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Syrian War Report – September 25, 2017: US-Russian Tensions Grow In Deir Ezzor Province

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An ISIS shelling has killed Russia’s Lieutenant general Valery Asapov near Deir Ezzor city, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday. The general died after sustaining a “fatal injury” in the shelling. The incident took place when Asapov was at a command outpost manned by Syrian troops, assisting commanders in the liberation of Deir Ezzor.

According to the Russian media, Asapov was a commander of Russian task forces in Deir Ezzor and Raqqah provinces.

At the same day, CNN announced citing a US official that US forces in Syria have increased surveillance of Russian troop locations. The report boosted the rumors that ISIS could receive a location of the Russian-Syrian command post from the US-led coalition.

The Russian Defense Ministry also released photos showing US Special Operations Forces deployed in stronghold in the ISIS-held area near Dier Ezzor with no screening patrols.

“The shots clearly show the US SOF units located at strongholds that had been equipped by the ISIS terrorists. Though there is no evidence of assault, struggle or any US-led coalition airstrikes to drive out the militants.

Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them. This suggests that the US troops feel safe in terrorist controlled regions,” the statement said.

Russia will likely react to the recent developments in Deir Ezzor with increased bombing campaign with possible usage of Kalibr cruise missiles against ISIS targets.

Photos and videos appearing online show increased deployment of government troops as well as equipment, including battle tanks, PMM-2M self-propelled ferries and BMK-MO boats, to Deir Ezzor ahead of further operations.

Last weekend, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies made a large progress northwest of Deir Ezzor, retaking the key town of Maadan and the nearby areas from ISIS. At the same, time, government troops were not able to develop momentum on the east bank of the Euphrates because of a fierce ISIS resistance there.

In turn, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) consolidated their gains over Ibsah and Taibah fields and pushed towards Jafra fields. The SDF also launched a storm of the al-Suwar town.

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Deo Cass

The Russians and the Syrian Army if they want have many other means to get to the other side of the Euphrates river and block the US/Kurdish/ISIS coalition invasion forces. The Russians can use airborne forces to position troops behind enemy lines, while the Syrian government forces can cross to Iraq and start advancing from the south together with Iraqi PMU forces according to the agreement they have with the Iraqi government. Why they haven’t done so yet defies reason. This is a vital battle for the survival of the Syrian state and Russia as well. I cannot understand why they don’t commit all of their fire power, air and ground to get the job done including throwing the US/Kurdish/ISIS terror coation out of the way.


Everything is simple if you do not think.

Will Iraq let SAA troops into Syria? Even if they have them available, which they do not?

Not likely.


Will Iraq let SAA troops into Syria?

whaat ?!


Dutch National…………… aw cmon now, YOU are not thinking…………..stay away from the Coffee Shops and get a grip. Firstly you mean to say “Will Iraq let SAA troops into IRAQ” ! The Iraqis have already agreed to allow the SAA to penetrate 10 kms past the Iraq/Syria border. It is a reciprocal agreement.


Right, typo.

Sure you never made them.


comment image

Daniel Martin

For your information the SAA is already in Syria and have always been,that’s why they are called the Syrian Arab Army.

Solomon Krupacek

already for 1 week operateas RuAf also in iraqi airspace. this is deal between moscow and baghdad. yu will be surprized …


First, I understand your frustration.i believe the Russians and Syrians are trying to negotiate first. Convince the Kurds that this is really not in their best interest. Any battle will cost them more men and and equipment which they will need to handle the imperialist USA army onslaught. The Kurds have over extended their supply lines, and the Syrian Army can flank them anytime for a rear action to cut them off. The Kurds know they will lose a significant number of their fighters in this actions which they will need against Iraqi forces in their home territory. So give it time. Things are not as straight forward as just bang bang shoot them up.


I am not agree, you are no taking into account the most important factor, USA. If kurds need a supply line, USA will provide it, so simple. From my point of view SAA-Russia just have made a stupidity by not crossing the river fast and on time to stop SDF. I can not see it other way, and one can say many excuses about this, but as we say in lationamerica “desde que se inventaron las escusas, se acabaron los pendegos.”

Bill Rood

Gustavo asks a fair question. The answer is that it took time to bring up bridging equipment. That’s why he river was not crossed quickly. In answer to your suggestion that the Russians and Syrians “convince” the Kurds … well, the only convincing Kurd leadership understands is the barrel of a gun. I believe they will see many barrels once the logistics are solved.


