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Syrian War Report – September 14, 2018: Turkey Deploys Battle Tanks At Observation Post In Northern Hama

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On September 13, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) deployed several battle tanks and armoured vehicles at their observation post near the town of Murak in northern Hama, according to reports by pro-militant sources.

It was first time when the TAF deployed its heavy military equipment in this area. Pro-government activists link this deployment with attempts of the Turkish leadership to prevent an expected military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the province of Idlib and nearby areas.

The TAF has 12 observation posts in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone. Many of them are located in the areas directly controlled by internationally recognized terrorist groups or close to these areas.

On the same day, the SAA artillery carried out strikes on positions of Jaish al-Izza, a close ally of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, near Masasneh in northern Hama. Separately, artillery strikes hit a HQ of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham near al-Tamanah in southern Idlib killing several militants inside it.

Government troops also continued their operation against ISIS cells in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. According to pro-government sources, the SAA further advances along the road towards the T3 pumping station seizing seized loads of weapons, medical supplies, satellite communication devices and a vehicle left behind by ISIS members.

On September 12, in an interview with Fox News, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley claimed that the US and its allies are going to pushing the Assad government not only for possible chemical attacks in Idlib, but for any attack, which hits civilians.

She also recalled allegations that the Assad government had already ordered to use chemical weapons in the area.

It should be noted that according to the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance, chemical attack provocations are being prepared by Idlib militants seeking to trigger a US-led military action against the Damascus government.

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Richard M

WW2 scrap metal. When the Ottomans retreat this junk will have to be abandoned!

Mustafa Mehmet

If you know how to use it .still does the job.( this junk metal )

Tommy Jensen

Erdogan go home and take your robber gangs with you. They can continue their slaughter inside Turkey.

Icarus Tanović

Fucking piece of shit. Fucking shuffler, untrustworthy savage nation.


Turkey is still part of the Zionist conspiracy to destroy Arab countries. Erdogan is no different than Saudis.

Albert Pike

Who isn’t – now they wait till Donmeh Erdo has distributed all his tanks, and supplied all his rockets to the baddies. To wait gives more bang for the buck – but can’t be in Syria’s interest…

So why are they waiting – for more US ships?

Jens Holm

Non sense again and again. If so few zionists are that strong, its because You insist in being stupid from Marocco to Djarkata.

I doesnt matter if Chinese or Russians take over more. You will still be the same stupidisme blaming them in stead.

Let me remind You, that apart from 2 all arab countries are new and by good reasons has been runned by Ottomans collapsing mainly for own reasons in the normal Empire thinking, which also was done by Your friends in Russia as well as Brittes, French and Japanese.

Arabs, which are very different and many kinds in religion as well as culture has mismanged their future – well even helped by French, Brittes, USA and Russians. Apart from Kuwait USA not even where there apart from Kuwait and the vehicle and airplane transportation throgh Persia by railroad and roads through Qaum Ayatollah street.

From out of Your Region, I mainly see, You are Your own solutions done by Yourself. You only are allowed to created good Emir Dicators. Those can be good, Those can be bad, or some of both – But they are Yours even they are too much assisted from the outside.

Manuel Flores Escobar

The Sultan want a new Kosovo inside Syria….but I think the purpose is to push their terrorist vs Kurds in Manjib and later in Raqqa….once Idlib is stabilized and No offensive of SAA threat Idlibistan!

Icarus Tanović

Jut check it out what those Turkish shits doing to us, Bosnians. No one called them here, but politicians did. Fuck them! Go your fucking shitty home.

Mustafa Mehmet

I think Ali Pasha Hurt you badly. You still so sores

Icarus Tanović

I don’t even wanna talk to an ape.


The whole break up of Yugoslavia was wanted by key western/NATO countries – in particular the U.S., Germany and Great Britain at the helm. They wanted to divide it up into little ethnically pure or divided small and weak statelets to be more easily absorbed and dictated to by the EU and to have NATO/U.S. control/bases there. Yugoslavia was a strong competitor in the construction and defense industries for 3rd countries. It was winning bids over Germany and other countries. It built Kuwait’s famous towers, much of the infrastructure in countries like Pakistan, it built the underground runways and bunkers in Iraq that U.S. and British “bunker busting” bombs couldn’t damage, though they kept dropping them on Iraq over the years.


