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Syrian War Report – September 10, 2018: US Claims Destruction Of Civilian Objects Is Purpose Of Idlib Advance

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The US-led propaganda campaign against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has reached a new level as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is openly preparing to kick of a ground assault on terrorist groups in northwestern Syria.

During a September 7 UN Security Council briefing, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stated that “when Russia and the Assad regime say they want to counter terrorism, they actually mean they want to bomb schools, hospitals, and homes. They want to punish the civilians who had the courage to rise up against Assad.” She further stated that “the Assad regime” must halt an offensive in Idlib because it will undermine “peace talks”.

“We consider any assault on Idlib to be a dangerous escalation of the conflict in Syria. If Assad, Russia, and Iran continue, the consequences will be dire,” Haley said.

On the same day, CNN released another fabulous report based on anonymous US defense officials. According to the report, Russia warmed the US-led coalition twice that its forces and the Syrian military are prepared to attack terrorists in the 55-km zone claimed by the US-led coalition around its military garrison at al-Tanf. CNN speculated that this attack may endanger US troops deployed there, but did not elaborate how it is possible if US personnel are not embedded with terrorists.

Following the report, the coalition kicked off a military exercise involving 100 US servicemen in the al-Tanf area.

“Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces, and conduct a rapid exfiltration anywhere in the OIR combined joint operations area … Exercises like this bolster our defeat-ISIS capabilities and ensure we are ready to respond to any threat to our forces,” CENTCOM spokesman Navy Captain Bill Urban stated.

On September 8, clashes erupted between a unit of the Syrian Military Intelligence and security forces of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of al-Qamishli. Kurdish sources claimed that clashes erupted after government troops had entered the SDF-controlled area without a permission. Pro-government sources say that the SDF attack had been pre-planned. 12 government servicemen and 7 SDF personnel were killed in the incident.

On September 9, the SDF’s political wing, the Syrian Democratic Council, released a statement claiming that it regrets the incident.

“The coincidence of this incident with the summit in Tehran is questionable,” the SDC added in the same statement de-facto accusing Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey of the escalation.

Meanwhile, multiple reports have been released by pro-militant media activists and mainstream media outlets on alleged civilian casualties and damage to the civilian infrastructure as a result of the airstrikes of the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces. The reports came when Syrian and Russian forces expanded their airstrikes on targets belonging to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and the Turkistan Islamic Party in northern Lattakia and southern and southwestern Idlib.

A source in the 4th Armoured Division of the Syrian Arab Army told SouthFront that these strikes are preparations for a ground phase of the offensive in the area. However, no details when it’s set to be started were provided.

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The US has reached a new level of insanity

Promitheas Apollonious

not insanity but raw desperation.




Yes, they always want to break their own records.


FUKUS propaganda has become so absurd that it’s like some sort of comedy routine. They don’t even care that no one believes their lies, they are paid to write a comedy script and keep on writing even though the show has been cancelled due to low ratings.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, tons and more tons of bombs every day over the area by Russia and SyAF of course are more legal and much, much better.

You can take gas on that,.


Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENOCJBGzS-E

Jens Holm

That would be an improvement. I hope for this. Idlib has famous castle already. They could restore one giving it a bridge and some carpets for the walls:)



Yes u r right because carpet bombing in Iraq Afghanistan and Raqqa were absolutely legal. Russia hasn’t too big budget to afford carpet bombing nor it has that inhuman evil spirit like the great USA.


I don’t agree. Majority of western people believe their bullshit. Media is a great tool to convert lies into Truths.


I did exaggerate by saying “no one” believes their lies. Propaganda Ministry (MSM) works hard at censoring opposing viewpoints and at spamming comment boards with fake trolls. As you say, there are many simpletons who are swayed by the insipid lies MSM spews.

