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Syrian War Report – September 28, 2017: US-backed Forces Accuse Syrian Government Of Supporting ISIS

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On September 27th, a top commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Rojda Felat, claimed in a video statement that 100 ISIS terrorists, dressed as SDF members, attacked the SDF.  The incident allegedly took place on September 26th and the ISIS members came from some government-held area near Deir Ezzor.  Felat added that this is a “sign” that the Syrian government supported the attack.  Twenty-eight SDF members were allegedly killed in the clashes with ISIS.

The statement came a few days after the Russian Defense Ministry released pictures of US Speical Operations Forces positions deep inside the ISIS-held area near Deir Ezzor city as well as provided information that no clashes had been observed there between ISIS and the SDF.

Meanwhile, the SDF continued clashing with ISIS near al-Suwar with an aim to establish a foothold for further operations on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

In Raqqah city, the SDF captured the al-Nawawi mosque in al-Nahdah district from ISIS and continued developing momentum in the area.

The SDF repelled the ISIS raids in al-Sinaa and al-Mashleb neighborhoods.  However, some 45 SDF members were reportedly killed in the clashes.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in an interview with the Lebanese news TV channel, Al-Mayadeen, that the US is evacuating ISIS fighters from Deir Ezzor province to deploy them in other places.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are deploying reinforcements to the Deir Ezzor area, preparing for an expected push towards the border with Iraq.

Reports appeared that the military is working on establishing a second bridge crossing the Euphrates.  The first one was set up by the Russians earlier this week.

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Simon Gould

Classic case of projection. They get caught red handed so the Yanks accuse the Syrian Government of doing exactly what they’re doing. Pathetic really.

Cyriak Papasissis

Tested old Goebbels methods. Accuse your opponent of doing exactly the thing that crosses your mind as a wishful action to take. They took a page out of the Goebbels book of tricks


Sounds like Clinton did that in US election campaign. Blame someone else. When democratic party was caught undermining Bernie Sanders campaign, ‘Blame Russia.’ Maybe we have to change the Southpark song, ‘Blame Canada,’ to Blame Russia. :-)


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These guys think that everybody in the the whole world are stupid, don’t they ? They are cynicals and hypocrites (of ciurse, criminals). It is good to read this because it is an indication that they (USA-SDF-Israel-ISIS-Daesh-Nustra) are totally lost.

Joe Doe

Poor propaganda, just trying to redirect blame on SAA.

Robin Morritt

I can’t see Southfront lasting much longer on Youtube. There’s a Western media blackout on US airlifts from IS territory and the transfer of bases to American troops.

Jens Holm

Seemes like You have seen Ghostbusters too many times,but very well in line of the 100.001 excuses in the stories of Arabic Nights vol. 2.


“SEPTEMBER 28, 2017: US-BACKED FORCES ACCUSE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT OF SUPPORTING ISIS”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Taking out of the NAZI play book…Accuse those agains you of that which you are guilty.

Joseph Goebbels

Jens Holm

Why not. Anythíng is possible in the Damaskus and Ördopedia agenda.

Kurds steel all oil alone. Some say they will send it out by balllons(yellow of course) or faster internet in zipfiles. Other Omar wil be send downstreams in Barrels to Bahrain.

More like You dream some tool reach the floor as wished, but your feet are only 12 cm high.


Lol, seems like their ‘re-branding’ action backfired a little. Switch ISIS uniforms to your own and then cry if they attack you. :’)


you know what is so strange: NON of the kurdish website tell this story or even something towards this event…. FAKE NEWS ONCE AGAIN

John Francis

The whole world knows that Obama supported that utterly cruel and vile terror group ISIS – I could give links to a couple YouTube videos of Obama admitting so. If justice prevailed to the extent that it should in this world, Obama, Sarkozy and a few other world leaders would be in prison for war crimes.

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