If Erdogan have not sent tanks to Syria then It seems Benjanyahu propaganda against Turkey,

If Erdogan really have sent tanks to Syria without demand from Syrian government then it means that Erdogan further aggravates the condition of Syria by supporting greater Israel as well as for support of US and UK military bases and their weapons depots in Syria. It will also disintegrate Syria which is Benjanyahu dream.

Jens Holm

Hard to see that has anything to do with any Israel 5 armies are lines up in Idlib. Which kind of microskope do You use.

Bill Wilson

I would think that the SAA et al will ignore the TKA observation points and simply go around them, even if the Turks take pot shots at them. I doubt if Erdogan will send any large detachments to rescue them once the posts are isolated. Assad probably will allow the TKA to leave their posts but without their weapons. But then there’s no telling what that fool Erdogan may do. The US military says he’s like a bad poker player that keeps being dealt shitty hands yet continues to up the ante with wild bets, hoping that the other players will fold.


Good analogy. Erdogan has a shitty hand, and everyone knows it. lol.

Jens Holm

Many shitty hands there and polical mistakes in high numbers. I would still say it was the lack of reforms for many years, which made everything possible.

Bill Wilson

Bashar Assad got reforms underway after he took over. It was a slow process since he was stepping on the toes of those who benefited financially from the status quo. Just before the fighting broke out, his government was holding negotiations to join the EU, IMF, World Bank and with Israel about the eventual return of the Golan Heights. The Western Powers bad mouth him since he’s Syria’s leader yet are willing to give that devil his due for keeping Syria’s economy from totally collapsing.

Jens Holm

I know.

But then he forget the rest of the population.thats no excuse for him at all. And I know about his father too.

Better for Syria he became a dentist for Cremlins.


A few years before the fighting broke out, Turkey was pretending to be a friend of Syria and got its cooperation on removing landmines on the Turkey/Syria border. Now that border is controlled by terrorists backed by Turkey. Assad and the Syrian government were being tricked. Plans to destroy his government or attempt to overturn it in a coup, would have been prepared and worked on for years before it actually happened. The landmine removal was a key step in their preparations.

Mustafa Mehmet


Jens Holm

They all has made a polical collapse for themselves, when and if they loose by fighting.

Hard to campre with Kosobo. Only a little. I have none better.

someone like me would say it could be a buffer to keep Afrin, Azas and east of it to Jarablus, but Erdogan has got himself a surpice.

Ro me Russia sold Afrin just to make the Damaskus part some more homogene.

Bill Wilson

I don’t believe that Russia sold off Afrin and northern Aleppo Province. The Russian generals knew that they and the SAA lacked the manpower to keep the TKA out at the time, so traded some territory for some time to finish their objectives in the south first before dealing with them later. I’m sure that Assad and the Russians informed the Afrin Kurds on what to expect so they could withdraw the bulk of their fighters while leaving behind some to delay the TKA / faux FSA advances. Afrin’s Kurds were never that well armed compared to the SDF so I suspect that the truckloads of arms that the US has been hustling into Northern Syria are going to them so they will be properly equipped when they and the SAA decide it’s time to run the TKA/faux FSA back across the border.

Jens Holm

I saw Assads not even would give Afrins by YPG a millimeter. he demanded the old structure vabck and the YPG one sownseized ro nothing.

Even I see Afrins are stubborn as well, they have figthted for their part of the terrority and killed many FSAs (Turkmen in them) as well as have taken up to 120.000 into private homes.

Afrins wont get much upgraded in weapons. They have taken many from enemies, but of course some supplement make a lot of sense.

They needed RPG and up. They are not available. Its kept for PKK in Turkey as well.

Its my private oppinion FSA by Turkey wont back off. They have nowhere to go then Azas and Jarablus. I think Turkey willkeep it and make Idlib to a stabile buffer zone.

Haha many speculations. Funny version too: All 5 armies in Idlib dis-agree so much and therefore politly ask USA to take over paid for in lra, pounds and oil :)


The Kurds ran away and didn’t make a stand in Afrin – not one frontal battle – just a few mines and a few small ambushes. The Kurds had the numbers to battle an invading force but didn’t.

