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Syrian War Report – September 20, 2018: Russia Kicks Off Snap Drills Off Syrian Coast

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On September 19, multiple reports appeared in some Arab, Western and Russian media claiming that the Russian Military Police arrested all service members of the 44th brigade of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces in the Syrian province of Lattakia over their involvement in the incident with the Russian IL-20 military plane on September 17. Then, the servicemen were allegedly moved to a jail at Hmeimim airbase.

One of the key sources of these reports was the Hammurabi’s Justice News blog well known for its links to US-backed militant groups in at-Tanf and the US-led coalition. The blog was not able to provide any evidence confirming its claims. Furthermore, a source in the SADF told SouthFront that the 44th brigade does not even exist.

Syrian pro-government sources described this kind of reports as another attempt to drive a wedge within the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance using the IL-20 incident.

On the same day, the Russian Armed Forces kicked off snap drills in the eastern Mediterranean, which will last until September 26. Some experts claimed that the drills are a show of force and a warning to Israel following official statements by top Russian officials that the Israeli actions, which led to the IL-20 shootdown on September 17, are unacceptable.

Adviser to Turkish President Erdogan, Yasin Aktay, openly described the Israeli attack as an attempt to sabotage the Russian-Turkish agreement on the Idlib demilitarized zone.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) repelled an ISIS attack on their positions in the settlement of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the province of Deir Ezzor. The SDF reportedly destroyed two VBIEDs and then attacked ISIS positions near al-Shaddadah and al-Kasrah.

Now, SDF units are developing advance in the direction of al-Susah.

The Russian military is making steps to upgrade security on its bases in Syria and installation of upgraded control systems is one of the technical solutions it is currently working at, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told media on September 19. Earlier, the Russian president vowed that security of Russian troops deployed in the war-torn country will be boosted.

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Vince Dhimos

None of these stop-gap measures will help until Russia finally decides it can no longer tolerated any attack by any country on Syria — not just on Russian assets but on Syrian assets as well.


but this is the typical soviet/russian pave dance

they do something as showmen, tell something and continue in drinking vodka


the Russians have managed to kill around 80,000 jihadists while only losing a relatively few of their own not a bad effort for a bunch of old drunks

Jens Holm

Things like that goes both ways.

Russians are not even the ruler og that area and allow Afrin + 5 armies in Idlib being the main active in this with Turks.


agreed moreover israel is now using russian jews that live in israel as human shields, there are one million russian in israel probably many more


I can’t help but laugh.
“On the same day, the Russian Armed Forces kicked off snap drills in the eastern Mediterranean, which will last until September 26. Some experts claimed that the drills are a show of force and a warning to Israel following official statements by top Russian officials that the Israeli actions, which led to the IL-20 shootdown on September 17, are unacceptable.”
Boy that really showed them.

paul ( original )

Yes ‘experts” a certainly full of something, and it’s not expert knowledge.

hope springs eternal.

Take it easy Russia. No one will come when you announce your drills.

Tudor Miron

That’s exactly the intention. We don’t allow any aircraft in that designated area (see the map).


the fool is dreaming :DDD


fake. ruskies had already drills and yanks did what they want

Hide Behind

In the Moscow Times, a Russian Independent ¿¿¿¿? English daily news with around 60,000 circulation, ran an opinion piece upon why “Putin has turned Dovish in regards to Syria”, take a gander at it.
Surprizingly it mentions fears of American military reactions. and Russias , (my words kissing Israeli ass. or words to that effect.
While it is interesting to see honest and while not vehemet at least mildly factual reporting from within what US and Allies call a totalitarian dictatorship, and one can read between the lines at changing opinions of Putins leadership are happening.
Yes Russia is upping the defense capabilities of its own military bases, they have more than one, there is no mention of beefing up defenses of Syrian forces.
The Russia and Turkey plan, this plan allows US allies areas to be safe, to control an area seperate from and ending Damascus military actions therein and a cut back in supplies to Syrian military has a lot more to do with both Russian and Turkish populace economic unrest on home fronts that are questioning why they suffer for Syrias sake.
Putin for his part has domesticly a huge and powefull pro western, pro Israeli, corporate and oligarch presence to try and appease as they not he are feeling pinch caused by US/ Israel and Brit, and European trade tarrifs, (war).

