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Syrian War Report – October 19, 2018: ISIS Captures 700 Hostages Including US, EU Citizens

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ISIS has captured 700 hostages, including US and European citizens, in Syria and is killing 10 people a day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the Valdai Discussion Club’s 15th Annual Meeting on October 18. He criticized US forces for this “catastrophic” failure adding that the terrorists “have delivered ultimatums and made certain demands, threatening … to shoot ten people every day.” According to Putin, the terrorists already started carrying out their threats and executed ten hostages two days ago.

On October 17, the Russian news agency TASS reported citing a military diplomatic source that the hostages were captured by ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor during a failed advance of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the US-led coalition.

On October 18, the SDF repelled an ISIS attack near the village of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the Euphrates Valley. During the recent clashes in the Hajin pocket, the SDF destroyed a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device and 15 ISIS members. 2 SDF members also died.

According to the Syrian state media, US-led coalition warplanes bombed civilian buildings in the village of al-Susah killing and injuring multiple civilians. The US-led coalition is often avoiding to comment on such reports. However, even Amnesty International says that Washington is hiding the real number of civilian casualties as a result of its operations in Syria.

Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey informed the UN that the timeline for the implementation of the Idlib de-confliction agreement had been expanded. One of the key problems behind the delay is the unwillingness of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and similar terrorist groups to withdraw from the agreed demilitarized zone.

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Scums Daesh… But that’s a different story if this so-called coalition wants to clear that small pocket they can do it very fast and easy and efficient, but then what would be the reason for them to stay in Syria, whom will they combat then, no Daesh no excuse to stay in Syria. And that’s why all this happens. The US needs war, it feeds on war, because without war/war conflict that very US government cannot extract money from the taxpayers and so long… Only Russia is the savior of the Syrian people and hell for the terrorism. Period. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/56b006a3249d839a06c587d8c8ad8f68c7bbfb7cb685a46cb613b96a5c73d0d5.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif

Zo Fu

Nobody can tell it is a surprise. Remember, it was Washington who evacuated ISIS top brass by helicopters. Washington bombed Kurdish SDF whenever they advanced against ISIS too much. Washington dropped weapons to ISIS “by accident” too many times just to be only an accident. Washington committed genocide against Syria civil population too many times as well. So basically let 700 people (mainly Syria civilians) massacred by ISIS is good serving Washington goals. – ethnic cleansing – justify illegal US presence And Russian reaction is laughable. They are TALKING about it. What about bombing illegal US basis and dealing with ISIS once forever, hmm ?

John McClain

As an American, I will only say, bombing our base(s) will only increase our devastating presence, unless a force sufficient to utterly destroy it arises, our government uses any provocation for excuses, and not even “Americans” have any real influence over what our government does. I would gladly be in Syria today, fighting with the Syrian Army, against all invaders, because I know Syria from my time in Beirut, and their large presence providing our own security, backing our press to force the IDF to retreat, while our predecessor deployment, returned the Palestinians to the territories. I hope when it is all shaken out, Syria regains control of the Golan Heights, because they have always been important in keeping Israel at bay. I once believed in Israel, but I’ve seen far too much atrocious killing of innocents, and it is definitively an “apartheid state”, and I do my utmost to support the effort to put the truth in the open. God Bless the peacemakers, Semper Fidelis, John McClain Vanceboro, NC, USA


You were writing and intelligent statement, but are you sure about your last “peacemakers ” ?

John McClain

Gustavo, I mean the real “peacemakers” not the faux ones, we, and so many others so often play. I’m a born again Christian, I hate my government for being evil, as well as unlawful, and I’ve spent it seems a lifetime, arguing with people who “say peace, peace” but do nothing to bring it, and also those who suggest they were, or we were, while what was brought was sheer destruction. I am ashamed of those who were shown celebrating the dropping of the “MOAB”, over hundreds of thousands, for the purpose of killing as many as possible. War is as old as man, but there was good moral reason for banning gas, chemicals, but we will only ban war when we are perfectly clean, not in my lifetime. I have spent as much time writing against my government for the crimes it commits, easily, without thought, as long as I served, and will continue, because I know, regardless of the facts, I did contribute to some of the evil my government has done, and if those who’ve been to war can’t see it’s evil, we all are lost. Semper Fidelis, John McClain Vanceboro, NC, USA


The US and Isis are united in the goal of destroying Syria one way or the other. The Kurds are only useful idiots and cannon fodder in this plan.

northerntruthseeker .

This is another case of sheer and utter bullshit… We are supposed to believe that US led, financed,and run ISIS forces “kidnap” hundreds of US led, run, and financed SDF forces?

What this is, is nothing more than more US bullshit propaganda to sell to the masses the fraudulent idea that their “ISIS” is a continuing “threat”….And to be used as another of their excuses to continue to operate illegally in Syria.


The US just extorted 100 million dollars from Saudi Arabia for the payment of the illegal occupation of Syria.

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