I did not say convince with words or talk. I agree with your view of the Kurds. As I have written, the Kurds are a far distance from Kurdistan. They know have Iranian tanks on one border. Turkish on another and Iraqi on another. I hope you get my picture. Assad has offered Syrian Kurds authonomy. As to USA supply, do not count on it. I have double checked US State Dep is against a Kurdish homeland. They are simply using then in a arms deal. The Kurds will see the wisdom and returning to Iraq with their weapons in tact and making that their last and final stand hopefully. Kurds have no air power with US support.

Bill Rood

Sorry I misunderstood you. Yes, all US foreign/military policy must be viewed in light of the immediate institutional imperatives of the MIC: 1) profits for weapons manufacturers and military contractors and 2) career advancement for individuals employed by the MIC. Military officers need combat experience for promotion. The imperatives require the creation of maximum chaos. It doesn’t matter whether any of the hawked objectives are achieved, just the imperatives.

Jens Holm

A lot is like You understanding nothing.

Its because You are filled up with systematicly misinformation in all levels mainly by Assads and Erdogans.

You might try to get some logistic insights according what those mixted troops are worth before You propose them to do this and that. Those troops exept from one new unit also are exhausted and fight at several fronts there.

I dont know how many they are, but those extras has to get everything from far away.

Jonathan Cohen

That’s quite a distance. It might be easier to cross the river, I wouldn’t know. Also they should hit only isis, not SDF with their abortion rights; though the same decision applies to fighting ISIS only, cross the river or go around through Iraq? Both seem reasonable to me so I’ll leave it to them. They might already be across the river in which case it’s a done deal.

Solomon Krupacek

“This is a vital battle for the survival of the Syrian state and Russia
as well. I cannot understand why they don’t commit all of their fire

maybe thy have other information and do not deal your opinion ;)

Zainab Ali

hopefully as we speak now, the russian led coalition has solid proof strategies for victories … in God is the trust … terrorists being satanic in nature will always be perm losers


Ashura Mazda ; God of Truth , give us wisdom .


Simplest reaction is any airstrike against SDF will be responded to and give the SDF truckloads of manpads and even SAM if necessary for self defense. Let the SDF then respond to any attack on them by anyones airforce.

No attack, no response. Simple.


your hopes and dreams will crash soon.


Together with Russian planes?


Together with eu

Boris Kazlov

The only Russian warplane that crashed was unarmed and treacherously shot.
Murican planes crash themselves and pilots die from asphyxia.
Douchenazional, you have no idea, maybe being paid with food stamps to buy poisoned burgers.


Manpads can be given to the SAA too!
What then?
Besides they have a ceiling of only 15,000 feet!
SU-25’s fly too low for maenads and are so resilient that it would be a waste of time!

You do know that DeZ airport is being set up as an airforce base!

So when Turkey’s backed rebel forces, Turkish forces (who hate Kurds), SAA, Russian forces, Hezbollah, Iraqi army, PMU and Iranian forces all attack from the ground, what then?
What… u think the US is going to run a gauntlet of Pantsirs, BUK’s, Tor’s and S-400’s / 300’s?

U think Iran won’t brig in air defence systems?
U think they can avoid these air defence batteries AND the Russian airforce AND the Turkish airforce AND the Iraqi Airforce?


That US airbase in north eastern Syria is a sitting duck for Turkey and SAA!
It can be blockaded from the air and land!

Russia could always create its mythical Aerial Denial bubble!

There are a lot of options but the advantages go to the regional countries!
If u think turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will allow a Kurdish state to be formed (which neighbours Iran’s and Turkey’s Kurdish population) then u are dreaming!

It will never happen!
Not with Russia there!
Because to create it means ww3!

there will be no support for this state!
None because the US is there without a mandate, so why would the UN allow it if the US can’t even get a mandate!

So Russia is right!
This war is over!

Those oil rich lands in eastern DeZ are defacto the SAA’s!

The only real goal for the Syrians and Iraqi’s is to seal the border!

Thats it!
The rest is peanuts!

U just don’t get it do u….. this wasn’t supposed to happen this way!
Assad was SUPPOSE to go!
Then the US was gonna clean up isis with the FSA and Kurds!

but Russia came in and plan B was implemented!

