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Syrian War Report – October 7, 2016: Russia to Take Down any Airplane or Missile Targeting Syrian Army

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Using the Russian and Syrian air power, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies took the opportunity to make further advances in Aleppo city. The loyalist seized over a half of the Bustan al-Pasha neighborhood, including the Sport Complex, the Science school, the Housing institution and other buildings in the areas located on the way to Hellok.

The army and Hezbollah also took full control of the Suleiman al-Halabi Neighborhood and set fire control of al-Sakhoor roundabout. The government forces also expanded in northern Aleppo and secured fire control over the quarries southwest of al-Bureij.

Most of the damage done by terrorist factions in Aleppo appears to be against the civilian populace, with 8 civilians killed and 55 wounded after rebels recently shelled the al-Jamiliyah neighborhood.

Jund al-Aqsa promised to cease their participation in the Hama campaign against the government forces if Ahrar al-Sham continued ‘aggressions’ against them. Amongst the reported claims leveled by Jund al-Aqsa is that Ahrar al-Sham is in collusion with the Islamic State.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) successfully advanced in the Western Ghouta region, cutting off the road between the militant-controlled villages of Der Khabiyah and Moqaylabiya. The Der Khabiyah-Moqaylabiya road is one of few roads remaining under the control of militant groups in the region. Now, when the pro-government forces control it, Der Khabiyah and Moqaylabiya has become vulnerable for attacks by the army and the NDF.

On October 6, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad repeated a guarantee of safe passage to the rebels holed up in Aleppo. However, this offer from the legitimate government of Syria was overshadowed by a highly publicized statement from United Nations Syrian Envoy Staffan de Mistura in which he volunteered to personally accompany some Jabhat al Nusra fighters from the city as a human shield. The unprecedented offer was bluntly rejected by Jabhat al Nusra, which reaffirmed its collective desire to continue attempts to break the siege instead of making peace.

Chief of the Directorate of Media service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov promised that no U.S. aircraft would be immune from the threat the S-300 and S-400 air defense batteries pose in case of military strikes on the government-controlled areas. Konashenkov pointed to the airstrikes against Syrian government forces in Der ez-Zor as one of the primary motivating factors in importing the potent weapon systems.

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Chief of the Directorate of Media service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov promised that no U.S. aircraft would be immune from the threat the S-300 and S-400 air defense batteries pose in case of military strikes on the government-controlled areas. Konashenkov pointed to the airstrikes against Syrian government forces in Der ez-Zor as one of the primary motivating factors in importing the potent weapon systems.

We said we were sorry about the air-strike on the Syrian military base in Deir el-Zour and we meant it.

US Conveys ‘Regret’ for anti-ISIS Strike that Killed Syrian Forces http://www.military.com/daily-news/2016/09/18/us-conveys-regret-for-strike-that-killed-syrian-forces.html

It seems hard feelings about the incident still persist on the Syrian / Russian side, I regret to note.

It has to be a mistake. Deir el-Zour is besieged by ISIS. No-one on our side wants ISIS to take over another town – we wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemies – so why would our pilots be tasked to deliberately strike at those defending a town against ISIS?

Our apology is not good enough? The Syrian government doesn’t know the difference between us wanting to strike their forces and not wanting to strike them? Really?

Maybe we should offer compensation to the families of the 60 Syrian soldiers, as a token of our genuine regret and in admission of fault in this case?


They seem to think that it was deliberate because as soon as the airstrikes stopped, ISIS attacked and occupied the territory. They didn’t resume the airstrikes afterwards. You gotta have to question that even if you think it’s an accident.

Supreme Allied Condista

Well I can only assume that there is some kind of investigation order by the Pentagon going on as to how this mistake was made and meanwhile put a hold on strikes using the same intelligence / targeting procedure.

When you’ve made a big mistake you don’t just keep on doing things the same way – you examine and research what went wrong, to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

Tom Tom

you really can’t be that stupid.


I thought it a bit of refreshing comedic genius! The Condi part is absolutely brilliant. Lost on so many but humor can be subjective I guess? Half the people reading his post have just as outrageous claims and comments. I would say they even exceed his in stupidity because I believe his to be simple chain yanking!


That’s one way of looking at it. Makes it easier to sleep at night. But some people think that the supposed coordination center was sabotaged purposely. The reason, they say, is because the Western alliance wouldn’t be able to justify why the supposed moderate rebels are working with ISIS, and vice versa.

