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Syrian War Report – October 5, 2016: US Considers Military Strikes on Govt Forces

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Russian and Syrian warplanes have delivered massive air strikes on the joint terrorist forces in the province of Hama. Positions and manpower of the US-backed Ahrar al-Sham militant group, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) and Jund al-Aqsa (recently designated by the US as a terrorist group) near Kafr Zita, Tal Abyad and Al-Sathiyat were hit. Local sources say that air raids resulted in destruction of high number of military equipment and ammunition belonging to the terrorist forces.

The air raids also helped the government forces to repel the terrorists’ advance on Al-Sathiyat. Various sources report that the pro-government forces lost from 8 to 15 fighters in these clashes.

US military strikes against the Syrian government is at the top of the agenda today at the White House, when top national security officials in the Obama administration are set to discuss options for the coalition in Syria, The Washington Post daily reported. The US officials are going to push forward so-called “limited military strikes” in order to, according to the official version, prevent violations of the cease-fire by the Assad government and disrupt his ability to continue committing war crimes against civilians in Aleppo and, for sure, to push it back to the negotiating table.

The options under consideration reportedly include bombing Syrian air force runways using cruise missiles and other long-range weapons fired from coalition planes and ships. The report says the idea is supported by the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. One proposed way to do so without a UN Security Council resolution would be to carry out the strikes covertly and without public acknowledgment.

This approach also explains the coalition’s actions against the Syrian army outside Deir Ezzor in September when over 60 pro-government fighters were killed and over 100 injured in air strikes lately called an accident by US officials. Now, there are little doubts that it was likely an intended move to damage the government forces fighting with ISIS in the area.

The same threat forces Moscow to deploy an additional battery of the air defense system S-300 to the Russian Navy’s logistic facility in Tartus. The information was confirmed by Defense Ministry spokesman. Igor Konashenkov said the system will provide protection for the facility and Russian ships off Syria’s shores. Nonetheless, it’s clear that it will also strengthen the Russian air defense shield over the government-controlled areas of Syria.

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Brad Isherwood

It was rumored that US offered Russia their Naval annex for the future in security If they thru Assad under the Bus …..with US regime change on Syria.

Hopefully Russia has gamed that decision out….with view that US would eventually Attack Russian presence in Syria. Russia signaling they will not deal with the devil.


The US diplomats will always offer up something by back channels to get what they want. But it’s a matter of Russia understanding that US/Gulf have created vast network of jihadist militants and mercenaries that are currently assembled in Syria. In what direction would the Gulf waged international elements of this jihadi network move next if they were no longer needed in fallen Syria – into central Asia? That means to edges of Russian Federation, China and or Iran. The Russians aren’t going to give up on their Syrian ally only to see proxy regime change process repeated all over again moving up into Caucasus region toward them.


Russia has made it certain that any new attacks on Syrian military forces would be a “trip wire” for an escalation in Syria. Can we expect the next US president to launch WW3 in order to assist the jihadis in their effort to take over Syria?


I think you hit the nail on the head here. The question becomes could we see the next US president doing this? If it were Hillary I would think absolutely! She openly smears Russia at every opportunity, the media would not object but support with propaganda beyond what we see today. There would be no civil objections protest etc as this is the realm of the leftist. The right well they would waive their flags all the way to the recruiters office to defend “our freedoms”. This is my simple take. I see her as more dangerous, no opposition. Trump? well it would take all of three seconds before the media reported the truth that AQ holds parts of Syria and any action by US military forces benefits only radical jihadist! In fact pointing out the Trump is an AQ supporter would delight US media. The streets would fill with the debt ridden college liberal screaming “no war” at the top of their lungs! Trump would face resistance from all corners. I think Iran holds an ace card here. If Iran were to jump in deeper in Syria the current administration would face a lot of attacks about how the Iran deal was a bad deal as we stand toe to toe. The threat to Obama’s legacy and ammunition to show Hillary made a poor decision with the Iran deal out weigh any benefits to gained by the US military becoming involved in Syria?


The real question is whether or not Ashton Baldwin Carter wants to go to war with Russia now or not. The President no longer matters!

Brad Isherwood

The US probably pushes on Russia to learn what the timeline will be for Zionist Dreams of ME. The Golan oil concession….Sunni kookistan partition…Saudi/Qatar Pipeline. China can forget Silk Road thru ME.

