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Syrian War Report – September 30, 2016: Who Instigating Global War?

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Palestinian pro-Syrian government militia from the Al-Quds brigade and the Syrian army recaptured the tumultuous Handarat refugee camp north of Aleppo city. After this success, the loyalists took control of nearby areas of Kindi Hospital and Shuqayf-Jandoul and the al-Kindi hill. Now, the pro-government forces are securing the gains.

Syria’s Ministry of National Reconciliation generously offered three options for combatants in Aleppo:

  • To essentially disarm and assimilate legally back into society;
  • To remain an active combatant, but gain safe passage to a front of the given fighter’s choice;
  • To remain a combatant in Aleppo, but to allow civilians to flee active combat zones.

This move clearly indicates that the Syrian military seeks to avoid major civilian casualties amid ongoing military operations in the area.

US officials engaged in further brinkmanship with authorities in Moscow, discussing the non-diplomatic responses that could be taken if the Syrian govt. continues operations in Aleppo. In his press conference, spokesman for the US Department of State, John Kirby, made a concrete threat against the Russians by stating that they would have to “send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources,” and “that more Russian aircraft will be shot down.” Kirby also predicted that Russian cities would be attacked by terrorists.

The Russian MOD interpreted such statements as US admission that the “opposition” supposedly waging a “civil war” in Syria is in reality a US-controlled terrorist “internationale.” What is particularly shocking in Kirby’s admission, according to Russian MOD official representative, Major General Igor Konashenkov, that the US direct influence over terrorists is global in scope and extends to Russia, among others.

“Concerning Kirby’s threat concerning possible loss of Russian aircraft and sending Russian soldiers home ‘in body bags’, I will say that we are well informed on where in Syria, including in Aleppo Province, and exactly how many ‘unadvertised’ specialists are engaged in operational planning and commanding the militants.” Konashenkov added: “Naturally, one can continue to keep telling us they are stubbornly but ineffectually trying to separate Jabhat al-Nusra from the ‘opposition’. However, if there are attempts to make good on these threats, it is far from a foregone conclusion the militants will be able to help them save their skins.”

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Tom kauser

I am sure the Pentagon planners never planned on fighting multiple militaries when ” winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people” was all they talked about! The Russians are engaged and all we get is the ill smell of KIRBy talking shit? Retreat?

Hisham Saber


Hisham Saber



whoah… quite a lot of antesemitic people on this site

Gabriel Hollows

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Danijela Juretic

Gabriel, I just want you to know that you absolutely made my day, month, year, decade. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Everyone has a right to their opinion, but please don’t blame all jews for crimes of the zionists. There are many jews who don’t support zionism or follow the talmud. There are quite a few anti zionism groups ran by jews. Nkusa.org and truetorahjews.org are two of the many if you get time to check them out. Rabbi weiss from nkusa was one of the first to explain to me that the Torah does not support the state of israel at all. The jews that support israel are not following the book they claim as holy.


Can you please shed some light on Prof. MacDonald’s theory that organized Jewry/wealthy Jews in the US are strongly pro-immigration and pro-open borders in order to undermine white Christian America so as to forestall any Christian attacks on Jews? To that end it seems that Jews also play a central role in pushing the nonsense that the US is a nation of immigrants and a propositional nation, i.e., anything but the white Christian nation that it is.

Also, though there are many patriotic Jews there seems to be a strong dislike of Christians among Jews and a very large proportion of Jews has supported and does support radical leftist movements like the communists. The word”communist” in 1930s America was virtually synonymous with “Jew,” for example.

Jewish control of the media has resulted in an unhealthy obsession with the Nazis and only the Nazis and virtual complete concealment of the crimes of the communists, whose crimes were far worse and were committed with v. significant Jewish participation.

This is an astounding and dishonest distortion of the historical record.

I know this is a different issue from which Jews are Zionists or not but that is hardly the most important issue. Rather, I think the issue of Jewish allegiance to our non-Jewish culture needs to be discussed. The life of Jonathan Pollard, numerous American Jews holding dual citizenship and serving (to community acclaim) in the IDF but not the US military, and Sheldon Adelson’s outrageous distortion of American politics by exacting promises of support for Israel make this clear. (Adelson’s primary allegiance is to Israel illustrating yet more the allegiance of Jews cannot be taken for granted.) The malevolent Soros is in a class by himself but he only seems to be an outlier not an exception. Ditto, as to Spectre in Europe on the matter of pure malevolence.

