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Syrian War Report – September 29, 2016: US Deploys Troops near Aleppo City

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The Syrian army and its allies have reportedly repelled a major counter attack of Jaysh al-Islam militants at the army base in the  Eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Holding this strategic area, the pro-government forces are keeping to pose a threat to cut off the Jaish al-Islam militants deployed in Tell Kurdi from the rest of militant-controlled areas in the regions. Local reports indicate, that the Syrian army is planning an operation to encircle Tell Kurdi in the nearest future.

The joint forces of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have continued attacks on the Syrian government forces in northern Hama. Terrorists seized the village of Junaynah and attacked the nearby village of Qarah. The government’s counter-offensive in Talisiyah and Sha`tha has resulted in no gains.

US troops have entered the Syrian towns of Marea and Azaz located north of Aleppo city, Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported. The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area.

The appearance of US servicemen caused tensions between Jabhat Fatah al- and the FSA. Jabhat Fatah al-Sham militants called for “a fight with the Americans” and burnt several FSA flags. Some pro-government experts believe that the deployment of US servicemen in Marea and Azaz are not linked with the fight against ISIS and is likely the move in order to strengthen the US influence in the area of strategic Aleppo city where the Syrian government forces have recently launched a full-scale advance against terrorists.

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Those US soldiers are being mixed in with the US-sponsored terrorists to deter attacks by Syrian and Russian forces. Russia has repeatedly complained that the US is NOT separating the “moderate” opposition from ISIS and Al Qaeda. So, in effect, the US Government is using our own troops as human shields to protect terrorists! Use of human shields is a war crime.

Jeffrey Spinner

I don’t see how boots on the ground in Syria by the US can be justified as anything but a violation of international law, and if any causalities are suffered by the US Special Forces/US Mercs in the area, for Ketchup Kerry to make a fuss about them at the UN or anyplace else, be anything more than an admission of guilt.

I still remember the Patriot Act saying any support for Al Qaeda which was renamed Al Nusra / ISIS in Syria, is not an automatic arrest and rendition for all the Executive and Legislative Branch members of the US government.

I don’t get, htf my own rogue government can violate the Patriot Act, and nobody say, hey, stop arming, providing Intelligence and commanding (along with Jordanian/Israeli, et al commanders), funding, taking care of casualties, and transporting to safety Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/ISIS when the personnel for those organizations are the SAME PPL.

If Mr. Jones fought for AL Qaeda, now Al Nusra/ISIS then another name, HE’S still Mr. Jones.

Like my failing country having it’s demographics changed irreparably by changing it’s ppl, as a country is it’s ppl, so is a terrorist organization. Change the ppl change the country, keep the same ppl, keep the same terrorist organization. ffs.

Pave Way IV

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Syrian people need to sue the crap out of the U.S. government for supporting terrorism on Syrian soil, just like U.S. 9/11 victims can now – by U.S. law – sue the crap out of Saudi Arabia for terrorism on U.S. soil. That would be above the half-trillion-dollar or so war reparations the U.S. will owe the Syrian people after we finally acknowledge defeat there. U.S. war reparations will be awarded to Syria by international courts – that has nothing to do with the terror lawsuits individual Syrians could bring against the U.S.

During the coming Saudi lawsuits in the U.S., enough evidence will come out implicating Israel for colluding in the 9/11 attacks, and U.S. 9/11 victims can sue the crap out of Israel, too. The law applies to any country that supported terrorism on U.S. soil. These are jury trials, and no amount of judge bribery will help the Israelis. Israel will not be able to weasel out of the guaranteed massive 9/11 judgments, and will have their assets seized in the U.S. if they refuse to pay. The Israeli-firsters in the U.S. government are no match for greedy attorneys looking for a piece of the lucrative Saudi/Israeli lawsuits. How fitting: the only justice for 9/11 victims in the U.S. will come from money-grubbing lawyers.

Tom Tom

boots were already on the ground from the beginning. This is ground support. Damascus a ruinous heap. You’d better be digging your basement out two feet deeper every night. Ah, won’t matter anyway.

John Whitehot

well, actually is not a war crime, as those soldiers are ordered to do whatever they do. They are not civilians. But in all likeness, if some of them get killed in a russian or syrian airstrike, the US will have an excuse to start a war. Of course, normally one would think that when you deploy your army on the territory of another country, without that country invitation, you are invading it, and also asking for your soldiers to be killed and wounded. the US though, seem to think otherwise, lately.


for a soldier to follow an illegal order is a crime and they are duty bound to ignore all illegal orders! The US govt/military has absolutely zero business being in Syria.. they were not invited by the democratically elected government/Assad.. the US military entering Syria is a war crime, and act of war, and a crime against humanity!


You never heard of Nuremburg eh! They deployed without a declaration of war. They are supporting terrorists and giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America. Who needs oath breaking traitor scum like these guys who follow illegal, unconstitutional orders. I was raised to love and respect the US Military. But I am not a My country right or wrong kind of guy. They let the terrorists hit us on 911. Now we find out that the US Military IS the terrorists! This really sucks! God help us!

John Whitehot

i agree with u folks, but let’s not forget that the op talked about us servicemen used as human shields by their leadership


US service people need to follow the oath to the Constitution and quit obeying illegal orders!