Jens Holm

Well, its very strange to me after 4 years of fighting ISIS, one mistake make that go away in so many memories, that US fight ISIS having kurds as ground troops.

How do they do that brainwash…


Maybe because the US have been vocal about regime changes in that region which seems to destabilize it and benefit the terrorists, rather than do the opposite. After all those glaring errors, they still are pushing for the same mistake to happen in Syria. And maybe because there have been reports, which the US government acknowledges, that weapons intended for the so called moderate rebels keeps ending up in the hands of terrorists.

Jens Holm

First of all its not USA alone, which has wanted that for several reasons. Next is that Assad was wished change nr 1 until nr 2. When Assad didnt fall right away US suppoorted ISIS a short while, but soon, when US and others saw ISIS would like to take the whole world, it gave 180 degreased exept for civil aid.

Obama was presidedent not supporting helping ISIS at all. In the administration top Hilleray Clinton and 3 others supported ISIS in that veginning very much – Lets say among the about 30-40 highest ranked in USA.

Its not only destabilisation. Its about leaving old days tribe systems, which cant grow and be a part and a partner of the world economy. Its also about oil and pipelines and control of it. When people blame USA about that, people forget all others do exactly same thing.

For USA and Western Europe its important, that Russia dont get too much control.

To me – written many times in many years – the ME systems are rotten an we have no friends. But all systems has to sell oil else they cant feed the population.

There are no moderate rebels. Its just a name – a hat. There was a moderate one by deserted Syrians from the Syrish armý and some lowranked politicians.

We divede them as terrobombing/shooting us or not, but its wrong to blame US for all those weapons and support.

You have a long line for supporters for everybody although ISIS havent much support left. YPG are not given heavy weapons, because some of them seems to dissapear to PKK.

And You and many others totally forget that moderates are not given any weapons against airplanes and helicopters. Thats a very big help for Assads and Russians.

Fine You write as You do, but I can only see the population cant see, things has changed during time.

We support ISIS has to be defeated. Might be we are only by 23 airplanes in Syria – But who is taking Mosul and give support to Iraq. And whats US and we do. We fight ISIS.


The US wasn’t alone in spearheading the regime changes, but we were the ringleader. We’re also the loudest in pushing Assad out of Syria. You said there are no moderate rebels, it’s just a hat. Then what is this administration talking about? They’re saying it’s a civil war and they are supporting the rebels. If you’re right, then the US is actually supporting terrorism. Is that what you’re saying?

Jens Holm

Well if its terrorrisme. To me most of it are a violent uprice against a violent regime. The regime could have avoided it during reforms during many years – or resigned.

They didnt/wouldnt. So the only way to make changes are violence – here by no mercy demonizing each others.

I would say ISIS doing things outside Syria and Iraq are terrorists.

The rest – terrible behavior, but are Assads moderate. Dont think so.

But there are a lot of agendas around the misery. 1) It was a mistake to make a syria diving kurds an giving the arabs their own land. 2) Oil was important after WW1 and now great amounts are found in Syria as well as the pipeline problematics.

If You also read about Iraq, You can see the dirty games are there very much too. Iranians seems to would like to decide among kurds ands in kurdish claims. Turks has many tanks and and about 2000 soldiers inside Iraqi kurdistan. Bagdad goverment are slowed down for taking Mosul. Kurds again are blamed for wanting Mosul. They never said so.

The latest news are USA are making a kind of base in the kurdish east of Eufrat and give kurds heavier weapons. Is is for defence for the Kurds or for attack by them – which direction. Raqqa again.

Dont think Kurds and Nato could or should take everything diveded by Eufrat as a protected zone. Think they and we could – for a while. Makes no sense.

Well, thats how I think. They could let in all peacefull refugees but has no civilan rule for it and disagree about it.

I`l, say good night. Sleep mainly at daytime.

Its rotten all over.


It’s rotten indeed. Turkey is doing the same, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela, Columbia, and many more. It’s called rebellion and governments around the world are authorized whatever force they deem is necessary to protect itself. US just want to do whatever it wants regardless of the consequences.

Jens Holm

Yes, You are right. its terrible and shouldnt be legalized by having the power to it.

