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Syrian War Report – September 28, 2016: US & Allies to Arm ‘Opposition’ with MANPADS

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Washington has unmasked plans to arm militants with MANPADS to oppose the Russian air grouping operating in Syria. On September 27, the so-called “unnamed US officials” told Reuters that the US has kept high numbers of MANPADS out of Syria by uniting the US Western and Middle Eastern allies, but now it’s a matter of time when the air defense systems will be supplied. The unnamed sources one more time blamed Russia and Syria for air strikes on militant targets and emphasized that that “The opposition has a right to defend itself and they will not be left defenseless in the face of this indiscriminate bombardment.”

The same day, the Syrian government forces launched a full-scale offensive on the militant-controlled eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city. The operation started after five days of intense air and artillery strikes on militant targets in the besieged areas and after previous gains in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood. By September 28, the loyalists have fully secured the Farafira Neighborhood, the area northwest of the Aleppo Citadel and Osama Bin Zaid Mosque. The advance is ongoing.

The army and Liwaa Al-Quds also attacked the Handarat refugee camp in northern Aleppo. The loyalists entered the camp after securing the Shaher area.

The Syrian government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, have launched a counter-attack against Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Jund al-Aqsa (a terrorist group with links to Al Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Free Syrian Army in the northern part of Hama province where the joint terrorist forces seized few sites yesterday. The loyalists have entered the villages of Talisiyah and Sha`tha controlled by terrorists and engaged the terrorist alliance in the area of Ma’ardas. Clashes have been also ongoing in the areas east of Sha`tha.

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Brad Isherwood

Supposedly Erdogan is close his border…..ya right. The platform shoe midget of Jordan?…..He Ovey’s….so some Manpad could try to run the Gauntlet from that direction. East from US Kurd/Turd…and Raqqa province?…. Possibly….The US baiting Russia and Syria with …..” We will fly them in by C 130. ..watcha gonna do now”

Empire in tantrum mode…….time to be alert!


2 can play at that game, time for the houthis to get the velba manpad, time for vlad to start using the s 400

Jens Holm

bork bork. Comming to Syria, because they are bought and no one alive in Yemen anymore.

Jens Holm

So what kind of Turkish or Greek is this.

Brad Isherwood

Tom have the day off Jens………you the circling Vulture?

You gotta be more threatening Jens…….more teeth.

No wonder Metro Sexual Europe is done like dinner

Jens Holm

Well to much biting is no solution. It only give many dead and wounded.

Dont think Europe is Metrosexual. Like telling men dancing all over all are gay – and women dancing only with woman are lesbians as well.

But You make more of them having no others contacts politics then marriing and rape those without protection in what we call normal rooms and muslims calls mixed even calling them whores.

Here the main issue more should be, why voman are bought and kept – often below even Sharia standard – in stead of using them as that very big ressource, they are.

Vulture – More like garbage cleaner a descent job or hobby.

Real Anti-Racist Action

In return, Russian should supply the indigenous defender’s the Lebanese Resistance forces and the Lebanese Army with manpads. Heck for that matter, Russia should supply the Golden Dawn of Greece with manpads as well.

Jens Holm

bork bork + bork

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia should also armed Lebanon.,Yemen,North Korea,Lybia and Iran with all kind of banded weapons.Let the showdown start.

Jens Holm

bork bork


bork bork is the only thing u know

Jens Holm

Well – I write Bork bork, when its Non formation or pure shit.

Everybody knows everybody has much more weapons and a lot of them according to kinds of RPG`s and heavy mortars.

Why only mention the russian ones. Its easy to make mortars of next best quality and some are better then them. Those russians are very good, but you can find them in 1000`s all over the world.

Same thing with RPG`s.

The question here is not which fabrikation -but if they are given to anyone. Today YPG dont get that heavy stuff, because some of it goes to PKK and can escalate. In the Bosnian war the Croates also could buy almost any weapon. Almost – They could not buy heavy artillery – because it mainly would be used at the muslims – bosniaks. Milosovic also were reduced by a no fly zone – croats and bosniaks has no jets.

So the issue here are not type of weaponds – but if there can be escalated. And there can. Very easy to shoot russian and Assad airplanes and helikopters down.

So whats next step. Will they back or just escalate too.

Im sure fx YPG and PKK would like to have heavy stuff. Today 6 civilians died – as a Turkish routine – by shelling in Tal Abayd. 3 days ago Turks – at least – according to them – hit a military YPG commando center.

So thats, what its about – not to be proud of some ordinary very good mortars and RPG- types.

So thats why I use my many bork borks also meaning, that I and others has to read all that minus level shit.

Ihave got some borks too, but try to improve.

gfsdyughjgd .