More generally, is the above merely a unique American expression of the general problem that Jews have experienced or caused throughout the centuries? Is it us or us it Memorex?

You seem fair minded but I frankly expect the general Jewish response to be hostility and the usual cries of anti-Semitism, rather than a fair discussion of this. I owe much to many individual Jews so I have no personal animus but I do note this extraordinary effort to turn my country into a Muslim and third-world glop and I am not in a mood for fairy tales when I can see what Foxman and Gelbaum have done to help destroy my country.


Prof. MacDonald is unfortunately right about many who self identify as jews pushing the multiculturalism idea. You’re right too about the general response of those who self identify as jews but support israel. Most anti zionist jews tend to be less wealthy and less heard of largely due to being shunned by wealthier jewish supremacists and zionists. Even before zionism had its name though there has been jewish supremacists all the way back before Jesus was born. They are largely the reason for jews being kicked out of so many places through history for trying to take advantage of the population. I look at them as the people Jesus warned about in Rev2:9. They don’t follow the Torah except when it happens to fit their agenda. Those are also the ones described in the protocols of zion it seems. After the holocaust and other targeting( with zionist support) of so called “self hating jews” as jewish supremacists call them, there are really only a small number of Torah following Jews left. There’s even fewer with the courage to risk being shunned by openly speaking against israel. The Jews who follow the Torah and don’t buy into jewish supremacy are the only ones I take up for or care to help. If I missed anything or if you feel like discussing more feel free to message or reply.


Anti zionist? Yes. anti jewish? Not so much. Most anti jewish sentiment is caused by israel claiming to speak for all jews even though the state of israel isn’t supported by the torah or real jews who follow the Torah. As far as semites go, some here tend to not like arabs and other semites but most have nothing against them. If you equate anti zionism to anti jewish then you’ve been fooled by a myth put forth by zionists. Nkusa.org and truetorahjews.org can explain much better than myself about the differences between zionism and judaism. Basically though zionism is a political movement where as judaism is the religion of the jews. Semites are an ethnicity although the term antisemitism has been incorrectly used since ww2 era to describe anti jewish sentiment.


Dear friends, please, don’t post mass memes without any text in comments.

Doom Sternz

Take it as a compliment, means you are threatening the narrative and they are attempting to discredit this site. You are doing a great job of removing it, and thanks for another great video.

Gabriel Hollows

Amazing response by the Russian general, contundent yet civil.


The real truth Americans outside our closet son of satan Islamic Obama. Would be more than happy to nuke the entire middle east and call it a day..And am sure real Russians feel the same way. No sane human wants these Son of Satan Animals in their society..Period end of subject..Problem right now is our closet Obama and his Islamic scum aren’t out of our hair till January. Don’t hate America because of some affirmative action Son of Satan Islamic scum made it to President. Our society has too many stupid people in it..But a lot are starting to see the light.


Real Americans don’t hate Russians..The Russian people know this. We would be both better off working together and carving that shit up for once and for all..And being done with it.


Oh, so, the “Al-Quds” force are Palestinian, not Iranian! Ha! thanks for clearing that up.

Syria’s Ministry of National Reconciliation generously offered three options for combatants in Aleppo:

To essentially disarm and assimilate legally back into society; To remain an active combatant, but gain safe passage to a front of the given fighter’s choice; To remain a combatant in Aleppo, but to allow civilians to flee active combat zones.

It is a very fair offer and after all, anti-Assad opposition forces are not serving any military purpose in Aleppo getting a hammering from Russia air power, attracting incoming bombs onto civilians.

Especially the anti-ISIS coalition could use any moderate opposition combatants – FSA – that are granted safe passage from Aleppo to the Turkish-backed FSA Turkey-Syrian border front advancing (slowly or trying to) on ISIS-held al-Bab. At least on that front the Turkish and US air power would be defending FSA not attacking them.

It’s a good deal on the face of it and if the deal is an honest one and delivered in good faith with no back-stabbing the FSA should take it.

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