Seyed Hadi Aghazadeh

america was one of the reasons isis came to power. america destroyed iraqi statehood and security structure

u say ” we wouldnt wish that our worst enemies” i ask u : Why not? u americans do not hesitate to nuke civilians

why should u hesitate to bomb syrian soldiers in a war against a terrorists organisation that owes america its existence?

there is no mercy friendship or moral in political affairs america will use every possible way to topple Syrian government. remeber who founded al qaida against the soviets ? Reagan …

i think the best apology would be that all american forces have to leave the territory of the sovereign syrian nation.

obama just declared they will attack syrian army if they “violate ceasefire agreements”

so ur own president said they are ready to bomb syrian soliders

i repeat Ayatollah Khomeini(ra)

death to the USA

Brad Isherwood

http://www.internetweekly.org/images/condi_jezebel.jpg http://www.internetweekly.org/images/neocon_mens_magazine.jpg

Jens Holm

bork bork

Jens Holm

bork bork % bork

Jens Holm

bork bork. Make no sense = nonsense.

888mladen .

Mate it seems like you don’t understand the difference between genuine mistake and premeditated crime.


Condista ; I do like your last sentence , stating “we should offer compensation to the families …. as a token of genuine regret and in admission of fault “. Now this case is just one of thousands in which the US , by funding directly A Nusra , and indirectly ISIS , and FSA , has resulted in a failed policy of “regime change”. It is time for genuine regret , and a change of policy . An admission of fault is unlikely , but a cessation of hostilities would be a good beginning .

Supreme Allied Condista

but a cessation of hostilities would be a good beginning .

What? What the hell are you talking about? We are at war with ISIS.

Why would we ever want to cease hostilities with ISIS now? We’ll cease hostilies with ISIS after they are all dead. A cessataion of hostilies with ISIS now before our victory is complete would be totally stupid.

The fault at Deir el-Zour was that we totally missed ISIS, totally hit the wrong guys, mistakenly hit the Syrian government forces with whom we have no hostilities to cease.

I can’t believe the nonsense you just wrote! Explain yourself, if you can.

has resulted in a failed policy of “regime change”.

The policy of “regime change” has only been applied sparingly and that’s why we have yet to win the war on terror. For example, we’ve never regime-changed Saudi Arabia, despite all the evidence of Saudi state sponsorship of terrorism.

So in my opinion, explained in my published strategy to defeat ISIS, we should do more regime-change not less.

STRATEGY TO DEFEAT ISIS http://supremealliedcondista.newsvine.com/_news/2015/08/13/33784668-strategy-to-defeat-isis

1) Overall strategy – the West needs to apply the Bush Doctrine to all state-sponsors of terrorism – Saudi Arabia & other Gulf monarchies, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Iran and other dictator states – regime change them all.

2) Use stand off techniques more robustly – such as seizing control over state-sponsor-of-terrorism satellite-TV broadcasting (often supplied to Arab and North African state broadcasters by European satellite TV companies) and turning that propaganda weapon around and using it to promote democratic revolution through-out the region.

3) Impose the West as sole agents for all oil tanker export sales out of the Gulf. Seize all oil tankers exporting oil and sell the oil, depriving regimes of oil profits.

4) Now once you have an overall strategy in place, then you can look at specific military actions. Bombing prestige regime targets or threatening to if Al Baghdadi’s head is not on a spike within 48 hours.

5) Partition Iraq & Syria. Iraq looks like it has to go three ways – Shia, Sunni & Kurds. If the 3 new states all want to join up together in an Iraq confederacy or union of some kind of their own free will, that’s fine too.

6) Establish Western military bases in Iraq & Syria for training up the local armies. Better if we can supply them by sea or air rather than by long land routes which can have supply routes attacked by road side bombs and ambushes.

Tom Tom

so clueless.

888mladen .

Mate your posts are of epic proportion. What does that say about your intentions? What are you trying to achieve by piling tons of words?

Jens Holm

Well, its easy. I started to write at the internet in 1996. The main reason were the critisism of all the muslims comming here and the muslim world.

I think critsism are an important part of democrasy and other places too. But here there were a lot of lies og construktions about and around Islam.

So the beginning was to try to reduce the critisism only to the true things/subjects. That made, that I should learn a lot about the Islamic world and all in it an all around it. So its not only the main thing in the holy Khoran, but also why it had great succes compared to christian and jewish thinking. It was about import and export depended from it. When we find silvercoins here from Syria in periods, the trade was there. When we find silvercoins from Samarkand in stead, the main trade route were there.

