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Syrian War Report – October 4, 2018: Israeli Minister Says F-35 Jets To Be Used Against S-300

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ISIS executed another civilian hostage captured by the terrorist group during the July 25 attack on the government-controlled area in eastern al-Suwayda. A 25-yo Tharawat al-Fadel Abu Amar was killed by two shots in the head, according to a video released by ISIS.

The terrorist group also demanded the Syrian Army to stop its anti-ISIS operation in the area of al-Safa in southern Syria and two release several female members of the terrorist group from prisons.

According to pro-government sources, ISIS is holding about 28 people, mostly women and children, captured during the July 25 attack.

Despite ISIS demands, it’s unlikely that the Syrian Army will abandon its efforts to clear the al-Safa pocket from ISIS members because this decision would mean that the terrorist threat will remain in southern Syria without any chances to be eliminated. According to photos and videos appearing online, the advance is ongoing.

Government forces seized several weapon caches with anti-tank guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, automatic rifles and other weapons in the framework of their security operation ongoing in the provinces of Hama, al-Suwayda and Deir Ezzor.

This development shows that in some cases the areas controlled by the Damascus government still lacks security and the Syrian Army and police will have to contribute additional efforts to restore peace and stability there.

On October 3, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Israeli Air Force (IAF) will continue its military operations in Syria despite the delivery of the S-300 system to the country’s military.

“I cannot say that we are happy about the presence of S-300 [in Syria], but at the same time this is a situation where we have no way out, where we have no opportunity to make decisions … In any case, we are not looking for adventures. We merely protect our vital interests. Regrettably, we are in a situation where we cannot afford any compromises concerning our security interests,” the defense minister stated adding that “the most important thing” for Israel is now to return the working relationship with Russia to “normal”.

He also criticized Russia for not supporting the Israeli version of the incident with the Russian IL-20 off Syrian coast and once again laid blame for the tragedy on Syria. According to the Russian side, the IL-20 shootdown was caused by “hostile” Israeli actions. So, Moscow reacted with supplying the S-300 to Syrian forces and started working on boosting the Syrian Air Defense Capabilities in general.

Israel’s Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi came with own statement on this situation by saying that Syria having the S-300 system would not limit Israel’s freedom of operations.

“You know that we have stealth fighters, the best planes in the world. These batteries are not even able to detect them,” Hanegbi stated referring to US-supplied F-35 fighter jets.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the S-300 delivery to Syria is a “very serious escalation” of the conflict.

On October 2, the US approved a $38bln military aid package to Israel saying that this aid is aimed at boosting the country’s security. State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert stated that the reasoning is the escalating regional threats and the “terrorist groups sponsored first and foremost by Iran,” which are seeking to attack not only Israel, but also the interests of the US.

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Oscar Silva Martinez

What interests does Israel have in Syria???, they stole part of Syria’s territory some 50 years ago, do they want more??? Let’s see how much “stealthy” is their air force now!!!

Zo Fu

Well, Putin doesn’t want war with Israel and Israel doesn’t war with Russia. If you can read between rows, the problem is Iran. Jews are obsessed with possibility to be overrun by 10 times more populated Iran in ground attack. They decided to push preventive strikes on every Irani depot in Syria to cancel this possibility. Do you think that Putin did anything to stop Israeli raids on Syria ? It is laughable. Of course Putin didn’t anything, why should he do that ? His goal is not support Iran and destroy Israel, his goal is keep Syria free of NATO invasion and minimize his own loses. BUT ISRAEL DOWNED many Russian planes. Not only IL20, but 2xSU24 and one Su25 and probably An-26 as well. Some with the help of Turkey and ISIS, but Israeli pilots were the killers. Putin would tolerate it (remember how he downplayed IL20 crash as “tragic accidental circumstance”. Of course he knew that it was deliberate Israeli act of war, but Putin wants peace and he doesn’t hesitate pay for it with Russian blood. His generals are the ones responsible for S300 installation. But Putin will not allow them to use it against Israel. So F35 are pretty safe.


Your comments lack objectivity, Russian MOD is in charge of military affairs and security in Syria, not Putin….since he is not a military man. Putin listens and follows the directives of the MOD. I do not get where you get the idea that Putin kisses Jewish butt, after the incident Lieberman and Netanyaho were eager to fly to Moscow and make things right, Putin told them to stay home and send a military delegation with proof of their version of events. F35 involved in air battles is in deep trouble, since a lack of political decision ( Putin wants to show off the “prowesness” of F35 among other things) is not going to stop the display of F35’s ineptitude as a 5th generation aircraft.

