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Syrian War Report – October 4, 2019: Iran Foils Attempt To Assasinate Commander Of Qods Force

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Syrian War Report – October 4, 2019: Iran Foils Attempt To Assasinate Commander Of Qods Force

Turkey is fortifying its border with the Syrian province of Idlib with cement blocks, barbed wires, and other military-style structures. According to Ankara, Idlib is in the hands of the so-called moderate opposition. However, it is for some reason concerned over the presence of these moderate activists in the border area.

During the past months, the Turkish military deployed notable forces, including heavy military equipment, on the Turkish side of the border with the Syrian province. Most of these forces are located near the opposition-controlled border crossings.

Meanwhile, the situation once again escalated in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone. On October 3, the Syrian Army shelled militant positions near the town of Kafr Nabudah and Baarbu in southern Idlib with heavy rockets. On the same day, helicopters of the Syrian Air Force delivered a fresh round of strikes in northern Lattakia targeting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham near Kabani.

Pro-militant sources also reported that the Syrian Army shelled area near a Turkish observation point in Maarat.

Despite efforts of Turkey, Iran and Russia in the framework of the Astana format, Idlib militant groups continue shelling positions of the Syrian Army along the contact line in southern Idlib and northern Lattakia on a regular basis. This forces the army to respond and fuels instability in the area.

The Intelligence Service of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that it had foiled an “Israeli-Arabic” plot to assassinate Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Qods Force of the IRGC. According to Hojjatoleslam Hossein Taeb, the assassination squad bought a house next to the shrine of Gen. Soleimani’s father, prepared 350-500kg of explosives and planted them in a tunnel under the shrine. The squad planned to carry out the attack on September 8 or 9, which are the 9th and 10th days of the holy Islamic month of Muharram. Gen. Soleimani was supposed to visit his father shrine on one of these days. The IRGC arrested the entire squad consisting of 3 operatives. G_3

Iran is yet to name the side responsible for the supposed assassination attempt. However, most likely, Teheran will accuse Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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  1. verner says:

    sure and hang them high – nothing much to it if they actually are israelis/saudis

    1. Joe Dickson says:

      The Turks were behind it actually.

      1. verner says:

        if that is the case – hang them high!

      2. verner says:

        no no why would they do something like that – erdogan has seen the light and knows turkey’s future is alongside that of iran and then he can get his much sought after revenge on israel and push netanyahu through the wood chipper, all preserved for mankind on film as a warning that this is what happens when you fail to abide to the laws in place for humanity.

  2. Pave Way IV says:

    “…Turkey is fortifying its border with the Syrian province of Idlib with cement blocks, barbed wires, and other military-style structures…”

    Sounds like an opportunity to me. Turkey is conveniently building their side of a gigantic head-chopper prison. Syria needs to do the same thing on their side, maybe 50 or 100m away. (Sorry, Turkey – your 30km wide strip isn’t happening). Syria can build a nice, smooth 25m high concrete wall topped with razor wire and machine guns. And the land between the walls? Stateless head-choppers living in peace in their own thin strip of Wahhabi paradise. Syria can just toss any captured Idlib head-choppers over their side of the wall. Grow some vegetables for yourselves, head-choppers. And – snackbar – watch out for the land mines. They’re everywhere! Good luck…

    1. BMWA1 says:

      As long as Turks accurately identify actual border

  3. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

    Rocket nose nation really trying to provoke a response. They are asking for major retaliation. They’ll be crying anudda shoah forsure

  4. spoint says:

    Kill them

  5. Xoli Xoli says:

    Just from the days of supremacy, colonialism,AngloAmerican apartheid and imperialism by Britain.Turkey and Saudi Arabia serve diligently their master by betray and killing their own Arabs and Muslims.This just to please USA, Britain, France, Germany and puppets.

    Erdogan and Salman of Saudi are tea makers of Satanyahu, Macroni,earth quack Merkel and Trump.Persian war was wage from Turkey and Saudi. Salman and Erdogan are false prophets who accused their follower Muslims and arabs for $ dollars.Their want to own everything alone in Middle East.Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the only ones forming Muslim brotherhood with arms to bring chaos among muslims and arabs in Middle East for the benefit of Britain, France,Israel, Germany and USA. Muslims and arabs must rise up against Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    Erdogan interferes in Libya, Cyprus, Qatar,Oman,Syria, Iraq,Ukraine,Afganistan and Sudan.Salman interferes in Iraq,Iran,Georgia,Croznia Herzegovina, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela.

  6. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

    Nick Fuentes absolutely DESTROYED Rocket Nose in their public debate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2Iz0ggzHf0

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