Zionism did the same but the patrons came to them big difference, Buddah had his father starve to death because he became a burden on him.


The Torah is a 700BC Hebrew shepherd bad copy of the Assyrians in Babylon 3’000BC religion, the christians copy the Torah…the Muslims copy the Torah and the Bible hundreds years later.

Few years ago Some cuneiform clay tablettes were found by archeologists, part of the Torah and Greek Mythology is on it…

Basically the 3 Religions are the same with very little differences. Mohammad did some Surat to please the Jews to seduce them to join him, but it dosen’t works.

Babylone was the Civilisation Lighthouse during millennium until 1’000 years ago.

The Geneva main Imam is a good friend of mine since years… Atheists have none problems with any Religions.

The Hermann Hesse “Siddhartah” has nothing to do with Religions, it’s just the Buddha life, nothing at all religious, read it and juge by yourself !

Rodney Loder

I couldn’t read that, I would not give it any credibility, you try watching Alex Jones talking about how maybe giants went chopping down trees and left their stumps that look like tree stumps but actually are rocks, when you stop laughing you realise he’s just exploiting ignorance, same as Buddah. The Zoroastrian Vendidad I think was the original Theological Document because it depicts the era prior to the last ice age that began the Aryian migration south, then came the Hindu and Greek mythology, they have the same names for Sun Gods and others that became the immortals. Your right about Babylon as the epicenter, thought the Samaritan Torah is in original Hebrew so it’s at least pre first millennium although Deuteronomy was written 600 BC when Hilkiah finds it (really) Chronicles 2 : 34 &Kings 2 : 22, I know a lot about the Samaritans and Deuteronomy is a Samaritan Document written by Allah so the focus of the “keepers of the Original Faith” would not be lost. But that’s my trip, happiness is knowing stuff we agree on that.


Hey they deleted your video from youtube just FYI

Imre Kalman

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on violent or graphic content.” What part of this is too violent or graphic?

JENKEM1000 .


Cyriak Papasissis

Truth telling is the first casualty in this war. American obfuscation is meant to be food for the masses , distractions from the truth.

Jan Tjarks

Interesting to see that Youtube pulled your video under the violence claim. Seems, to much truth in this report, especially regarding US helicopters. =)

Cyriak Papasissis

Many more instances of help by air to ISIS in Iraq, helicopters and transport planes involved, twice the witnesses saw British planes dropping aid to ISIS. All that is documented by the Iraqi Parliamentary Commission on Intelligence & Defense , they and the Iranians share detailed accounts of witnesses.


When do the Syrian innocent civil Populations would be “Liberated” from the US “Genocide” Culture done by their ISIS proxy ?


The US is being engulfed by perfect storms this year, natural and self inflicted.


I am sure that when the time is right Russia will show the world the evidence of US terror that will not be refutable anywhere.

Cyriak Papasissis

Maybe the ”natural” typhoons & hurricanes are in fact man-made , to distract attention from the collapse of the untenable American positions in the ME , and the impending economic collapse. At the end of this year the petrodollar bites the dust , as China initiates the gold-backed oil futures contracts in Yuan.


Man made or not , anything that brings down the economy of the US is a good thing. Only then can the decent people of the US rid them selves of the childish and greedy lunatics that control America now.

Bill Wilson

We’ll get rid of your dumbass first!


Really Bill ? You will need to improve your lexicon first. The ‘Trump University English Dictionary’ rather restricts your attempts at civilised debate.


I Doubt that. a negotiating tool.. that is all. Not the Russian style.



America is the mother of all terrorists. U.S. Senator John McCain: We’ve been funding ISIS all the time. Hillary Clinton: we have created finance and arm Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

US creating, funding and arming all terrorist organizations including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, FSA etc to create instability in our beautiful world. These terrorists have killed millions of innocent civilians.

US killed in air strike Syrian army to give cover to ISIS and then said this is by mistake.

US backed rebels used chemical weapons in Syria and blamed Syrian government for that.


I am watching the daily videos to keep up-to-date. In that context today’s video was disappointing as it was mainly a history lesson and didn’t even mention the East-Hama and Jobar fronts.


Amazing how many agents the U.S. has evacuated from Isis territory this year as the SAA advances. How many spies do you really need to report on Isis positions? Its almost as if half the Isis field commanders were working for the Americans.

I applaud US intelligence for so thoroughly infiltrating Isis command structure.

At least it’s good news. It means US intelligence determined Isis in these evacuated areas are about to fall. Either because the SAA is on roll or the Isis forces there are really weak.


Funny that! I wonder how many medals the Americans will give themselves?


