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Syrian War Report – September 16, 2016: US and Russia Exchange Allegations of Ceasefire Violations

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The United States and Russia exchanged allegations of ceasefire violations against both of their respective proxies on September 15th.  According to Moscow, US-led forces has violated the ceasefire 32 times.

Russia shared unprecedented live footage from one of their reconnaissance drones flying over Aleppo to monitor the ceasefire conditions below.

The Syrian Arab Army began withdrawing from the Castello Road in order to create a ‘weapons-free-zone’ in the contested region.

The Kurdish YPG forces raised the flag of the United States over Tell Abyad at the Syrian-Turkish border. The reported purpose behind the flag-flying was to discourage Turkish airstrikes.

The Islamic State dealt a blow to the Kurdish PKK in Shaddadi, killing approximately 70 troops, including their commander, “Tabur Solar.”

The terrorists also launched several rockets, which landed outside of Jayroud, Damascus.

The Islamic State suffered its own losses at the receiving end of Russian airstrikes on al-Mayadeen, outside Deir ez Zor. The terrorist militants reported 15 killed and 40 injured.

Syrian warplanes delivered a series of airstrikes in northern Hama, repelling advance of local jihadi groups on the government-controlled areas. Airstrikes were reported near Taybat Al-Imam, Souran, Kawkab, Al-Lataminah, and Kafr Zita.

There are rumors that the Syrian government forces are preparing a large-scale offensive in the area in order to re-take from terrorist groups the territories that they had lost within last 3 weeks.

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Poor Syrians. It was pretty clear that US would play false.

Jens Holm

? xplain.

Jens Holm

Hvant I heard that before. And Your bible started with – And it became dark ands stayed so.

Brad Isherwood


US Pentagon backing away from deal ….Kerry mumbles feeble comments.

The above article if true for import drives US to counter Turk/Russian Energy pacts. Having the US sign off to joint security operations in Syria….gives Russia high ground to Out flank US schemes on the region..

Pentagon realizes they can’t sneak around now and bomb everything. Trump stated he would quickly make a deal with Russia. With Hillarys health problems. ..Democrats could lose the election. Elites then have to make Trump Ovey them….and continue the game against Russia.

Jens Holm

A lot of strange conclusions. Fx US are not sneeking around. The facts about that is, that their airstrikes hit more accuratly in the region and they have the best systems to cover the very big areas.

Putting Hillary in – and even Trump as a very wild card says everything about Your manípolutions. None of them arfe presidents and has that power. Hilllary might get is – later.

And US is not against russia as much at You prefare to write. Russia has terror inside it too and dont like many refugees as well incl. going by murmanks by bicycle to Norway. They also have their own problems in Caukasus too.

You also totally has forgotten, that Obama politics ARE not to get too involved again and if Russia still can or will effort to be there in the same expensive level.

Brad Isherwood

US sneaked in by ECM jamming the Syrian Radar and bombed SAA positions which immediately saw ISIS surge towards the hill overlooking Der Ezzor Airport.

But hey….USS Maine in Havana Harbor…or Gulf of Tonkin and 911. US will blow their own away to have their war. Vietnam was 50,000 + and several 1000 aircraft of different class shot down.

Big winners….Alcan Aluminum. ..Bell Helicopter…Brown and Root.

Jens Holm

There are no borderline between US and others around air activity. Der Al Zor is in the middle as well as Raqqa and Al Bab.

Its also normal procedure to jam. Assads are no friends. Assads are enemies but number 2 enemy because of ISIS in west and Assads will be elinated or reduced after ISIS if possible. The 2 russians bases could be winter ands sommer residents with barbed wire aorund protcting him and frioends for being killed by the mob – or whats left of it.

I dont blame You for having that theory. But I cant see USA and 66 other nations gain anything of it. Nice SAA killing ISIS and Nice too ISIS killing SAA.

Can only see it as a terrible mistake by US(now known Australian airplanes in it). We have a lot of airpower in Syria as well as in Incirlik because of taking Mosul. In that are to hit any ISIS transport and a better grid for it – but doing wrong.

To me its something cynicle as 5 ISIS for 2 SAA. Both are enemies but Assads are not comming here only treating his own population as an owner doing a lot very, very wrong things to it.

A Country is owned by the prople of it.

Hassadnah Abraham

US is 3 headed and tricky snake, yet Russian still wanted to invite US to attack ISIS. US will cheT Russian and bomb Syrian Army, not ISIS. Russian and Syrian should shho all US plane that enter Syrian air space and bomb US Special force that invade Syrian soil. At the same time Russian must be ready for US retaliation and ready for ALL OUT NUCLEAR WAR.

US committed too much murder and lies and caused death and suffering to millions of people.

Hassadnah Abraham

US crime spree must be stopped with NUCLEAR.

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