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Syrian War Report – October 2, 2018: Iran Carries Out Missile, Drone Strikes On ISIS In Euphrates Valley

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Early on October 1, the Aerospace Division of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) carried out a ballistic missile strike on ISIS targets in Syria’s Euphrates Valley. The IRGC launched at least six ballistic missiles, which, according to the IRGC, killed and injured a large number of terrorists in the area near al-Bukamal.

The Iranian media added that the missiles employed belonged to the Qiam and Zolfaghar families. One of the missiles shown by the media bore the slogans “Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to Al Saud” and the phrase “kill the friends of Satan”.

Following the missile strikes, the IRGC employed at least seven unmanned combat aerial vehicles to further pound what it described as the HQs and gatherings of the “mercenaries of global arrogance”. The UCAVs, which were used, seem to be the Thunderbolt type, which was developed thanks to a reverse-engineering of the US-made RQ-170 UAV.

The October 1 strike was described as a response to the terrorist attack, which had targeted a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahvaz on September 22. At least 25 people were killed and 65 others were injured in the attack claimed by ISIS. However, the Iranian leadership has gradually accused the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE of being, at least indirectly, behind the attack.

Commenting on the missile strike, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri stated that it was just the first stage of the response to the Ahvaz attack vowing that “there will be other stages of revenge as well.”

It’s interesting to note that the Iranian attack took place close to the area, from which ISIS had allegedly been cleared by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The SDF kicked off its advance on ISIS positions in the Hajin pocket about 3 weeks ago. However, so far, the SDF has achieved only limited gains in the area, even according to its own statements.

On October 1, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia will continue to fight terrorism in Syria. “The fight against terrorist organizations in Syria goes on, and we should continue this fight,” he stated that Moscow’s position on “the illegitimate presence of foreign troops and foreign armed forces in Syria” remains clear.

Meanwhile, additional details appeared on the shape of the upgraded Syrian air defense system after the delivery of S-300. Viktor Bondarev, the chairman of the Russian parliament’s upper house Defense and Security Committee stated that the air defense system will be fully centralized. This would allow coordination between Syrian and Russian means and facilities in the war-torn country to be increased.

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lene johansen

Thank you Iran

Michael Morgan

Fabulous.I especially like the Russian Parliament Chairman comment…it gives hope to Palestine, Syria and Lebanon fighting Zionist oppression

Hisham Saber

Yes, I saw it like that too. Its no secret now that Russia is fully in with the ‘ axis of resistance ‘ , Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah. It looks like Shoigu got the upper hand, along with Lavrov, over the ‘ Atlantis’s and small group of influential Jews in the upper echelons of the Kremlin.

Funny thing is , that now even Hezbollah is covered by the S-300’s umbrella. This has got to have the international Talmudic Rabbinical Zionists in a state of lunacy and desperation.

S Melanson

Agreed. I think the zionists in Russia were neutralized by Israel arrogance and going to far; the IL-20 incident provided the opportunity the anti-zionists in the Russian military had been waiting for. And as for Syrian air defence upgrade, add to that the Russian assets that include the S-400 – the IDF is F__ked.

Michael Morgan

The Israeli Air Farce as it is now called is grounded due to technical difficulties…there are no toilets in the cockpits of an F16 or F35

S Melanson

but there is a toilet, it is called the F-35


You can keep dreaming about that!

You too, along with your fellow lslamist scumbags will join the many bigger and adder in history who’ve tried and failed and shall all perish witnessing the Jewish state thrive and flourish. You can take that to the bank:)

S Melanson

Mike, you posted a reply that had me think through more carefully what happened. This is reflected in my reply to you posted only a few minutes ago. I have been increasingly critical of Russian diplomacy and concluded the incident involving the IL-20 was a long time coming.

I now question that it was arrogance but rather pent up anger. I had to put my self in Netanyahu’s shoes to gain a new perspective – and I could then understand the anti-Russian attitude.

I will continue this with a post to follow


And I will be here ready to respond..

That being said, and despite an array of seemingly accurate posts and observations, a hint of your true sentiment was revealed during a reaponse to some really demented lslamists on these threads. Good opinions, observations and analysis can only stem from an unbiased and objective position, which as you’ve mentioned often require that you put yourself in the shoes of the other side. Once you contaminate yourself with siding with those who sympathize with true evil I fear the relevance and credibility of your input suffer greatly. More important then words are one’s moral compass.

Just saying:)

S Melanson

There is wisdom in what you say.

S Melanson

I had intended to post my analysis on why Russia and Israel were (and still are) on a collision course. In doing this, I gained an appreciation of Israel’s perspective. By the way, I do not support nations or individuals, I support or oppose the values, words and deeds of nations and people. I applauded Russian actions but now, I am critical of Russian policy and think Russian leaders need to reflect on their significant role in creating the conditions for a major incident with Israel.

When I post my analysis, I expect it will draw fire but I think it needs to be said that from Israel’s perspective, Russia has stabbed Israel in the back, not the other way around and the IL-20 incident was a consequence of this. I will back this up with evidence and I think I can make a strong case.