If highly controversial’s alike Hilar Killer Clinton or MacCain it’s “Medal of Honor”

alike Arthur & Douglas McArthur got for their abundant successful Genocides !

Gary Sellars

I assume this is sarcasm?…. I certainly hope so…

Manuel Flores Escobar

ISIS and Al Qaeda are just tools for US armed forces to occupy countries!..Syria( Southeast and Raqqa), Afganistan again, Philippines,Yemen( Drone base),Iraq( Kurdistan)..etc..


It seems an unlikely report, tending towards fake news. But in a world where Assad is openly transporting between 300 and 600 IS fighters towards DeZ and Hezbollah is concerned for their safety, anything is possible.

To take away any concerns some commenters here could have about US intent to rid the world of IS, they will be pleased to hear that according to several pro SDF sources the drive by SDF towards DeZ has finally started and reports are they are now some 20kms+ north of DeZ city and even less north of the river.

SAA will be very pleased to hear this as it should take some of the pressure of IS counterattacks from them.

As thousands of tribal fighters have joined the DeZ Military Council, they now have a large enough force to be able to take the countryside.

Like the SAA left Raqqah to the SDF, it is likely that SDF will leave DeZ city to the SAA. They are in a better position and already have a big garrison within parts of the city proper.

It is very nice to see these to forces work together in separate ways towards the same goal : the defeat of IS.


Read about the operations the CIA did in South America. It doesnt sound too far-stretched compared to the shit the CIA has already done.


Yeah, yeah, blah, blah. I am sure the CIA has done many bad and or stupid things over the years, just like the KGB/GRU now FSB have done. Neither is completely white, neither is all black. To make them out to be the stupidests lowlives of all times is beyond petty. It is stupid.


Russia never attacked Europe !

The US have 225 years of permanent wars in their History since exist ! Warmongers is their economy way of life !

Bank of England declassified Archives shows Anglo-American Capital organized WW2 on purpose to destroy Europe, their main competitors !

America is the Earth Cancer !


Russia attacked Europe many times. Russia attacked Poland many times, starting in the 16th century, the last time in 1939 (in cooperation with Nazi Germany), Russia attacked the Baltics, Finland in 1939. Russia attacked Sweden several times (gaining Finland), Russia attacked Prussia/Germany several times between 17th century and 1914.

While occupying Poland in the 1th and 19th century, there were several large uprisings and after WWI Poland Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine fought against Russia, all except Ukraine regaining their independence.


Yes, and the Viking were choir child’s, Teutonic Knights too…


You used the word never. It seems your never is a far as you were present? My never is as in not ever.


All European area got almost permanent Fighting’s with their neighbors during Centuries, but the big wars with Russia were mostly Napoleon and Hitler

Gary Sellars

Riiiight, and I suppose that Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth control of all of Central Europe just kinda happened… no invasions… no violence… the locals just woke up one morning and decided to throw away their own national rulers and threw themselves at the feet of the Poles and Lith-rats and implored them them to “please rule us, O Great Ones”….

What a pathetic cherry-picking of Euro-peon history….

Gary Sellars

Europeans have been attacking each other for centuries, looking for gains in territory and power. Poland is hardly a victim in this respect. Together with the Lithuanians, their “Commonwealth” ruled all of East-Central Europe and controlled all of current day Belarus, most of Ukropistan and a good chunk of Russia.

After WW1, between 1919-21 the Pilsudski coup regime launched an attack against the USSR and took large chunks of Ukraine and Russia, and these occupational gains were not reversed until 1939 after the Nazi invasion of Poland (when the Soviets rolled in to reclaim what the Poles had stolen).

Finland 1939? The area in question had been under Russian rule since 1812 (after the defeated the Swedes who had ruled Finland since at least the 1300s). They lost control as a result of WW1 and Finland only became an indepenedent nation at that time. From Moscows POV, coming back 20 years later to restore their rule over an area that had been theirs for more than a century was simply restoring what was lost to them as a result of foreign miltary aggression. Certainly other Euro powers would have acted in the same way, eg Britain, Germany, France.

Baltics states – same case as Finland

Douchenational, you are a piss-poor propagandist with zero knowledge of history and even less wisdom to make sense of what you read. Give up buddy, we are NOT buying your Russophobe BS.


If still alive, Queen Wilhelmina and my great uncle Willem Ruys, (a Nazi victim from Rotterdam) would be very ashamed to see the today Holland NATO becoming a US Nazi “Puppet” !


Willem Ruys was a showmaster that died of an heartattack at the age of 40.

But there are more dogs called Fido.

If you have a great uncle that fought the Nazi’s, you can be proud of him.

