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Syrian War Report – October 30, 2018: MSM Reports About Mysterious Israeli Airstrikes Go Wild

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have continued attacks on targets in Syria even after the downing of the Russian Il-20 military plane on September 17, Reuters reported on October 29 citing “a senior Israeli official”.

“The IDF have attacked in Syria, including after the downing of the Russian plane. Military coordination with the Russians continues as before,” Reuters quoted “the senior official, who could not be named” as saying. No further details were provided.

This report gained wide attention in mainstream media outlets, including Israeli ones, which even developed the story further. According to Israeli media, IDF warplanes carried out a strike on an Iranian weapons shipment to Hezbollah after the S-300 air defense system delivery to the Syrian military, which took place on October 1. Israeli sources went even further claiming that there were multiple airstrikes, which were mysteriously ignored not only by the IDF official media wing, but also by Israeli and Syrian media outlets and activists.

While these reports seem fascinating for supporters of Israeli actions in Syria, the problem is that no evidence exists to confirm such claims. Syrian military and local sources describe the Israeli claims as an example of fake news designed to save the face of the IDF.

It is interesting to note that the comment of the “anonymous source” to Reuters came less than an hour after the Russian news agency Sputnik had released a short interview with former Israeli deputy chief of staff and ex-head of the National Security Council Gen. Uzi Dayan. The general said that the Israeli Air Force would feel no difference even if Syria employs Russia-supplied S-300 systems and claimed Israeli warplanes would eliminate the air-defense systems stating “these weapons do not have any immunity”. This is another sign of the pre-planned PR trick.

It’s clear that the Israeli military is not going to cease its strikes on targets in the war-torn country and is likely fiercely preparing to continue them despite the S-300 delivery to the Syrian Air Defense Forces. However, pro-Israeli media as well as Israeli political and military officials probably consider every delay of such actions a major media and diplomatic setback revealing the decrease of Israeli influence on the conflict.

Russian deputy envoy to the UN Vladimir Safronkov stated during a meeting of the UN Security Council on October 29 that the White Helmets and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) are still capable of carrying out provocations involving chemical weapons in the Idlib de-escalation zone. He recalled “suspicious” movements of chemical weapons across the area and stated that Idlib de-escalation agreements have always been a temporary measure and nobody has dropped the goal of eliminating terrorists from this part of Syria. So, if provocations continue, Russia is ready to assist the Syrian military in eliminating the terrorist threat.

In the Euphrates Valley, clashes between ISIS and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have continued with reports that some ISIS units have even reached the area near the Iraqi border. In response, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced that they are mobilizing their fighters in order to prevent a possible ISIS advance into Iraqi territory.

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Gregory Casey

Have the Israelis lost themselves in the Desert again?

Jens Holm

We dont know. The article look like home knitting.

Syrian patriot

Cognitive distortion on the part of the Israeli’s to bolster their lagging ego’s

The Interrogator

Chicago Tribune is reporting the suicide of four cops; it is unclear if they are conected to CG.

Ivan Freely



http://www.patreon.com/troonatnoor Please share and repost and upload this video anywhere you can . truth is hate speech on youtube … anyone allowed to remain on youtube is bound to be controlled opposition , so please move to bitchute . com … worldie . com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hhXfoC4_4I

Feudalism Victory

Yes googles technology is outdated

H Eccles

To quote from above… “While these reports seem fascinating for supporters of Israeli actions in Syria…”

Let’s cut the crap.. there are no ‘supporters of Israelis actions in Syria’ except for paid cockroaches, who don’t really count.

neil barron

Just like you and your ilk here, nothing butt. When you fools get out of your constant war rant and lies. Then maybe the powers of the time can get around to the real issues and finish the job.

Jens Holm

More like the article so far create ghost and then blame others for them.

You confirm the holy Choran says, You have to lie all the time in stead of You can if needed.

Hisham Saber

Its not the Quran that says that, you Zionist knob-job, its the Talmud that says its okay to cheat, lie and steal. In fact its okay to even murder as long as its not a Jew.

Jews even have an annual prayer called Kol Nidre, which they believe exonerates them from their dastardly deeds and nefarious ways. No empathy, compassion, true love of others, ect exists for them. Just bloodletting, death and destruction. And this Jens Holm character is nothing but a miserable Jew of a boot-licker to them.

Jesus said it correctly in the New Testament in John 8 : 44

H Eccles

Me and my ilk are antiwar.. if I ever rant, it will be an antiwar rant.. Only lying here is by your beloved Israel and it’s hired cockroaches.

Your last sentence makes no sense, unless you mean that if ‘me and my ilk’ got out of the way, your beloved Israel could then get round to finish the massacre..??

Jens Holm

I agree. Its either some construction or Israel actualley are looking for wholes in the S defence.