Zo Fu

We will see soon but remember, what I said.


Its OK Zo Fu. Nikki Haley has already ‘taken your name ‘ :)

You can call me Al

Even though you are correct, I cannot imagine the reaction when you, yes YOU, telling someone (when you dont know Putin is listening), “not Putin….since he is not a military man” ……. now that would be priceless. LOL


I think Putin is sensible enough to realize that he does not grasp military matters as Gerasimov or Shoigu, but as a politician he knows that war is a continuation of policy by other means. Let’s face it, Russia is at war with the axis of evil, politically, economically, militarily….etc.

You can call me Al

OK, chill out Jesus, just winding you up, nothing nasty, nothing more.


you are more end more sick. mentally.

Hisham Saber

Exactly. And the U.S./Pentagon will not allow Israel to use the F-35’s in the theatre. Imagine the widescale embarrassment to the U.S. military industrial complex if one got shot down, either by S-300’s or the elaborate EW systems in place now.

If something were to happen to a F-35, it would cost the U.S. prestige, and many, many billions in cancelled orders, while boosting Russian arms sales ten-fold.

jens holm

blabbeling nonsence. There is no allow as well.

Last edited 6 months ago by jens holm
jens holm

We dont care a shit about oppinion in those matters.

Hisham Saber

You are way off the mark in just about every point you made in your rather silly comment. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Akram abu Abs

What if Russia supplied Syria with 10% of what the USA supplied Ukraine? Bye bye Israel!

jens holm

Thasts right. In the short version Russia cant fight Iran and hesbollah because they also support Assad. Russia loves none of them.


Israel has only one interest in Syria that is to make it part of “Greater” Israel.

jens holm

Only a smaller minority says so. Next You also will tell me Assad is supoorted by 91,5% of the population?

jens holm

I hope You sson will have internet and look up the confrontation well.

Israel has been attacked from there twice. Thats and option.

2 years Syria became that strange artificial country it attacked the new made Israel too.

Ypu probatly also has made the paper from the holy Choran into cigarettes.

stary ujo

Israel is enemy of Syria for ever ! If Israeli openly to talk about F-35 , this will very expensive for somebody ! All manage in Syria dont do Putin , but generals RF after shoot IL-20 ! S-300 is possible recording every plane start from Israel .

jens holm

They not openly talk about them. They has been ordered seveal years ago. Now they seemes modified to take S300 and 400 bettter.


you mean F35 can really fly??

You can call me Al

Not if it is raining or sandy or there are any birds around.


Then there’s the Marines’ VTOL version. F-35s aren’t designed for . . . well, anything, but certainly not VTOL. So, the exhaust is so hot it makes concrete explode. The things can only take off from special 100-foot-across ceramic pads, or specially improved aircraft carriers. How the Marines are supposed to bring the ceramic pads with them to the beaches or whatever where they want their support planes to be VTOLing from is unclear.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely.. The F35 is a POS and is a dud… It is nothing more than a waste of trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money, and hopefully we will see the SAA blow them out of the sky very soon.

You can call me Al

You assume they will get off the floor.

Have you seen this – https://www.avgeekery.com/broken-usaf-f-35a-suffers-nosegear-collapse-at-eglin-afb/


or this – https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/05/14/lockheed_f35_uk_order_numbers/

jens holm

They have voted about it. That includes the ones paying tax.

You can call me Al

I smile with a tear dripping down my cheek as my UK government have bought the F-35Bs. All we had to do was to upgrade the Harrier.


Does this mean that the deck of the new British carrier will get rather hot Al ?

Hardened steel does not perform well in extreme heat either :) Especially repetitive heat.

You can call me Al

I dont know, I am a mere Chemical engineer. What I do know is that the deck at the moment is used for LGBT QXYZ dances.


It ticks all the Politically Correct Boxes Al.

I wonder if the issued condoms to the ‘UK LGBT Military Community ‘ have a UK Defence Dept logo like the old military issue toilet paper did Al.

The British army loo paper ration used to be 3 sheets per day and soldiers were shown the technique of using the old style ‘hard non absorbent’ paper. The middle finger was thrust through the sheet and used to clean ones arse and as the finger was withdrawn it was wiped with the sheet.