Its also about the muslim countries has taking in local traditions. Parts of Pakistan has hindusystem, but they are muslims and diveded in many levels as hindus. European muslims has woman more free and some drink alkohol. Egytian circumseeizing is not muslim. Its an East african tradition and used among all religions.

Im very interested in military matters and that includes logistics and supply. So where and how does the fighting group finance, buy and transport themselves and all need in.

2 month ago I went from debating at local pages to the ones around The Middle east.

True Im productive. Think I know a lot and understand a lot and diagree a lot with a lot. Im very fast looking for data at the internet. Im a USER.

So being productive is easy for me although spelling is bad, but improving a litlle by little. I live in a tourist area and are used to speak much english but not write.

I dont think Im productive, but Im engaged. One of my small hopes are that at least some get at least some more knowledge about their own world. To much history are like the emmigrants comming here. They know Khoran history, they know 1001 nights stories, they know what the last dictators has told them, and they know their tribes were heroes and has always been nice and right about everything.

And why is it like that, well You dont have any scientific tradition for a lot of things.

One of the strong one to swallow are the upcomming of Israel. And Why: You let kill 2 million Christians and jews being killed from 1915-1925 and its not told as it was or are not told at all. So You killed and stole that land.

1,5 mio armenians, 400.000 assyrians and 100.000 other christians and jews. They were apart from some armenians here and there total civile populations.

And it wasnt enough. After 1948 You killed many 100`s leftovers mainly yews and many 100`s fleed.

And You dint learn. Etnic cleansing are going on today ok 14. 2016. And what do You do, when fx Kurds are taken back stolen Kurdish villages and houses, because they throm ISIS arabs away. YOU – YOU call that for etnic cleansing Yourself.

Were those 2 millions treated as others, You had 16 million more inhabitants in Turkey,Syria & Iraq and fx syrians seems to be diveded in 57 tribes with flags and shit and shit and shit.

And nothing is Your own fault – NOTHING – its hindus, jews, zionists, usa whatever.

That why Im for, we should never hace been in Your very dark corner. At least You would kill each other more slow.

888mladen .

First of all we live in a very fast world and if you want to get your message across you have to be concise and to the point. People just have no time to read posts of epic proportions.

Jens Holm

I know, but thanks for telling it.


S.A.C – what the others are trying to explain is that Islamic State is USA, Qatar, Saudi and Israeli funded, armed and supported global operation.

It has been from inception. The USA back to Cheney has been involved in AQ and later Hillary Clinton as the USA Secretary of State was up her skewed eyeballs in the collusion, funding, training, arming, taking donations from the arms suppliers.

The USA is not really at war with Islamic State or Al Qaeda / Al Nusra. The USA attack on the Syrian Govt forces just as they were about to overrun the Deir el-Zour airforce base held by ISIS is just one of many examples.

ISIS (who came in from Iraq Western Province, Sunni terrorist base set up by USA to offset Iran’s growing control of Iraq), and Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria now renamed but the same people as 911) are Islamic mercenaries recruited globally for the Saudi & Qatar attack on Syria, to establish a Wahabbist (Takfiri) ‘Sunnistan’ and occupation of specific areas to achieve 2 things.

1. Establish the Gas pipeline corridor from the Qatar Pars gas field, thru western Irag Anbar and Eastern Syria into Turkey and then into Europe.

This is a rival gas pipeline to the Iranian one from the same gas field. There can only be one winner. Its winner or loser takes all for decades in South East Europe Gas supply. The attack on Syria by Saudi and Qatar was shortly after Assad said no. Same with Iraq later. The conflict then engaged Turkey, then Russia and so on as a regional conflict.

2. Block the Shia from establishing a Shia Cresent from Iran, Iraq and Syria.

If you look at the map, it cuts off the Sunni into South or North.

Iraq is majority Shia, Kurds and Sunni’s cultivated into division and war.

Syria is a secular mix of Shia, Sunni, and non Muslim. Tthe Allawites are actually a French creation of an elite, a bit like the Hutu’s & Tutsis in Rwanda with a ruling elite and rural poor. The conflict lines are similar also.

Saudi and Qatar have spent $33 billion on this war.

