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JULY 2022

Russia Deploys Large Number Of Troops, Equipment In Northern Syria, War Report

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Russia Deploys Large Number Of Troops, Equipment In Northern Syria, War Report

276 more Russian Military Police officers and 33 additional equipment pieces will be deployed in Syria, Russia’s state media reported. These forces will likely participate in security operations along the Syrian-Turkish border to the east of the Euphrates River.

Additionally to the deployment in Kobane, the Russian Military Police already started carrying out patrols near the city of Qamishly.

On October 24, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin announced that Kurdish forces had started withdrawal from the border area.

Nonetheless, the implementation of the ceasefire is not going without difficulties. On October 24 afternoon, the Syrian Army repelled an attack by Turkish-backed militants near the villages of al-Kozleya and Tell al-Laban in northern al-Hasakah. Clashes between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish-backed groups also took place near the villages of Assadiya, Mishrafa and Manajer.

Pro-Turkish sources say that these attacks were conducted in response to ceasefire violations by Kurdish militias. The Turkish Defense Ministry revealed that 5 soldiers were injured in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah on October 24 in a series of attacks by Kurdish forces. However, the official Turkish version claims that its forces do not violate the ceasefire regime.

The SDF are ready to discuss the idea of joining the Syrian military once a political solution is reached in the war-torn country, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led group, Mustafa Bali, told Russian media. Bali claimed that “all parties must recognize that there is a political crisis that needs to be resolved by political means”. This kind of statements is quite different from the language of ultimatums, which the SDF used when US troops were present in northern Syria. This change indicates that a political solution is in fact can be reached.

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I’m glad to see Trump trying to put an end to US adventurism. Best thing for the American people and for the rest of the world.


Did he? I don’t think so! The US moved some troop out to Iraq and brought more into Syria.


Russian Troops needs to be there one of thee few Moral Armies in the World

Karen Bartlett

Hm. Maybe the Kurds are trying to get a new sugar-daddy, such as Russia, to fight the Turks. As communists, and driven by ideology, and hopes to carve out a state, they’ll have the least to gain from peace and won’t care about Syrian Arabs, either.

Joseph Scott

Democratic Confederalism is not communism, and despite what everyone constantly and tiresomely claims, none of the major KCK parties such as PYD in Syria are seeking an independent Kurdistan. The whole time, their stated goal as been 1/) a new, secular constitution for Syria, granting equal rights to all citizens, 2.) a new, secular legal system for Syria, 3.) local autonomy for local affairs, per the Democratic Confederalist concept, including the right to conduct official business in whatever the local language is in a given village.

Karen Bartlett

Syria is already a secular State.And the Kurds have expelled Syrian Arabs and Christians from areas they control. So yeah, Kurd would be the only local language after ethnic cleansing of non-Kurds. Further, if they have such benign goals, why take up arms with the invaders of their own country?

Joseph Scott

No, it still contains a fair amount of archaic Islamic customs in it’s legal codes. Child marriages are still technically permitted, for example, even if only practised by rustic country folk.

False. There are both Syrian Arabs and Christians in the SDC/SDF. I’m not sure where you got that disinformation from, but their are at least as many non-Kurds in SDC/SDF than Kurds.

They took up arms to defend themselves, at a time when the government couldn’t. They tried making deals with the Syrian government from the start. The Americans were the only people who would give them weapons when IS was overrunning Kobane.

Karen Bartlett

I get my information from Syrians who are political analysts and know what’s going on in their own country, also from reports by Syrian civilians. https://youtu.be/58oyzxou_uw?t=290 The Kurds forced many non-Kurds into their ranks, as I understand it. The Kurds were not simply “defending themselves” from ISIS. They want an independent Kurdish State, carved out of Syria, and also took over Syrian oil fields in areas they captured and started selling Syrian oil and kept the profit. Their “deals” w/ the Syrian gov’t always included demands for their own State. The US used the Kurds as proxies to force “regime change” in Syria, this is well known. As for “child marriages” I don’t see how that is any other country’s business.

Joseph Scott

“Forced?” Do you know how hard it would be for a decentralised volunteer militia to keep people in the ranks involuntarily?! Have you ever even thought twice about how that would work in practise, or do you just believe it because someone told you so? Perhaps you should try reading some of the statements by non-Kurdish groups that are in the SDF.

They have never asked for an independent state. I know every loves to tiresomely repeat that nonsense, but it has never been true. The very founder of Democratic Confederalism gave up on the idea of an independent Kurdistan years ago, and if you bother to read anything about Democratic Confederalism, you would see that having their own nation-state would simply not be a very important goal for them.