Armania,Belarus,Ukraine rebels,Cuba,Venezuela,Argentina,Brazil ,Zimbabwe and China must also armed with all types manpad and banded weapons to take down coalition jets

Jens Holm



Ha ha ha. Cuba is Americas friend. Id Venezuela even a country any more? China is not Russia’s ally..they want Siberia. Ha ha. Mapads will blast dirty Russian cowards out of the air. There will be a regime change. The next regime with throw Russia out (bye bye) for bombing civilians. Syria will become a puppet of the US, not of Iran or Russia. America has more money to spend on this than Russia. All the trolls can post predictions of chaos. There will not be chaos. America could destroy Russia with the push of a button. Russia is totally fearful of NATO. When the Russian planes start falling Putin will do nothing other than send more planes to be blown up. It will end like Afghanistan.. Russia will leave like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs. Russia can bug off now or later (after US proxies use Russian pilots for target practice). I hope Russia fights and takes some casualties. Russians are worse than ISIS. Stop Russia first and ISIS second.


The US will later throw another tantrum in the UN and blame Russia after its own missiles get used to bring US planes down. The entire strategy is a disaster and pouring more money and weapons just increases the magnitude of the disaster.

Also, what has the US done to address the declining manpower of the fake “rebels”? They have still failed to train any.


It is never a disaster to blow scumbag Russians out of the sky, drive up Russia’s expenditures and show Putin that he is a tiny little man that likes to bluff and make threats but never pulls the trigger.. America is not afraid of Russia. Russia is afraid of America.


your blabbering neocon thoughts are not welcome and are worse than cancer, please remove the stinking star-spangled lump of shit from your skull and flush it down the toilet


General Flynn (Trump’s National security advisor) is NOT Russia’s friend. Read Flynn’s book “Field of Fight”… he is going to crush Iran and shut down Russian influence.. go drink your vodka dickless Russian trolls. Putin was abused in grade school. So was Stalin. Putin is still dreaming of dick. No one cares about little Russian problems. Ukraine hates Russia now. No one wants to move to Russia (or join it’s “community”) ha ha. Trump is going to crush Islamist terrorists and turn off Moscow’s power. Russian fags go blow yourselves.


No Russian here, just a Brit who thinks people like you look a lot better when they are blue all over, strangled and next to the mangled bodies of Bush and Blair


Washington has unmasked plans to arm militants with MANPADS to oppose the Russian air grouping operating in Syria. On September 27, the so-called “unnamed US officials” told Reuters that the US has kept high numbers of MANPADS out of Syria by uniting the US Western and Middle Eastern allies, but now it’s a matter of time when the air defense systems will be supplied.

Actually, that’s not really a completely fair reporting of the Reuters story.

Let’s quote what the story actually did say – that the Gulf only may supply MANPADS, but not that’s what US was planning to do.

Gulf may arm rebels now Syria truce is dead – U.S. officials http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-mideast-crisis-syria-usa-idUKKCN11W2N7

The collapse of the latest Syria ceasefire has heightened the possibility that Gulf states might arm Syrian rebels with shoulder-fired missiles to defend themselves against Syrian and Russian warplanes, U.S. officials said on Monday.

Still, the U.S. administration continues to maintain that negotiations are the only way to end the carnage after Russian-backed Syrian forces intensified their bombing of Aleppo, the last major urban area in rebel hands.

… One consequence of the latest diplomatic failure may be that Gulf Arab states or Turkey could step up arms supplies to rebel factions, including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, something the United States has largely prevented until now.

One U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss American policy, said Washington has kept large numbers of such man-portable air defence systems, or MANPADS, out of Syria by uniting Western and Arab allies behind channelling training and infantry weapons to moderate opposition groups while it pursued talks with Moscow.

But frustration with Washington has intensified, raising the possibility that Gulf allies or Turkey will no longer continue to follow the U.S. lead or will turn a blind eye to wealthy individuals looking to supply MANPADS to opposition groups.

“The Saudis have always thought that the way to get the Russians to back off is what worked in Afghanistan 30 years ago – negating their air power by giving MANPADS to the mujahideen,” said a second U.S. official.

“So far, we’ve been able to convince them that the risks of that are much higher today because we’re not dealing with a Soviet Union in retreat, but a Russian leader who’s bent on rebuilding Russian power and less likely to flinch,” this official said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The last thing that the anti-ISIS coalition should ever want is for those Saudi back-stabbers to supply the Syrian market in MANPADS so that ISIS can use them to take down US and NATO aircraft attacking ISIS.

The anti-ISIS coalition has clear air-superiority over Syria now and if the Saudis try to change that by supplying MANPADS directly or via proxies then Saudi Arabia is sponsoring terrorism and providing a pretext for regime change under the Bush Doctrine.

