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Syrian War Report – September 26, 2017: Syrian Army Pushes Towards al-Bukamal

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On Monday, Syrian government forces renewed efforts to capture the strategic area of the T-2 Pumping Station near the border with Iraq.

The pumping station is one of the last ISIS strong points between the government-held area and the terrorist-held city of al-Bukamal.  If the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and its allies are able to capture the T-2 Pumping Station, a way for an advance towards al-Bukamal will be opened.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS members destroyed an SAA battle tank using an anti-tank guided missile near the T-2 Pumping Station.  Pro-government sources said that some 7 ISIS members were killed in the clashes.

On Tuesday, the SAA continued attempts to recapture the area from ISIS.

On Monday, the SAA reportedly captured Nashad village on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, north of Deir Ezzor city.

On Tuesday, fierce fighting continued in Sarq Island east of Deir Ezzor.  The island is a key ISIS stronghold in the area and the group is not going to abandon it.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters that the death of Russia’s Lieutenant General Valery Asapov is a direct result of the US two-faced policy in Syria.  Asapov was killed during an ISIS mortar shelling near the city of Deir Ezzor on Sunday.  He reportedly was a commander of Russian special task forces in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Raqqah.

The Next day, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and SDF-linked media accused Russia of striking its positions near the al-Taybeh gas and oil fields and added that government forces were shelling SDF positions with mortars and rocket launchers.

Russia rejected the claims, stating that its warplanes bombed only terrorist positions and added that no fighting between the SDF and ISIS was observed in the area.

In Raqqah city, the SDF seized the Grain Mill area and advanced in the Andalus, Tawrah, and al-Amin neighborhoods.

The ISIS resistance remains relatively strong in the central part of the city.

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MD Ranix

The ISIS resistance remains relatively strong in the central part of the city ….. no rocket science to know who are behind these terrorists …. so in short all terrorists (isis=sdf=yankees) should be eradicated asap

Trustin Judeau

In the next few weeks it is expected that ops to capture the terrorist strongholds of Khan Sheykhoun , Marrat and possibly Saqarib/Sarakeb . Source https://twitter.com/Syria_Hezb_Iran/status/912679443067523074 .

Solomon Krupacek

in december was late


Finally lol

Bruce MacKinnon

US seems to control both Kurds and ISIS. Bankers tactic of backing both sides. This is kept hidden. All part of Israel plan to Balkanise ME/Syria.

Ernst Lindenberg

And of course ISIS = USA/Israel/Saudi-Arabia…

Man Dagang

Why usa bombing isis like hell in mosul & raqqa..you shld be in front line just to get bombed


IS comprised by groups of militants and extremists and these one in Syria just happen to be former FSA that’s hostile to Assad. IS has no uses in Mosul butin Syria they’d fight the hated Syrian government.

Charlie rad

BTW> Putin just purged over 15 top Russian generals today. Interesting to see where this goes. My guess is we will see some very aggressive Russian moves in Syria & Ukraine.

Charlie rad
jhon malakiat

its usa support saddam when he fight against iran. and after that, usa itself that killed saddam.

you want more?

its like usa create osama bin laden to fight against soviet. and usa itself that killed osama.

you want more?

its usa that help qaddafy to become libya in coup. and usa itself that killed qaddafy.

so why you dont believe if usa created isis and destroy them?

Charlie rad

certain globalist-DEEPSTATE-CIA-SOROS elements have been running USA & Europe for decades. We in USA are fighting to take USA back from these scumbags. We want to stop interfering in other countries. That’s what “America 1ST ” means. After we fix USA , we will help fix Europe. We want peace with Russia. We want all countries borders respected, including our own. It will get bloody before it’s over in USA.

jhon malakiat

i have suggestion to SAA how to handle terrorist.

catch alive all terrorists and jail them in septy tanks that full of human feces.

it’s a decent fee for a terrorist


Haha yes and acid

Charlie rad

& feed them lots of raw pork while in the Septic tanks.


Turn the raw pork to bacon for the rest of us.
They’ve more than enough of their staple diet in any septic tank.

Solomon Krupacek

there is no alternative to my former suggestion; attack in 2 direction – north maadan, middle – DEZ city, south – abu kamal. the saa already could be in abu kamal, cross the Euphrates. and the yanks and kurdish rats could only blink.


Yes, blink behind the cross hairs of artillery and sniper guns.

Jonathan Cohen

As long as ISIS holds the East river bank, then SAA would be racing SDF and not fighting them, which is fine with me. SAA and SDF can race all they want to seize territory from ISIS, I only object to SAA fighting SDF while ISIS still holds Syrian territory. After ISIS is gone, then and only then, SDF can clobber SAA to defend abortion rights.



Solomon Krupacek

i will not explain again :)


The T2 to Al Bukamal advance is being delayed because of the long open right flank along the border. The Iraqi army seems to be taking their time moving towards Al Qaim. And now air and other assets involved in N Hama against HTS, this does not help the situation in E Syria at all. :(

Solomon Krupacek

look, this border mythus is false. in that part of iraq are few isis jihadists. also on part, where on one side saa is the lord, other side the isis, is nothing happened. and abu kamal is too important fot doing nothing. of course, 5 months ago was the optimal time. but russians and syrians always sleep.


You tell that to the many SAA and PMU that have died on this front.
And also ISIS grabbed a couple of Grad launchers after taking out an SAA strong point just south of T2. :(

Solomon Krupacek

now is time for die. in critical phase you can not look on losts. it is sruel, but this is apha and omega of war. altogether will die much more syrian soldiers because of lack of willing in critical timepoint.


Not so wise to push a unit so far forward that it can be destroyed in detail. You know what the hell being flanked means. Did you study under Col. Custer in officer school? :/

Solomon Krupacek

yanks pushed units in deir ez zor. that is the difference beteween them and russians. russians talk, yanks do. this is the reason, why won the cold war.


you can and you will


You know him too well :))

Jonathan Cohen

Russia has no cause to bomb SDF because both defend abortion rights and are therefore allies; but Syria bans abortion, so the bombers must have been Syrian and mistaken for Russian by SDF.


Has T2 been retaken yet?

Solomon Krupacek

every minute 60 times


lol what?

Solomon Krupacek

i am joking





Washington’s Iron Curtain on the Euphrates by Mike Whitney

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