Tom Tom

orders don’t preclude any war crime charges. See “Nuremberg.”

John Whitehot

yeah, but if you have an army, and order it to act as human shields, basically you commit no war crime. One could actually argue that armies are in fact employed as human shields most of the time


What ITF are you talking about. Deploying without a Congressional Declaration of War is Treason. Most of my countrymen have not even read the document they swore the oath too. Many don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand their oath of office

John Whitehot

look I think i can be considered optimistic if I state that 85% of the populations of “democratic” countries does not have a hint about what the word “democracy” means. For real.

Brad Isherwood

Israel has Takfiri kooks over for weapons….bunk and meal….off to the front. Surgery. …if you survive that long.

How the Israeli public can buy this lie is anyone’s guess. Netanyahu. ..Porshenko. …Obama….all F#$# Liars.

Watching the Ukraine army get pasted and leave the wreckage in the Cauldron, The Takfiri in Aleppo who are moments away from doom.

Empire kicking chairs accross the room……remembering that boots on the ground To fight a capable opponent = Vietnam and 50,000 body bags.

Tom Tom

we’ll be nuked soon by those Russian subs off our east coast and Gulf of Mexico (Chinese off west coast), so don’t you worry yourself none.


I think you have your map upside down. It is the US that has nuclear-armed submarines, aircraft, and missiles near Russia’s border!

John Whitehot

I think you are looking only half the map, at least when it comes to SSBNs


hmm the US military has illegally and immorally invaded “see act of war” the sovereign nation of Syria in violation of international law and the laws of nations. The US govt is trying desperately to defend it’s proxy army, ISIS from being obliterated by the Syrian army and the Russian air force! There is no other reason that the US military would place their troops in harms way IF IN FACT THEY WERE FIGHTING ISIS “which everyone with more than one firing synapse knows they aren’t”

Brad Isherwood

Within hours of 911….that warmonger defence minister of Israel…Ehud Barak Was on BBC listing off 6-7 countries which were Terrorist. Israel’s obsession with Iran has revealed their agenda is also US geostrategic agenda. If Saudi Arabia was really responsible for 911….the US should have regime changed them… Instead of Invade A Stan and Iraq. Israel wants Saudi Arabia around to do Chechnya on Russia and all Israel’s enemy’s. Syrian conflict is similar to Chechnya as per foreign fighters with CIA in the mix. Thrown the moron Saakashvili sucking his tie while Georgia gets pummeled For Obey Empire….Israel in the picture for that too

Apologists on the net say America’s geostrategic interests do not parallel Israel’s. That Israel does not direct America Foreign Policy.

Stepping back and considering the view after 911….it does appear both Israel And US work together on this project which probably got going after the shitscare Of 1973 Yom Kippur war.


read “the greater israel plan” therein you will discover the why’s of it all!

Real Anti-Racist Action

The whole world is now officially at war against the Zionist-USSA-Government and its Mi6 and Mossad allies. Even European citizens and American citizens are at war against CIA and its special operations forces. And the awesome thing is, in 2016 everyone has learned this reality. Their is not a Democratic war against Zionism. A Psychological ar against Zionism. An Economic war against Zionism. An Informational war against Zionism. And a Physical war against Zionism. And Trump being elected over the CIA’s favored Hillary Clinton is just one manifestation of this global rebellion against Zionism.


“The US servicemen are embedded with ‘moderate rebels’ from the FSA and are going to prepare the US-backed advance on ISIS in the area”…BULL SHIT, they are embedded with the invading MERCENARY TERRORISTS, to support and train with the new weapons the INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS…Now the invaders can be target of the Syrian/Russian air force.

Tom Tom

CIA/Mossad/Saudi’s created ISIS, trained and equipped them, provides air support for them, and now provides ground support. The Iraqi Ba’athist military leadership is who runs ISIS at the behest of the CIA. They are creating their Sunni-stan out of western Iraq and eastern Syria.

Turkey’s about to get lit up like a Christmas tree by the Russians.

East coast USA, here those incoming Satan bombs on those missiles? Boom! I saw satan laughing with delight.


Have the people of the US, actually had any say with regards sending their Forces to Syria? Why are they there, without invite?

Do the people of the US really want their Forces to support ISIS and encourage the liver eating, head choppers, to try and take out the elected head of the sovereign state and leave Syria in the same state as Iraq, Libya and so many other nations?

Now why did Bush and Blair declare war on Saddam? Did they ever find those illusive weapons of mass destruction, that Saddam did not have?

Carol Davidek-Waller

Who’s soldiers are going to be going home in body bags?


All sides. It is always the little people who get killed and not the old men who start the wars. I would love to see a war with the elderly leaders fighting each other. Fists,knives and clubs,no guns.

Michael Paul Lynch

The Syria, Iraq, Libya, invade the middle east, etc….was hatched right after desert storm…(Gen Wesley Clark, 7 countries in 5 tears)….Google it….YouTube it……it’s hit a road block……a major one…..America has been using muslim terror proxies for a long time…..America won’t fare well if the longer this goes on……..every boot on the ground over there needs to cease and desist

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