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Syrian War Report – September 4, 2018: Trump Warns Syria Against Combating Terrorists In Idlib

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The Turkish military has boosted its naval group in the Eastern Mediterranean as the battle of Idlib is looming in Syria, Turkey’s pro-government daily Yeni Safak reported on September 2. According to the daily, “Turkey, which previously had 10 warships in the region, dispatched several more naval vessels to the region, the exact number of which is unknown.”

The daily also recalled multiple remarks by the Turkish authorities claiming that the Idlib offensive by the Syrian Army will be disaster and lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The report comes amid the ongoing Russian naval drills in the same area, which started on September 1 and will continue until September 8.

It should be noted that on August 31 Turkey finally designated Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a new brad of Jabhat al-Nusra – the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, as a terrorist group. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is the most powerful group in the militant stronghold of Idlib in northwestern Syria.

Ankara’s move followed a similar decision by the US State Department made on May 31. The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham brand was crated by Jabhat al-Nusra in the framework of a series of efforts to hide the terrorist group’s essence, on February 8, 2017. So, both the US and Turkey needed more than a year to admit an open secret of the Syrian war. Most likely, this took such significant amount of time because these moves are an open admission that the so-called Idlib opposition is terrorists or allied with them.

On September 4, US President Donald Trump warned the Syrian government against combating terrorists in Idlib.

“President Bashar al-Assad of Syria must not recklessly attack Idlib Province. The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!” Trump wrote on his Twitter page.

This as well as previous threats by the US-led bloc to punish Syria for active actions against terrorist groups in west of the country are described by the Damascus government as rough efforts to prolong the war, to overthrow the country’s government and to defend Israeli interests.

“The Syrian people and the Syrian government want the crisis to end today. However, it is impossible because of external interference led by the US,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem recently said in an interview with the Russian state media adding that “this interference satisfies the interests of Israel and runs counter to those of the Syrian people.” He added that the US goal “is to prolong the crisis.”

The militant held areas in western Syria and the heavy influence of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other terrorist group in the area have become the main point of the attention in the conflict since liberation of southern Syria from militants by government forces this summer. The defeat of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib will mark a de-facto victory of the Damascus government over al-Qaeda-like terrorist groups often described by the mainstream media and Western diplomats as opposition and will open way to a peaceful solution of the crisis. However, far from all foreign powers involved in the standoff are interested in this.

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stary ujo

Trumo warned Syrias , because between terorits are West specialists , underfucking legal goverment of Syria .These are right West values !!


No one gives a shit for westerns. go to the silk road, boy.


Meanwhile, Israel just struck Syrian defenses in it’s bid to assist the terrorists. When will Russia put an end to Israel’s attempts to foil Russia’s aims in the region?

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia allow these attacks to test Syrian air defense system…specially Pantsir S1…Russia need that the unskilled Syrian army learn to fight vs USA…above all when USA always threat to launch cruise missile….


Never. Because Russia will not attack Israel. Ever. They have lots of shared interests. Just recently a Russian oil company signed a lucrative contract with Israel. Israel has a free hand, it’s Syria, with what little Russia would give them (no S400, 300) that has to defend against Israel. That will prove difficult. Syria is at best a second class ‘ally’ for Russia. A mere puny riff-raff state that is given just enough equipment to play with, to achieve Russia’s purposes.


So far, the facts lean in your direction.


Trump sounds like Lieberman, two windbags that spout off nonsense to feel relevant. Both Israel and US have lost the war on the ground in Syria, and all this meaningless barking accentuates their military ineptitude.

Eastern Mediterranean is crawling with Russian naval vessels neutralizing any British response from Cyprus, ASW and naval strike aircraft are performing drills, projecting Russian offensive capabilities against submarines or any surface vessels that try to participate in any coordinated firing of cruise missiles. The Russian standoff missile capability along with the integrated surface to air defenses (A2AD) negates any advantage FUKUS might dream of having in implementing their bark.


Teach my friend teach!

Kira Binkley

Trump is advising President Assad now, not forcing him? Did I read that right? And just what is his proof for his assertions?


The Trump response is clear indication that these terrorist in Idlib are US and UK armies. LOL


Trump don’t exist, as the dollar, it’s all zombies. after Idlib will go all the rest, it’s Syria for the Syrians, of the people, by the people, for the people.


“The Turkish authorities claim that the Idlib offensive will be a disaster and lead to a ‘humanitarian’ crissis”, is a mirror image of the American / UN propaganda. I fear the US has offered Turkey all of Idlib and east of the river, including Syria’s oil, they only have to keep US troops stationed there. They couldn’t create “Kurdistan” in Iraq, so plan C is a Sultan controlled “Turkistan”. I hope I’m wrong.