I jest you not Al. This is all true.


You can call me Al

No,no,no. My Grandmother used to have the “‘hard non absorbent paper”…….. it was ludicrous. You could have a quick dump and spend the next 6 hours tying to wipe…… but, she would never change it, never – now I understand why.

PS No comment on the link.


Hisham Saber

Your government was ‘ forced ‘ to buy them.

You can call me Al

Yeah, I believe that as well. We must break ties with our siblings, one being the US.

Ray Visino

We are one of the main cogs in the M/I machine. In about 1950 the US insisted that `UK’s defence spending went way up and since then it has spent countless billions on US weapons and systems, including Trident.

S Melanson

Great info, much thanks

Hisham Saber

Very hot exhaust’s are magnets for homing missiles. And the F-35’s have to have their afterburners on to cruise at supersonic speeds. Making them very targetable.

S Melanson

Or if there is oxygen in the air. The F-35 is designed to fly in the methane atmospheres of gas giants.

You can call me Al


Hisham Saber

Or if it happens to be raining, which makes it light up like a Christmas tree on radar and EW systems.

jens holm

As usual You talk down enemy stuff and believe in Yours are the best. Number one to fight an enemy is knowing it well.

Yours seemes to create more deep dark state and insist in living it. Of course You also blame us for it.


They want to steal more land,it’s that simple,but they won’t be able to, their greater israhellI project is OVER.


This is just laughable. Israel doesn’t have that many f35s to begin with, plus the cost of the jet is astronomical. Shooting even one of these jets down will hit Israeli morale and budget hard and make no mistake that’s what they intend to do.

Wish the SyAAD the best of luck!!

Ivan Freely

Israeli taxpayers do not pay for the F35. They haven’t paid much for their US equipment.


Right you are. The American taxpayer and all countries using the dollar system pay for Israeli weapons and US strikes on sovereign states. It is interesting that countries whose sovereignty is threatened are still providing the credit to support the Empire’s ability for new weaponry to strike them down with.


The idea is so they can ask for other than F35 replacements.

You can call me Al

Remember 1 F-35 is already down after an alleged bird attack (after the Syrians fired the S-200 at it).

What about this then, this is new to me – http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/23084/usaf-f-35a-ends-up-nose-down-on-the-tarmac-at-eglin-afb-after-inflight-emergency


This is fake news Al. In reality the F35 was bowing to all the admirers of this cash cow :)

You can call me Al

Are you sure ?.

As for you second sentence – good call, but I heard they were preying – they do it 5 times a day allegedly.

You can call me Al

“pray”, apologies.


Ah ha, I realise now that it was an act of prayer facing the Wailing Wall of Bounty and Greed. Thank you Al.

Hisham Saber

Yes, plus a F-35 just crashed in the Carolina’s recently. They Pentagon said the pilot ejected, but I somehow doubt it.


There’s no reason they can’t ejected though there’s a reason to believe that they’re not going to safely ejected from the F35. Unless these training did not make use it’s half a million priced helmets which allegedly provided the pilots with superb awareness and data management.


The $125,000,000 F-35 has no pilot ejector capability. Its a fly or die, or land and live. Bailing out is not an option. The shooting down of the F-35 will be a public relations nightmare for Lockheed Martin already the biggest waste of money.

northerntruthseeker .

Actually shooting down these fraudulent “stealth” jets would hit the American budget hard as their psychotic Israeli masters would demand that the US send in replacements and have the American taxpayers foot the bill.

Aen RaBeon

They can always demand more American taxpayers monies or more F35s for free .

S Melanson

Israel will continue to bomb Syria despite the S-300 and in the same breath state the most important thing is to ‘return the working relationship with Russia to “normal”.’

The purpose of giving the SAA the S-300 and integration of SAA systems with Russian systems is to deny Syrian air space to outside aggressors such as – Israeli air strikes.

So which is more important? Israel cannot have it both ways. To normalize relations, start with adhering to Russian expectations that Israel stand down. Or sacrifice relations with Russia and continue bombing. Israel will have to make a choice as I cannot see normalization if there is ongoing bombing.

