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Syrian War Report – October 9, 2018: Syria Got 24 S-300 Launchers, Over 300 Missiles

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The Syrian military received three battalion sets of S-300PM missile systems, including 24 missile launchers, from the Russian military, the Russian state-run news agency TASS reported on October 8 citing a diplomatic source. According to the same source, the Syrians also received over 300 surface-to-air missiles. All these were delivered free of charge.

On the same day, the Turkish state media declared that Idlib militant groups had completed withdrawal of their heavy weapons, including Grad rocket launchers, mortars and medium-range missiles, from the demilitarized zone.

According to remarks and statements made by representatives of the Turkish-backed coalition of militant groups known as the National Front for Liberation (NFL), NFL members will remain at their positions in the demilitarized zone. Furthermore, they keep light weapons, machine guns and some vehicles equipped with large caliber guns.

Separately, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) deployed additional troops and military equipment to the very same area. Previously, the TAF had already increased the forces deployed at the observation posts in the Idlib de-escalation zone. So, now, it has a notable number of troops and equipment there.

Meanwhile, the security situation in the militant-held area remains tense. According to reports, one of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s militant commanders, Abu Mussab Al-Dureer, and two other militants were attacked and killed on the road between the villages of Azmarin and Darkoush in northern Idlib.

Clashes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS continued in the are of al-Safa in the Damascus-Suwayda desert. Pro-government sources claim that the SAA is slowly establishing control of all key hills in the area. Nonetheless, the full liberation of al-Safa is still a problem because of strong ISIS resistance there. Pro-ISIS sources claim that up to 20 SAA members were killed in the recent clashes.

Another pocket, controlled by ISIS, is located in the Euphrates Valley in the countryside of Hajin. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been advancing on it for over a month. However, the US-backed group is not yet close to success.

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Now that the Idlib operation has been cancelled, this would be an excellent opportunity to deploy the Tigers to Suwayda and deal with the ISIS infestation there? It’s been very quiet on the Tiger front lately. While they deserve some much needed time for rest, relaxation and recovery, I wonder what’s going on with them? Hopefully something interesting.

Zo Fu

Idlib operation cancellation means that this area will become tumor of Syria and NATO sponsored terrorists safe zone forever. Only fool can hope that something good will come from it. Relaxation ? Recovery ? You kidding me isn’t it.


It may come as a surprise to you, but soldiers are human beings. And human beings need time off to rest and recover. Can you work all days straight, 7 days in a week? Also, units that have seen prolonged combat need time off to incorporate new troops and train them to acceptable standards so they don’t get themselves and others killed.

So I’m not kidding in this regard.

Hisham Saber

The spearheads of the Syrian military, the Tiger division and the 4th armored division are still active. Its just not always revealed where they are, and what they are up to.

Hisham Saber

Like Bashar Assad said a few days ago, Idlib will be returned to Syrian government control. Its just a matter of taking down the militants little by little. First their heavy weapons, which don’t stand a chance against Russian/Syrian airstrikes anyways, leaving the militants with only light weapons. And the militant forces in Idlib will end up fighting themselves to exhaustion anyways.

Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani made a pact that will see Idlib handed over to the Syrian government soon. Turkey is in an embarrassing situation, in that they sponsored these militants, now they must disarm them. Turkey will work with the Syrian Military so long as the Kurds are kept in check. And last I heard, there have been mass defections from the U.S. sponsored SDF Kurds and there is an insurgency already starting against the SDF in Raqqa, Hasaka, Deir Ezzor. Arab tribes have met and are about to get very serious in their attacks on U.S./SDF patrols and positions, checkpoints, I read of Fars news that there are attacks on the SDF everyday.


Turkey is in an embarrassing situation, in that they sponsored these militants, now they must disarm them.

Oh… Turkey’s in a position worse than embarrassing … saw word somewhere his friendly terrorists warned him if he didn’t play ball they’d relocate the ball court to Turkey in 2 weeks.


That, and Turkey’s economic situation is a troubling consideration for them, too. In a sense, they are between a rock and a hard place- supporting rebel troops and their families in Idlib during a period of truce, or supporting a new wave of refugees/terrorists onto their own territory if the sh*t hits the fan in Idlib and then escalates into the other territories of Syria along Turkey’s border with Syria. Turkey is just about as hapless a the US when it comes to intervening in other countries affairs!


When people aren’t bright enough to figure out the “unintended consequences” before they go ahead and do their dirty deeds they ought to have to deal with them themselves – they’ll be more thoughtful next time.

Hisham Saber

All Syrian spearhead forces like the Tigers and the 4th armored division, along with the NDF and auxiliaries should be brought up right to the Golan border, where Israel occupies Syrian land. They are not alone, they have Hezbollah, some 30,000 Afghan volunteers, thousands of the Chechen Mr. Khadyrovs men, the Syrian NDF and auxiliaries.

Israels bluff should be called, and the Golan would be an easy battle, as the forces I mentioned have many years of real-time combat experienceand have been distilled down to the best fighting forces in the world. Add the IRGC and one can see the onslaught. Isreal’s enemies are very, very determined. And Israel has a knack for blundering and miscalculating (IL-20).

