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Syrian War Report – October 6, 2016: Up to 60,000 Iranian-Backed Fighters Operate in Syria

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In Aleppo city, the Syrian government forces, supported by the Russian air power, liberated large parts of the Awijah industrial and make significant gains in the Bustan al Basha Neighborhood. Clashes are ongoing in Sheikh Saeid, Ameriyah and the 1070 Apartment Project without notable gains by the sides. Local sources report that Jaish al-Fatah lost some 50 militants and up to 7 vehicles in the recent clashes. The casualties of the loyalists are up to 40 fighters in various parts of Aleppo.

A pro-US media outlet, Orient-news, released the estimative intelligence on the Iranian military involvement in the war. According to the released data, 8,000-10,000 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, 5,000-6,000 regular troops, 7,000-10,000 Hezbollah fighters, and up to 47,000 Tehran-backed volunteers from Middle Eastern and Central Asian states are deployed in Syria. This force is reportedly coordinating efforts with the Russian military, actively. The provided numbers allow estimate an alleged level of Tehran’s covert involvement in the conflict.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Buyan-M-class missile corvettes – The Serpukhov and The Zelyony Dol – reinforced Russia’s naval grouping in the Mediterranean on Wednesday evening. The warships already took part in Russia’s military operations in Syria in August, firing three Kalibr long-range cruise missiles against terrorist targets.

Pro-Assad experts believe that they will likely send a signal to Washington that, military strikes on the government forces are not so good idea, and use cruise missiles against the terrorists in Syria again.

Meanwhile, US Senator, John McCain, has officially called to down Russian and Syrian aircraft in order to protect the ‘civilian population’ (most likely he just forgot the name of Jabhat al-Nusra after the recent rebranding) and push the sides to ‘peaceful solution’ of the conflict. McCain’s attitude clearly depicts the sentiments of a significant part of the US elites after Moscow and Damascus said ‘NO’ to the unilateral abide by the terms of the US-Russian deal over Syria.

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John MaCain should be arrested and try for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in a Nuremberg Court.


Wont happen, the Globalists control that sort of thing

Payne Degroin

You mean Bilderberg Zionist parasites?


Lots of labels around, arseholes covers it nicely


Unfortunately, criminals like them stay in power as long as they want and continue causing problems and that is often as long as they live. They don’t seem to ever want to retire. And unfortunately, John McCain likely caries longevity genes because his mother is still alive at age 104. So he and George Soros, despite being 80+, may still be around for years (and years) causing suffering for much younger people/generations.

Jens Holm

Iranians has a high birthrate and cant get jobs and a living for them there.

Brad Isherwood

Just think……Hezbollah tells Iran the weather is beautiful here. And there’s lots more space to move to just South of us.


Up to 73,000 men. Thats 18 Divisions

Jens Holm

Very small divisions to me. More like Brigades, but a great amount of people.


You’re right I meant Brigades, which are a manageable size in that conflict

Jens Holm

Brigades can fight by themselves. Thats probatly, what You meant.

Have a nice day – If You wish.


i wish i could join them

Payne Degroin

US is a failed state of loudmouth homosexual cowards.

Richard the Slav

I really doubt the number of Iranians or Central Asian men are that high.

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