Jens Holm

Their losse and other facts dont say that at all.

Mustafa Mehmet

Without their weapons you must be joking .assd can try if his mad . You will see the results

Jens Holm

He shold not have taken that job. None should.


Well, these tanks will be bombed, and Turkey needs to go back home and to stop protecting and supporting terrorists in Idlib. Let us remind Nikki Haley how USA and UK are concerned respect civil casualties, for example Mosul, Raqqa, city of Dresden in Germany, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, ….shall I continue ?


Continue – if you like banging your head against a brick wall. “It’s not a crime when America does it.”

Jens Holm

You forgot Greenland and Australia.


Might be a very interesting development if Turkey fires their tanks at Syrian forces inside Syria……

Bill Wilson

I’m sure Erdogan will threaten to do that if the SAA gets too close to TKA posts then instruct their commanders to land rounds well in front of the advancing SAA forces to warn them off. I doubt if the TKA will fire directly on SAA forces since that would be tantamount to declaring war on Syria. Erdogan will be up Shit Creek without a paddle if Turkey gets involved in a shooting war with Syria since Assad has the Russian air force and Army backing him up. Erdogan purged his best pilots and military commanders after the “coup” so would be pitting his JV team against seasoned varsity players.

Ivan Freely

There’s no guarantee that Russia would help Syria if the Turks attack the SAA.

Jens Holm

I think they already have made zones about that. Pure speculations from my side too.

Very bad Turks attack Russians and vice versa.

Hide Behind

Erdogan, quite the pompass ass, but still he has gained power and economicly and continues too, and no matter popular opinion is no wild card dummy. For you Putin and Russia psychophants remember it is Iran, Turkey and Russia who talk of final solutoon to Syrian conflict. Assad is under their thumb. Russian emissaries, Russia has many Kewish oligarchd, are in constant communications and travels to Israel frequently, handed over to US control of lands anove the River, Assad makes deals with Kurds on oil ecchange. The exchange has more too it than meets the eye. After Syria is divided and settled will the oil pipeline come into the Russias Syria port. Syria is at the will of foreign designs, and in actuality it has not been mainly Syrians that saved whats left of Syria.

Jens Holm

Again -some few Jews does this.

It just tell me how low muslims and arabs are, if they cant even handle some few million jews in their 1001 Holy Arabic deep good night excuse stories.

When You see Jews in tops here and there, its because they and we make schoold, educate, use our skilles, work hard and are payd for as we do – and not ineffective family minglings, where its also seen that men are rewarded with cars and women for the same – if even allowed – get flowers.

So many incommers here being muslims cant even read their own language and their versions of Islam and the rest of the world are so far away from how things are, that they never integrate.

Jews as we mainly are good integraters and by that create jobs and gets rewarded for that too. They also are good taxpayers. They also have low ones -“worth nothing”.

Bill Wilson

The Kurds get paid a 20% royalty on oil sold in the north. It’s used to pay civil officials and educators. The local Arab tribes get another 15% for providing security for the far flung fields. In the south they royalty is paid in the form of finished fuels for use in their fight against ISIS. Assad is probably getting off cheap with that arrangement.

I’m curious about this so-called pipeline. Syria already has two coming in from Iraq. The one proposed by Qatar was DOA after Saudi Arabia told them to run it under water to Iraq since Qatar never asked them first about running it overland thru their country. Iran isn’t going to run a NG pipeline to the Syrian coast since Egypt and Israel have a shitload of NG and are developing the means to export it to Europe. Syria may have their own massive oil & gas deposits right off their shores so wouldn’t want to be stuck with a long term commitment to export the same from Iran.

Expo Marker

Turkey has proven that it can not be a reliable partner time and time again. These stunts no longer surprise me.

Icarus Tanović

We got to invade Idlib, no negotiations, we got to do it!

Mustafa Mehmet

hurry harry up


Assad please crush the all. Eat some US, UK or western production turkeys your people is hungry. This is the time for thanksgiving the death on trumpets. And don’t may because mascarons are also goods.