Russian defiance can tumble everything. By securing the Jordanian Syrian border region…no pipeline. ..and Temporary Sunni ISIS kookistan can sit in corner of NE Syria and bugger each other. Slant drill with Frac modules on Syrian Golan and drain Zionist oil . Use that money to rebuild and rear Syria : ) Russian resolve might convince the feckless Erdogan to really break with The Nato gangsters. .. It actually requires just a little rolled up sleeve on Russia part to knock Several of these gangsters outta the ring.

It’s a difficult responsibility to place on Russia. ….it’s possible they can They helped North Vietnam to kick the US out… It’s the same resolve…


Give me your number do I can ass rape you and set your bleeding butthole on file

Aimo Huikka

What I’m reading from western papers they don’t think that russians has willingess to strike back militarily for Syria. That’s why they are seriously considering that option. Also attitude towarsd russia and Syria is very warmongering and press isblaming russia almost even 13th century blake and extinction of dinosaurus 65 million years ago:) Usually I would call this chitchat for election speech, but current relations between west and russia… Who knows.

888mladen .

Did you notice an article about Russia’s cruise missile attack on the Saudi, Israeli, Qatari and Turkish joint Aleppo command post in North West Aleppo immediately after Coalition air raids on Der Erzur. Also pay attention to the developments in Aleppo and the huge progress that has been made by SAA afterwards. Russian response if it comes to that will be of asymmetric nature but never the less it will be very painful.


US will probe with armed drones first, in the East and South of Syria. If they get knocked down, probably Russia and US both remain silent and US tones down activity while keeping high level of bluster. The game isn’t over with Aleppo, though it will change some.

If Russia does not respond, expect more aggression.

If the US is serious no matter the Russian response, it will begin with devastating US coalition air assault on YPG that US will blame on Russia/Syria, and will take place outside the area of denial Russia has just imposed. That will allow more public perception molding by Western media and time to really build up assets…if Turkey agrees. The US can only do so much through Jordan.

Another trigger to look for would be Israel expanding its holdings in the Golan.


You mean Assad murderous cult

They sure can use some freedom

Hassadnah Abraham

Syria and Russia must fight against US evil. If US attack Russia airforce, Russia must go far total destruction against US. Target in US soil must be selected. The US must be given the same bitter pills that has been given to Hiroshima/nagasaki, Laos, Vietnam,Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yamen and Syria by US. It is the only way to stop US from continuing with murderous act around the globe.


The Russians wont waste munitions on civilian targets. They will hit what can hurt them. If the nutzis in the district of criminals hit Russian cities,the US will be destroyed due to the criminality of its leadership…so-called! God help us. Our own government is trying to destroy the entire Planet!

Brad Isherwood

The Elites and Bankers do not want to live out their days in the myriad underground Bunker cities in the USA. 6 – 8 SS 18 Satan’s ends all life nearly on the US eastern Seaboard. That kind of radiation means the Caribbean gets radiation dose with winds and hurricane season. Not everyone can move to Argentinia : )

It’s ballsy. ….Russia should clobber USN ships all over the globe via lurking subs, Stand off air launch….Other missile launch. Just beat the living shit outta the USN…and relax while the tantrum occurs in the USA …Israel and Europe. Wanna fight?…..next round is bunker time !. The Elites are old frail men with wretched old varicose vein leg wives ….and worries Over their prize horses.

Even money they** fold the hand ….and leave Israel to its certain demise : )


If US attacks Syria then it is against international law. Syria (and Russia) can defend themselfes. For example sending the sixth fleet down to the bottom of the Mediterranian. Destructing the illegal bases the US has built illegally in Syria.

john mason

Forget International Law, it is non existent, ever since the US/NATO and West have ignored it. Darwin’s Theory is the law now, “Survival of the Fittest (strongest)” has now transpired.

Gue Bjuen

it actually do exist but only applies to anti zionist counrties.

Brad Isherwood

Putin did vow that Russia would react to any attack on its forces. Syria has around 60 quality aircraft …Su 24 mk, Mig 29m. These could be moved to the Russian airbase with its Su 24mk. ..and to Airbases Near the Russian base. Syria has Pantsir and TOR M1 for air defence. The rest of the old Mig 23 Mig 21 …luck it out at various Airbases. If the US attacks the Russian airbase….it’s then on Putin vowed …and what Occurs next. I’d sink/damage a Carrier and the Aegis cans with it… America would roil in anger seeing burning Sinking ships on CNN after Obama allowed an illegal covert attack on Syria.