We have always to have in mind that Turkey is a NATO member, friend of USA (although they pretend to have differences), which has nuclear weapons on its land, which supports terrorists at Idlib, and has invaded the north of Syria (using an stupid excuse).

Pave Way IV

Hundreds of thousands of people western and Israeli intel operatives could be killed. Don’t let that happen!” Trump wrote on his Twitter page.

Brad Isherwood


Someone needs to tell Lavrov…. Partners ….are @ ing Insane!

Helmut, IDLIB

Humanitarian workers have a passion for helping and serving civilians. Our actions are the key to life which makes the land a livable place. Therefore, Human workers are not a target for the murder and destruction forces of the Assad terror regime. So don’t pay attention to the propaganda and interpretation and idle talk of the enemy regarding the current jihad in Idlib. Sufficient is for you the elucidation given by the Book of Allah and the Prophet of Allah regarding Jihad. But you must be careful, though the Jihad is the best deed but still it carries with it high risks. God forbid, if you violate others rights during Jihad or harass innocent human beings or harm the life, property or status of the common people, then you will become a hated and despised person, deserving punishment in this world and the world to come. – Mohamed Saleh, head of the White Helmets, the Syrian Civil Defence.


Stop your lies !

Pave Way IV

“…Therefore, Human workers are not a target for the murder and destruction forces of the Assad terror regime.”

You’re probably right. You should probably go outside with your white helmet, AK-47 and black flag to wave at and cheer at the columns of passing Syrian forces. They’ll probably run right up to you and give you a big brotherly hug. No fair wearing your suicide belt, now!

Kira Binkley

I wonder who Guest REALLY works for!!

Zaphod Braden

Trump & the USA have all the “Moral Authority” of the Pedo-Pope and the Vatican.

Icarus Tanović

Meh… They just talk to talk, nothing can stop SAA from liberation of Idlib. You guys, have a slightest longer memory than just 2 weeks. They, Trump stated exactly the same around Daraa. Obama was daily threatening SAA if they cross some red lines, and nothing happens. Just don’t be naive.


by what right or authority does the US government claim the power/authority/right to tell any other country what they can and can’t do within their own borders with TERRORISTS?? THERE IS NO RIGHT, AUTHORITY OR POWER that grants/authorizes the US government’s threats/actions! The US gvt claims to be protecting civilians, although it seems like they’re protecting TERRORISTS.. if they were actually concerned about civilians being killed, WHY THE DEAFENING SILENCE ON GAZA AND YEMEN ATROCITIES?? The stench of hypocrisy is nausiating!

northerntruthseeker .

Spot on… Could not have said it better myself!


There is no silence about Ghaza or Yemen, unless, perhaps in the most sinister US media. It’s reported in Europe at least. Also, HTS etc. are designated opposition by Syrians to (معارضة) which, of course, is correct, because they oppose the Asad regime. Suggesting that even this is somehow reprehensible is waaay over the top. Of course, everybody is using terrorists as an excuse. Not least the Asad-regime themselves. Think. There is a huge, very legitimate opposition to Asad. A civil one. What better way for him to reduce opposition to terrorist groups and claim all those who criticize him are just terrible terrorists. And everybody here is falling for it. Foolishness! And SF and other outlets are reiterated the same stuff over and over and over again.


and of course you can provide us with evidence of your claims, that can be independently verified, right?


Trump translated: “Ohh please don’t kill as much Muslims as possible, of which everybody knows I care so much, also don’t destroy my best friend’s Erdogan plans, don’t upset him, that’ll make me cry”


Yes, it could be a USA attack to Syria, like Israel is attacking constantly Syria-Iran armies. So, what ? Syria people want to recover their all Syria land, and the recovery of Idlib region is coming, whoever like it or don’t like it ! This is a Syria people decision, and it is time now to lunch the offensive in this area. With the usual strong Russia aerospace protection and support, this will be solve fast.


if anyone would know about a grave humanitarian mistake it would be trump. seven years of supporting mercenaries to destroy a nation. the CIA is going to lose it’s proxy army. and trump comes across as a cry baby whiny ass.


If the US, the UK and Israel would just stop paying all their terrorist mercs in Idlib they would just leave. It is so hypocritical and absurd that the US which spawned the destabilization of the Assad government and then initiated the proxy war, now says Assad cannot solve the problem end the war and clean up the US mess. How deep does the US power structure behind this war want to dig the hole of its own dishonor?


If you poke fun at the suffering of people, no matter who they are, you’re being just as brutal, devilish and inhumane as your ‘other’ (the terrorists). Taking Idlib will of course cause a humanitarian desaster, war always does. But where is the US’ diplomatic effort to find a peaceful solution?


Mr Trump is president of the USA. Not of Syria.

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