One observation here is that it seems to me that Israel wants to return the relationship back to the way it was which would mean tolerance for Israeli strikes on Syria. If returning to the prior status quo is important to Israel, this suggests that whatever the mission goals were, they likely did not include the destruction of the IL-20 with loss of entire crew – the Israeli leadership would know such a move would be going way too far and jeopardize the relationship with Russia.

There is no going back for Israel, Russia. MoD statements remain consistent with no softening of their stance with Israel.

I have looked at the history leading up to the tragedy that cost 15 Russian service members their lives, and have come to some surprising conclusions. First, the relationship between Russia and Israel was deterioration for several years despite outward appearances. This deterioration is the result of goal conflict between Russia and Israeli on matters of their national security. This conflict of interests were attempted by Putin to be somehow balanced yet they are inherently unbalanced as the respective goals are harmful to each other’s security interests.

I had posted before that events did not support Putin being a Zionist puppet as many Russian actions were at cross purposes to Israeli policy objectives. Eventually, despite playing nice in the public realm, the conflict would manifest and so a collision between Russian and Israel should have been anticipated – the IL-20 incident was a long time coming and this is not finished. Clearly we have the conditions for the next collision and is only a matter of time unless one side changes course. So far, both sides are digging in.

Zo Fu

Israel will find way how to continue with bomb raids on Iranian targets in Syria bypassing Russian “no fly zone”. Russia will have blind eye for that as long as Israel wouldn’t kill another Russian plane. Or even if Israel decides to kill some Russian planes or S-300 battery occasionally, but not too much. It is still acceptable for Putin and for his goals, which are focused on economy growth and internal stability of Russia mainland. Why I say it ? Because it was Putin who deliberately slowed Aleppo operation for months, making “deals” with ISIS and West proxies, not to piss off West too much, it was Putin who didn’t protected East bank of Euphrate and allowed US coalition bomb the hell out of Raqqa and it was Putin, who stopped Idlib operation, making it “hornet’s nest” of terrorist, because Erdogan (and probably Israel as well) wanted it that way. You must see the whole picture as a chess game and all will fit together. Unfortunately, there are not bad guys and good guys in this game, just opportunists and cunning liars. Don’t believe anybody and especially not politicians.

S Melanson

I agree with many of your points but not entirely. Putin will not allow if he still maintains control over military. I think this is in question.

I like your statement there are no good guys or bad guys. Correct and astute observation. I will post when I have time a discussion that includes there are no good or bad guys – words and deeds and the perspectives of the players need to be understood. Cheers and look forward to more of your posts.


The Syrians themselves do exist in all this, and even if the Russians are involved in running the S-300s they will be in Syrian military facilities with Syrian personnel also involved. I can’t see the Syrian military just saying “OK, we’ve got these S-300 batteries but if you say so we’ll never ever shoot them at Israeli planes who are bombing us”. The Russians can absolutely decide what they do with their S-400s in their airbase, but they cannot completely control what is done with military equipment they give to the Syrian military, and I don’t think Putin is stupid enough to imagine they can. If the Russians are giving this stuff to Syria they know that if Syria is provoked hard enough, it will be used.


“And Russian policy in Syria has been in general harmful to Israeli interests.”

Well, Israeli policy upon Syria is harmful to Syrian and Russian interests. Russia is reacting to what Israeli, and a combination of Islamic and western countries, are doing to Syria.

S Melanson

I was stating a fact, not making a value judgement. I also make clear Israeli policy is harmful to Russian interests. What I wanted to establish is that Israel from its perspective, whether we agree or disagree, sees Russia increasingly as an enemy and not a freind. This growing hostility would manifest in military mindsets that create the conditions for an incident with Russia.

We read about this all the time regarding hostility between NATO and Russia with ‘unsafe’ interactions betweeen aircraft of opposing sides. Same with China and US in South China Sea – the risk of miscalculation leading to military clash is high in tense situations where opposing military assets come often into close contact. These were the conditions regarding Israel and Russia and when Israel chose to attack targets close to Russian bases, the risk of an incident was magnified and in this case resulted in a serious incident.

It appears Russia was caught off guard but they should not have been so unprepared for the potential of Israeli hostile actions if they truly appreciated how bad relations had become and the animosity of Israeli leaders towards Russia ruining their plans in Syria. I think the Russian’s should have well appreciated this and that animosity could run high among Israeli pilots – considering the take down of one of their F-16 by a Russian system. Russia should have implemented precautionary measures as a safeguard given the deterioration in relations.