STRATEGY TO DEFEAT ISIS http://supremealliedcondista.newsvine.com/_news/2015/08/13/33784668-strategy-to-defeat-isis

Whilst I have no wish to encourage Turkey to wage an air war with Syria or Russia, that actually would be better than MANPADS getting into the hands of terrorists.

I sincerely hope that Erdogan does neither but pushes his Turkish forces forward to take al-Bab and in that way provide a safe zone and sanctuary for Syrians from terrorists and air attacks.


Hello, do you really believe that this can be done without an approval by the United States? And accidentally, the source of info is some “US officials”.

Jens Holm

Well, the United States are organized different than most others in the matters of war.

When You go to war – or things about it semilar to it – the military parts are very detailed instructed and are much more free to do the jobs with all meens. So its there, its possible, they can because its allowed.

They are made, so they dontneed instructions.

The result for this is, that they win the military part of the jobs fast most of the time.

BUT the peace afterwards often dont get well, because the dominating military force has smashed the political solutions for stabilityafterwards.

Eisenhower – as an examples – almost only got orders just after the meetings between Stalin, Rosewelt and Stalin. He ignored or kicked back important people as Churchill and De Gaulle.

Fx his main target wasnt to take Berlin or invade greece, so the russians couldnt take Balkan.

And he did make thats military defeat of nazis as fast as he could and let the politiciens only give him instructions from the top(what was agreed by Rosewelt, Churchill and Stalin).

Montgommery got instructions by Churchill almost every day and therefor made much problems for the planning of the invasion, because Churchill didnt agree with Rosewelt and Stalin – but they has to make decissions together). Very difficult to have a Nr 2, which so often were in opposition to a leader of millions af soldiers.

Hope You understand it. The hands of USA has many fingers and the fingers are much more free to do, if they think its a good idea.

Hope You understand some of this novel…



Supreme Allied Condista


Hello South Front Mod. Nice site you have here. Thank you for allowing me to post here.

I am Supreme Allied Condista, a supporter of Condoleezza Rice.

do you really believe that this can be done without an approval by the United States?

Well the Saudis sponsored terrorists that did 9/11 without the approval of the United States so of course, I really believe that the Saudis can and will supply MANPADS to their proxy terrorists without the approval of the United States.

The Reuters story is sourced. Your story is a different story from the Reuters story – different in that you claim that the US will arm the opposition with MANPADS and there’s no source for that claim, not in the Reuters story anyway.

Supreme Allied Condista column on Newsvine http://supremealliedcondista.newsvine.com/


Brad Isherwood

Saudi 19 never did 911 Mohammed Atta was a operative who appeared on que to be on CCTV which Was used to push the hijacker/box cutter mantra run by the controlled media. Webster Tarpley has the best info on the Drills run on 911 and the Patsys


Only Dumbed down Americans actually believe Saudi 19 pulled off 911 100 over 100


These MANPADS will show up where ever they are not wanted, sliced and diced so that they can operate everywhere. The Syrian Coalition will counter with caldrons and increased manpower from sources so far withheld to the scale that they have so far been deployed. Large artillery will become the weapon of choice ( the Soviet 240 mm Mortar M240 and 230mm, TOS-1 and even modified Oghab rockets). These systems are easily modified to guided weapons due mainly to their large size and effective payload (screw on a new nose tip).

Jens Holm

Makes me laugh. You forget the enemy will do the same.


Bla bla bla. Die Russians. Die Assad. When the US election is over they are coming for you. Putin is now a war criminal.


Unguided gravity bombs are obsolete and cause too much collateral civilian damage. Drone strikes from 25,000 feet with glide bombs are the future of close air support.



Kind der Sonne

lolx DDD DR. Manpad xDDDD mauahahahahahhaa :D :D _:D


Russia is Mexico but with a superiority delusion. Kick them out of security counsel. They are bluffing in Syria and Ukraine.


Russia…. drunk…broke…no friends.. wishing it was still a super power.. ha ha.. Russia is going to go broke when no one needs oil anymore (soon). Ha ha.. are you going to survive off propaganda and vodka? Ha ha ha. What a bunch of losers. Why don’t you have real elections and stop murdering Russian journalists you cowards.. there is no future in totalitarianism.. democracy will eventually come back to Russia and Putin will die in prison for theft of state assets.. he is a common little thief. USA is not perfect.. but Russia is a boil on the ass of the world.. drunk, poor, dictatorship, insecure.. what a joke. They have done nothing good in the world. They stand for nothing. They contribute nothing. They are a nation of losers. Siberian independence!! Split from the drunk Rus!! If Ukraine can be split then so can Russian Federation!!

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