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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – October 9, 2019: SDF Seeks Cooperation With ‘Bloody Assad’ Against Turkey

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Syrian War Report – October 9, 2019: SDF Seeks Cooperation With 'Bloody Assad' Against Turkey

The withdrawal of US troops from the Turkish border has caused a kind of panic among the leadership of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which mostly consist of Kurdish militias.

On October 7, the group already speculated that the Syrian Army is preparing to capture the town of Manbij taking an upper hand of the US troops’ withdrawal. The Syrian military in fact deployed reinforcements near the area. Pro-government sources say the army is preparing to act in response to a possible Turkish military operation.

On October 8, the Turkish Armed Forces announced that they had carried out strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border in order to prevent Kurdish groups from using the route to reinforce their positions in northeastern Syria. Ankara expects that units of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which it recognizes as a terrorist group, could be re-deployed from northern Iraq to the Syrian-Turkish border.

Almost immediately after first Turkish strikes, the SDF leadership announced that it is ready to consider resuming talks with Damascus, and therefore Russia. Earlier, the group sabotaged all Damascus attempts to settle the existing differences through political measures by demanding the Syrian government to de-facto recognize and fund a de-facto independent state with own military within Syria. Now, when the SDF’s key ally has once again appeared to be not ready to sacrifice its geo-strategic interests to create a Kurdish state in Syria, the SDF is once again seeking negotiations with the ‘bloody Assad regime.’

At the same time, the Turkish military and Turkish proxies continue their preparations for a possible military action against Kurdish militias. Recently, a Turkish military convoy was spotted near the town of Jarabulus. In the event of a military operation, the town will become an important logistical point.

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Alan Foo

If Assad is that stupid to get all to the SDF

Saddam Hussein

Kurds are just a made up ethnicity. Theyre iranian and Turkish gypsies pretending they’re this meme nation of (((kurdistan))). Either they become Syrians and Iraqis and speak Arabic, or they can go live in Turkey and Iran.

gino the hood




Great link, thanks. According to Kurds history, Kurds has to right to occupy the Syria land they have now. They would have to be north Sirnak(eats part of Turkey), north part of Irak and north part of Iran. Kurds must return all the east part of Syria to Syria people. The best they can do is to become Syria citizens and to allow SAA to control this part of Syria.


You must be the most stupid person on the planet !! Made up ?? Dude salahadin al ayob was kurdish and kurd mountains in syria have been called that for centuries just that should prove that you are talking bullshit !! On the other hand i can fully understand why you are such a retard since you have that profile picture it doesn’t matter what facts i hit you with you would still be in denial . The reason why this is really bad for saa is that the fsa would have ground to fight on different fronts and saa don’t have the same manpower as before i just hope then can strike a deal .. Go SAA

Rodney Loder

The reason Saladin was able to rise to prominence in the Shi’ite military community was because as a footloose Kurdish military man he had no fraternal position to represent and was seen as trustworthy because he had no country to represent.


Utter crap! Did you just make that up? Shi’ite? Where the hell did you get that info that Salah ad-Din was a Shi’ite?

An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, known as Salah ad-Din or Saladin, was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. A Sunni Muslim of Kurdish ethnicity, Saladin led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader states in the Levant.

Rodney Loder

I didn’t say Saladin was a Shi’ite I said he was trusted by the Shi’ite because he was a an ethnic mercenary a part of the mamluk tradition as many Kurds were, I said Saladin was working for Nur ad-Din a Turk of the Selijuk Empire Syria (Nur al-Din means Saladin and Nur ad-Din means Saladin’s original boss Nur ad-Din Zengi) but ad – Din also means al-Din.

Egypt was Shi’ite Fatimid, ad-Din was mainly campaigning against Crusader Armies and Egypt was a part of his treaties and agreements at one time Saladin became advisor to the Fatimid Government and betrayed his official position.


kurds are great at betrayal.. its in the genes..

Rodney Loder

Everyone even even Genghis Khan, wanted to make like the Christian Crusades who also made Salidin known to us otherwise we wouldn’t have a clue exactly who Saladin was.

The Crusades began because, Pope Urban ll, liberated the Aristo’rats, – who would go fight for the Holy Land, – freedom from paying money to the Church in order to confess and be repentant at a discount that never kicked in.

Penance was forgive if a Knight could guarantee there would be Muslim blood on his sword. (1095 Council of Clermont Southern France).

Penitential discipline was molded into murdering, when repentance became crime, the Knights sincerely believed the Pope was Divinity Itself.

This set the stage for Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Hospitallers and Trump Tower Disappearing Knights replacing FSA Knights sent by Obama the Freemason Pope leader of the deplorable legions.

Saddam Hussein

Thanks for the peak (((western))) education, friendly merchant.


