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Syrian War Report – October 5, 2018: US-backed Forces Clash With ISIS In Euphrates Valley

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Clashes between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition, are ongoing in the area of Hajin in the province of Deir Ezzor.

According to pro-SDF sources, during the last week of the clashes, the SDF killed up to 100 ISIS members and destroyed up to dozen of vehicles belonging to the terrorist group. However, at the same time, it appears that the SDF achieved limited gains on the ground.

On October 3, the SDF captured about 10 positions near the ISIS-held town of Hajin and expanded a buffer zone near the recently captured town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani. SDF units also advanced on al-Susah, but were not able to break the ISIS defense there.

On October 4, the US-backed group repelled an ISIS counter-attack near al-Baghuz al-Fawqani and continued advance on al-Susah.

The SDF operations were actively supported by aircraft and artillery of the US-led coalition, which delivered up to 40 strikes on ISIS targets.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army groups prevented the al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Horas al-Din from attacking positions of the Syrian Arab Army in northern Lattakia, according to pro-militant sources.

A representative of Horas al-Din, Abu Rayan al-Ma’sadah, criticized his group’s counterparts for this move slamming their alleged attempts to support the Turkish-Russian deconfliction agreement on Idlib.

Previously reports appeared about a rift between the radical and relatively moderate parts of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham on the Idlib demilitarization zone agreement. While the radical side seeks an open military confrontation with the Syrian Army, the moderate faction is ready to obey to the Russian-Turkish deal if it gives the group an opportunity to keep influence in the province.

As the day of the formal establishment of the Idlib demilitarization zone comes closer, the rift between different Idlib militant groups and factions within them will likely grow further.

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leon mc pilibin

Another Hellywood Blockbuster in the making,soon to hit your local screens,american heros pretending to fight their buddies,ISIS.

You can call me Al

It’s Oscar time again for the terrorists.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Did you guys call me? LOL!!!,

You can call me Al

hehehe – nice one, well made me chuckle anyway.


Oh, they’re probably really fighting them, the US never seems to have any problems with betraying allies. Just not too hard because as soon as they actually win they have a lot less excuse to be there.

Oscar Silva Martinez

This is the way I see this: The U.S, in not in full control of all the terrorists in Syria, they kind of tolerate them most of the time (when it’s convenient of course) but when the right time comes they act only to prevent problems for themselves. In simple words, It’s like having a mad god at home, you can’t control it 100% of the time, It can sometimes even try to bite you, but you know it is useful to guard your home day and night.


Hopefully the liberation of Idlib will show the occupying imbeciles East of the Euphrates, how their fate will be handled shortly after.


Is the War shifting to Continental Europe? US sucking up to Poland. Ukraine going off the rails on a Crazy Train. NATO in search of a new Warsaw Pact enemy that does not exist?

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