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Syrian War Report – September 20, 2016: Militant ‘Humanitarian’ Convoy Destroyed on Road near Aleppo

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Heavy clashes resumed in Syria after the truce officially collapsed on September 19. The Jabhtat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorist group and its allies launched a full-scale advance against the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah in southwestern Aleppo.

The Syrian and Russian air forces responded with resuming air strikes on Fatah al-Sham, Fatah Halab and Jaish al-Fatah targets in the areas of Khan Touman, Khalsah, Tal Al-‘Eis and Qarassi and Aleppo’s neighborhoods of Dahret ‘Abd Rabo, Al-Layramoun and Bustan Al-Basha. Pro-government forces report that up to 120 air strikes have been conducted since the collapse of ceasefire.

A Syria Red Crescent Society aid convoy (reportedly 10-20 trucks) was at Urem al-Kubra allegedly destroyed by an air strike in western Aleppo, according to pro-militant sources. There are conflicting reports about the movement of convoy. Western media say that the convoy was heading from the government-controlled western Aleppo while the purpose of such a direction remains unclear. Other reports indicate that the convoy was heading from the countryside of Idlib to northern Aleppo, carrying weapons and ammunition for terrorists in the area. The confirmed facts are:

  • There are no facts proving that the bombed convoy was authorized and inspected by the Syrian government and the UN.
  • The released video of air strike scene has depicted a number of burning vehicles. Photos, released next morning by pro-militant sources and aimed to prove that this was a humanitarian convoy, do not contain traces of fire situation.

Whether this was a humanitarian convoy or not, this incident indicates a new rung on the escalation ladder and will be used by the US-backed militant groups and Washington to prove that they were not responsible for the collapse of cessation of hostilities in Syria.

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Jonathan Jarvis

Russia and Syria say none of their airplanes attacked this…it is known that days before alnusrah said they would refuse aid because they were not part of the negotiations, effectively holding civilians to ransome or as shields, and Moscow says the rebel re-attack in Aleppo was whn the time when the convoy had halted, and Russia had been accompanying the convoy with a drone until it reached its destination. Usa is implying that either Russia and Syria attacked convoy or failed to defend it and in both cases is to blame as clearly Samantha Powers states this is usa policy to blame Russia. Whereas there is maybe a likelihood that “moderates rebels” will do anything to destroy Syrian government, and the dubious Friends of Syria Party and associates immediately offered to take over further peace negotiations from usa- russia…… their sponsors include Quatar and Saudi, very dubious players so far regarding Syria.Coincidence?.Spokesperson for convoy says it had had clearance.

Bill Rood

I am thoroughly confused. Are we talking about one convoy or two? The first reports I heard were of a convoy under the direction of, and inspected by, SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent). I assumed that convoy was to bring food and medical supplies to East Aleppo via Costello Road. Was my assumption incorrect? Photos show no evidence of high explosives hitting that convoy, and Russians claim it was simply set afire.

This report is talking about a convoy headed to rebel forces in West Aleppo, and it indicates that, although it may have been under UN auspices, it contained weapons and munitions. This report includes video of what looks like probably an air strike.

One thing is clear, Lavrov’s measured response asking for a thorough investigation is reasonable, rational and reality based. Kerry says the US and Russia are in “parallel universes.” That’s obviously the case. The Russians are in the “reality based” universe while Kerry, Powers and the rest of US government are in the “We’re an empire now” universe. They will act and create a “new reality” every 5 minutes while the Russians are stuck doing a “thorough investigation” to figure out what happened 5 minutes ago.

Tom Johnson

Look at the trees. Are you blind or just an “armchair amateur”?

Boris Kazlov

It is so obvious that Useless Stupid Americans are involved in order to blame Russia that you have to be blind or a paid LGBT troll to post such nonsense, Probably you are both, Get a job or do some more pushups, you know why you like push ups so much.


They’ve always been an empire. Just look at the roman imperial architecture of Washington D.C.

Bill Rood

Undoubtedly. My comment was in reference to what Ron Suskind was told, allegedly by Karl Rove: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reality-based_community


False flag.


The US special forces that are tasked with training all these jihadis in Turkey and Jordan base camps – are not happy about it, they know just who they are training and it is not why they joined military services. So apparently there is some de facto lower level army sabotage of Brenner’s Pentagon based Syrian regime change program. The Special Forces guys don’t believe in their job and don’t really make huge efforts to train these jihadi terrorists as they very well know the results will just be another problem/ mess kicked down the line. The grunts in US army know that there is a big Pentagon policy problem – and don’t trust their chain of command. Check SOFREP website if in doubt of veracity of all this.


This is war, no need for any humanitarian convoys, that’s just ridiculous. If the civilian population wants food and shelter, they have to get to government controlled territory, otherwise they can be considered as terrorists as well.


That’s a pretty ignorant, bloody attitude. Let’s see if you thought that if it was your mom in there.

Bill Rood

That’s pretty hard for some civilians to do. Recently, 26 civilians in E. Aleppo were executed by rebels there for objecting to the rebels’ presence in their neighborhood, and many have been shot when trying to escape to government controlled areas. Of course, you don’t read about that in Western corporate media. They only catapult the White Helmet (terrorist) propaganda.

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