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Syrian War Report – September 12, 2018: Militants Filming Staged Chemical Attack In Idlib

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On September 11, the US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that the SDF is kicking off a military operation to eliminate the ISIS-held pocket of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley. According to a coalition spokesman, the SDF ground advance will be backed up by coalition air and artillery strikes.

Hajin and nearby villages are the only remaining major ISIS stronghold in Syria, which the terrorist group actively uses to carry out attacks on the eastern and western banks of the Euphrates. Previously, the SDF repeatedly announced that it’s going to clear the pocket. However, by September 11, no real efforts had been taken in this field.

If the Hajin pocket is seized by the SDF, the US-backed fore will finally be able to declare the eastern bank of the Euphrates free from ISIS, at least technically.

More than 100 US Marines were sent as reinforcements to the US—led coalition garrison in the area of al-Tanf, according to a September 8 announcement by the Pentagon. Many MSM sources described this move as a self-defense effort amid the growing tensions between Russia and the US in the war-torn country.

On September 11, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation in Syria stated that militants have already started filming a chemical weapons attack in the city of Jisr al-Shugur in the province of Idlib.

“According to the information received from inhabitants of Idlib province, militants are now filming a staged provocation in the city of Jisr al-Shugur, where “chemical weapons” are depicted as being used by the Syrian army against civilians. The film crews of several Middle Eastern TV channels arrived in Jisr al-Shugur in the morning, as well as the regional affiliate of one of the main American television news networks,” the Center said.

The plot reportedly envisages staged scenes showing members of the White Helmets pretending to help civilians “after the Syrian army allegedly used the so-called barrel bombs with poisonous substances”.

On the same day, during a UN Security Council meeting, the Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya once again emphasized that terrorists in Idlib “must not be shielded because they all are one way or another linked to Al-Qaeda”.

It’s interesting to note that the situation in Idlib has once again highlighted differences between the Syrian-Iranian-Russian bloc and Turkey. While Damascus, Teheran and Moscow are actively working to set conditions to eliminate terrorists, Ankara seems to be one of their defenders alongside with Washington.

On September 10, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said in the Wall Street Journal that “All members of the international community must understand their responsibilities as the assault on Idlib looms.”

“A regime assault would also create serious humanitarian and security risks for Turkey, the rest of Europe and beyond,” he added once again recalling the accusations against the Syrian government in arbitrary arrests, systematic torture, summary executions, barrel bombs and chemical weapons usage.

Turkey is against the operation against terrorists in Idlib because it will undermine its plans to further expand its influence within Syria and to rescue a core of the opposition forces capable of showing a real military resistance to the Syrian Army – Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda in Syria).

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Gregory Casey


This is by far the best Report yet published on the False Flag provocation filmed in Syria on 9th & 10th September.

“Following the filming in the evening of September 11, at a joint meeting of representatives of the White Helmets and the militants of the Nusra Front terrorist group, only two videos out of nine were approved for transfer to the United Nations Nations and the OPCW following the order. The remaining videos due to poor quality are suggested for use in social networks,”

Gregory Casey
Carne João Pasta

Wonder if in hindsight ,VV Putin feels he should have left Erdogan to his fate in summer of ’15 was it? The coup attempt


Erdogan getting his hide saved by Putin in those days is … a theory; I’ve never seen proof. But regardless, the alternative of a CIA-installed puppet regime in Turkey doesn’t really sound much better than what we have: it’s been tried in practice four times and let’s say results have been mixed. Anyway, Erdogan or not, Turks will be Turks, they’ll do everything you let them get away with, and at the moment they’re getting away with a lot.


an interesting post here:
argues that syria should not attack until after the ami elections in november. this, it says, would give D.T. some breathing room and not jeopardize election chances for the gop.

as i understand it, if syria stays “out of the pocket” then no chance of being accused of chem attack is there? as i understand it the gas attack cannot be delivered by air or artillery. so why not let the air force and spec forces and others do their work.

reduce the opposition slowly, no hurry here, give the “advisors” a “chance” to escape into turkey, france, uk, israel and u.s. the longer the attack is postponed the more paranoid the “coalition” is going to get and the more “unpredictable” will be the behavior of isis et al. just thinking.

David Pryce

The Syrian Army has to free idlib, Russia has shown if its soldiers are put in danger it responds. It refers to the US as its partners because it pisses the American government off.
The SDF will look to attack the Turkish when the Syrian Army starts its campaign .
This has to be done correctly hence the slow attacks on defensive positions of AlQaeda in Syria HTS.
There are so many players involved in the fight for idlib.
You can be sure Deir az Zoir and the desert pocket will be attacked by the US proxies.
Get your moves right now or it could be a disaster


The double spy: Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Soon we will see his true color.