I do not believe the US and their crazed Zionist bankers would lurch to nuclear war. Beating the shit outta the US could create internal dissent with the course the nation is on. With the public seeing Russian resolve….they understand more = SS 18 hitting eastern Seaboard


Most of the devastating and effective airstrikes are carried out by the Russians anyway.


Commies are going down hill all of them including that putin


If you don’t come to democracy democracy comes to you


You mean demoCracy designed by Hillary Clinton


No George Washington


Never heard George Washington talk about ISIL, Daesh, Al quaida(= creation of US democracy, The newest donation to the world coutesy USA)


But the American people are the good guys fighting for freedom

ariole zarud

There is no more democracy. Have you not been paying attention. It’s a a government controlled by corporate interests. The Clintons are documented as being chronic liers under oath.. If the constitution was really a focal point of this government, as it was to George Washington, then the current leaders of this country would most likely be in prison.


But at least Americans vote

mulegino1 .

U.S. policy in a nutshell enunciated by Euripides:

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”


You betcha and in spades!


These guys are nuts. A covert strike so nobody knows about it. Are they insane.Russia has warned them of catastrophic consequences.They talk about a covert strike on the internet. They have lost what little weak minds thEy did once possess! MADNESS!


.The UNITED STATES government rely on BRAINWASHED American stupidity to fool them. REMEMBER THIS…“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believes is false”…William Casey, CIA Director 1981.


Fuck you commie


No you are a dickhead and low on freedom

Divesh Kumar

This is the plan C of US. Now US will start dancing nudely. What UN chief has to say on this?

George King

Covert, really absurd, asinine and desperate. Yes, it is the hubris of owning the MSM lock stock and barrel but fools none the less.


It is the US who should be made to pay a price for propping up al-Qaeda and by sending their pilots into an air defense shield, the price is going to be their lives.

Dod Grile

Empty threats do not make intelligent policy, they are in lieu of it. The time has come for the mafia to leave Syria.


BTW didi anybody notice that to destroy the west 3 nukes are sufficent. nbr 1: city of London wipe it off the map. Nbr 2: Wallstreet wipe it off the map. Then it’s over with the west. Nbr 3 guess thrice where

O'Brian Andrews

The reality is that in the Syrian theater, Russia is numerically out gunned by the US and its NATO allies.The US and its Allies have more aircrafts and naval assets in the Syrtan theater than the Russians. However when we look as the mechanics of warfare, the situation begins to change in Russia’s favour. 1) The quality and superiority of Russian aircrafts in the theater, are above what the Americans and their NATO Allies possess. 2) Russian missile technology is very much superior to those of the US and NATO, so is Russian warefare technology – radar, jamming and tracking technology and the coordination and integration of those systems into offensive and defensive modules. There is a saying making the rounds that the US builds $40 billion dollars aircraft carriers that can be sunk by $200,000 thousand dollars Russian missiles. 3) The cost of a war in the Syrian theater by the US and its Allies may be to high for them to accept. Consider for eg the 4,000 American Specialists and Advisers on the ground in Syria. The Russians have openly stated they know their exact locations.At the start of any hostilities one can safely say that these American personnel would be totally annihilated.

Having said all this,one can ask the question : What drives this present confrontation? a) Is it about the removal of Basar Assad? b) Is it about the ceasefire and bombing of Aleppo? In my analysis it is not. This present confrontation is really about US hegegomy and its insistence that its unipolar view of the world be sustained. It is about the US belief that its the only superpower in the world and thus shoud do as it pleases. The fact that Russia is openly challenging the stated status of the US and defying their wishes, is in my view a position that the US will not accept without a military response. This is where it gets dangerous. This is where the threat of WW3 begins to get traction.

Gue Bjuen

russia officialy stated, they WILL SHOOT DOWN EVERY FLYING OBJECT entering syrian air space without pre permission to enter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FniKbR4_4bQ


Murica fuck yeah

The sole beacon of light in this otherwise dark and horrible world

Fuck ya commie fagit potie pie

gfsdyughjgd .

Nato exist out of lot countries but only USA makes a decision.Other Nato countries are under USA decision making sanctions.The more members their made less opposition their get.Only USA decides the rest goes with the flow.

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