Tudor Miron

Before the start of German invasion in CCCP in 1945 there was a very similar situation. German forces attempted countless provocations trying to get Russians to attack first. Western papers were laughing their a$$es off at “weak Stalin” that was “afraid to engage Hitler”.
Collapsing Atlantic block desperately needs war but they will not have it on their terms. They will have to start it themselves.
Those brave keyboard warriors that try to ridicule Putin … Do you think that someone will take your words seriously? We do know how “brave” you are well enough to realize that your attempts to ridicule Russia cost very little. It’s like Слон и Моська :) Little dog barking at elephant. |”Моська, знать она сильна раз лает на слона”©
When sh$t hits the fun you’ll be nowhere to find and do exactly what your avatar suggests.
Those that want to start that war in hope that they wait it out “behind the puddle” while war erases their enormous debts are in for an unpleasant surprise.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Well said, it is easy for anyone to be a keyboard General these days, reality is a whole different thing.

Let’s be patients!!!


little troll, who was not able to react to given phone numbers, ww2 was
another issue. dyed maroz, the winter general helped you. without two
coldest winters of 20th century in 1942 and 1943 you had no chance.

huge amount of yankee weapons poured in murmansk and vladivostok. these
weaponss helped to fight germans in 1st year. you copied the yankee
cars, planes, ships, because yours were soooo primitive…

now is no cold winter nd is not necessary send troops in russia. it is enough nukes, VX and bacteria. you hav no chance.

Tudor Miron

You lie as you always do – I replied to you two days ago.

Regarding VX and bacteria – it is interesting that you admit that west still has weapons outlawed by international law.

Regarding yankee weapons and winter general – that’s beyond pathetic :)

Tudor Miron

This information is of the same sort as “USA and UK won the fight against Hitler”. You can wipe your tolerant a$$ with this kind of “facts” :)

Jens Holm

Facts are as written, and they are verified all over the world as facts even the writer here bias his comments a little.

Why dont You read local history of Iran, where Britts, Americans and USA took a part of Iran(Persia) and sended in cars as well as airplanes by road and train around Qaum.

I am not in the “who was the main contributers to the fall of Hitler”. But let me, because You do, reemind You that USA and the small Britts maneged the japenese themselves.

USSR declared war to them in 1945 only for getting land back from Japan. So if You have to add strength comparing, You should add reducing Japan to no Zeroes.

Tempting to add those troops, when some Russians say, they could get USA out of Europe after Berlin. If the war against the germans had went on, Your whole civile base for production was collapsed as well not even having food.

And americans had several million soldiers almost at the ships to Europe being well equipped in all ways completly new soldiers, navies and aircrews can.

Jens Holm

I dont see Putin being rediculed at all. I see Russia collapsed itself and had to give up most of its conguered colonies. Soon after that, they have behaved as their colonies – all the way to Berlin – was theirs.

Thats no laugh. Thats a Putin and others, which dont understand, that those areas like Finland, Balitics, Poland, DRRm Tjekkoslovakiam Hungary, Bulgaria adn in east and south Kasakstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kirgisistan – Are not their dominions, where USSR leftovers in economic and social lack of productivity and well fare –

AGAIN DECIDE NOTHING. Those are stolen territories by Tzars as well as the Stalin USSR.

To me its like thieves should be honored and respected for, that they give back some parts of it.

Those countries by that go “west” or in any other direction to find support against Russia. Thats what has happend, and that why some westerns willingly has engaged themselves in that soup, where those new countries are infected in old systems, old rulers, old collapsed economic thinking so even Russi cand take them back.

And Russia has worked hard to expend. They are the only ones, which lost WW1 3 times. . . How can any expect those countries and country parts can feel safe with no help.

So we dont laugh. Westerns in Europe – and among them pluderes too – would like Eastern Europe as a part of them well connected to EU as well as being helpfull against enemies. Enemies in Europe only can be an agressive Russia.

So we dont laugh, but try to make those countries to normal ones too(Ukraine out of that=diffrent).

