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Syrian War Report – October 3, 2016: Syrian Army Breaks Militants’ Defenses in Northern Aleppo

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Last weekend, the Syrian army and Liwa al-Quds, supported by Russian and Syrian warplanes, broke defenses of the Jaish al-Fatah militant alliance in northern Aleppo. In a series of successes, the pro-government forces took control of the Hurmah hill, the Shuqayf Army Base and the Shuqayf Industrial Area.

The successfull actions of the army and its allies in the area were synchronized with failures of Jaish al-Fatah to retake the Kindi hospital. The loyalists repelled all attacks of the joint militant forces and successfully counter-attacked, seizing the area of Bakarah Quarries.

On October 3, the army and allies continued attacks on militants at the Awijah Neighborhood, with special attention to the Jandoul roundabout. Clashes were also reported on the Quarries -Kindi axis and in the Bustan al-Basha Neighborhood.

Meanwhile, local sources say that the Kurdish YPG took control the Youth Housing, taking advantage the government forces’ success in northern Aleppo.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have delivered a series of air strikes on a military base of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the northern part of Hama province. The air strikes targeted the military facility located near the town of Lataminah. Up to 10 militants were reported injured.

Russia has increased the number of its air grouping at the Hmeymim air base by deploying additional Su-24 and the Su-34 fighter jets, the Izvestiya newspaper known by alleged links with the Kremlin reported, citing a source in the military-diplomatic circles. A large group of Su-25 Grach fighter-bombers is also prepared to be deployed in Syria, however, an order on sending it still has not been given. If necessary, the group will arrive Hmeymim within 2-3 days. The crews are reportedly waiting for the order from the high command. The report is likely a signal that Moscow is ready to increase its military operations in Syria amid the ongoing diplomatic confrontation with the United States over the issue.

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East Aleppo is finally being liberated. May this be the beginning of the end of the terrorists infesting Syria!


Russia is doing the whole world a great service. This will end the US govs phony war on terror.

Tom kauser

Pipeline wars shall continue?

John Whitehot

once Europe realizes it just need to partner up with Russia on energy products and do the business without a single dollar then yes – US debt will explode as they won’t be able to sustain it with petrodollars, zionists will shoot themselves in the head and the world will be a better place.


The zionistAAA are to ARROGANT to accept defeat.

Jens Holm

So whats feet to do about it. Washing feet instead of hands ? And the brain was the first with Aleppo soap and everything.

Tom Tom

what are you smoking?

Jens Holm

Its a toxedo

Jens Holm

Ha-ha-ha. Your name should be Ground Zero …


“The Russian Aerospace Forces have delivered a series of air strikes on a military base of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the northern part of Hama province. The air strikes targeted the military facility located near the town of Lataminah. Up to 10 militants were reported injured”…What???, only 10 “injure” TERRORISTS, what the hell where the Russians using for bombs, they should completely wipe the base out?…No matter what the Russian does, the U.S CONTROLLED MSM, is going to DEMONIZE THE Russian anyway.


They will need the base later, so it is enough to chase the US/NATO extremists troops from there and all the UK/US special forces embedded among them

Jens Holm

Agree with Oxen. And its much more strange, you dont get, why americans has develloped som many kinds of smarts bombs and they only are attaked by the russian ding dong.

Another thing is, that the infantery down there havnt any air defence, so them bombardements are against defenless.

Think You should read about it instead of that kind of babling. Modern well prepared and well trained infantery in urban areas with concrite as this – as well as in the open – often are digged down and in basement level 1& 2 and has long underground tunnels.

Here You have veterans of first kind as well and only observers are up in that kind of primitive attack. Many might even sleep, because the SAA infantery and tanks are not there, when boms fall.

Well, might be undertandable Russians and Assads bombarde as they do, but its seems 1000%, that they demonize themselves and need no help for it.

Very tired of muslims take no respensibility for anything demonising everybody than themselves.

Your bombarde this and that with no brain about it should give you a free parashut visiting Lataminah or free choice Aleppo. Im sure those militarys do the best, they can. You dont – I hope.


Huraaaaaaaaa!Rossia Vpered!


Any one know about Raqaa? Any news about Syrian Army there?

Jens Holm

Try Raqqa twitter yourself

John Whitehot

more or less, in raqqa works like this: If the syrian army try to get within a certain distance from the city, it gets bombed by the americans. It’s no secret – but no zio media are reporting it. Other medias are uninformed about it. In fact the US are acting as ISIS airforce because they need to keep raqqa from falling into any hands they don’t want to. In the end, it’s the last piece of territory they can use to have some bargaining chips and/or some prestige over official channels and be sure – they are not going to drop it easily.

Brad Isherwood

The citizens of Raqqa must be trash to let some few Takfiri stroll in and own them.

That’s why this war is so easy for Israhell and US. Same for some cities in Iraq…….the populace are trash.

John Whitehot

kikes calling others trash is rather paradoxical – don’t doubt though, we’ll see who’s gonna end up into history trashbin. Presumptuous folks are strongly correlated with the greatest fails.

ASE Taboo

Russian Cruise Missiles straight into Raqqa , Knock out ISIS command and control

John Whitehot

then they should had fired them straight into a certain polygonal building in the state of Virginia.

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