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Syrian War Report – September 7, 2018: Israel Censors News On Its Support To Militants In Syria

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The Israeli military is censoring news reports on Israel providing weapons and supplies to militant groups in Syria. The Jerusalem Post was told by the military censor to remove its story “IDF Confirms: Israel Provided Light-Weapons To Syrian Rebels”. However, the report providing details on the transfer of significant amounts of cash, weapons and ammunition to militants in southern Syria is still available via Google cache.

The support received by militants were provided by Tel Aviv in the framework of its Operation Good Neighbor, which Israel portrayed as a humanitarian mission focused on providing Syrians with “food, clothes and fuel.”

This incident once again demonstrates that all claims of Tel Aviv that it is not involved in the ongoing conflict in Syria are false.

France’s Chief of the Defense Staff Francois Lecointre stated on September 6 that French forces are ready to strike Syria once again if chemical weapons are used during the upcoming battle of Idlib.

“We are ready to strike if chemical weapons were used again,” the top military official told media. “They can be carried out at national level but it’s in our interest to do it with as many partners as possible.”

On September 6, US Defense Secretary James Mattis stated that the Pentagon has no intelligence suggesting that Syrian militants are capable of staging a chemical attack. Thus, if such an attack is staged, the US and its allies are not going to investigate the incident. They already know that the Damascus government will be guilty.

ISIS members carried out several attacks on positions of the Syrian Army on the western bank of the Euphrates. According to pro-government and pro-ISIS sources, several army troops and terrorists were killed in the clashes. However, ISIS has captured no positions.

Local sources say that the attack was carried out to draw the army’s attention from the area of al-Safa and the area southeast of Deir Ezzor city. A source in the SAA’s 11th Division told SouthFront that government troops are currently reinforcing their positions around the Homs desert. The goal is to limit the ISIS capabilities of carrying out attacks from this contested area.

According to pro-Turkish sources, a total of 170 members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were “neutralized” by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq in August. Turkey-led forces also detained some 253 suspects in the framework of their anti-PKK operations in Turkey. 70 of them remanded in custody.

Despite these claims, the TAF and its proxies are still unable to eliminate the YPG insurgency in the northern Syrian area of Afrin captured by Ankara-led forces earlier this year. YPG cells carry out attacks on Turkey-led forces there on a constant basis.

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The Syrian militants don’t need to have the capability of staging a chemical attack. The White Helmets are funded, trained and equipped by the UK intelligence services who have had quite a lot of practice at staging chemical weapons incidents recently. It’s not a stretch for the Russians to claim that the UK intelligence services are assisting with the next planned incident in Idlib province.


Google cache removed!

some screenshot of original article . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5bebb3089fce50722ea64f1c45977b3d2ebf2aa84c1caaa24bee77572665162e.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/80dbf0daf31a2e36061f465119674c138989b98748afe95519c9f29f6af7f5c1.png


This is even better: http://archive.fo/tstpH .

Trustin Judeau

And when people were pointing out this few years go they were being called conspiracy theorists.Israel supporting militant groups is no surprise to people who have followed this conflict.Anyway I am glad this report came out from Israeli newspaper so the narrative by some people that “Israel is a neutral side in this conflict” will be put finally to rest.


Israeli Ambassador from Israel confirmed it on fox News last week. He said they love supporting jihadists fighting in Syria.


Somebody will get fired over this snafu. There is no logical reason for Syria to do a CW attack. Whereas al Qaeda has virtually been ordered to stage a false flag and has no logical reason to not do one. Since it will not be investigated at all, it doesn’t even have to have any chemical weapons involved. Only necessary ingredient, White Helmets.

On second thought maybe that could be the new twist. Send in OPCW and fake the results.


Unfortunately, Syria will be attacked by USA-NATO-Israel, it does not matter what we say, what opinion we have, what are the evidences. This is an Israel will and point. Let us see how Russia-Syria-Hezbolah-Iran will respond to this attack.


O︁︁o︁o︁a︁u︁h︁h D︁u︁d︁e︁s︁s ! T︁he L︁i︁st w︁i︁t︁h N︁a︁k︁e︁d-︁W︁o︁m︁e︁ns f︁r︁o︁m y︁︁o︁ur C︁i︁t︁y ︁︁wa︁s︁ pu︁b︁ll︁i︁s︁h︁ed H︁︁e︁r︁e︁ ̩︁️o︁n : t︁u︁4︁︁a︁︁.︁︁m︁︁e︁/︁g︁︁a︁l︁l︁e︁r︁y︁1︁0︁6︁7︁0︁6 ?