I have been critical of Israel in past posts which in hindsight lacked balance. I intend to restore the balance that had been missing.

S Melanson

Just a few notes to add and excuse the lateness. One, I am not Islamic or any organized religion. Two, the Russian response as I see it unfolding is intended to f__k up the IDF and will prove a big challenge for Israel, hence my final sentence of my post above. Three, given the track record of those influencing Russian policy for the benefit of Israel, it is probably best they are finished and done with.

Michael Morgan

Well put. I am sure that the Zionist entity leadership will make a huge mistake in Syria very soon in order to attempt to re-establish some authority over the region.

Mutterings of continuing their attacks on Syrian territory

Talk of using F35 attack aircraft which will be a very expensive mistake into the bargain


I noted that Haley had responded to Iran’s comment on striking terrorists to ‘look in the mirror”. How can anyone be so incredibly ignorant and stupid or was she just projecting.

Since the US state department is now effectively run by the former head of the CIA with Bolton as security advisor to the President, no level of absurdity or criminal behavior will be off limits.

Zo Fu

Haley should rather explain 40 killed children in Yemeni school bus.
It was US made guided bomb which killed them.
Maybe Haley needs mirror instead of Iran ?
comment image


Yemeni kids or people anywhere don’t count when there’s dollars to be made in providing weapons to terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Hisham Saber

Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism is very arrogant. They start all wars, as movie director Mel Gibson said. Jesus outed them and so did Muhammed. As have philosophers, scientists, Saints, clergy, Kings, Queens, Prophets and Messengers sent by God.

Big things are about to happen in the Middle East, and the whole map will be different. The writing is on the wall for the apartheid Zionist entity occupying Palestine. Israel has zero strategic depth to speak of, its a mere dot. And the U.S., Britain, and France will not be able to save them this time around. They simply don’t have the will, stomach, or experience in sustained warfare capability like those in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, as well as the Afghan Pashtun people.



It’s time someone informed you lncest lnfested lslamo-zombies that you guys can’t have kids with your donkeys out back or your mothers and sisters. It really clouds your ability to see reality…

Now get off that tree!!

Hisham Saber

Another bitter, angry lying Jew foaming at the mouth.
There is a serious school of though that Jews are half Neanderthal and half Homo Sapien, hence the long noses, lack of morals, principals, ethics, empathy, compassion and heavy desire for bloodlust and war. The world is on to you, and one day soon, Earth will be cleansed of you diabolical phallus(among many other things) worshiping vermin.

Oh, how it would have been so nice if the Holocaust were actually true. But we all know the Jew is always crying and complaining, always the victim.


Hahaha, right, hence why we “half neanderthals” have earned over 20% of Nobel prizes while amounting to less then half of one percent of the world population despite plans and wishes of you lslamist death loving pedop!le worshiping clowns:)

Truth hurts but it’s truth nonetheless…

The only foaming mouth is that of your mom while sharing the same bed with your donkey father – it seems the civilized world is more likely to be on to your ilk if anything. I for one can not wait until your neanderthal brethren experience the natzeee uprising so they could finish off the pandemic called lslam. That said, you guys are so good at it we don’t really need their help, do we ?lol..

Even a thousand of you will never achieve the intellectual wherewithal to evolve into civilized contributing members of society as a single Jew which is precisely why you kill everyone and anything good on your path….

Joke is on you:)

Hisham Saber

Nobel prizes? The Nobel committee is Jewish, owned by Jews, and you all steal your work from gentiles anyways. Ex. Zuckerberg, or the two Jewish clowns from Google. All stolen from Gentiles. Even Einstein stole the Theory of Relativity from an Italian scientist.

You Jews made a fatal mistake in going up against Islam. The west, which you hide behind, will not save you from your impending doom at the hands of Islam.

You Jews are so depraved that your Rabbi’s suck the penises of little boys after circumcision. Your Talmud is nothing but the rantings and ravings of lunatic Rabbi’s who even discus the smell of menstrual blood among other sick shit.

Your Gods, Molech, Baal , the phallus etc have not saved your asses from a history of exiles and expulsions, all over the world. Since 250 A.D. Carthage, you Jews have been exiled and/or expelled 109 times from 84 different places, sometimes repeatedly. 1948 was the 109 th time, from Arab countries. What do you have to say about that. Why is it that peoples of the world can live peacefully among each other while you sick fucks cant? Instead, when your not causing wars, or genocides, like the forced famine in the Ukraine in 1936-7, which wiped out 7 million souls, or the greatest genocide in human history, during the Jewish Bolshevik Red Terror1917-1953, wiped out an estimated 80 million Slavic Orthodox Christians.

The Jew is a parasite, a diabolical half human who knows no bounds when it comes to bloodlust and warmongering.