Hide Behind

Oil, black gold, far more precious than human blood. Take a look at Iraq’ and its oil, who in Iraq gains as much as do the nations that they send it too. The Kurds have direct lines to Haifa Istaels refineries but sell it below open market value and use funds to directly pay their Persmerga Police andmilitary and autonomous government in Iraq. The oil fields controled by Iraq oil ministries are old fields and largely of high sulphur and dirt cheap, yet there is one huge denominator they and Kurds share, “Foreign Developers”. Kurds and Iraq ministry bear all expences for drilling and ipkeep of infrastructure, and only recieve payments, minus the cost royalties and transport fees,after developers are paid in full. The Syrian Kurds held fees are along same procesies. The common denominator between Syria and Iraq is; After division and impoverisment of a Nation by US and allies the peoples of the lands are completely dependendent upon foreign capital and expertise in order to try and rebuild. In other words the return upon outside misery imposed by foreign military, the now helpless governments pay for own destruction and will remain debtor nations with not even political power over own peoples. The rebuilding and beginning of new oil transfer routes and buolding comstruction, electrical energy lines in US kurd controlled area is all being done By US and NATO based and financials are only through those foreign identities. Those foreign entities even control who, when, where and quantities of those oils. It is financial control backed by military occupiers threats of obey or else. Oil is worlds most tightly controled resource, and always value set by US/ Eurocentric financials. Victory over a nation is initially paid by common peoples taxes, while the profits go to the instigators of conflicts. For the conquered nations lackeys implaced by the victor, any return they can get is better than nothing. As far as Kurds go, they shi. in own nest so let them wallow in own filth. As for the primarily european owner managers and their pretty white boys , they are kust as much cold blooded killers as are the mercs and US/NATO military assassins are.


I think the Turks are not trying to forestall the operation. It has already begun. My view is they are just beefing up protection at these outposts, from attacks by the jihadis. I wish well to all.

Art Best

You know why?

Putin is a Jew traitor.

Putin *still* sells Russian oil for illegal therefore worthless (according to Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution which forbids issuance and usage of debt as money) American dollars thereby aiding and abetting the American enemy by propping up the petrodollar system and the Judeo-American Military Industrial Complex (MIC) which it feeds and supports.

Putin is an Anglo-Zionist tool, a traitor to all Christians and all civilized peoples everywhere. Putin openly collaborates with the Jews and the Americans by enabling them to bomb and murder the Syrians and their allies with impunity.

How many times did Putin say he was going to destroy the Americans and the Jews who cowardly murder Syrians?

Right, Putin is a Jew.






Watch and listen to this video carefully, and then say that Putin is anybody’s tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z01S7lOq-qI

Art Best

So you’re calling me stupid because I see and accept the truth, unlike you devious little shit? Putin sells Russian oil for American dollars thence aiding and abetting the sworn enemy of Russia.

And you, insidious moron, you’re denying this.


Hi Art, I understand and sympathise with your frustration and anger with the Zionists, I feel the same myself. But having spent hours, days, years investigating this problem, I realise that Putin is not the problem. He is the cork in the bottle preventing and explosion. The Russians only go where they are invited, unlike the USA, Britain and France. That is why they were late intervening in Syria. Putin has to have ALL the facts before committing his men and women’s lives. He has no option ‘at the moment’ to sell his oil and gas for American dollars, but that is going to change…. be sure of that. He has to tread very carefully though if he doesn’t want to end up like Sadam Husayn and Gadahffi’ Have a look at this video, and see if you can understand better what Putin’s aims are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z01S7lOq-qI

IMO he is THE greatest world leader there has ever been and I only wish he was president of my country. He doesn’t need idiot boards or someone in his ear prompting him to keep him on script. If you want to know the truth, then FOLLOW Putin’ on u tube’s discussions and interviews, then all will be revealed. Obviously avoiding all MSM propagandised programmes.

Art Best

Did you see the pose Putin struck with the barbarian muslim Saudi prince? The guy who just had another Muslim scumbag dismembered to death? Putin is also selling s-400s to these evil Muslim terrorists whereas he refused to deliver older S-300s to his allies the Syrians fearing they might shoot down Israeli scum attacking his ALLIES, you can read, right?