“……………….except for paid cockroaches that scurry the internet like a plague……………”

paid with US tax dollars automatically deducted from my paycheck every week without my consent or approval

the biggest scam of the planet is that the American people are paying for all pro-Israeli organizations around the world including nice cars, nice homes and fat salaries

Manuel Flores Escobar

Israel launched a massive airstrike with 28 jets and 70 missile…the damage were minimal..one truck, one radar, 1 ammo depot and 1 Pantsir parked in an unprofesional movement of SAA….it means that Israel has lost the capability to makes significant damage as they would have to launch sustained and massive airstrike over time using many dozens of jets and wasting hundred of Missile….in one week IAF would have lost the ability and the resources to continue attacking and surely dozens of jets would be shot down!…while hundred of rockets and missile are still being launching towards Israel!

Jens Holm

Its total wrong to conclude like that. Sending in many dont say all should hit, because most of them were decoys.

You even conclude poor crap, just telling Israeliens should be low as You in warfare. After so many years we again see You not even know Your enemy. Thats why You have spo many unnneded losses for norhing.

Here You again build on belief S300 is the final miracle. But facts are not like that at all.

Feudalism Victory

Seems simple they want to say s300s are nothing without risking anything so a lie is easiest.

Jens Holm

It might be true. If an enemy gets a new weapon, You have to find methods against it as soon as possible.

If true it coiuld say that F35 actually is better then some says or parts of its secrets are shown for the first time – or You might be correct.

S Melanson

The anonymous source has updated on new air strikes with added details. The Israelis are employing a new variant of F-16 called the Oculus Rift variant. This variant has been a game changer, a whole different world where Netanyahu is the most loved on the playground with the best toys. Netanyahu beat up the school bullies Nasrallah and Shoigu.

The Oculus Rift variant has carried out many successful strikes on sim-Syria, completely destroying Assad’s Castle and in fact Assad’s whole magic kingdom. This variant is the best as it never misses and everyone scared. Last mission though was Turkey attacking the Saudi consulate, in Instantbullshit – new name for Istanbul. Very successful, completely destroying the evidence, I mean consulate.

After that, Netanyahu’s Likud got donation from Sauidi as token of deep friendship and a thank you


Oculus Rift :P

Jens Holm

Funny version. Thanks for make me smile now and then reading about Your ecerlasting wars and disputes.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just the same old tactic they use to confuse and upset their opponents, causing them to sometimes start second guessing themselves and making mistakes, it serves no real purpose other than to do what I just stated, but in the absence of anything else better to do, the Israelis often just fall back on this old favourite. Which probably means they don’t have anything else hidden up their sleeve that would allow them to continue striking Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria with impunity [YET], is it just the S-300 systems scaring them away. I think the Iranian SRBM’s used against Isis a while ago are an even bigger consideration and deterrent for the Israelis now. As I said yesterday, the S-300 only takes out a few planes but the Iranian SRBM’s can take out thousands of Israeli citizens, possibly tens of thousands, I’m sure this is an even bigger deterrent than the S-300 is. The Iranian SRBM strike against Isis in Syria was both a demonstration to Israel/US and a warning, not just a simple retaliatory strike against Isis. The Iranians could have easily gotten the Iraqis permission to strike at Isis in Iraq, but they didn’t, they chose to hit Isis right next door to where the US had its special forces stationed. Isis in Iraq is probably more likely to have been involved in the Isis strike on Iranian soil than the group in Syria was, the group in Syria have been under siege by the US and the SDF for 4 months now, and are the last members of Isis anywhere around the world likely to have been involved in the attack, physically, tactically or administratively. So why did the Iranians attack Isis in Syria and risk hitting US personnel station just 5 km away, instead of the easier Iraqi option, there’s only one reason that I can see for that.

Hisham Saber

Israel also now has to consider the formidable Electronic Countermeasures deployed in Syria now. Syria’s air defense systems are fully integrated with Russia’s, so technically, the Israeli air force must also contend with possible S-400’s too. And if Russia did shoot down some Israeli fighters, or bombers, or missiles, what exactly is Israel going to do about it. They will cry and whine, but they have no argument at the U.N., because they are not supposed to be attacking Syria anyways. Its against international laws.

So Israel would have a hissy fit, cry ‘oh vey’ and the U.S., Britain and France would also cry somewhat. But that’s about as far as it will get. Israel knows full well that for them to try and reach out and retaliate against the Russian airbase, naval port or any assets for that matter, Russia will inflict severe damage on the Zionist entity occupying Palestine.

Russia, just by using standoff weapons from Russia proper, could change the dynamics of the entire region. The Iron Dome will prove to be useless, and Israel’s much ‘vaunted’ air force would be destroyed on the tarmac. That’s the first to go. Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu is not a man to mess with, and after the incident with the Ilyushin -20, he was seething mad. Putin talked him out of retaliation. But next time the Israeli’s slip up, and they will, for they are at the height of human arrogance, the gloves will come off and Israel will lose big time.

