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Syrian War Report – October 8, 2019: U.S. Green-Lights Turkish Incursion Into Northeastern Syria

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Syrian War Report – October 8, 2019: U.S. Green-Lights Turkish Incursion Into Northeastern Syria

On October 7, US forces started withdrawing from their positons along the border with Turkey, in northern Syria. The US military had permanent garrisons in Tel Abyad, Tel Musa, Tel Hinzir and Tel Arqam. They were abandoned.

On October 6, the White House released a statement saying that Turkey will soon carry out its “long-planned operation” into northern Syria. According to the statement, US forces will not “support or be involved in the operation” and “will no longer be in the immediate area”.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, mostly consisting of Kurdish armed groups, blamed the US for not “fulfilling their responsibilities” and “allowing the region to return to the battlefield”. The SDF leadership fears a Turkish military action in the area because Ankara sees its Kurdish armed formations as terrorist organizations linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

According to pro-SDF sources, the Kurdish-dominated group already started deploying reinforcements to the border area between the towns of Ras al-Ayn and Ayn al-Arab.

The irony of the situation is that just a few weeks ago the US convinced the SDF to remove fortifications in the border area providing the SDF security guarantees. After this, the US gave a green light to a Turkish military operation in northern Syria.

After the US troops withdrawal, President Donald Trump threatened that “if Turkey does anything that” he, in his “great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits,” he “will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey”. Nonetheless, it is yet to be seen how this kind of twitter diplomacy will work in practice.

Local sources indicate that Turkish-backed militant groups in the province of Aleppo were already placed on a high alert preparing for a possible military action.

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USA backstabbing cowards… Hopefully the SDF will make an alliance with the legitimate Syrian Arab Army of the legitimate President Assad to drive these Turks and their terrorist proxies into the pits of hell!!!

TC Kutay Metolar

its so funny :D Us forces always backstabs its allies :D


True, hopefully they have something planned for Turkey

Ralph Conner

Erdogan = Trump’s bitch. Turks aren’t gonna take that.

Icarus Tanović

Now, SDF will turn for SAA help. Just wait and see. Turkeys are in deep shit.

Mustafa Mehmet

ok turk will wait and see .. asad .will forgive pkk bastardo yes go ahed assad

Pave Way IV

I wonder if they’ll ask the SAA for help. The US has had convoy after convoy of trucks going over the Iraqi border to the Kurds for the last year. The Syrian Kurds must have more ATGMs and MANPADS by now then all the rest of the Middle East combined. I wouldn’t want to be in any Turkish armor rolling over the border.

Icarus Tanović

They already did. Guy is tripping that he is no one the less than Suleiman The Magnificent, but in fact he’s rather mere an American puppet, made in CIA. And yes, that’s right mate, wouldn’t like to be in vintage museum Turkish tanks where are so many, many ATGMs, mainly TOWs. They probably think that they will cut this short, uhh, how wrong they are.

Mustafa Mehmet

tano tano you r in shit as always

Hide Behind

What difference to Syria of who controls the area in question, The plans to Divide and weaken Syria by US and it’s NATO allies will still be accomplished. Syrian government has no say in matter and as its strongest ally, and the most responsible for regaining some of its lost territory, will not aid against US, Turkey and NATO, nor for that matter Syrian Kurds new Republics. Syrian Sovereign military dares not nor is capable of going head to head against Turkish forces; mainly due to lack of any real air capabilities of own or defensive air missiles and like. Kurds will still retain a vast area of old Syria but lose only a few hundred meters all along Turkish border. US/ Israel and NATO will not let Turkey grab anymore than what has already been agreed upon, Russia has already signed off on plan and agreed that Kurdish area will remain as an autonomous entity under foreign control within Syrian lands. The Kurds are no more than beggars and up until lately could not defend, or rebuild infrastructure, by own efforts I mention defending self up until recently, all it depends upon is how well Peshmerga have been trained as the hundreds of billions of armaments of quite technologicly advanced surface to air and thousands of anti armor missiles have been delivered. Training has been done by foreign military, contracted Security experts, and even the arms manufacturers own developers. What better way to test effectiveness of weaponry than letting Kurds and Turks die while saving U S/Israel and NATO troop? As to geopolitical concerns one must remember the strong Kurd autonomous area in Iraq that is a successful story on how to Divide a nation, and both Iraq and Syrian Kurds must never think of joining and forming a real Kurdistan nation. All Kurds are but dogs on leashes held in foreign powers hands. Much the same can be said of Syria being same, leashed mutts in Iran and Russian hands; and they dare not try and stop, or even dare to defend Syrian, Iran and even own military, if attacked by Israel, US , NATO or Turkey.

Rodney Loder

The Kurds need to be gotten rid of. Kurds were not anything other than Persian free booting animal herders before the Freemason swine gave Kurds the authority to murder and dispossess Armenian Christians of their goods and property early last century. Go back where you become from Kurdish swine or emigrate to israel.

Slack Babbath

The Othomans was the ones that gave the authority to the Chets, a loyal kurdish tribe to commit those crimes last centrury. Those ones are still loyal to Turkey.

Rodney Loder

The Ottomans were then represented by the Sultan Mehmed VI forced to abdicate in 1922 it’s ironic the British were supporting his continued Sultanate with military force but supposedly lost after trying to keep the Ottoman State intact.

However although the Turkish Republic of Kamal Ataturk was not establish until 1923 but the fact is the CUP was the only legitimate Governance of Turkey since January 1913.

The British supporting the Sultan in the1920’s was in fact a counter revolution which failed.

Between 1913 and 1918 Turkey was ruled by the secular Freemasonry CUP after Turkey lost the first W.W. the Sultan was recrowned in 1918 by the British so as to weaken the emerging Turkish State but the people saw through this strategy and opposed the British Sultanate.

During the Armenian expulsions of 1914 the Ottomans had no governing authority.

The Government of Grand Vizer Mehmed Kamil Pasha and his Minister of war Nazim Pasha were toppled by a military coup d’etat know as the Raid on the Sublime Port on January 1913 which brought CUP to absolute powered in Turkey which they maintained for all important events post WW1.

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