Saudi is Wahabbist. Wahabbism is a British invention, in 1705 the British seeking ports in the Middle East and to protect their India trade routes, dug up all the old ethnic issues and contradictions in the Islamic Quran, gave a script to Wahhab as their paid agent, to ferment rebellion by the Arabs against their occupiers the Turkish Ottoman empire. The House of Saud were Jew bandits then brought in from Baghdad and armed by the British to protect Wahab and gift key ports, and then all of Arabia to the British (after WW1), who then sold it off to the USA in the Aramco contract.

Qatar is a major world gas hub sharing as mentioned the Pars gas field with Iran across the strait. Qatar with Bahrain are the residual of what is called Kharijites (both their countries flag represent this) which is highly fanatic very old and narrow Islamic interpretation, clan or personalised belief, with broad and very punitive measure directed mainly at other muslims as non believers, mostly the Shia, but also the Sunni as ‘apostates’.

This is what Islamic state follow.

This is very much Hillary Clintons fault and she should be tried for war crimes. Hillary green lighted the USA support to Islamic State, Al Queada and separately the Muslim Brotherhood, aka the failed Arab spring and just about everything else she touched.

The fact is that Hillary Clinton, more than anyone has the blood of half a million on her hands and 3 million refugees, with the USA now completely on the wrong side in backing extremist Islamic Terror groups including the failed notion that Saudi and Quatar Wahabbism are the new global ‘centre’ for the Sunni in the world. She is a complete and utter failure.

Anyway I hope this helps clarify who is who in this conflict.

Jens Holm

Seems like ATC006 is a gasline corridor itself


Natural Gas (not gasoline from oil).

Natural gas piped is a fraction of shipped gas.

This region conflict is all about who in the Arab world wins to supply via a gas pipeline to Eastern & South Europe with energy for the next 50 or so years.

Jens Holm

Sorry, we use english words a little tranformed here.


Is ok :) The new wars in the Middle East and elsewhere are very much about pipeline gas corridors. Déjà Vue in a way to the old oilfield wars, but now with pipelines requiring multiple country access routes. The Syrian war started almost immediately Assad said no to the Qatar~Saudi Turkish demands. Same with Iraq. Iran & Qatar will never share a gas pipeline to Europe from the shared Pars field, so it’s winner takes all.

Jens Holm

Russia and Turkey has just made an agreement about it, and people are talking about it as new friendship. But it has been the plan for years – more or less.

Too often winner steal all..Write the history about it as well.


Yes that’s correct. Here is a good recent article re the Turkish & Russian agreement. How the USA Clinton has played the game badly and what’s at stake.


Jens Holm

Very goog map for that part of the world. Russians are building a gas pipline under the the Baltic sea to Germany for the moment.

Jens Holm

bork. Russian generals make no deciisions at all. the stoika does and the leader is Putin. Even Lavrow and Medvedef cant change socks witout asking Putin.

Jens Holm

Sorry more kind of “Stavka” not stoika.

888mladen .

Jesuit trained Vatican stooge De Mistura has started to show his true colors. Vatican an US are in collusion on Syria. 10 Days after popes visit to US and his speech in the congress Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey has been replaced by “Fighting Jo”. Dunford was born in Boston in 1955, and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts. He is of Irish background and has been described as a “fervent Catholic. Mere coincidence isn’t it? And now we have all this escalation of the conflict in Syria. All roads lead to Rome.

John Whitehot

lol. who’s gonna save aleppo civilians then? the israelis?

Leo D.

The way things are rolling today “the Vodka boys”

John Whitehot

i thought the white helmets. lulz

Leo D.

Hey yea, he must have given in ALL his church envelopes

Leo D.

Amazing how things turned against john kerry and the US. Obama had the chance when this thing was just getting started to take out assad.. but he didn’t.

It’s just a bloody mess there… the US backed the opposition to syrian government…

Now what,, the Russians are calling the shots now.

If there is going to be a false flag there,,, the US are going to send in cruise missles and paint the Israeli flag on them…

Kerry will say duhhh we didn’t do it

Tom Tom

The little beast prepares the way for anti-christ.

Joseph Scott

Dempsey also held a dim view of the foreign policy establishment’s plans, and has been uncooperative in implementing their madness. He’s kind of an old school soldier.

Looking at his statements over the last several years, it’s quite clear why they wanted to shuffle him out. For example, asked about arming Syrian rebels in 2012, he said: “I think it’s premature to take a decision to arm the opposition movement in Syria, because I would challenge anyone to clearly identify for me the opposition movement in Syria at this point.” and: “…you know, there’s indications that Al Qaeda is involved and that they’re interested in supporting the opposition.”