Tudor Miron

” Enemies in Europe only can be an agressive Russia.”(c) Here you can’t help but show true looks of you ugly face Jency :) Yes, we know that for your kind Russia is the only obstacle towards their thousands year old plan to establish control over entire world. Since we destroyed that parasitic vermin known as Khazarian Kaganat you know that while Russia exist you can’t get what you want. There were many times when your kind was celebrating victory (1917, 1953, 1991 to name just a fiew recent events) yet Russia was rising from ashes and we’re still here. Do you know why?

Jens Holm

I dont see that plan. We have seen many plans trying that and fx You forget Russia as big as before WW1 and after WW2 dont say its permanent.

I also see USA replaced GB and France and by that also gave many countries to the inhabitants living there.

My problem is, why You dont see why USSR went into ashes. You mainly burned Yourself down after a big mistake letting Bolsjevics taking over. Their centralized economy not based on obvios needs are totally wrong.

The Knazarian Khanat has nothing to do with any Russia. In the 7`the century there was not even a Russia. You had 2 centers inspired and partly ruled by Skandinavians using tham as trade routes as well. It was Moscow and Kiev.

Russ is a scandinavian name for, what they and locals were. First after figtings among them, where Moscow became the winner ther was a kind of Russia. At that time, there was no Khazarian Kaganat.

It also was the Kiev Ukrain-Russians which defeated the Khazars and in the 10`s century. They hardly blocked the hardly state of Russians as all. If anything, I would say You took their land from them and other tribes, which was there long, long time before any russia was in the corners of it today.

Gokko Turks were there and You forget Mongols as well as Islam too.

If You have Your knowledge from a hostory book, You should throw it in the river or use the paper for making cigarettes.

All history written by sober experts tell, You are far out according to how Russia raised for local kings to something like Peter the Great.

You might talk about Khazan at the Volga knie, which was the last big one for the comming Russians. But they never had rulers or more in any Jewish context at all.

The Khazars in south was connected some to Byzantines(konstantinopels), where You took Your religion from in Your own Russian Ortodoxe version. Their mainland and life was far away from Russians as well. Therefore their main direction was Caucasus, Kaspian Sean and lake Aral, which You took much, much later by well known and good fortification systems. You took the last part of Caucasus about 1878 or something and made the first base for Al Qaida as well making chechens into spread out refugees.

Jens Holm

I see no desperation in West. I see very bad kinds of mismanegement being the opposit of usefull – or almost. We have Warmongol hard headers here too as we see here: Everything can be solved by military escalation and fx some more S300 missiles and a zone runned by Russians.

Well to me it might win a war. But it never will win the peace the NON MONGOLS wish. Fx in Syria they have 11 million non warmongels – and 500.000 dead and so many wich has no arm or brains – or destrruction for billions and billions.

We even see some Turks and Russians think we should rebuild the leftover Syria having Assads as leaders.

As a private person I will never support Assads with a single pound or lira. Never. The only kind of liberated in Syria are the SDFs. They even have plans for the future from the lowest level, You can get in Syria.

And Your belowed Russians support working hard for any change for people in Syria reamained as a non devellopment zone – as usual apart from the casualties inclusing all truth about who is running what and why.

Syrians never lost oil and gas to ISIS. The Baathist lost free oil for own devellopment and corruption and could effort to have a big ineffective army as well as allopposition was moved away as long as it said even a little beep-beep.

Thats what happens in the Putin Empire Russia too. Some real opposition is not even not allowed. They jail all people, which ask for reforms in a democratic way.

Turkey look more and more like too. Yesrday they again jailed people for normal opposition. This time it was 85 from the Turkish airforce, which should be Gülen. Thats in 2 steps as well 1) Opposition is not allowed and they demonize Gülens.

I dont like the religios Gulen poltical parts at all, but they are a part of Turkey as well and no deamons. Like PKKs some of them are made to by the Goverment as the Jihadists in Syria incl.ISIS.

Its handled from Russia, where people are just spendables for the state as well. Telling we are laughing about it seeing You crush Your populations as ants are not to prefare.

