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Syrian War Report – Sept.27, 2019: Israel Tries Stop Construction Of ‘Iranian Base’ Near Al-Bukamal

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Syrian War Report – Sept.27, 2019: Israel Tries Stop Construction Of ‘Iranian Base’ Near Al-Bukamal

On September 25 and 26, helicopters of the Syrian Air Force carried out a series of strikes on positions of radical militants in northern Lattakia. According to local sources, the strikes targeted the area surrounding the town of Kbani killing several militants and destroying at least one of their fortified positions.

Earlier in September, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham deployed a large batch of reinforcements, including military equipment, to the area. Pro-government sources say that this may indicate that the terrorist group is preparing for offensive actions in the area.

The situation at the contact line in southern Idlib remains relatively calm. This sets conditions for the return of civilians to the areas recently liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Just recently, a few hundreds of civilians returned to Khan Shaykhun.

At the same time, SAA units are undertaking active efforts to secure northern Hama and southern Idlib. Over the past weeks, the SAA has uncovered several weapons depots abandoned by militants.

On September 24, Israel’s ImageSat Intl. released a new series of photos showing the supposed ‘Iranian base under construction’ near al-Bukamal. The satellite image show that despite repeated airstrikes supposedly carried out by Israel the military facility is about to be finalized.

On September 26, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that the SAA carried out a “chlorine attack” in northern Lattakia in May.

“The Assad regime is responsible for innumerable atrocities some of which rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Pompeo said. “Today I am announcing that the United States has concluded that the Assad regime used chlorine as a chemical weapon on May 19.”

The supposed May 19 chemical attack was first announced by al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. However, according to the terrorist group, nobody was killed or injured in the incident. Later, pro-opposition sources claimed that 4 members of another al-Qaeda-linked group, the Turkistan Islamic Party, suffered from suffocation when the Syrian military struck a cave in which they were hiding. Both versions were not supported by any evidence.

Probably, Washington investigators had waited for some response to data requests that they sent to the internationally recognized terrorist groups.

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AM Hants

Talking of Pompeo and his lies, there wasn’t even any reported CW incident, in Syria, back in May. Riddle me this, but, why have the US sanctioned Russians, who are supplying fuel to the Russian Forces in Syria, when Russia was invited and the US were not?

Note To Journos – When Pompeo Doubles Down On A Lie He Does Not “Confirm” It Some people can’t think but tweet anyway:

‘…The reason is like this outrage mentioned in the last paragraphs of today’s NYT piece:

Also on Thursday, the Treasury Department imposed economic penalties against a subsidiary of a Russian shipping company, three of its executives, and five vessels accused of evading American sanctions to deliver jet fuel to Russian forces in Syria who are assisting Mr. Assad’s government. That the U.S. sanctions a Russian transport services company which provides logistic services for the legitimate Russian forces in Syria is unprecedented and in fact outrageous.

Yesterday’s gas claim was not a confirmation but another Pompeo lie only put up to give some fig leaf excuse for the absolutely undiplomatic and illegitimate U.S. behavior…’



Interesting article. “Curiously neither the Syrian Observatory nor any of the usual propaganda outlets nor the MI6 White Helmets fakers reported of any gas attack on Sunday May 19 in Idelb.”

AM Hants

Yet, doesn’t he want another tomahawk strike, preferably with friends, for payback to something that never happened.


Maybe if they fire tomahawks out of patriot launchers they’ll have more success? I think the US starts wars to use up old stock in their military inventory!

AM Hants

Must admit, I am still laughing at the very expensive fire work display, that was provided to entertain President Xi Jinping, with zero success.

60 tomahawks, one stuck in the tube, 36 went missing and 23 arrived at destination, impotent. As proven, when the Syrian military jets took off from attacked airport, just a couple of hours later.

Not a very advert for US finest weapons. On top of the US defence systems, over in Saudi, not being prepped for Houthi greetings. Oooooooops. Should have gone to Russia with their order.


Ultimately selling the new, “better, perfect, beautiful” stuff, is job #1


BE QUIET!! That is Top Secret info that is not to be out in the public arena. No one outside of the Military Industrial Complex is supposed to know this.


Eg., Cambodia, just a year before the fall of Saigon, old stock that needed to be used, despite Cambodia’s non-involvement in Vietnam. From Jan., to Aug.,1973, over half a million tons dropped on Cambodia. After which Pol Pot with 20 of his Khmer Rouge took over the capitol.


It would seem they overdid it with the black helmets. The key to this style propaganda is to keep repeating over and over. Anyone now who doesn’t believe it simply is not watching enough TV. I don’t watch much, it disgusts me and I can’t stomach it. Meanwhile they got all the kids lined up to save the planet at the same time the biggest threat is from war and no one says boo! More Yemenis dead, so what save my tree.


Just imagine if the US faced sanctions for all it’s activities that have reeked havoc. Listened to an interview of Pompass and the “journalist” was all upset that the Saudis chopped up one of their guys but not once even hinted at 100000 Yemenis dead and millions dying.

Now a days the endless lies seem to get less and less traction. I think most people scratch their heads and wonder, sure I value my life to much to question your lies, but what the hell are your people up to?

AM Hants

To be honest, I cannot understand why nobody tries to sanction the US, just for the fun of it? There again, just working against the $US, no doubt provides the answer.


It’s going to make the Nuremberg trials look like an awards show. Many will be surprised by how soon the tables will turn.

AM Hants

Must admit, what I am finding interesting is how what is happening in Washington DC is also running parallel with BREXIT, over in the UK.

The same mafia mob, who cannot except the BREXIT result also cannot handle the fact Trump is in the White House.

Team Netanyahoo V Team Soros/Rockefeller.

There again, I also wonder if ‘Ukraine Gate’ was to take Epsteing out of the headlines? As what has happened to the Epstein story, which would have taken down a lot more, than Biden and Son Enterprises over in Ukraine, during Biden’s stint as a Vice President.

Then you have both teams, keeping Israel sweet, no matter which mafia they are aligned to.


This report is, excluding a small totally unrelated paragraph, not about Al Bukamal at all. This would be like a report on alevis with the caption ” Erdogan caught naked” because there was a one liner about his bathing customs.

Jens Holm

They forget to line it up as 1) , 2), 3, a.s.o.

They take one of them random making it into a headline.

Confusing – Yes – but thats how they do.


Pomp-ass said it was a horrible chlorine attack though no one was killed or injured or damaged tho in local reports of the area, the women got their white laundry very clean…

cechas vodobenikov

US paid cave dwellers http://www.sott.net/article/421112

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I love what the Syrian foreign minister said “who is pompeo?” Hahahhah

cechas vodobenikov

http://www.sott.net/article/421140 the SA/USA barbarians cannot defeat weaker, poorly armed Houthi freedom lovers…they obviously hate freedom—amerikans submissively embraced the patriot act


The MIC of the US government installed the Patriot Act after 9/11, in order to take away American’s freedoms. Embraced only by the MIC, submissive, we’ll see.


set a trap for the jews and blow them to kingdom come – would be a triumph to down a f35 and hand over to Iran. with their talent to copy-engineer and improve they could make one f35xx in no time and as usual the unhinged states of A would be flabbergasted. they participated in ww2 and russia was the victor, after that they were defeated in korea, in vietnam, in iraq and in afghanistan and libya and syria and getting nowhere fast where venezuela or iran are concerned. losers, sore losers and something to laugh at.

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