And now plan B is also impossible due to Turkey!
If Turkey was on board with the US then sure, its possible! But they are not!
In fact I think turkey hates the Kurds the most AND U FUCKING KNOW THIS TOO!

Dude u can’t have all 4 countries that contain Kurdish populations, ALL be against the Kurds having their own state whilst a super power is there ILLEGALLY pushing it to happen!
Especially when Israel is bombing only SAA and NEVER isis which is right next to its own fucking border!

And we all know whats going on!
And you are trying SO DESPERATELY to paint a different picture of which we all know is total bullshit!

I said A LONG TIME A GO that the Kurds were gonna attack manbij!
And its seem they are! (since all these recent announcements)

If the SDF lose manbij then they lose the west of the Euphrates!
If Turkey takes Kobane, the SDF are fucked!
If the turks attack the area intersecting Iraq, Syria and Turkey then the US airbase is fucked because the US will be forced to attack a NATO ally who is defending its regional borders WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE SYRIAN AND IRAQI GOVT!

And the US is there ILLEGALLY!

Its Finished!
DeZ WAS the prize!!!
now its just the borders and the SAA and the PMU have that under control!
Britain fucking left!

The connection between Tehran and Lebanon EXISTS now!

And to prove this, this is why NTH KOREA is an amped threat!
Its 3D warfare playing on other battle fields!
The US can’t win that either because of what they did to Libya and Iraq!

You can’t accept this, I know! Thats fine, I get it!
But in time u will need to learn to accept this!
otherwise its just gonna hurt ur feelings for a long time to come!

Its a good thing!
The US and Zionist empires are crashing down!
the world will be a better place but we need to break a few eggs to do that!
Mainly Kurdish eggs but hey, thats Karma doing tis job in reference to the Armenian Genocide!

If one day u ever feel sad and start crying, pls take a picture and post it on here! I promise u I will treasure that photo for the rest of my life!

Boris Kazlov

Rusiians don’t know about manpads, right?


Believe me it’s mutual. The US forces are tired as hell sitting in front of the Russians who are saying they are ISIS now….

Which means they crossed the ‘RED LINE”

In this entire war since 2011 the ASSAD camp appeared to me worse then drunk and spitting absolutely nonsense and never ending propaganda to the point even their fans didn’t believe in their sources and this is what over retardation on propaganda can do.. It becomes like an inflation.

All in all. The Russians should be eliminated




WOW what a statement, i believe you are getting more and more an Idiot of yourself.


go on try to eliminate me, you broke back mountain idiot


you are a freak


Let’s see how many ‘likes’ you get. Have another Coors mate


Just the assophyles is enough for me.

Boris Kazlov

You never read about the USA decline and final demise, right, it will come sooner than we all expect, the cataclysmic financial crisis already started.


Then those US forces should GO HOME!
And you should buy a brain.

Jonathan Cohen

As far as I’m concerned, It’s open season on any forces, including US forces seen to be cooperating with ISIS. I don’t know why they confined themselves to photographs when they could have bombed forces cooperating with ISIS, unless the photographs were taken from a lightweight drone incapable of carrying bombs.


“At the same day, CNN announced citing a US official that US forces in Syria have increased surveillance of Russian troop locations. The report boosted the rumors that ISIS could receive a location of the Russian-Syrian command post from the US-led coalition”…TRANSLATION…CNN report that the UNITED STATES surveillance satellite and others means are transferring Russian troops locations to their SEPOYS INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES TERRORISTS I.S.I.S in TOTAL COOPERATION with their FUNDED MERCENARY TERRORIST.

Solomon Krupacek

from rumors to make fact = anabashed lie.


Solomon, unabashed U.S/ISRAEL SEPOY.

Solomon Krupacek

el zorro = petty usurper of famous name

Boris Kazlov

@Shloime, it is a justifiable assumption, since Russian MOD said basically the same thing, blaming death of general Asapov squarely on murican hypochrisy.