Hide Behind

Turkey has an agenda, anything anti Kurd is allowed, and at same time while appearing at odds with US coalition at same time it is accepting even more tactical nuke storage from US.
From beginning Turkey was a part of Syrian overthrow and division of Syrian lands with their guarantee of new territory.
When US led coup to overthrow ERDOGAN failed Turkey instead of joining US/NATO full on war with Syria scaled back its alliance with US State Dept military.
The establishment of an autonomous Kurdistan by US NATO was a slap of Turkish face, along with a revenge by Europe and US launched economic measures to keep Turkey in line.
Turkey is Turkey and just like Israel has no real friends in ME, just temporary alliances.
Turkey is far more European leaning than any nations near them, both in foreign investment and NATO alliances.
It has never been trustworthy as but being a well paid minion of Euro- US interest since after WWII and cold war era, by trying to pit Russia against US for advancement of corrupt rulers.
A pawn trying to be a RooK in the geopolitical chess match.
What is the danger of staying in middle of road, that is where Turkey is today.

Hide Behind

It is not a false flag, it is but part of assymetrical warfare tactics put in place since Regan years, whereby every means at of a nation will be used.
Remember the White Helmets are the darlings created by the so called neoliberal establishments in US and Europe’s movie, film and Art communities, ONE Worlders all.
In US the military and Homeland Security pours hundreds of millions yearly into one of most amoral industries on planet. Hollywood and Music and Internet.
Feted as hero’s by such a wealthy community of ding-a-ling psychopaths and self absorbed cultures that all live off government subsidies they will push and have abilities to change and control rest of dumb as rock easily entertained populace.
US uses them in same manner of covert support of NOG and US AID programs.

Carne João Pasta

Maybe much of today’s music sucks and perhaps is a general symptom of what you speak to, debating a nation’s culture. I’m a music lover so I take offense to your generalization.


Hide Behind is referring to a lot of the shit that is our their in our decadent Western culture. Like he is probably not a politically-correct moral relativist or cultural Marxist. Our art forms are in many respects reflections of who we are or what we have become. Sex and violence are still the main focus of Hollywood. Plot and character development is way down on the list, being replaced largely by special effects, with shocks and thrills of the moment. This reflects the fragmentation of the individual in our society. Modern music has pretty much the same meaningless form.

The Farney Fontenoy

Is the SAA actually going to launch an offensive in Idlib?! It should have kicked off 2 weeks ago, so why has Russia given the terrorists plenty of time to film the fake gas attack???


Yup, Russia is visibly letting itself be intimidated–something which its partisans insist it never allows to happen. Seeing how most actors in the Middle East will side with who looks the strongest, this will only cause Turkey to move further back to NATO, at least if the White House will play it with moderate competence (not a given). Patience can be a virtue sometimes, but military history doesn’t speak well of procrastinators. “Time is on Russia’s side” often just looks like a mantra to be recited; with the Turkish weapon tap to the moderates again wide open, I doubt whether it is true in the present case.


They havent been intimidated! Logic wins always! Firstly lets deal with ur intimidation statement. Do u think it is a coincidence the the biggest ever (EVER) war games with Russia, China and Mongolia took place just a few days a go? This is called posturing! Basically it means “we are ready for UK, France, USA vs Iran, Russia and China”. (WW3 Nuclear war). Because actions speak louder than words! You know this already but for some reason u cant accept it!

Who is legally in Syria vs Who is! (UN negotiations)
Who has been on a middle east tear since 1990 and the fall


Such a childish view of the world.
Turkey will follow the money, and the US is yesterday’s hero.
Turkey will become a major trade hub in the new Eurasian empire, that the US is trying unsuccessfully to stop.

Try reading this, to get an idea on what is happening.


Erdogan has been bought by Uncle Samuel, and Russia does not want to get into a fight with Turkey. Wars are about money, and Turkey is a key part of the new Eurasian empire.

Why do you think Russia supported Syria?
And it’s not about the base at Tartus, it’s about stopping the American gas pipeline to Europe.

Why do you think the US invaded Syria, and Ukraine?
To stop the Russian and Iranian pipelines to Europe.

All wars are about money.

Brad Isherwood

2000 US boots steal 1/3rd of Syria on the easy. ..
Don’t even need to bomb…

So…..it’s over for Syria.
Assad will have the Lunatic Caliph of Turkey occupy part of Syria, …Putin will do nothing.
Israhell gets to keep Stolen Syrian Golan. …Putin will do nothing .
There’s still ISIS in the Eastern Desert…

Putin’s to busy bashing the skulls of over 50 Russian pensioners who walk/protest.

The real Putin who serves at the pleasure of the Oligarchs is obvious now.
Syria is just a Military Industrial Complex testing ground.


Stop it you’ll go blind.


The White Helmets look very well fed, well supplied, and well paid. It is know that UK special forces work with them. It is also known that Israel has been supplying and paying the insurgents. Does anyone have and reliable evidence that some of the White Helmets are Israeli soldiers or agents in the guise of Muslims?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x