Tudor Miron

Jency, you can tell us stories all you want but those that are still able to think independently can look at actual facts. Lybia is a good example – a glaring example what “civilized western” society has to offer to ME.
You “private person I will never support Assads with a single pound or lira. Never.”© of course you would not. Your tax money are spent to fund, train and arm terrorist rats that kill and torture hundreds of thousand in order to destroy Syrian state – you seem to be fine with that.

Hide Behind

I critisize American and European citizens and their leaders far more harshly than some strutting Banty Rooster Russian with “Littleman
Your talking through your butt because your brain has no knowledge of what level of courage I or others posess.
My courage is based upon Honorable Intent, and I bear the scars from actions in both war and civilian life.
I have no false human or nationalist messiahs to worship, nor any ism political systems.

Hide Behind

PS: Forgot to mention full extent of Turkish economic woes.
Turkish currency is now not accepted as medium of exchange but between 6 nations. While Turkey does indeed seem a prosperous nation almost every domestic industry is heavily,4p+% owned by foreign interest, and Turkey owes over 100 billions to World Bank and under obligations to the WTO. The Turkish oligarchs that own government as well as 50% of Turkeys wealth are getting unruly as their economic butts are getting kicked.
Turkey ,Sovereign, as of now has no wheres near the funds in order to just pay interest on its foreign loans.
Meanwhile Turkeys corrupt leadership is using whatever wealth its citizens provide in order to support their lavish lifestyles and have offshored their wealth in past investments.


The only thing Russia needs todo is upgrade Syria to S-300.

If Russia supports Israel, it will betray the Russian soldiers who died!
Putin seems just a Billionaire!

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, upgrading is the solution – Normally everyvody else do that too.

We see it here around the Baltic Sea. When russia put bigger missiles in Kaliningrad, thay cant blame us for, we do the same. My country x have orderes 4 extra Scud missiles to Korvettes as well as bunches of smaller missiles.

You will get answers to Your extra S300 missiles right away and just arm in a higher level. The good solutions is to see Your enemies has good arguments too. And You have to understand that You might have very bad arguments Yourself.


In the middle-East there’s no balance of military powers. The US of ISrael is superior. That needs to end or else eternal bombings.

Peace = balance of military force

Jens Holm

Send them a mail :)

Hard to learn people to understand, that no weapons is the solution for any progress.

I write for we should use less oil and gas by using wind and solar power. Denmark is up upon cvering the country use 100% for windpower. Thats possible 200 days a year only. So we have to cower the rest as well as oil driven production and very much cars and airplanes.

If things like that came faster, they fights might be reduced some too. I dont like our dependensy.

Too much is about fossil energy and the locals dont step back. Even small amounts as the Syrian very good for own purposes only is used to escalate things.

Balance is the solution and can make peace, but as we have seen those are not stabile. Fx USA supported the Shah even being a psykopathic type too long. By that Iran went into the opposite having an Ayatollah – and Saudis suddenly all of them were nice people no matter what.

I am only a private person, but I would like to split up several instabile socalled countriues. Those are made as neo-colonialistic ones. I think I see it all over the world as well.

Libya should be 2-3 countrues. Sudan 1 or 2 more. Pakistan and Afghanistan should be 4 states and fx Burma an Lhaos more then one state each.

The problem today is the borders should be frozen after WW2 by UN. That was fine with me – even not born yet – but things has changed a lot.

So we should update things more and make split up.

Once Denmark and Norway was one having Iceland, Faroe Islands and the norther parts of Germany. We had small colonies and the big one named Greenland.

We were seperated slowly even being cousins. Today we have good relations and have many semilarities with Sweden and Finland as well. We are lucky but many also worked hard to make less confrontations.

I see the strangest one in, that Norway wanted to be themselves, they choose a Danish King.

Half of the part Preussen-Germany took in 1864 was votes back as well. I would like they did something like that in Ukraine. The Russians Counties was given to Ukraine to influence in Ukraine. Why not vote them home. After many years they still kill each other almost every day and spend a lot og money, they dont have.


My creed and twitter meme:

#USforeignpolicy = holocausting the 3-rd world for Wallstreet profits, since WWII
20-30 millions dead. The Israel Lobby and the massmurdering cowboys.


what good arguments do the western powers have other than scaring the shit out of everyone with theyre hi tech weapons what is Russia to to other than upgrade themselves people have to realise that the phycos that run the western world want nothing less than control over the entire earth and what happens then is anyones guess but I can assure you it wont be a good thing for humanity

Jens Holm

Hard for me You dont see fx USSR from Berling to Vladivostok, Caucasus and Afghanistan.