Their negotiations with Syria have always included exactly three conditions: a new, completely secular constitution which explicitly guarantees equal rights to all citizens without exception (an area they have been making some progress on with the Constitutional Committee; I don’t think Assad ha any problem with this one), a new, complete secular legal system that removes all the archaic Islamic codes that Syria ended up with by default, and third, the ability to have local autonomy for local matters, such as a given village being able to conduct business in the language of it’s choice.

The US tried to use the SDF as proxies for regime change, but the SDF demurred repeatedly, and kept their focus on IS. That is why the US threw them under the bus, a you can read about from US State Department officials themselves, who admit as much.

As for your last sentence, that clearly proves you aren’t fit to have an opinion. You might as well join IS with that kind of thinking.

Karen Bartlett

First they disarmed local villagers when entering an area and then forced them to join the YPG. If you had watched the video, you would know that. Of course I listen to people who live in Syria-that’s how anybody learns what’s going on, unless they can go to the country. Have you been in the country? I suspect you have, but not on Syria’s side.

And I’m not “fit to have an opinion”? Where are you from? (England, by your use of language.) Everybody has an opinion.It’s a right, you moron. You would take that right away, eh?

As for child marriages, that and no other condition in a county warrants invading the country and trying to overthrow its government. That’s what I meant, as you well know. Further, I think you must be some sort of M15 dude who helped the YPG, or some such character, because you are non-Syrian yet have very pro-YPG views.Or perhaps just a run-of-the-mill Israeli troll, because they support the YPG and are, further, insulting assholes who won’t shut up.

Joseph Scott

Oh, my…so, you’d like us to believe that they disarmed people…then forced them to join their fighting organisation and handed their weapons right back?

Say…you do realise that the SDF live in Syria? Hence, their reports are the reports of ‘people who live there’.

Yes, I contend that anyone who thinks marrying off 9-year olds is just some harmless local custom is clearly not a person responsible enough to have their view on anything respected. Anyway, that’s a little consonantal of you, isn’t it? Supporting child marriages and wanting to have an opinion of your own? You might want to make up your mind about whether you are going Salafi on us or not. In parts of the world where child marriages are practised, women don’t get to have opinions. Just another one of those harmless little customs which you no doubt fully support. Only those evil SDF would want to force people to let women have opinions either.

Oh, dear, someone on your videos has got it wrong for you: MI5 do domestic counterintelligence in the UK, not foreign espionage. That’s MI6.

In case you didn’t know, people all over the world support SDF/YPG, because they promote humanist, well-considered, and genuinely democratic values (not fake democracy like we see in most of the so-called Western democracies.) Local autonomy, decentralisation of power which limits potential for government abuse, self-directed creative cooperation rather than narrow conformity to one mold, gender equality, ecological awareness. Democratic Confederalism is a movement that has great potential for improving humanity’s future, and so, Syria’s. Luckily, Assad is a bit sharper than you, so he may realise that in the end.

Oh, and again, SDF live there, so they can’t really invade. Nor have they ever tried to overthrow the Syrian government, and aside from ill-informed chatter from ‘experts’ such as yourself, there is not a shred of evidence to the contrary. Their representatives are sitting down right now with the Syrian Constitutional Council in Geneva discussing Syria future, as citizens and stakeholders in it. Others are fighting side by side with the SAA against the Turkish invasion that Russia only limited, rather than actually stopped, while everyone pretends there is a ceasefire. As you can see, SDF have done quite a bit more for Syria than you or those of your ilk ever have. It’s just a bit hypocritical, pointing the finger and calling people who are fighting and dying for Syria traitors and Zionist pawns, when you have never done anything of the kind for Syria.

Karen Bartlett

You’re such bullshit. I never said I “support” child marriages. Typical troll.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s M15 or M16, the UK (and the US) have supported terrorists in Syria.

It’s easy to make young men fight for you if their families are under the gun: https://youtu.be/CTy86DIBF2s?t=491

Nevertheless, Syria is now helping the Kurds, and as long as the Kurds respect Syria and don’t try to have their own government in a chunk of Syria, or fight against the SAA and the Syrian gov’t, then I will say I hope they’re not obliterated.


exactly! Joe parrots CIA propaganda

Karen Bartlett

Let’s hope he’s not actually CIA.

Joseph Scott

Apparently you haven’t read the State Department’s propaganda then. The last thing the State Department wants is to advertise or praise their Democratic Confederalism, which is not only contrary to their own capitalist-imperialist ideology, but also tends to make their Turkish allies go into fits whenever mentioned, since Abdullah Öcalan wrote it. Also, while the CIA and State Department are heavily intertwined, it’s the State Department that puts out the propaganda, rather than the CIA itself. They are more the field arm.