Russia was caught off guard but it should have known better. It is my understanding that Israelis were quite involved in helping Georgia before and during its attack on South Ossetia (which did kill Russian UN peacekeepers sleeping in their barracks). Plus other maneuverings of Israel have shown it was not a friend of Russia for a long time – if ever.

Hisham Saber

Or how about Israel meddling in the Ukraine? We all know the Mossad is active there. Shoigu and the Russian MoD have the rules of engagement mapped out from now on. The 5th column Russian Zionists/Jews of influence and the Russian Atlantis’s like Prime Minister Medvedev lost out.

Hisham Saber

Are you trying to be funny, or ridiculous? Or both?


I agree with you and in my opinion there are three main issues vis a vis Russia and Israel.

A cowardly Israeli pilot hid behind Russian servicemen that were de facto allies with his country.

President Putin ,like it or not, is then rightly obliged to maintain the morale of Russian soldiers ,sailors ,airmen and the Russian people and to bolster air defences .

Israeli politicians are faced with the same morale issue, coupled with maintaining the status of being the ‘hardest democrats in town’.

Like most wars, it is an unintended spark that begins the conflagration that in this case has the additional financial component of supremacy between US attack aircraft and Russian air defence systems.

Hisham Saber

Just imagine how lucrative a target for Russia a F-35 would be. It would be a magnet for a shootdown. Because if the Syrians/Russians do shoot one down. Israel would be scorned to no end by the folks at the Pentagon and the developers and the U.S. military industrial complex.


Russophobia is rampant among Zionist.


The controlled medias fail to mention who will be manning S300 batteries in Syria. How about Russian military? In essence Russia is at War with Israel. I do not believe that Israel will risk losing an F35 in actual combat. Israel firing their weapons packages over Lebanon at targets in Syria would also appear off the table. If this were a chess match Israel would have the next move. Ukraine will end up being the graveyard of NATO. The Zionists will end up relocating to CONUS a territory they already control 100%. Just my opinion.

Edward Huguenin

If Israel has a problem with ISIS thy should stop supporting them.

Israeli Military Admits to Supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria http://www.globalresearch.ca/israeli-military-admits-to-supporting-al-qaeda-and-isis-in-syria/5464484


The f35 comment is a bluff. They don’t even fly near s200. Israeli jets fire from Lebanese, Jordanian, and Israeli airspaces. They will continue to do so. But now their missiles have to overwhelm an increasingly more capable missile intercept system.


I would love to see CIA boss-heads screaming at Israel after their destroyed F-35’s ruin the the perfect illusion of US stealth superiority..

Rodney Loder

Reports coming from the Pentagon state US is sending F-22 Raptor to offset Russian S-300 , this suerly is an admission that the israeli F-35’s are not able to match the new Syrian owned and controlled inventory.

F-22 has never been exported never been tested and never been scrutinized by anyone except US Generals, it was operational in Afghanistan only, it’s an old jet and could be all hype but the fact that that it could go up against S-300 that has many variants and can reach target speeds of Mach 14 , that’s (16,697 Kilometers per hour ) – this would be a God send to fighter jet enthusiasts.

Bring it on USA, we love you for it, show us what you got.

You can call me Al

A bullet in the fuselage will bring the F-22 down.

Ivan Freely

IIRC, the F-35 was meant to work with the F-22 (i.e. High-Low doctrine).

Hisham Saber

The Raptor pilots will experience cockpit ‘ blackouts ‘ . The Russians have taken the gloves off. They have some surprises coming up.

Rodney Loder

Agreed the US won’t engage, their Generals aren’t stupid, they are not marginally out gunned they are positing supersonic against hypersonic, it’s a no-brainer the US will look for the sidelines, even the back seat.

Brad Isherwood

Rodney,….Syrian Airforce are made to stand down. That’s gotta be the Jew ass kisser Putin make Assad stand down .

Syria Mig 29 have R 77 missile which has IR homing to lock on that biggy huge F 35 heat signature. So where has the BS Syria Mig 29 Squadrons been these past years?

Syria has BUK M2E mobile, That can reach IAF over the Lebanon if placed on Mountains/Lebanon border. Nope….Assad has no desire to really confront IAF, Not even to assist Hezbollah in South Lebanon.

Assad and Putin are playing the Globalist game… Syria’s finished….Partitioned…it’s onto Iran as Trump downs another 12 pack of Coke and Bucket of KFC.