Also: “I think intervening in Syria would be very difficult.” “… I think that the current path of trying to gain some kind of international consensus is the proper path, rather than take a decision to do anything unilaterally.”

To the best of my knowledge, it was on his initiative that the British SIS report on the Ghouta chemical attack not being of Syrian regime origin made it’s way to Obama, and led to the cancelling of air strikes. I’m sure CIA and State were trying to push him out since then.

He has also opposed military confrontation with Russia. You may recall that he suggested to Valery Gerasimov that they try to avoid ending their careers the way they began them. (His first billet was as an armor officer deployed opposite Gerasimov.) In an interview, asked about how the situation in the Ukraine should be handled: “The way it should come out is we shouldn’t find ourselves back in a Cold War with Russia.”

So, clearly not what the Brzezinski establishment wanted. Too sane, pragmatic. Durnford is a little more aggressive, and so they hope more cooperative to their plans, though contrary to what is being reported, even he balked at a “No-Fly Zone.”

888mladen .

J Dunford aka Fighting Joe is a Georgetown University graduate like Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Robert Gates, Donald Rumsfeld, David Petraeus George Tenet etc.

Joseph Scott

Ah, they found themselves a general who belongs to club. But even he won’t take responsibility for starting a war with Russia. “That’s decision I’m not going to make.”


Finally , while not quite a no-fly zone , any US aircraft targeting SAA or NDF , in government controlled areas will not be immune from S300’s and S400’s . That is a start . So close to the US election , we hope there are no more “errors” . A Nusra rejecting the offer is not mentioned in MSM , naturally .

Jens Holm

Hillary Clinton is no nice guy. Might escalate.

888mladen .

Read what FarsNews has posted on their website about Russian ability to shoot down F-22 and F-35. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950717001312 Are they trying to creating false feeling of technological superiority among pentagon generals or perhaps they have forgotten how Serbian aid defense shoot down both F-117 Night Eagle and B-2 “stealth” bombers in 1999 with radars and missiles from 60ies which use low frequency technology with apparently lot of background noise. Neva StoA missiles have been fitted with radar low frequency receivers and tracking devices. So according to FarsNews S-300 is less advanced then radars and missiles from 60ies.

Gue Bjuen

thz for sharing. so the US thinks low freq. radar only has a short range… hhmm.. maybe that’s why the russian mod spokesman said they will be suprised of the range…

It’s time for cool heads to prevail – remember who our real enemy is – ISIS.

Let’s make sure to deconflict and not target the wrong people on the ground.

Let’s work together to get the international anti-ISIS coalition firing on all cylinders – at ISIS, not each other!

It only benefits ISIS if the US and Russia fall out so let’s not be manipulated by someone, someone who would prefer us to be a daggers drawn with each other instead of coordinating our fight with ISIS.

I am sure that’s what Condi would want.

Supreme Allied Condista is a supporter of Condoleezza Rice. http://supremealliedcondista.newsvine.com/


Tom Tom

you’re easily the most confused here. CIA/Mossad created ISIS, bubba.

Jens Holm

More likely they made You as a joke.


This is pretty awesome!

Gue Bjuen

wow oh my…….. i lost my words hahahahaha

Jens Holm

You forget nr 1 was to replace or reduce Assad.

Tom Tom

Isaiah 17:1

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.


One attempt at a US plane and Russian is done. America have shown a tremendous amount of patience and restraint towards this idiot Putin. But that would be the very last straw. He is fool to think he can take on the US Military might.

Brad Isherwood

Vietnamese kicked your ass up and down the street …. How many aircraft you lose in that one. ….2000….3000?

Jens Holm

Dont think Vietnam are only near to compare with. Here You have western europe close to and its nato. They all have some.

You forget US and Nato are small here because its decided. Turks alone is much bigger than Russia in the area.

Its more an issue to keep in a low lewel.

Overwatch D.VA

4000+ fixed wing aircraft lost

4000+ rotorcraft (helicopter) lost

Jens Holm

agree – more or less


More or less the same morons


If such a “might” was real why does it not work ? Why is so many moderate terrorists dying and Assad succeeding? USA is a fart that can only threaten the weak. Try doing this to North Korea.


…safe passage to Raqqa

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