LOL ︁T︁ha︁n︁k︁s︁s︁ ︁B︁r︁o︁!! I︁’︁ve f︁o︁u︁n︁d t︁h︁e︁r︁e m︁︁y T︁e︁a︁c︁h︁e︁r N︁︁ake︁d ! ︁m︁w︁a︁a︁h︁a︁h︁h︁


︁H︁a︁h︁h︁a︁h︁h︁ l︁u︁c︁k︁y d︁u︁d︁e︁


It is going to be hot. Trumptard is fully under control of neocons and MIC. Firstly he was instructed by BIBI to cancel Iran deal and he did so. Now he is instructed to “retaliate” after staged “chemical attack” in Idlib. And he will do so. It is going far worse then US invasion of Iraq. In Iraq, they “only” killed Husain and one million of civilians on completely false accusations. Now they want to confront Russia on completely false accusations and wipe out whole Syria and all Russians did in last 4 years. Something tells me, that the situation is far worse then Cuba’s missile crisis in 1962. This will end up in full scale nuclear confrontation Russia vs NATO.


Something I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is the fact that ISIS and AQ fighters have been seen on video wearing Israeli web gear. Neither is the fact that Israel has at least one special forces unit trained and equipped to infiltrate Palestinian militants and external Arab militaries. They speak fluent Arabic and look the part. Are these the guys that we see wearing the face masks among the terrorists?

Given Hamas’ behavior (i.e., launch some useless rockets into vacant areas near Gaza thus giving Israel the “right” to invade and slaughter Palestinian civilians) the question has to be asked if Hamas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Israeli intelligence.

Brad Isherwood

Palestinians leaders*. …are All**……bought off by Israel/US/UN. Russia/Putin …got tiny balls, …..As US stomp everyone one from Iraq/Libya to Syria today. Some 2000 metro sexual US Troops own 1/3rd of Syria on the easy.

Putin/Assad do nothing….it’s a total Joke. ISIS attacks Iraq military….while Iraq Gov knows US backs ISIS… Iraq gives US bases in Iraq, US transits weapons and mercs and US boots into Syria to build Illegal bases, Iraq Gov in Bugdud*….Says Nothing! Assad smiles and wears Raybans It’s all FUBAR!


Further circunstancial evidence that Israel and Saudi Arabia and complicit US Deep State were involved in 9-11 false flag operation. Total cost. 6 TRILLION DOLLARS and our national soul if we ever had one.


When Idlib falls, a lot of self cleaning will be initiated. Everybody ‘in the know’ knew President Assad was gone. All the advice, planning, who knows perhaps $30 billion or more in aid to takfiris and mercs gone down the drain …….. has all come to mean nothing. Those who supported this will have mud on their faces for decades. My take. Go SAA and Co.. Finish it and get one step closer to peace.


Like they care, it’s just another loss in American history that will be ignored. They’ll move onto another state, probably Ukraine


Hello hawaiiguy. I hear you on that but, they are already in Ukraine and that is not going well at all for them. Nothing is infinite and a turning point is being reached. The fall of Idlib will mark the something important in the current version of Occidental colonialism. My take on it. I wish well to you.


“The Jerusalem Post was told by the military censor to remove its story “IDF Confirms: Israel Provided Light-Weapons To Syrian Rebels”…TRANSLATION…The Jerusalem Post confirm that the INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST invading Syria are ISRAEL proxies sepoy.

Hide Behind

Could not find Israeli arms article on Google proper and trying to dig it out of deeper Google archives , in US, is a homeland Security defined crime. US military actions are very heavily censored, while the propaganda upon the Warrior hero’s is rampnt; from teachers of K and onto colleges actively spread US indoctrination of youth allied with power against the American people. All Europe censors the actions of ignorant and backwards Islamic s against own populaces. When powers of, let’s use term “evil intentions” control all info and monitor their citizenry actions and spoken thoughts, In US university professors face termination for speaking upon issues of Israel upon Palestinians, and elected along with heads of US finance can be thrown down for not supporting Israeli actions, where do the few with independent minds get real information from? Fear is a strong deterrent towards one speaking the truth in US, although populace pretend it does not exist, and to prove loyalty to Official powers parrot officially released and are hammered if they side, say with professional football players who refuse to stand during anthem as they protest unbridled police killings of poor and Blacks. Southfront has some fairly wealthy and powerfull backers, note only enemies names mentioned are National leaders, while behind scenes their backers may seem powerfull Google can squash their ability to reach .assets whenever US Intelligence Services ask them. As of now it’s voice remains open but you can bet your bottom dollar every article, every reader response is monitored and recoreded.

Hide Behind

P.S. : I am too old and unimportant in outreach and just plain no longer give a damn what official think is.


Estimated Lady Israel, evidences are evidences, and there are A LOT OF THEM, Wow. What a criminal behavior of this Lady.


Fox News had the Israeli Ambassador on last week and he said they gladly give support to jihadists fighting in Syria. His exact words.


Lest it should be forgotten: http://archive.fo/tstpH

Joe Kerr

If the Rothschild gang push Adelson’s orange courtier to war with Russia, Putin needs to put Tel Aviv, Haifa and Dimona up as target practice… perhaps then the message will get through their reptilian skulls.

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