Rodney Loder

As far as I know that information has only recently been made known, now it’s openly stated Syria has always had 30 Mig -29’s.

R-77 missiles only became fully operational in the Russian AF 2015.

R-77 / RVV-AE entered service 1994 as a stand by missile needing further testing fully completed 20 years later. ; active radar homing air to air missile detonated by laser proximity fuse ; missile speed Mark 4 ; medium range 80 km. ; Flight altitude 16000 to 82000 feet ( 5 -25 km.) ; Guidance system internal – active radar homing / as you say * terminal infra red homing on R-77 T variant, Launch platform nearly all Mugs including Mig 21 and latest 5th. generation fighter jet Sukhoi Su – 57.

The R-77 couldn’t have been in the Syrian inventory for very long since it had an incredibly long development programme.

But I agree Putin and Assad were very coy in order to draw the enemies in, neither wanted to escalate and readily accepted the image of barrell bombs, I think that’s because the Russian population still wanted rapprochement with the West.

Until recently it’s all been about Putin, that changed with the Ukraine cold war outcome, the Skripal fiasco, Trump being the wild child and now China and Serbia falling in behind Putin.


The F-35 is meant to be used against people who cannot defend themselves. The F-35 will not be used where there are anti aircraft defenses.

Promitheas Apollonious

I wonder what this as*hole is using. Must be real good designer drugs he is into. I often said to the ones who think israel control the colonies that are expendable and the last card the globalists they have left to play, selling the bed time story of the books they wrote and brainwashed every one with religion and second comings and armageddon.

So now they will push until they get their wish only it will not go as they plan it. It is time for them to become extinct.


The bird S-200 damaged an F-35, and the bird S-300 will just totally destroy it.

S Melanson

In bird taxonomy I have heard the S-200 and S-300 species are from the same superfamily known as Closedairspaceoidea.


“You know that we have stealth fighters, the best planes in the world. These batteries are not even able to detect them,” Hanegbi stated referring to US-supplied F-35 fighter jets.

So, Mr Hanegbi, WHEN do we get to find out??


First off, Russia made it very clear that the relationship was never ‘normal’. Second, if the S-200 system with less support than is being added now hit an F-35, how in the world will it be safer with the S-300 and new systems, which will attack the Israeli communications and intel during ops? I expect many Occidental players to have the mouth in full blown overdrive while reality waits for them to catch their collective breath. I think it will be stupid on parade, on the daily to hourly, with them for a while. My take. I wish well to all.


it will be interesting. i am sure, will be fall the myth of ubdefeatable russian AA/AD sytems. :) as so much times in the 20th century :DD


Oh, isn’t it sweet to see the Israelis shake in their boots. If they have, which they claim, the so called hardware to out-smart the S300’s why are they so nervous? For all the slaughter, thievery, murder, rape and sport shooting of the Palestinian and Gaza –Syrian people– payback time is right on their doorstep, Mr. Putin is a maser chess player. He is also a scholar and practitioner of easter philosophy. If it were not for him, there would be no Syria today. His patience pays off. He waits and waits, and sooner or later, the liars and bullies (like the Israelis) get good and caught in the web that they spin for themselves. They become the flies caught in the spiders (Putin’s) net. Sure, he is not perfect but he is the next thing to it. Russia had fallen apart. Mr. Putin rebuilt beyond its former glory. Now he is reversing the Israeli/US gains and there is naught that the warmongers can do but shake in their boots and sit on the toilet all day. Of course, sitting on the toilet would do Netanyahu and his well fed-mob of murderers a lot of good– flushing out their brains and losing a lot of fat. That’s it for now— Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Russia highly appreciates Israel contributing a F35 to live firing test.

Brad Isherwood

http://gentleseas.blogspot.com/2016/08/f-35-heat-signature-chink-in-its.html http://www.defencetalk.com/syrian-mig-29-fighter-jets-performing-sorties-with-r-77-missiles-68382/

R 77 has several versions….which includes IR homing.

So….WTF are the Syrian Mig 29s not up shooting down F 35 or other Israhell Vultures? It’s BS!

Or….Putin the Jew Cuckold traitor keeps Assad Mig 29 parked when IAF are busy blowing everything away they desire

Maybe the R 77 is crap and Syrian pilots know they will just die vs IAF

Has to be one of the above folks

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