Karen Bartlett

After reading some more of his comments, I’m thinking he’s more than a troll, unless it’s a Mosad troll, but perhaps he’s an asset.

Joseph Scott

No, they really haven’t, and if they had, how would you explain all those people still living in that area? Or that SDC contains 32 different groups, of which only 1 is the Kurdish YPG/YPJ? Read about Democratic Confederalism. It’ is a very decentralised governing structure, It is quyite easy for diverse groups to cooperate., even to pursue their on goals while also acting for a common good. That’s the whole point.

they took up arms to stop themselves from being murdered by IS. Is your attentions-pan so short you don’t remember that? It was well covered right here on Southfront.

Karen Bartlett

The YPG is communist. Everybody knows it. And if they call themselves “Democratic federalists”, what they want is a “democratic” federalism in a chunk of Syria which doesn’t belong to them, which the US has been arming and financing them to illegally obtain. It’s hard to believe that you believe your own bullshit.

Joseph Scott

No, it’s not, as you could find out for yourself if you could be bothered to read. Yes, a lot of ignorant fools claim it’s Communist out of the same deep intellectual ignorance and laziness. For one, Democratic Confederalism rejects the idea of an all-powerful central state, and instead embraces the idea that the regional and local affairs should be handled regionally and locally, and thus that the maximum decision-making power should be placed at the lowest level of the structure. That’s rather the opposite of Communism.


The US’s goals in arming them and their own goals have never been the same, which is why the US abandoned them. The US isn’t too picky about the proxies it uses. You know, Iran’s Islamic Revolution were initially CIA proxies too, but as is often the case, the CIA was being a little optimistic in thinking they could control them. That happens quite a lot.

Karen Bartlett

The YOG are Marxist. I had a bunch of them following me on Twitter and I know.

Joseph Scott

So you are telling me that your experience of some random people on Twitter is supposed to be more relevant than the actual written doctrine of the founder of the movement, the guy on all their flags? The actual doctrine by which their councils are set up and run? Because some people you claim are YPG seem Marxist to you? Well, with research standards like that, I can see how you have come to the pitiful state of knowledge you have.

Incidentally, while you are slandering YPG/SDF, you might notice they they are fighting side by side with the SAA against the Turkish invasion right now, and they are the only people doing so. Not Russia, who stand on the sidelines in their designated areas while the TFSA do whatever they want. Just the people you keep calling traitors, Marxists, Zionist pawns, etc, are out their sighting shoulder to shoulder with the SA like they said they would. Try to fit that into your delusional little worldview.

Of course, I can’t expect much sense out of a woman who would argue that marrying off 9-year olds to old men is none of anyone’s business. You’re probably one of those Marion Zimmer Bradley types.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

That would happen to be exactly what Washington and UK would love to happen.

Karen Bartlett

You mean if Russia took over arming the Kurds? I don’t think the US would like that, b/c the US wants the Kurds for its own proxy army to advance its goal of regime-change. But since that didn’t work, maybe you’re right and the US (don’t know about the UK) gave up their aim of using the Kurds as a proxy army and want somebody else to foot the bill.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

No, having Russia wind up fighting the Turks (driving a wedge between Turkey and Russia) as you stated. Isn’t going to happen, at least I sure hope not! If Russia and Turkey can continue being allies instead of sworn enemies like in the past, this bodes well for the region, as well as for Russia (war with Turkey won’t find much support among Russians, imo).

Karen Bartlett

Oh, ok, thanks!


It is interesting to see how the northern border of Syria-turkey, also presumably Iraq-Iran, have become contested zone between Turks & US. Does it happen to have big oil deposit beneath the ground? No wonder that “Euphrates will uncover mountain of gold, and everyone who try touch the gold will get killed” as in islamic prophecy. Moreover, it is also believable that this is where the Armageddon begins. Only time will tell.

Would hundreds of Russian MP enough to guard fragile cease-fire agreements?

Icarus Tanović

That will turn SDF to Syria, and SAA. Also, that place can easily turn into Erdogans Yemen. Just for start two cars exploded, NSA gets bitten by SAA, etc.

Smith Ricky

Kurdish soldiers and commanders should be put in prison.

Hassadnah Abraham

Russian must surround US armies so that Oil Pirate can not run away with the illegally stolen oil from Syrian


I hope not – that is a waste of resources and time.

opet ja

Russia needs to deploy at least one combined division up on north to clean the area once for all. The fastest way is to make some air raid there, I think Iran and Iraq would gladly let them fly through their air spaces.


ONLY ABORTION RIGHTS can produce a political solution.

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