Sorry, but It is not necessary to use insult to make a clear statement as you did it. Let us learn from each other without insults, although sometimes it is hard to avoid them.


kurd mountains in syria??? How long did it take you to pull that out of your blackhole?

Icarus Tanović

Let’s just wait and see how brave they are without Americans…and how Turks are brave to cross the border with armour…


We saw how brave they were in Afrin.


well now they have kurd slaves to pick up the trash and clean the honey pots..

Kelli Hernandez

Let them beg. Too little too late.


Assad should tell the SDF to go to hell.. they are nothing but snakes who will bite his heel.

Rodney Loder

Kurds were nomadic animal herders only until they were given a green light by Freemason Turkish CUP to murder and ethnically cleanse Turkey of Armenian Christians, that’s the first property holdings Kurds ever had.

Many Syrian Refugees took shelter in Kurdish/ US occupied territories and we’re were forced to call themselves Kurds under pain of death they also had to give up their children to fight in Kurdish Militias.

Assad won’t support Brother Erdogan but Brother Erdogan is supporting Assad.


Saladin was Kurd maybe?

Saddam Hussein

Saladin was a muslim from Iraq. The kurd meme is just a jewish invention to divide Arabs and iranians.

Rodney Loder

It could be counter productive to review those incredible horrendous events at the moment, but I do it anyway.

The narrative put forward mainly the Democrats is that the Kurds deserve sympathy, and the Dems do control all Main Stream Media except Fox, Trump could very well go down, and if so China and Russia would be tempted to jump on board supporting israel and the Kurds by throwing Erdogan under the bus raising up what they call the resurgent opposition after the Istanbul election.

Assad isn’t helping to cover this possibility by talking with YPG.

Assad will have no where to turn if that scenario plays out.

Rodney Loder

I dindo think of all the hundreds of thousands; maybe millions of trained historians who studied the battle of Hatton 1178 would have got mixed up on Salidin’s ethnic identity, which he used to deceive the Fatimid Caliphate in 1169 after he was given the position of Wizir (advisor to the Caliph), the oath of Office he betrayed and with the help of his benefactor Nur Al-Din of Baghdad, whom he also later betrayed, Salidin enacted a coup d’etat and the Shi’ite Caliphate in Egypt was ended in 1171, Nur al-Din died in 1174 so there was no come uppance from that faction.

Obviously it was Allah (swt) operating within the context of the Paradigm Prophecies that cause these events to happen the way that they did.

gino the hood

they may have been nomadic but they still had territory they occupied and dominated. erdogan isnt supporting assad.

Rodney Loder

The world changed after the Renaissance and Columbus, as the Conquistadors paved the way and investment capital opened up industry and agriculture causuca investment financialization of agriculture and industry, the pastoralists became fenced into this new arrangement so the sedimentary farmers got the upper hand, and the marauding pastoralist lost out.

The Ottomans told the pastoralists to pay tax and be subject to law which they complied with until the opportunity arise to become sediment and their one boss.

The Freemason Young Turks gave the Kurds this opportunity by murdering the Armenians and taking their place in Turkish Society as mercenaries opposing the Sultanat.

Brother Erdogan believed NATO bombing of Syria was imminent while being tied to Gulen until 16 th July 2016 until then he had to place Turkey on NATO’s side same as Libya and Gadaffi.

We, Allah (swt) prevented that NATO bombing and Brother Erdogan was saved, then he realised he wasn’t the partners of NATO he was the target of NATO so he changed sides now he’s supporting Turkey Russia Iran strategically and China economically, Assad won because we Allah (swt) made him win . Allah Akbar.

Rodney Loder

Accidentally posted your reply to BMWA1 sorry about that.

Panthera Pardus

“and ethnically cleanse Turkey of Armenian Christians” correct, everbody talks rightly About the Turkish action against the Armenian but almost everybody Forgets the role plaied by the Kurds in killing the Armenian – and that’s an historically proven fact.


I have no sympathy for the Kurds; they chose to ally w the American psychopaths once again


Maqdad suggested the government blames the Kurdish forces for Turkey’s invasion, saying that the Kurdish forces refused to hand over defense of previous areas threatened by Turkey to the Syrian Army, and are doing it again in the northeast.

Deputy FM Faisal Maqdad suggested the forces had betrayed Syria with their separatist agenda, and added that Syria wouldn’t provide any foothold for “agents of Washington on Syrian territory.”

erdoggie meanwhile has said if yurope says this is an invasion he will eat all the kurd babies he can find


My deepest regrets that I am not in the position to donate to your cause.

Stinky Man

‘bloody Assad regime.’ Click bait or just an idiots writers opinion? The blood is on the Kurds hands not Assad’s.

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