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Syrian War Report – September 21, 2018: Threat Of Staged Chemical Weapons Attack In Idlib Remains

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Jaysh al-Izza, one of the biggest Free Syrian Army groups in northwestern Syria has welcomed an implementation of the de-escalation zone agreement in Idlib, which was reached by Turkey and Russia earlier this month, the pro-opposition media outlet Enab Baladi reported on September 20.

In a released statement, the group also thanked to Turkey for preventing a military operation by the Syrian Army and its allies in the province of Idlib and nearby areas.

Jaysh al-Izza, which operates in northwestern and northern Hama, is widely known for being one of the key allies of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). This may be an indication that Turkey has enough influence and willingness on militant groups in the area to force them to obey the demilitarized zone agreement, which is set to be fully imposed by October 20. However, the situation remains complicated.

During a weekly press briefing on September 20, Maria Zakharova warned that a threat of staged chemical attack in Idlib province is still high. According to Zakharova, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is supplying its allied militant groups with chemical agents with this purpose.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 31 ISIS members and destroyed two vehicles, several mortars and five vehicle-borne improvised devices (VBIEDs) during their advance on ISIS positions near Baghuz al-Fawqani and Hajin in the Euphrates Valley.

Recently, the SDF established a full control of Baghuz and started advancing on the ISIS-held village of al-Fawqani al-Susah.

On September 19, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah stated that a part of Israeli strikes on Syria was aimed at preventing the Syrian military from boosting their missile capabilities.

“Israel lies when it says that the purpose of the attack was weapons intended for Hezbollah. The Israeli aggression in Syria is intolerable and must be stopped immediately,” he said, adding that Hezbollah would remain in Syria until further notice

“The quietness of the fronts and less number of threats… will naturally affect the current numbers [of Hezbollah members],” Nasrallah said. “No one can force us out of Syria,” he added.

The movement leader further noted that Hezbollah would leave Syria only upon request from the Damascus government.

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Gregory Casey

Reports from early this (Friday) morning indicate that Jaish al-Islam (or however they describe themselves today) & White Helmets have received a shipment of Sarin in Idlib for use in coming days ……… Meanwhile, despite the purported welcome for Turkey-Russia Ceasefire from some groups, the majority of Nusra Front / al-Qaeda / Jaish al-Islam / HTal-Sham have stated they will NOT disarm and have no intention whatsoever of disarming.

leon mc pilibin

These White HelMUTTS should be hunted down by special forces and brought to justice in front of the people of the world,and show beyond doubt who their Zionist backers really are.


Well actually it’s quite plain who their backers are. Countries have been lining up to declare their support of them. Got to be at least half a billion they have received by now.

At least twice F.uk.us and collaborators have launched retaliatory missile attacks based solely on the video evidence of the white helmets Public Relations Organization. In both cases no actual evidence of Syrian Gov. use of CW has come to light. Yet the charade plays on.

That my tax money is used to fund an organization that kidnaps and kills children in order to produce fake propaganda videos to justify further illegal bombing of Syria makes me feel like I sold my daughter to drug dealers. Oh not to worry. I didn’t and she is better protected than most of us.

It’s just as a parent you understand the vulnerability of little ones and I will never forgive those governments who have funded White Helmets. There is no reconciliation for depravity of this magnitude

Gregory Casey

Meanwhile, this link is well-worthwhile reading, indicating that the reason for Russian shut-down of Eastern Mediterranean from Wednesday night for a period of one week is to enable S-300 Systems to be brought in to Syria from Russia, install and commission them without threat of Israelis bombing the equipment before it can be installed & commissioned. Closure of Air-Space extends to 19,000 feet apparently and Russia/Syria are satisfied that closure below this height ensures that any attack can be adequately defended …….. with existing S-200 above 19,000 feet and Russian Naval assets enforcing everything.
All of this despite Russia agreeing with Israelis & Nutynahu early this year / end of last year they would not supply S-300 or S-400 to Syria. Although there is more than adequate evidence showing that missile strike on Russian Plane came from French Frigate and not from Israeli Jets, Russia informed Israelis (and all others) it was sufficiently clear from evidence that France had fired Missiles that took down Russian plane but Russia refused to retaliate against French (NATO asset and therefore open to full force of NATOO retaliation) preferring to blame Israelis ………… using their own cover-story to overturn Russia’s previous undertaking not to supply S-300 to Syria.

Icarus Tanović

Thanks on this one. But in reality Israelis did it, French only shoot “blank” rokets, but clearly it was coordinated.
I have just one wish considering to this, which is that SAA took Idlib from wahhabis, and that’s all.
Clearly there is something significant there, worth of WWIII.

Julian Clegg

You people are out of touch. Syrian defense forces shot down the Russian plane by accident while under attack by Israeli fighters. The Israeli jets flew behind the Russian plane, thereby using it as a shield. The incident would not have happened without the Israeli aggression.



Good Reason to Eradicate the Idlib-Vermin…just to prevent any False-Flag-Chemical-Attack and thus any FUKUS-Missile-Retaliation-Attacks in the Future…most Headchoppers ain’t going to accept the Putin-Erdogan conditions for Idlib anyway…they want to keep their Human Shields

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, that’s pretty good that they won’t accept any agreements. I love to see them overrun and turned into dust.
Turks are just cheap tricksters, and would like to see if Nusra and all wahhabi vermin would do any attack on them. If no-there we go.


I received my key for the gates to the 250 sq miles of tribal land and my annual vehicle permit and am waiting for my camping permit.

I bought an Inreach Delorme satellite emergency locator with smartphone Bluetooth texting capability. And a Seek compact pro thermal imager micro usb camera for my Android phone. And a Gopro Hero6 Black action camera and headband. And a Nitecore 360 lumen camera light. I’ll be buying a IR illuminator for my day and night vision camcorder soon.

This electronics suite will a considerable upgrade in security and recon capabilities. Part of the wilderness missing persons abduction/murder phenomenon includes cases where the corpses that were tested for it showed signs of being drugged. Possibly during the abduction using aerosols. I’m researching respirators.


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Bigfoots have an ET/ED nexus and may be capable of serving as intermediary liaisons with the ETs that they’re involved with. If I have another encounter with them yelling or making other noises in the woods. I may run an IFF operation and go looking for them.
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