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Syrian War Report – September 15, 2016: 250 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Russian Air Strikes

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The Russian Aerospace Forces have eliminated 250 ISIS terrorists and 15 vehicles armed with machine guns near the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on September 14. Russian warplanes conducted airstrikes north of the city where a group of terrorists was preparing offensive on the Syrian army positions.

Photos of the Syrian S-200 air-defense system deployed in southern Syria appeared in pro-government social media accounts on September 14. According to reports, the same system was used against Israeli aircraft on September 13 when Syria claimed to down an Israeli drone and a warplane over the country. However, the claim of the Syrian military has not been confirmed with video or photo proofs.

On September 19, the Syrian Air Force will stop to carry out combat flights in accordance with terms of the US-Russian agreement on Syria, a senior US official said during a special briefing for press held on the phone on September 13. At the same time, the US side noted that in the current period, the Syrian Arab Air Force is still technically allowed to strike on Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. After the joint US-Russian integration center will be created, new restrictions will come into force. Then the air force of the regime will not be able to strike on Jabhat al-Nusra.

The statement came amid reports that Russian and US defense officials even have not agreed a plan for military cooperation in Syria. According to Spokesman for the Pentagon, Peter Cook, the aim of recent discussions was to strengthen security measures to avoid incidents in the Syrian airspace. In this case, it’s hard to say when the US-Russian joint center will be de-facto launched.

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The Syrian Government does not seem to be a direct participant in these negotiations. Yet it seems to be obliged to follow the terms negotiated. Following the developments on SF it is not even remotely clear to me what the Syrian Government gets out of this agreement. I see nothing in what has been said that would help them at all. Does anyone see anything of this nature? I even question the logic of making any agreement with the usa. They are not able to control the so called rebels. They do not even seem to want to try to do this. Al-in-all this seems like a totally one sided agreement.


The syrian regime can appear as a force of stability while some rebel factions will show their radicalism and disregard for USA/Russia policies.

This will split the factions, some will be pushed to negotiate and get aid while others will be branded as the “bad guys” and will be bombed and not receive humanitarian aid.

The regime recently improved the situation in Damascus and reestablished the siege of Aleppo, now they control what goes in and out. The timing was good. They can also repair their equipment and focus on fewer fronts. The enemies of the regime are terrified of this prospect and that’s why they panicked and started new offensives in the Golan height, Daraa etc.

In short: A partial ceasefire that will solidify Assad as a stabilising force while still hitting Al Nusra and ISIS is the best way to go forward for Assad/Russia/Iran. Their enemies and those who want to perpetuate the civil war (Israel) want to stop this from happening.

You have to understand that there is no way for the regime forces to recapture a huge city like Aleppo or the rest of Syria for that matter. Unless this war drags on for 5 more years with Russia paying money it needs elsewhere and Iran/Hezbollah fighters dying by the thousands.


The ceasefire should’ve been enacted at least a week later, while they still had momentum, so that they could’ve take Khan Tumen, everything west of the river in Aleppo, Latakia etc. but yeah, it’s good that Aleppo is encircled during this ceasefire, despite them foolishly pulling out and possibly not even checking the “aid” that’s going to come in!


I think many people forget that the SAA is a small army. They move unit across the country to conduct attacks. They have defense units and mobile reaction units. They dont have the ability to conduct long paced operations. Therefore SAA benefits this ceasefire too. Besides the most important terrorist supply line coming from Turkey is better controlled than ever as you said.


They have millions of adults that could fight, they have major backing too, there’s no excuse for why the army is so fragile. Any other normal nation and the populace would all sign up, like the World Wars. Arabs just can’t fight it seems, they’re wimps. Gigantic numbers abandoning their country, even their FAMILIES as they flee to Europe (see the sheer mass of single, adult men that rampage through Eastern Europe, it’s astonishing).

Jens Holm

One more. When Turks go in without air attacks from Syria and Russia and take Al bab and Maybee more – Assads will not need to have troops against ISIS there and can use them or something else(YPG can do the same).

Aquartertoseven writes momentum last weeks should have been used. Im not sure that was possible – more like SAA used everything exrtra they had for those sucesses and now has to keep them, if they can.


In the agreement “Washington acknowledges its responsibility to stop violations by the anti-government forces” . That statement is a clear proof to the world , of US responsibility for the actions of the jihadists. This agreement obviously will not hold , as those A Nusra and allies have already said they will not honor it. In following negotiations that acknowledgement of responsibility will be a key item. What is cause for concern is Israeli air force attacks in the Syrian Golan Heights , twice in the last week , during a new truce.

Jens Holm

Might – I think. There are many groups.


The COURAGEOUS people of Syria are fighting agains the NEW WORLD ORDER alone, Russia is a shaky allied, the United State always FOOL the Russians… NEVER stop fighting when you are in the offensive, clean Aleppo and start to shut down the JEWS airplane protecting their MERCENARY TERRORISTS and INVADING Syria territory.


In your view airplanes have a religion?

Have some more spacecake or take other medicine

Jens Holm

That most be the joke of today as the wurst one. And Ypu forgot jews and motherfuckers again too. You might try one more finger for copy paste next time.

Brad Isherwood

The COH with Syria’s Airforce standing down gives The Tu-214…the most modern Russian ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft an opportunity to record US TAC air along with nabbing the US sneaky as they warn their merc stooges.

Aircraft carrier  Admiral Kuznetsov arrives October?

Seems like the US is backing out of this deal….Maybe they realize Russia wants them to operate In close proximity …..nothing like game day… for finding out if your QB is any good. : )

Jens Holm

Well, more complicated than that. USA and Nato are close to start taking Mosul, where the main forces are and many weapons and supply are comming in.

By example it includes a french hangarship.

You also forget Turks has more than 200 F16 and a lot of other aircrafts if they would. WOULD is the important word.

When You as many others again and again write about the russsian Pride Parade here, You forget its almost all they have and even if they can efford having it there much more.

Too much could be ww2 to me just bombing by chance forom the sky. The new aeroplanes are not rusty, and thats it.

Think You presume too much. Obama has told many, many times, they wont be there as much as they used to.(and by that saying they dont or didnt have succes even spnding a lot).

Brad Isherwood

Empire has over 500 military bases worldwide. …OK. ..over 700. Obama spent $80 Million on holidays. USA hosts gay pride parades . Americans can go to prison and get transgender operation for free.

If Syria loses the war….they get IMF central bank and become Empires latest Bitch.

US – 20 Trillion in debt

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