We Muslims will take you down, as we did when the Muslim Mongolian Golden Horde conquered and destroyed you Kingdom of Khazaria, scattering the remainder of you filth to the winds, where you ended up in self isolation in ghettos all over Eastern Europe and Russia. Now you have reared your ugly mugs in the U.S., but the U.S. is sick and tired of you now. And in the coming war in the Middle East, the U.S., U.K., France will not be able to rescue your pathetic asses. Israel has no strategic depth to speak of. It will be open season on Jews, and rightfully so.

The whole world is disgusted by you Jews, and your insolent, arrogant and destructive behavior. Its just a matter of time, that’s all.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims, and were coming for you. Better run and hide in attics like that little bitch Anne Frank did, because a real holocaust is coming .

Your bitch ass mother did the world a major disfavor when she pooped you out. You are an imbecile, just like the rest of your cousins, be it in Palestine or anywhere in the world. There will be no where for you to hide. Were coming. Then the joke will be on you and yours.


Fully centralized… means Russian officers will controll it all.

Zo Fu

unfortunatelly it is true.


Zo must be short for “zona “ and I’m sure we all know what fu is short for..

As I was telling His-ham above, lncest is no good for you so try keeping your dad, brother, doenkey etc off of you! It’s clouds your thinking…

Hisham Saber

There will be Syrian officers included. Its how it works. Integration at the fullest. Also, Syria already has officers trained in the S-300’s at least. About all the EW systems, they will most probably be fully operated by Russia, while some training goes along with it.


Putin and Assad should not miss any chance, wipe out the illegitimate shame forces of US and of their stooges from entire Syria.

Zo Fu

I liked what Iran did in UN. If you don’t know, Iran accused Saudi from sponsoring terrorist.
But the next step of Iran was really H I L (L) A R I O U S
Iran cited WikiLeaks as a proof and specially leaked emails from Hillary Clinton (sic!) admiting that Saudi helped Washington funding ISIS .
UN starts to be really funny organization.


Some got to win some got to lose. Good time Moshe’s got the blues.

Hisham Saber

‘ Moshe ‘ , Israel, stands as the biggest loser in the Syrian conflict. It now has zero strategic depth. And the momentum is going along for the ‘ axis of resistance ‘. Arabs of the levant and Iraq, the Iranians are on a roll, soon to be joined by the popular Yemenis resistance.


Good time Charlie’s got the Blues is the song I used in my joke. The Moshe controlled Western press fails to note that Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran have a mutual defense treaty. An attack on one is an attack on all. Russia has nukes which I believe they will be forced to use in the near future. Tel Aviv only has to be nuked once. Game. Set. Match. Just my opinion.

Hisham Saber

Israel has no strategic depth. It is tiny. Even by conventional methods like ballistic missiles it can be destroyed, annihilated. Iran has every square foot/meter of Israel mapped out for high explosive yield warheads in redundancy. MAD in case Israel does decide to get suicidal.

Conventionally it can easily be overwhelmed and defeated. They know this, thus rely heavily on U.S., British and French intervention. Only these three are in no shape militarily to roll back the axis of resistance, who have 7 years of real life combat experience, and have been distilled down to perhaps the most capable fighting forces in the world, The Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC, Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces PMU’s.


Israel’s strategic depth is basically two cities. Destroy those and Israel is Scr*wed.Also, Iran does not need WMD to wipe out Israel – It needs only high yield Fuel-Air explosives mounted on it’s accurate rockets – heck, even Hizbollah can destroy Israel in a sustained missile saturation strike on those two cities. That is why there has always been Yankee “talk” of an attack on Iran. The yankee generals know full well, that when the first nuke hits Persian territory, Israel will be history in hours. Their bitch armed forces can never hold back an invasion of the Galilee by Hizbollah nor can “iron Dome” save them from annihilation by an Iranian or hizbollah saturation strike. That leaves israel’s real strategic “depth” only NuttyYahoo’s big mouth. IDF are legendary P@ssies.The Europeans warmed israel that by January 2017, the window of opportunity for striking Iran and finishing off Hizbollah was over. After that, it’s downhill for the fake Ghetto rat jews.Back to Poland and Brooklyn in boats or bodybags. Their choice.


Oh boy, achmed has a hard on again, I suppose it must happen to you allot when you look at hairy bearded lslamist neanderthals and camels eh?

You mo-ham-mad men will remain on your knees as you deserve to be under the forces of good being the US, Israel and many of the Arab states now realizing where they need to put their money.

The fictitious cluster of Arab clans you call balestinians will soon be out of the game, where they deserve to be as they’re finally being abandoned by those who created them in the first place.

Long live the Jewish state of Israel with her eternal undivided capital of Jerusalem and her ancestral historic heartland of Judea and Samaria, and ALL who support her FOREVER!!!!!


‘amazing’ there is still ISIS scum left to bomb.

S Melanson

The article states it is interesting the area targeted is close to SDF. Yes that is interesting. A little demonstration by Iran of what the US can expect.


Thank you Iran for trying to take out the bad guys in Syria. Keep working on strong air defense in case of future Israeli and U.S. attacks on your own country.

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