Where is the gain to be head in dealing with the devil? Putin also sucks Erdogan the Turk’s cock, as you know, even after Erdogan said he’s proud they killed the Russian pilot and that he’d gladly do it again. Who sponsors the ISIS terrorists and takes care of the wounded terrorists in government hospitals? Right.

I don’t know what your problem is, Jewish/American/CIA troll.

Your hero Putin is a scumbag Jew. Which you know.

Have a great day in Tel Aviv and quit barking up the wrong tree. You’re only making a fool out of yourself.


I did see the handshake… and I too was shocked. But then realised that it is better to keep friends close but your enemies closer. Putin is a brilliant tactician. Why would he want to do a Trump and May and let his next move be pre-empted? There is NO gain for anyone in dealing with the devil, but this is the game in play ‘now’, and he has no option but to walk a razors edge to protect his own people – first. And his priority is to sell his oil and gas of which they have an abundance, to boost their economy even further. That is why the West is striving to break up the Russian Federation and isolate only those areas that have the gas and oil. Just as they have done with Syria. The North was grabbed by ISIS and is now under the control of US Oil Companies despite it still belonging to Syria? The Banking Cabal are desperate to get the world bank in every corner of the ME, to get the debt noose tied tight around their necks.. And reap their pound of flesh. There are no actual ‘terrorists’ only the mercenary army funded and recruited by the west, to rise in any situation where a regime change is required to enable the Cabal to roam freely.. That is the reality of this conflict… There is no room in politics for revenge and hatred, they must work with cool heads, and Putin knows this. Did you note how everyone but Trump and May received Putin warmly? Please open and watch this video to get some further understanding about exactly what the stakes are. This video was published in 2016? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjOr2YzrZDY

I think we got off on completely the wrong foot, my fault I realise, because I am so keen for everyone to research and believe NOTHING they read or see in the MSM. So I apologise.

Personally I despise the Zionist Government of Israel.. who are evil personified IMO.. And I am not one of the ‘chosen people’ I am a Humanist, and am tormented by the despicable atrocities being perpetrated on innocent people in the name of greed and profit. However, I am very aware that the President of the USA and PM of the UK are nothing more than Leading Actors, playing a part and reading scripts written for them by their Masters ; ‘The Hydra.’ That is why they are incapable of having any meaningful debate, other than quoting sound bites from their script… and why Putin fascinates me so much. https://pantheon.org/articles/h/hydra.html The only way that WE are going to beat this is if we all become informed, and REFUSE to HATE one another.

You do know who/what ISIS now called the White Helmets are don’t you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aAaReVn2I4

British ex SAS mercenary John le Mesurier was tasked with recruiting an army of Mercenaries funded by US/UK/French USAID and he is based in ‘Turkey.’ The CIA recruited AlQaida, and the rif raf that was left after Iraq and Lybia re routed to turkey for further training and a new name. http://www.globalresearch.ca/video-syria-white-helmets-exposed-nobel-peace-prize-for-al-qaeda/5522628

Art Best

I guess if Putin fucked your mother up the ass you’d think of a way to rationalize that too to interpret it as Putin saving the world again.

You are a persistent creature. Your employment of language and choice of words betrays a deep affiliation with the powers that be. Your lot (Frankist Jews and Freemasons etc) think you’re the masters of the universe whereas you’re not even the custodian of your own thoughts. Ask yourself, when was the last time you decided to to decide what you decided? As for Putin and your penchant for links. Read and weep. Putin is an errand boy for the Jews. Why do you think Yeltsin and his protege Putin rose to power: http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/Everybodys-Hero-And-that-s-not-an-quot-optional-quot-suggestion-either-td149.html


Russia is too much kowtowing to Turkey which is a devious country. Plus now with the U.S. getting Greece to start acting against Russia, I think it should rethink its pipeline through Turkey (which then goes through Greece) – especially since Bulgaria seems in a cooperative mood again. Plus John McCain is out of the picture – remember he and another Senator flew to Bulgaria to get it to renege on South Stream, and then they flew to EU headquarters in Brussels and got the EU to threaten Bulgaria so Bulgaria did renege. Yet Bulgaria itself really wanted the pipeline as it would profit off of transit fees and there would be many jobs in the building and maintaining of the pipeline, and it would be a good source of energy. So I think its time for Russia to switch back to Bulgaria.

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