You can call me Al

“US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stated that “when Russia and the Assad regime say they want to counter terrorism, they actually mean they want to bomb schools, hospitals, and homes. They want to punish the civilians who had the courage to rise up against Assad.” She further stated that “the Assad regime” must halt an offensive in Idlib because it will undermine “peace talks”……………………she and her stupid Cuntry are bloody delusional, insane and pure evil.


Pure “Projection” of the self upon others!

You can call me Al



And why do you feel my comment might be about you? Tell me how was your relationship with……… ?

northerntruthseeker .

I guess its ok to that psychotic bitch when the US bombs schools, hospitals, and homes, like they did in Al Raqqa, right?

I guess according to the insane lunacy of American thinking: “Our bombings are gooooooooddd…. but Russia/Syrian/Arabic “bombing” is baaaaaaadddd…”

You can call me Al

mmmmm, yep, you nailed it. If you read / listen to anything from the MSM, that is about it. Cheers.


May be a news black out in Idlib. Tigers may be in the area. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d710672b7557a9673c3aaeaf356dd439480e47eb5d0a2fb8ce56d9e0f2c457d.jpg


It’s another window into what their goals and desires are, it’s classic projection.

These are the things they have done for centuries now, as psychopaths it is natural that they accuse their victims of the same.


I would add my 2 cents – every thing said below is spot on. Nikki Haley? What can I say that hasn’t been said about her already? She typifies the Deadly Few (the Khazarian Mafia)

Jens Holm

Russi and Assads first parashure umbrellas, so the children dont see the bombs comming.

Well, thats a lie. Bombs only detonate candy and chokolate.

That what I can read below here. Lets talk about anything different, so all dont see the maps with air-attacks and wonder in an agressive way.

The bombs are raining in the Idlib Province, but keep smiling.

Tommy Jensen

Here is your friends Jens. Its even one of the decent cases. You can look up the US/Nato atrocities elsewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Young_Afghan_farmer_boy_murdered_by_US_soldiers.jpg


US Claims Destruction Of Civilian Objects Is Purpose Of Idlib Advance …. as they bomb Syrian civilians (and babies) with White Phosphorus.

Seriously – why is anyone still listening to what the Americans say? Their “say” hasn’t born any resemblance to reality for more than a decade now.


And they never object to the Israelis raping, plundering, killing, murdering and pillaging Palestine and Gaza! What bunch of maggots. They are indeed a great cancer upon mankind but it is a cancer that will be totally wiped out and not in the too distant future. Love to see Hailey hanged with Madeleine Albright, Bush, Obama, Kerry, others–and last but not least– Netanyahu. Stranger things have happened.




The hysterics will run at high levels until the pocket is cleared.

Hide Behind

The old fable about ” The Emporer Wore No Clothes ” comes to mind, where. no one dared to point out he was naked, except for one small in its innocence said What clothes. The Emporer, in this case Trump and Israe, along with Europe and all UN nations dare not criticize whatever the Emporer and his ministers are talking about, even though they know The Emporer is telling bare assed lies.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The insane hypocrisy of the United States of America. Today Nikki warns us all, that Assad is about to blow up all the schools and hospitals in Idlib, and then she also hints that the US might do something to stop it. The noble US want’s to stop that nasty Assad from blowing up all the schools and hospitals. Nikki also fails to mention the rebels often use the schools and hospitals as bases. But yesterday she warned us, that any county that was even considering helping out in Syria, rebuilding new schools and hospitals ect, would be severely punished with US trade/financial sanctions. With one breath she says one thing, then hypocritically with the next, she says another. You don’t have to have access to alternate media sources to realize somethings not right, anybody hearing these two conflicting US policies would have to stop and go, hang on, that doesn’t sound right. I hear the crap that comes out of her mouth and my brain just goes into meltdown, “does not compute error, does not compute error, shutdown process initiated”, I know it’s not my wiring that’s short circuiting though, it’s Nikki’s circuits that needs some rewiring.


Looks like the Seppoes don’t want their bluff to be called.

Chuma Anierobi

What was left in Mosul and Raqqa by America?

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