Iranian SRBM’s are not the only thing that keeps the Zionists up at night, its also the fact that Iran is a medium sized country with a formidable armed forces. The part of this armed forces that could effectively put an end to the 70 year Zionist project is Iran’s SRBM’s, MRBM’s, and lets not forget the longer range ballistic missiles, all equipped with high explosive yield warheads of various kinds. Iran has the technology now to place very accurate guidance systems on their missiles now, which they obtained with a little help from China. Iran has perhaps hundreds of thousands of missiles, of various kinds, anti-ship missiles, etc. Since 1979, Iran has been preparing for an eventual showdown, and believe it, they are ready.

If Israel decides to go unconventional, then every square meter/foot of Israel will be annihilated by ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy. So, the coming showdown will be conventional. Besides, Iran has a religious edict/ruling ( Fatwa) against nuclear weapons. And Fatwa’s can be reversed, annulled or modified, and if Iran is attacked with nuclear weapons, it can quickly annul the ‘ ban’ and they have all the hardware ready, including the missiles for delivery or nuclear warheads, just in case.

Iran has assembled an immense array of forces, essentially an ‘ Islamic army ‘ as head of the IRGC Gen. Salami called them, in Syria ( allies such as the Syrian Arab Army, NDF and auxiliaries, about 30,000 Afghan volunteers, again, who answer to IRGC Gen Solemenei, many, many Chechen volunteers and many others working as sub-contractors and under the Russian MoD directly, all Arab , Assyrian tribes and the vast overwhelming majority of the populace, Lebanon (Hezbollah, in Lebanon and Syria), Iraq ( where the Hashd Al-Shaabi-iaqi Popular Mobilization Forces, who actually answer to Iranian IRGC Quds Force Commander Gen. Solemenei, who answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei) Iraq Hezbollah and a whole array of militias who will enter the fray, are all itching to teach the belligerent, hegemonic U.S., Britain, France and above all Israel , a lesson in desert, rural and/or urban combat. The forces I’ve mentioned that make up the ‘ Islamic Army ‘ the IRGC Gen . was mentioning all have extensive , real-life combat experience, and after 7-8 years of grueling warfare against an insidious foe, what Salafism and Wahabbism actually are, and are counter to real Islam. Well these forces have been by now been distilled into perhaps the best fighting forces in the world. With the help of Russian manpower and aerospace, technological assistance, the new Islamic Army will roll up the acres all the way to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Who’s going to stop them, the IDF, who are mostly LGBQT’s, exchange students from the U.S. or Russian Jews on the run from the law in Russia. The IDF is a pathetic force, and if Israel thinks that U.S., Britain , France and others will come to her rescue, they cant even handle the 17 year old conflict in Afghanistan, where the Taliban are making surges everywhere.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Excellent comment. There’s only one thing I don’t agree with even though it’s factually correct, and that’s this comment “Who’s going to stop them, the IDF, who are mostly LGBQT’s. The religion I adhere to tells me that the world and all life was created equally, one third of us are born hetero, one third bi sexual and the other third totally gay, I know this is at odds with conventional thinking, which tells us gays only make up 10% or less of the population, but I think most people are too confused to realize the truth. So I do agree that most of the IDF is made up of LGBTQI people, but since I believe it’s also the case with every other army around the world, there’s no point in saying my army of mostly gay men is better than your army of mostly gay men, my one point of contention. If you go all the way back to Russia in 2003, you can see the very beginnings of this civil war in Syria long before it ever started. It all began with 2 simple little laws that Putin proposed to vote into legislation. If you can join the dots from that moment in time to the present, you can see just who and what the New World Order really is, and why there’s a war here at all, especially when there was never any real precedence for it. Don’t underestimate the LGBTQI organization and the real power they have, Putin did back in 2003 and is still paying the price, and as much as I hate to say it, may yet still pay an even higher one. People blame the Jews, Zionists, Neo Cons and whoever else they think is responsible for the woes in Syria, but the one thing they all have in common and the one thing that connects them all in one way or another is this, a pro LGBTQI agenda. Yes I do include Saudi Arabia as pro LGBTQI country if you’re wondering, the land where men can treat women as slaves if they want to, it may not be officially pro LGBTQI, but it’s definitively a pro gay man country. But your comment was comprehensive and accurate in every other way, and apart from your underestimation of the LGBTQI factor, you show a remarkable insight into what really going on and why. I’ll say it again, excellent comment and thanks for making it, hopefully a few other readers read it too.

The Interrogator

If I represented Timothy Bancroft-Hitchney aka Fancy Bear, in US court, I could expose more than systemic corruption in US Courts..


There is difference between ‘probes’ looking to gather system information than an ‘attack’. RU/Syr will not be wasting S300 and S400 on probes. When the real attack (if ever) occurs …. count the down planes and bodies.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Alternative solution to the puzzle presented: IDF bombed “something” with Syrian and Russian blessing. (just speculating, don’t shoot me :) )

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