I have no good answers for expansions then getting stuff by control for own pupose but also gaining others.

I see many expansionzs around the world during time.

To me western are not westerns as well.

You should See Portugal and Spain, You sgould see briits and france and a product very much made by loosers in a full of people europe making USA and Canada.

Arabs to Morocco, Persia, Ottomans, Japan and why is the socalled China only allowed to be one and want to ass Mongolia and Tibet as well, Romans.


I have not prepared my writing here in structure – more like some John Wayne having only a pencil.

We did not collapåse the Russian Communist system. It collapsed it self, because it was unproductive and ineffective in most matters.

Our expectations as westerns were, that we helped the low develloped parts west and south of the Sovjets and also invested in Russian.

Unfortunatly some did some dirty robber capitalism as well. But when You say we arm, we see how Russia lost territory in and after ww1, which never was theirs. They took that and more to it after WW2 and kept it.

So whatever Russia of today do, we will help and protect those areas to be thir own.

When Russia interfear, we say BACK OFF, GO HOME – That NEVER WAS YOURS.

Same for all parts given back to the owners. And Yes, we do raise the living standards there even they still arre infected by corruption, old fashinioned commmunism and low productivity.

You might remember Russia and later on USSR came from one Cremlin Tzar control to a Cremlin centralized Communisme control.

Thats why we see Russia today, even we have a lot of direty laundry our selves.

An dthings has changed. You forget that. Today we have about 192 different countries. You might say they are not frree for real or are in kinds of neocolonialism, but they are not colonies and protectorates.

When Middle east is dominated by others, its Your own fault. We liberated You – partly for own purpose – but we did. You did not apart from the Saudis.

So I will kick the football back. You insist in not even taking the good parts from the rest of the world. As long as You insist in that – if You are ME with or without Dirham – You will stay as low in any system. That has nothing to do with us wsterns, EU whatever.

The only change will be, You instead will be dominated in exact the same by Russians or Chinese.

Most things in Your world is, what You dont do and Your many excuses for it based on culture and religion.

Only SDFs by Marxist decentralised structures has any solutions for, You can respected for anything as region – And 4 countries are attacking them as they are in the old days – But You are.

Andf what can a little one like me do. Well I work hard to make walls around You. I also work hard to replace oil and gas with windmills and solarpower.

I see no friends worth helping.More like we by that only decide which part of You should be killed and mainly by each other.


can ask what your first language is?and as for you building walls around me I’m already surrounded by walls so you wont get a chance.

Jens Holm

I am danish. I dont see, I am building walls.

I just say that Russia/Sovjet untiol 1991 with “colonies” from DDR to Vladivostok was one of the biggest closed parts of the world for us.

And for that matter, You could add fx China.

IfYou dont like my comments, You can ignore them. I see walls here too but also windows and doors to open.

Hide Behind

Just more ,” My Dick Is Bigger Than Your Dick,” by Russia and US/ Israel and its’uro ass kissers.
Both sides have found new testing groundz for their weaponry.
Testing grounds far from home territories; a place where dutiful media report.
Each side slanted towards which Dick they adore.


what do you expect Russia to do if they didn’t intervene in Syria the war would probably be not so far from home its easy to sit back and criticize all sides but if it wasn’t for Russia the world would be in total control of the phycos that rule the western world and almost anything is better than that scenario


Russia does not believe a regional war with the US is wise. This would come about if Russia retaliate against Israel or France or whoever over there in Syria. When the war should start, Russia will go for the kill – jump over to the US, launch a surprise nuclear strike, a massive strike that does not allow the US to retaliate. Kill with the first strike is what the Russian will do.


if you are of russian origin leave israel, bibi and company are using russian jews to protect themselves from, the law, and encourage americans to hit at russian jews.


israel looks is a prison where all jews gather together by lies from the government expand and once they are all in one place the plan is to annihilate them, soon the gory land in action.

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