I doubt he would be very ashamed of the alliance since WWII of the Netherlands with the US.

Trump’s performances though have given rise to a larger scepticism towards the present stances of the US.


A Man of Great Bravery Willem Ruys:

It is important to note that the MS Willem Ruys was not named after the founder of the company Mr Willem Ruys Snr, but after his great-grandson Willem Ruys, who had been named after him. However, Willem was tragically executed by the Nazis on together with two other prominent citizens of the City of Rotterdam after they were taken hostage by the Nazi hierarchy in retaliation for an attack that had taken place on a German troop train near Rotterdam by the Dutch Resistance.

http://www .ssmaritime. com/willemruys-part-one.htm

Trump is bad and rustic in appearance, but Obama and Clinton are much worst on the ground

Better for you to read Erasmus and Spinoza and wake-up…


As I said, googled the man, a real hero.


The family didn’t took it as a hero, everybody was shocked, particularly my grand father to have lost a close brother. He had to hide on a fisherman boat, the Nazi were looking for him. Peoples who were in the Resistance never talk about the War and don’t want to remember it. The Boat carrying his name became famous after the Lauro Family bought it, and changed the name into Achille Lauro… The Dutch Families coming definitely back from Batavia remember their last trip with emotions, the Dutch Ambassador in Manila I met few years ago was among them…


Googled the man. He was real hero. You can indeed be proud of him.

Gary Sellars

douchenational and his usual pro-US screed… Give up buddy, no-one buys your BS. The US is looking to balkanise Northern Syria and set up a proxy Kurdish statelet that will allow them to maintain forces in the country. The Murican cuntz don’t ever intend to leave…

The SAA will probably need to turn their guns on the SDF once IS are dust. Give them the opportunity to GTFO Arab-majority territories and negotiate for some local autonomy in Kurdish tribal areas, but they WILL demilitarize, and they WILL recognize the sovereignty of the Syrian state. Refuse, and they will share the fate of IS.


Why don’t you shoot down that choppers… and say “sorry” after that? But first wait till they are loaded.. They do so: how was that with Israel’s missile -attack by Latakia, as they hit a Syrian Army depot? .. Why do you keep there that f*king S-400?

Do you want to make us believe that you cannot get them , with your sophisticated weaponry?

This “Putin-tango” with Israel and that “stops & goes” by Aleppo to handle a DEAL with John Kerry, are not quite “kosher” => does Putin STILL believe that the Global-Mafia takes him back to the Raptors-table G8? Now Putin is in big-love with ERDOGAN, what? The SON of Erdogan doesn’t smuggle Iraki & Syrian STOLEN OIL anymore, the DAUGHTER of Erdogan doesn’t arrange with rich Jewish-American crap human-organs-trade in Eastern-Turkey anymore.. Everybody is happy.. except the KURDS that are bombed by the Turks. Kurds that fight together with the Syrian Army .. Bravo! Over Syria, everybody may fly and bomb how he wants…

Gary Sellars

Its called realpolitik. Its the only real way to win.

Cyriak Papasissis

I remember the West side of Euphrates was declared by the Russians a no-fly area for US copters, the air-defense radars would lock-on immediately on them. How then are those black-draped copters able to do their ferrying activities unmolested ??????

Gabriel Hollows

Just a week after youtube announces stricter censorship policies. Really makes you think.


obama and Treasonous Acts again.


Sputnik are not credible, they did many fake news and they only want to make anti-USA propaganda. With sugestion in video we can let sugest many stupidity. I ask for proof from sputnik on what they alleged.

Jens Holm

Same blappering again and again. No wonder so few Nobel prices are given to people from this region.

Last month US supported SAA 60 times by airstrikes at Deir El Zor and some here still believe things they are to eat as goats and sheeps for dictators being spendables as well.

Jens Holm

Not even a single proposal for the future for the region at all. Just 1000001 arabic night of excuses and blaming others.


I would not be surprised if this were true, not at all.

Rafik Chauhan



They’ll deny it. Unless they got one of it shot down and wreckage searched body bag as evidence.

Galyna Shevchenko

Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported ??? This is a Russian propaganda agency ! One of many! Don’t believe their fake news ever! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f9556107beb09d9ba7d6b2dab947731d9c65d57113bc30b2881576880435033.png

Nigel Maund

The US is a complete hypocrite; they’re no more anti – ISIS than I am Father Christmas. They created ISIS as they’re their Proxy Amies doing the US dirty work under CIA direction and control. Now where have we heard all ths before?? I wonder if Russia, Iran and Pakistan will no fund and assist the Taliban in Afghanistan to see whether the US likes the boot on the other foot?

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