Solomon Krupacek

no, boy, this is quite another thing. this dose not tell, the maericans made anything in this way. they said only, because they did not attacked isis, so allowed the possibility for isis to hot russian. but it is very weak argue from russians. saa also did not anything, when yanks fought wit isis in aleppo, raqqa. saa was always waiting that isis removes the fighters. saa simply parasitized on yanks efforts. but ok, this is also legitime style. but be man and tell clearly, the fact, that yanks did nott attacked isis, is also legitime act. all of you are crying as squaws. insted of this go in arms and take al bukamal, cross euphrates and beat the isis.


= assumption .


Syrian nation in ISIS, SDF and YPG areas are in great danger because they are united against Syrian nation. They have butchered and still butchering Syrian nation.

Regional countries should join hands against these enemies. You have very limited time.


Bomb those SDF shi**tstains finally


…………….AND KILL those Yankee scumbag Mercs…………………every last one of them.


Nobody has to worry about Russians.

IS already is killing them. Nobody else has to bother.

Boris Kazlov

Sure, some Russian casualties were expected, we are human, less than 40 against how many thousand douche bags?


The US provocation seek a disproportionate response from Russia. Russia will not take this gambit. The Kurds are tired of being the American vassal, for they will be out one day. Syria must negotiate with the Kurds to use the oilfields for Syrian reconstruction including Kurdish regions. The Syrian people will never accept another “Israel” on its borders.


Really, do you really think that kurds are tire of being USA vassal ? Not at all, they have recieved just a week ago ton and ton of weapons, and they are very happy for this. Once you may pack with the devil, it is almost impossible to get out of him…..you will see.


The problem is that Russia likes talk yet the USA back stabs them all the time , the world knows that the fight is with DAESH so Russia must bomb DAESH positions , if the US is hit they must explain to the world what the he’ll were they doing with ISIS in the first place.it’s the only way Russia can expose USA hypocrisy in Syrian war, Kurds have no right to block the SAA from freeing their land , the rubbish all came with USA trying to divide Syria but that will never happen and the Kurds know that , the only way to bring peace in Syria is to get the USA out , coz the USA has never fought Daesh in Syria but has bombed Civilian positions to allow Deash to advance into cities , until Russia can into Syria the US was never there for ISIS but was there to assist them to take down ASSAD, now that it’s failed USA is paying revenge by giving away Russian positions to DAESH or even actually participating in the shelling themselves. The only devil in Syria is the USA and Israel working besides it. If Russia & Syria wants to win this war , eliminate the Americans .


@ Themba ; Well spoken .


SAA had plenty of time (almost three weeks) to cross the river and to stop SDF (kurds, USA puppets), and they did nothing about this. Now, Syria-Russi-Iran-Hezbolah ground troops are blockated to go northeast and east of teh other side of the river to recover the oil fields in Omar. It looks like a failure in war tactic (like Aleppo and Palmyra), but maybe I am wrong ……am I ?

martin aguilar

Yes you are wrong !

Nigel Maund

The US is in decline (AT LAST) read this:


However, the US and its allies will go down hard and the end for them will be very painful as their massive hubris, arrogance and pride will be punished. The sins of the US and its allies are enormous and for 70 years the US has visited misery and ruin on hundreds of millions of people from Vietnam to Kosovo to Nicaragua and most of the Middle East. Now their day of atonement is coming and it will be terrible. It now needs no war to finally destroy the US as it will, like the UK, destroy itself from within. The foundation of the ruin of the US have been well laid in its corrupt society and deep social and economic decay. There will be no chance to make America Great again for at least 100 years. It is ruined and the reckoning will occur in 2018 as the Economist Magazine indicated in its New Year cover of 1988, The Rothschild family have got what they wanted. They have destroyed the world’s most powerful state by their corrosive and evil financial, economic and social agenda. The US may actually break up in a disastrous civil war and finally come apart in a disastrous break down. If so it it will be justice and God’s justice! The International Bankster Cabal will control the wreck and the bulk of the US population will die in so called FEMA concentration camps and from poisoning from GM foods, fluoridisation, chemicals in their foods and drugs and finally drugs themselves. If they do not die this way they will kill each other in a fractacidal civil war that has been 200 years coming and is now almost on them.

Keith Smith

Russia have shown US where ISIS strongholds are, and have already shown they can hit any ISIS target from the Sea. If US troops are there, perhaps they should leave pretty quick….. Syria will beat the SDF by taking out the communications of the US and its commands structure within ISIS. No US support and ISIS crumble. SDF are ISIS and will be dealt with

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