The arrogant Jews /Israeli’s think the U.S., U.K, France are going to come to the rescue, but they too would be swallowed up and spit out by the regions fighters, militias, armies and Arab tribes.

Thus, Israel is totally bluffing.


It might be a good idea to clean out the rest of Syria before they take on the Heights?

Zo Fu

SF is still repeating the same silly narrative. It doesn’t matter how many hardware is Russia deploying to Syria unless Russia starts to use S300 against Israel. But there is strict prohibition in Syria regarding S300, probably directly from Putin as he has his “secret deals” with Netanyahu. Only Syrian army has the balls attack Israeli jets but as the systems are integrated now and Russia is reluctant to use it, only time will tell us if something was changed after IL20 incident.

IMHO S300 are only smoke-screen to please Russian generals and outraged public. But S300 with ban to be used is worthless. It is even worse then existing S200…..


Yer just being silly Zo Fu …. Yah don’ get to complain Russia/Syria isn’t using them UNTIL Israel pulls a Syrian airspace violation – AND they don’t get used.

So far, Lil Izzie has made a lotta blah-blah but not a jot of do-do.

Aen RaBeon

You don’t know that. Quit guessing.


Russian MOD oversees security matters in Syria, the military deal with military issues, the politicians deal with political issues.

Miroslav Beran

No, no. The trick is far simpler: S-300PM use missiles with range 75 km to 90 km max. Khazars with old F-16 may drop SDB glide bombs 110 km away from target. So You are right, it is smokescreen to cool down outraged public. These S-300PM simply cannot reach Khazar attacking planes.

Hisham Saber

The recent S-300’s sent to Syria are just like the ones Russia uses today. Not the export version, as you imply. The new S-300’s are of the variant that cover 250 km. Not a measly 75-100km. Besides, the main problem for the Israeli’s are the extensive EW systems now beefed up in Syria.


Export version has nothing to do with it. Older Russian S-300PM system started with 5V55R, range 90 km; maybe can be upgraded with 5V55U, 150 km range ? I doubt the Syrians received PM1 or PM2 systems, because this is material retired from a Russian AD regiment that changed over to S-400.

Ricky Miller

So not true. These S-300PM is of an improved variety, recently in service with Russian Air Defense. It can include missiles with greater range and speed than the original S300PM. And even if it wasn’t an improved PM, which it is, the air defense crews would still have nearly two hundred seconds in a glide bomb attack. Which means they could easily move hundreds of meters and glide bombs hit nothing but dirt. Won’t that be fun to laugh at.

Val Shadowhawk



I think the idea is to prevent the strikes – not so much punish the planes. ‘Sides…. dimpe news posted this: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=el&u=https://dimpenews.com/&prev=search ….Nice map.


New missiles were developed for the S-300PM system, the Fakel 48N6 and the 48N6E. Missile guidance was changed to the Track-Via-Missile (TVM) radar type using modified `Flap Lid’ engagement radar for control. A new rocket motor was used to increase the effective missile engagement range to a more acceptable 150 km. The missile speed peaks at 2,100 metres/sec or cca Mach 6. The missiles can be fired at 3 second intervals, and Russian sources claim a single shot kill probability of 80% to 93% for aerial targets, 40% to 85% for cruise missiles and 50% to 77% for TBMs.

Icarus Tanović

What a pile of rubbish.

Hisham Saber

Another smokescreen by Zo Fu, who still believes Israel is somehow ‘ untouchable ‘ , or that Russian/Syrian S-300 will not, can not shoot down Israeli planes over the Mediterranean coast off Syria, Lebanese airspace or even if they become desperate and enter Russian/Syrian ‘ kill zones ‘ over Syria proper. I got news for you. The once mighty Tshahal is no more mighty. The S-300

Val Shadowhawk

Well said. Could not agree more with you!!


BS. Syrians will defend themselves and the Russians will help them with their radar boosting system.

Syrian patriot

The Syrian missile system with the aid of other Russian assets in Syria can track and lock onto aircraft and missiles invading the Syrian airspace, it is a Syrian’s finger that will be resting on the firing button not a Russian’s.

James Woroble Jr

When you’re dealing with the biggest azzhole in the Middle East, you need 300 suppositories!

Hisham Saber

24 missile launchers, each with 4 tubes means a lot of headaches for Israel. And the 3000 missiles ensure that the Israeli’s Will get targeted at will. Also, contrary to beliefs here, the S-300”s Syria received from the Russian Federation are top of the line systems, not the usual export models and variants. They have arrange of 250 km, putting the Israel’s in a very tough situation.

The Russian/Syrian systems are fully integrated and centralized, meaning that Isreals days of airstrikes will be very costly. To say the least. Russian systems know exactly when an Israeli plane takes off, and where itr is headed. They will be targeted if they stray too close to Syria.


It feels good that Russia started to take the Syrian No Fly Zone seriously.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia delivered the S-300PM, this is three steps down from the more advanced S-300PM2 S-300PM S-300PM1 S-300 Favorite S-300PM2 S-400

Icarus Tanović

Turks are really menace with theirs intrusive politics in Syria. We will have to deal with them as soon as possible. Even if that prolongs War for several more years. They’re heavy supporters of Turkmenistan wahhabis, and P. R. China doesn’t seem to like that.

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